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April's Grocery Shopping Plans

Strawberries and artichokes The Prudent Homemakerjpg

This month we'll be adding one more teenaged boy to our home, as a dear friend's son from France will be coming to stay. That means I will have 11 to feed, with one being a baby and three being teenagers. My budget this month for food, cleaning supplies, and toiletries is $250.

From the garden, we'll harvest loads of Swiss chard, which will be steamed and served with lemon juice (from our lemons), sauteed with garlic, and put in soups. We'll have salads with lettuce and radishes from the garden, and I'll cut rosemary, parsley, garlic chives, green onions, thyme, and other herbs. I'll harvest turnips, snow peas, artichokes, and lemons.

Strawberry Jam The Prudent Homemaker

Strawberries go on sale this time of year, and I will buy them at $0.99 a pound to make strawberry shortcakes, to go on cheesecakes, to go on crepes, to can strawberry vanilla jam, and to freeze for smoothies and future strawberry shortcakes. I'll look for sales on these wherever they can be found throughout the month.

We have three birthdays to celebrate this month, so I'll make sure to pick up some ice cream too.

I'm also planning to make cheesecake, so I'll look for sales on cream cheese at $1 for an 8 ounce container.


Sam's Club:

Tomato sauce (in the #10 can)

Canned tomatoes (in a #10 can)

Mozzarella cheese

Whipping cream


Aveeno baby lotion




Sour cream

White chocolate chips


Gold N Soft Margarine (in a 3-pound tub)

Cream cheese (I'll look for it at $1  pound  an  8-ounce block or under for the holiday)



Whole chicken and Leg Quarters ($0.67 a pound)

Colgate toothpaste ($1)

Strawberries ($0.99; limit of 2)



Ice cream

Mandarin oranges (on sale as part of the case-lot sale)

Strawberries (no limit)



What are you stocking up on this month?


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  • Roberta in So. Cal. April 04, 2017

    Hi, Brandy.

    How will you use your turnips? We have some in our garden, but I don't think I've ever cooked them before . . . . Also, you've mentioned in the past that you have beets/beet greens. How do you use your beet roots? (We have those growing as well.)


  • Carlye Rankin April 04, 2017

    I use turnips and parsnips in chicken and dumplings. The recipe comes from Mad Hungry - Lucinda Quinn. It is delicious.

  • Mandy April 04, 2017

    I have never cooked with them either, however I have heard and read that they are a great addition to stews. I look forward to the responses because I will be growing them in my garden this year, hopefully :)

  • Lynn from NC Outer Banks April 07, 2017

    A turnip is a great addition to any vegetable soup. If I have them, I always like to add them as they add a great depth of flavor. Like Dara, I eat them raw and also mashed like potatoes. I add just a tad of sugar to mine when they are cooked, along with the butter.

  • Dara April 04, 2017

    We always grew up eating turnips mashed with butter and salt/pepper (like mashed potatoes). I always like to eat them peeled and raw as well. Raw they are peppery like a radish.

  • Mable April 04, 2017

    We use beets in borscht and to make a flourless chocolate cake. (There are a number of recipes on line). I also use them to dye my Easter eggs a deep red.

  • Juls Owings April 05, 2017

    Turnips you can boil,mash, fry or roast them alone or with a roast.I use them just like white potatoes.
    Beetroots (AKA beets) can be boiled and skinned, roasted and skinned, pickled after you boil them. Peeled and sliced and fried or roasted...baby beets I don't bother to peel...older beets the skin is tough. I make a salad with boiled beets sliced and horseradish cream dressing on a bed of lettuce (no lettuce if I don't have any).
    I love beets, Hubby doesn't but will eat them roasted or in a salad

  • Roberta in So. Cal. April 05, 2017

    Thanks, everyone, for the input/ideas. :)

  • Jo April 06, 2017

    I second Juls on her many ideas. My mom also did one other thing with beet roots (which we love best just roasted and peeled) which is Harvard beets, cooking boiled, sliced beets in a sweet yet tangy, slightly thickened sauce.
    My dad loved turnip roots peeled, cubed and boiled with the greens and a little seasoning meat, such as ham hock or a piece of bacon. My husband loves them almost any way, but his favorite way is peeled, sliced and raw with salt and pepper, which I hate, by the way :).

  • Becky @ Becky's Place April 07, 2017

    One more idea for beets: They are great just peeled, sliced thinly, then fried in a pan that you previously used to fry bacon in. Top with a bit of salt and pepper, crumble some bacon on top (or not)... Super good.

  • Riley April 07, 2017

    My family always boils turnips and carrots and then mashed them together coarsely for a thanksgiving side dish. It's delicious especially with a little butter and salt. My mouth is watering thinking about it!

  • lizajane April 08, 2017

    My mother used to do this too....but delicious? Not for me! I didn't like them one tiny bit. :p

  • Sarah April 17, 2017

    We make the pioneer woman's recipe of Sunday Stew and add lots of turnips.

  • Mariana April 04, 2017

    I am assuming the young man joining your family is the son of your friends with whom you have been skyping all these years :) is he coming as an exchange student or just visiting? Are your children excited? What are they planning as far as 'showing him around'? Just very curious :)
    I came to the USA 15 years ago as a part of a cultural exchange myself.

  • Yes, he is. They homeschool too so he will have school at home with us while he is here.

    His parents just want him to live a normal, every day life with us. We've definitely planned a few more activities for fun :D, and the children have some fun things going on right now that he will also get to do, including a youth conference with a dance and a service project. He'll be here for Easter and a few family birthdays. He will get to go to the LDS temple here too. We're still working out a few activities (that depend on other people) that should be fun as well.

    What things did you enjoy the most when you came to the U.S.?

  • Marcia April 04, 2017

    I roast beets that I grow in the garden--with skins on, washed well. Leave 1" of stems attached. When done, I cool, slip off the skins and then slice or dice and freeze. Easiest way I have determined to do it so far.

    April's shopping for me: should be pretty simple because I am downsizing what I keep on hand in the freezer and I've stocked up on specials as they have come along. I need lentils[/u, and some Easter basket items. I bought some things already with coupons so [u]chocolate bunnies (BOGO this week) and jelly beans will do it, I think. Talked my DD into making some chocolate covered pretzels for my husband's birthday next week. I had a bag of Gearadelhi's (sp?) left from Christmas stock up and I gave her $ for the pretzels because she was shopping today. Walnuts are on coupon special this week for $5.99/#. I should have asked her if she was going to use her coupon, but I forgot to. One pound at that price will be a help--I like them in granola, and everything else I can think of! I am looking for a ham at a good price but haven't seen the price I want yet. I am down to one more package in the freezer. That is all I have in mind right now. I did find the 4 meals worth of Italian sausage that my husband couldn't find in the freezer---I told him the wrong freezer to look in! I knew we had some because I just put it in there a couple weeks ago.

  • Dara April 04, 2017

    This month, I need to really work on upgrading my food storage. Now that my youngest daughter is 3 and starting to eat more, I need to make sure I've got plenty stored. Ill be taking stock of everything and planning purchases over the next several months accordingly. I also need to rotate things that might be getting a bit old.

    Here are the things I know I need to buy:
    -Cold & flu medicines (we've gone through 2 rounds of flu this year!)
    -Herbal teas & tea bags
    -Ice cream
    -Milk/juice/fresh fruit & veggies (whatever is on sale)
    -Canned pineapple
    -Ingredients for dirt cake for Easter
    -Whole chicken
    -Chicken breasts
    -Pasta shapes (anything other than spaghetti)
    -Ground beef
    -Soft white pastry wheat
    -Spices - I am low on almost everything.
    -Natural charcoal & a bin to store it in
    -Miracle Grow garden soil to top off our raised beds. I see Lowe's has it for $2/bag right now. We will mix it with bulk purchased compost and top soil to bring the soil level up. It settled a lot last year with all the rain we had.

  • Libby April 08, 2017

    Hi Dara - I have three suggestions for stocking up on good quality spices at good prices:
    1. Natural food store or anywhere with bulk bins. The price per pound on the spices/herbs is staggering, but the cost for refilling one of my "standard" spice jars worked out to be less than a dollar for each one I purchased recently.
    2. If the spices you need are traditionally used in Indian cooking, then an Indian ethnic food store will have them at fabulous prices.
    3. I learned from Brandy about San Francisco Herb Company. Most spices are sold in larger quantity bags but the prices are very good. I buy ground cinnamon, sea salt, cocoa powder, powdered coconut milk, and in the past poppy seeds.

  • Kim April 04, 2017

    I plan to purchase eggs, ham and turkey because I am hoping they will be on sale for Easter. I prepare Easter dinner for approximately 30 people. I already have a turkey in the freezer for the dinner. I will cook the turkey, mashed potatoes, asparagus and pies and others will bring the fill-in dishes. I already have everything I need for the pies so just have to purchase 10 lbs of potatoes.

  • Athanasia April 04, 2017

    Cream cheese has become so expensive lately. It used to be .88 for the store brand, but the cheapest it has been lately is 4/5.00. My backlog has pretty much run out so I did buy 8 for 10.00 a month or so ago. Hopefully there will be a sale on it soon so I can get more.

    The grocer had a coupon for 18 large eggs for .99 and a coupon for a free large 12 eggs. I put those in the extra fridge to use for coloring eggs for Easter. We're going to a family birthday this weekend so will be close enough to the cheese factory that we will buy 5 lb block each of mild cheddar and aged cheddar and 2 of Swiss.

    Other than fresh vegetables for salads, milk and fresh fruit there are no other staples on the list.

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