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Christmas Home Tour

Welcome to our home!

Christmas 2017 Entry The Prudent Homemaker

In the urns by the front door, I added some free Christmas tree trimmings and free pinecones. Many places that sell Christmas trees will give free Christmas tree trimmings if you ask.

I hung some wreaths I bought several years ago.

This year, I added the two lanterns by the door. The black one I bought used for $5 earlier this year (it turned out to have a broken hinge, but it still works fine). The red lantern has faux candles inside that don't light up and a crack in the bottom; my mom found it for free at someone's trash last year after Christmas and picked it up for me.


Christmas Entry Table and Living Room The Prudent Homemaker

We were gifted this poinsettia a couple of nights ago by some friends who came caroling at our door. I took out the roses and basil from this arrangement (which were done) and put the poinsettia in the middle instead with the dusty miller from our garden and the free Christmas tree trimmings.

Christmas Entry Table and Mirror The Prudent Homemaker

The wreath was a $2 garage sale find in October. I used a ribbon that used to be the drawstring to a pair of flannel pajama pants. The pajamas wore out years ago but I kept the ribbon. The urn was an $8 garage sale find in October.

Christmas 2017 Piano The Prudent Homemaker

 I bought our Nativity set 16 years ago with my husband at Walmart for our second Christmas together.

I hung the star music garland that I made for another Christmas. I used a vintage fur collar from my grandmother on the bust, and I added pinecones to the urns.

The Christmas book is one from which my daughters are currently playing. We sing Christmas carols every night as a family starting the first of December, and sometimes one of my daughters will play for us when we sing. I have been enjoying hearing them practice their Christmas music all month.

Christmas 2017 Living Room The Prudent Homemaker

A woman who works with my husband gifted him the beautiful live wreath that is hanging in the large window. I have two small wreaths in the end windows,  but I wanted another in the middle window. One day I hope to purchase a large faux wreath for this space.

Our tree is a beautiful faux one that we bought 11 years ago from Lowe's. It was the display model and they couldn't find the box. They charged us only $80! (This style of tree retails for $300 to $400).  We have it in a tree stand that is bolted to a little table (the table was free and my husband cut the legs down to make it a bit shorter). Having the tree on the table gives the illusion of a taller tree, and it keeps our toddler from reaching too much of the tree. He can reach the bottom two branches, so we don't have any ornaments on those branches this year. We have eight children, so this arrangement has worked well for us for years to keep the tree and ornaments save from toddlers.

The ribbon and ornaments on the tree are ones we have had for many years.

I made the tree skirt this year from some drop cloth that I had on hand. 

Christmas Gifts Under the Tree The Prudent Homemaker

 I have been wanting reusable boxes for years. I had a few velvet covered ones that were gifted to us years ago. I added the brown ones and the two white and gold ones that are on the table last year (I found them at Target in the gift wrapping section). This year I was very excited to see that Target was offering more reusable boxes in the Christmas section, and they were very similar to the boxes I bought last year. I bought several. I can use these every year for Christmas, as well as for birthdays, without needing to use wrapping paper. Since I hand make gifts and purchase many gifts at garage sales, I don't usually have boxes for my gifts. This will make wrapping so much easier for me every year. 

Christmas Gifts The Prudent Homemaker

I purchased a few spools of ribbon to tie the boxes closed. I also have lots of ribbon that I've saved from gifts we've received in years past that I use to close boxes.

I bought the gold and burgundy faux berries this year from a local Facebook garage sale page for $3 for 12 of them.

I bought some large and regular sized jingle bells this year as well to add to the top of the boxes. They still don't disguise the sound of Legos in the boxes, but they are a fun addition that I can reuse every year.

Christmas 2017 Table Runner 2 The Prudent Homemaker

The small wreaths I have in the windows at the end of the room are faux ones I bought for $2.99 each (on sale at Michael's) several years ago.

The pinecones were gathered from the side of the road.

The faux greens on the table are ones I bought years ago. This is my first year using them on the table; I usually place them on the piano.

The lanterns are ones I bought early in our marriage. The candles I've had for years, as I like the look of them during the day, but we don't use them at night.

The silver-plated bowls and urns are ones I've picked up for $5 and under each at garage sales over the last couple of years.

Christmas 2017 Table Runner The Prudent Homemakerjpg

 I purchased the clementines on sale for $1 a pound, which is a good price here.

Christmas 2017 Table Runner 3 The Prudent Homemakerjpg

The Meyer lemons are from my garden. The beautiful silver reindeer were a surprise gift from a reader who inherited them and didn't have a place for them. She didn't know it, but I had been looking at faux mercury glass deer very similar to these last Christmas. I was so excited to find these in a box from her as they are even better than what I had looked at!

I hope you have a wonderful holiday.


Merry Christmas!

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  • Jen@FrugalSteppingStones December 25, 2017

    I am amazed how elegant and uncluttered your home is. I have three kids and I am always tripping over toys.

  • Jeanna December 25, 2017

    You have a great eye for good pieces, and when put together it's lovely :) Thank you for the tip on reusable boxes! I had no idea Target sold these. They look so much better than the boxes I save every year to reuse!

  • TCR December 25, 2017

    My Targets always have those boxes left when clearance hits 90% off. I have red ones from 2015 and black ones from 2016.

  • PJGT December 25, 2017

    Merry Christmas!

  • Cindy in the South December 26, 2017

    Gorgeous! Merry Christmas!

  • Athanasia December 26, 2017

    Brandy, your house is very beautiful, classic looking. I enjoyed the view.

    I have not seen re-usable boxes like those. We have boxes from years past when department stores used to give them out. Did you do the gilded taping on the edges or was that part of the package? I could not see velvet boxes in the picture on my computer.

    I have been wanting to mention that I have the set of star cutters that your site displays, have had them for a number of years. They store nicely in the tin. Some of the things I use them for...at Memorial Day and 4th July I use them for cookies and to make cutouts of piecrust either to decorate the edges of the crust or vents to let steam out. One time I just cut all size stars out and scattered them over the top of a berry pie randomly, right on the filling...it was very pretty. It is nice, too, to have cookies in various sizes so some folks that just want a small sweet bite can pick the size cookie they want. A few years ago my daughter used them with the children she nannys for and made the cutout cinnamon ornaments. They strung some together into garlands and some bigger ones attached red ribbon for hanging. The ornaments still smell good.

  • Brandy @ The Prudent Homemaker December 26, 2017

    The boxes are heavy and thick. They are not boxes that fold flat. The gold edges are printed on. The inside of the new boxes I just bought from Target have gold printed polka dots inside the lids and bottoms! They are on Target's website for 50% off today. They are really nice, sturdy boxes that I can use for many years.

    I only have a few of velvet covered boxes and they were on the other side of the tree. They are each a different jewel color.

  • Athanasia December 28, 2017

    Thank you for the info on the boxes. I did not get a chance to check the sale. I suppose they would be gone by now. My oldest girl started using fabric and real ribbons that she collects and reuses. We have always just used plain brown paper and string, yarn or curling ribbon. I like the idea of the boxes.

  • sheeba daniel December 26, 2017

    hi Brandi
    It caught my attention that you are like me collecting boxes and gifting them as keepsakes at times. I did a recent video on DIY hacks for gifting and packing your gifts.I did love to share it with u n the community...My FB page is :


    I agree that boxes do complete the elegance of gifting even if the gifts do not cost that much..
    Much Blessings for the season

  • Steph. December 27, 2017

    Hi Brandy! I have very similar darkish wood floors. I am curious as to what you use to clean yours? Everything looks beautiful. Happy New Year to you and your family. :)

  • Brandy @ The Prudent Homemaker December 28, 2017

    We sweep several times a day. We use a wood floor mop with a cloth over it, and just water when they need a mop. Water isn't the best choice, but a hardwood floor cleaner is rather pricey.

  • Anna December 27, 2017

    First post . . . Random thought. :) If you want to disguise the Lego noises, would wrapping them tightly in inexpensice cloth work? Maybe something thin enough so that the corners can be tied without much bulk? Anyway, I am continually blessed by your posts and the comments of your readers.

  • Brandy @ The Prudent Homemaker December 28, 2017

    Not a bad idea. They got so many Legos from my mom this Christmas (she purchased hundreds of dollars worth at garage sales for a small amount) that I honestly think they may have enough Legos forever!

  • Joanne December 29, 2017

    You can never have enough Lego Brandy! My youngest son (I have two boys) has loved Lego for years and when he was around 8 and the mountain of Lego wa almost as tall as he was we spent around 6 hours sorting it into piles of red, blue, wheels, people etc and then put theses piles into see through plastic boxes. These boxes have grown exponentially in size over the years - Noah is almost 14 now- but he swears that it’s so much easier to make anything from Lego if all the colours are in separate boxes. We even downloaded the instructions to make the ‘free if you spend over £60’ (we are in the UK) Lego Nutcracker and he was able to rustle this up with no problem! It’s always worth looking on the Lego site for the instructions as they are free, just look up the set number and quote that.

  • Jenny December 28, 2017

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful Christmas decorations Brandy. I'm impressed with what you did with the fir tree trimmings. I might try that next year. I also loved your beaded bobby pins. I hope you and everyone who reads this blog had a lovely Christmas.

  • Ellie's friend from Canada December 28, 2017

    I was able to purchase 8 large red with gold embossing Christmas balls and large snowflakes for $8.00 from the camera store that I loved so much that is going out of business. I may wait until next year to put them up since it is –30º C outside. The lens I bought for $50 turns out to be worth $299 and is treasured by me. I have avoided the Boxing Day sales.
    There is not much that I need or would desire. My camera has provided much joy to me and apart from the initial investment is a low cost hobby. I am looking forward to the coming year; to see the beauty of this earth on daily basis through the lens. As I now have macular degeneration in both eyes (in addition to other eye problems) I will be making the most of my vision while it lasts.

  • Ellie's friend from Canada December 29, 2017

    To clarify, the lens I bought for $50 is not the same as the lens I accidentally broke. The lens I broke was covered by insurance but the replacement lens will not work with my present camera. This leads to an interesting dilemma. Get the replacement lens but don't have a camera to use it with....It may work manually but different sites say different things in that regard. Today I am changing from stressful poverty to genteel poverty. Things are looking up!

  • Laurie in central NC December 28, 2017

    Thank you for sharing your lovely home, decorated beautifully for Christmas. Though I have a couple of gift boxes, I hadn't given it much thought. I very much like your idea of moving towards using them as much as possible. I purchased gift wrap at 1/2 price on the 26th, but will keep an eye out for boxes in the future. Many wishes for a happy New Year to you and your family!

  • Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage December 29, 2017

    OH so pretty! Happy new year!

  • Candy Brisendine January 29, 2018

    When remnants are on sale we stock up on the Christmas themed fabric and sew simple bags with a length of ribbon attached near the top to tie it closed. Since gift tags don't stick well to the fabric we designate a shelf or basket for one person's gifts and have a spot of color and Christmas throughout the house. Other fabrics work equally well for birthdays and gift giving occasions. A pair of bed pillows for a wedding gift we wrapped in a large square of fabric, gathered the sides to make a rose and tied it shut with a wide ribbon. After unwrapping the wrapping became a tablecloth for the bride.

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