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40's Inspired Red Dress


 Red 40s Dress 2 The Prudent Homemaker

Winter originally made this dress for Christmas, using some fabric that was given to me by a reader a few years ago. 

She was inspired by the dress Queen Elizabeth wears in "A Royal Night Out." 

 Red 40s Dress 3 The Prudent Homemaker

She used a pattern she already had, but then made lots of changes, as she was unable to find a pattern that had all of the features she wanted. She drafted a collar for the dress and put pleats in the skirt to gather the fullness in the same places as she saw in photos of the dress from the movie. 

To give the dress the fullness it needs, she wore a crinoline under it. She made the crinoline for her Halloween costume (when she went as Alice in Wonderland) and has been enjoying using it to add fullness to the dresses she is sewing.

I already had thread in this color, so the only thing she needed to buy for this dress was a zipper!

Red 40s Dress 1 The Prudent Homemaker

 I have to admit, it's a lot of fun watching my eldest learning to love vintage dresses as much as I have since I was young!

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  • Hilogene in Az March 03, 2017

    What a beautiful dress and a talented daughter! The last photo of her makes her look like a princess;). Wonderful photo!

  • Cindy in the South March 03, 2017

    So, so beautiful, the girl and the dress......amazing

  • Athanasia March 03, 2017

    Lovely photos, lovely daughter, lovely dress.

  • Linda Shields March 03, 2017

    Be careful--Winter may capture the heart of a young prince in that dress!

  • Rhonda A. March 03, 2017

    Bravo, Winter! What a beautiful, classic style dress she has sewn. LOVE the colour too!!!! I can't believe she designed the collar herself. Wish I was that talented with my sewing skills. Thank you so much for sharing these sewing projects. They're some of my favourite posts you do, Brandy.:D

  • momsav March 03, 2017

    Absolutely beautiful!! What a stunning job Winter did! Gorgeous dress and gorgeous daughter!

  • Marcia March 03, 2017

    She really looks great in that color. I love the style--although I have not seen the movie. She is refining her sewing skills with every new project, too. Well done.

  • Kirsti March 03, 2017

    Beautiful work! The dress is so flattering on her, both the color and the cut. Bravo!

  • Tammy March 03, 2017

    I just love her dress! It looks beautiful on your daughter. I would love to learn to sew like that!

  • Peg March 03, 2017

    She is a lovely little lady and very talented. You must be very proud!

  • Melody March 04, 2017

    Beautiful dress, beautiful daughter, beautiful talent!

  • Vicky in Ky March 04, 2017

    Winter is so talented and did a beautiful job! Are your younger daughters beginning to show interest in sewing as well?

  • Juls Owings March 04, 2017

    SO beautiful and so talented. She could make a living sewing.

  • Little Penpen March 04, 2017

    Amazing talent! What a beautiful dress!

  • Sheila March 04, 2017

    I am a frequent reader but haven't commented until now. I just want to say that your daughter is such a fantastic young designer. I love the vintage flair she has. She is also stunning.

  • Sue March 04, 2017

    Now THAT is a DRESS! Just GORGEOUS! That color is simply amazing, and it suit Winter perfectly. And I must say I prefer Winter's interpretation over the original inspiration. The brocade used in the movie was pretty, but really too pale to be complementary.

  • Lake Livin' March 04, 2017

    Perhaps a future career as a costume designer; especially for period films or productions. She should start developing a portfolio of her work. It would also be helpful I she decides to apply to art or design school.

  • This is actually what she is thinking to do.

  • Libby L. March 04, 2017

    Lovely dress beautifully modeled. It may vintage inspired but I would call it classic. With a longer skirt it would be perfect for a formal function.

  • Kathryn March 04, 2017

    Winter did such an amazing job copying the dress. It is really beautiful and is such a complimentary colour for her. She is very talented - I know how slippery that fabric must have been to sew. I can't wait to see what she makes next.

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