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April's Grocery Shopping Plans

Strawberries and artichokes The Prudent Homemakerjpg

This month we'll be adding one more teenaged boy to our home, as a dear friend's son from France will be coming to stay. That means I will have 11 to feed, with one being a baby and three being teenagers. My budget this month for food, cleaning supplies, and toiletries is $250.

From the garden, we'll harvest loads of Swiss chard, which will be steamed and served with lemon juice (from our lemons), sauteed with garlic, and put in soups. We'll have salads with lettuce and radishes from the garden, and I'll cut rosemary, parsley, garlic chives, green onions, thyme, and other herbs. I'll harvest turnips, snow peas, artichokes, and lemons.

Strawberry Jam The Prudent Homemaker

Strawberries go on sale this time of year, and I will buy them at $0.99 a pound to make strawberry shortcakes, to go on cheesecakes, to go on crepes, to can strawberry vanilla jam, and to freeze for smoothies and future strawberry shortcakes. I'll look for sales on these wherever they can be found throughout the month.

We have three birthdays to celebrate this month, so I'll make sure to pick up some ice cream too.

I'm also planning to make cheesecake, so I'll look for sales on cream cheese at $1 for an 8 ounce container.


Sam's Club:

Tomato sauce (in the #10 can)

Canned tomatoes (in a #10 can)

Mozzarella cheese

Whipping cream


Aveeno baby lotion




Sour cream

White chocolate chips


Gold N Soft Margarine (in a 3-pound tub)

Cream cheese (I'll look for it at $1  pound  an  8-ounce block or under for the holiday)



Whole chicken and Leg Quarters ($0.67 a pound)

Colgate toothpaste ($1)

Strawberries ($0.99; limit of 2)



Ice cream

Mandarin oranges (on sale as part of the case-lot sale)

Strawberries (no limit)



What are you stocking up on this month?


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  • Melissa V April 08, 2017

    I have other water besides the bottles :) Three 55 gallon rain barrels + a 15 gallon one in the house which would have to be treated to be drinkable for us (we do have a purifier too). I usually have a kid's wading pool filled as well for our ducks which could be scooped for flushing toilets. We are also in Michigan - we are less than 2 miles from multiple sources of water. I am hoping to work the swagbucks better than I have been so I can use those gift cards for necessities since money is going to be really, really tight.

  • Mrs. Picky Pincher April 06, 2017

    I've been looking out for those strawberry sales! I recently snagged tangelos for 99 cents a pound (low for our area). I zested them and removed the inner quarters. I now have a huge bag of frozen tangelos, which I've already used for snacks and for baking. It's been awesome!

    Our garden is starting to produce food, which is fantastic. We've gotten a handful of strawberries as well as a gaggle of radishes. We'll have to pickle the radishes pretty soon, since I anticipate having a huuuuuge crop.

  • Jo April 06, 2017

    I plan to stock up on beef this month, then that should be it for stocking up on meat for a while. I noticed my white and black beans are low, so I'll need to get those. We just got onions and we were given sweet potatoes. I just stocked up on organic sugar (for kombucha and a few items we still use sugar in). So, we'll be getting frozen veggies, some dried beans, vinegar, which I use all over the house, beef, and salt. I am low on salt and since it keeps well, I stock up if it goes on sale. If not, I'll still get some. I use Himalayan salt for eating and sea salt for cooking, but I can just use sea salt if it goes on sale.

  • Kelly Jackson April 06, 2017

    Well, if you're from the South, you dice up turnips roots and add them in right in with your turnip greens! Delicious.

  • Mary April 06, 2017

    I am hoping not to grocery shop much, so we have more money to put into new house, graduation and college.
    I have a lot of eggs right now so I plan to use up those and continue to buy only sale items.
    I will be baking a lot - as I have a lot of things to use up.

  • Lilli pickle s April 06, 2017

    I will continue to stock up on anything we use that is free or almost free. This week I obtained some great coupons from Recycle bank that will give me 8.00 off of an order at my grocery store. I should get around 120.00 in free groceries by using store and competitor coupons on bogos. I will break this down into 4 separate trips. My income has dropped so low that this is necessary. I will be getting 20 items each of spaghetti sauce and Liptod's tea bags .I will be rolling some high dollar Tena coupons to get another 100.00 worth of items at CVS. I love free tp and laundry soap. I am really loving all the extra ECB,s they send me. My car wreck injuries keep me from working but gives me plenty of time to figure out free or almost free deals. I imagine eggs will be on my list next week. My Aldis had them at 89. Yesterday but I expect them to drop close to half by Easter. For those of you who buy diapers the deals at Amazon using the Amazon mom discount can be massive when using their promotions. We have bought cases of Huggies for as little as 6 cents a diaper

  • PJGT April 06, 2017

    Just picked up my years supply of popcorn, rice, wheat to grind and rolled oats. I admit that finding storage room is taxing, but the gift of being set for the year is a relief. Much cheaper too! As an aside, we are again using a larger mini-fridge to cut electric costs. My son is going to commute to college from this point on and he brought it back home. We once used a mini-fridge for a five year stretch. We stopped when the house started to be overrun with tweens and teenagers. There have been some user errors, but nothing too daunting!

  • Hilogene in Az April 09, 2017

    We continue to eat out of the freezer and pantry. Making progress but with only two of us, it takes a while. I had four turkeys in the freezer and two hams, now have about half of that left! The sales at the grocery stores haven't been very intriguing so that is helping me avoid fabulous deals :)

  • Jennifer April 10, 2017

    I will pick up 2 hams tomorrow - they should do us for a year. I picked up lettuce, carrots, and a couple of quarts of heavy cream for ham quiche, whipped cream, and cream sauces. Otherwise, no additional grocery shopping is planned this month. Although, if my colleague goes to Costco, I will ask her to pick up rubbing alcohol and vinegar for cleaning my laminate floors.

  • Camille Snyder April 19, 2017

    Cream cheese at our Aldi is $.89 for an 8 oz block. Not sure if you have an Aldi nearby. It's good cream cheese. I use it in my pumpkin rolls and on bagels. I love everything about your blog and am very thankful for all that you share.

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