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Cinderella Photo Shoot

 Cinderella Sweeping The Prudent Homemaker

On Monday I received a phone call from a friend. Her nephew is a fashion design student and had a photo shoot

lined up the next day, but his photographer had just cancelled. She asked if I wanted to come and take pictures with her.

The location was Lake Las Vegas. I'd seen pictures, but I had never been there, and I've always wanted to check it out for photos.

The location didn't disappoint! We got there in the afternoon and it was almost completely empty.

The student, a freshman, made the dresses. In a Gone With the Wind meets Cinderella twist, most of the dresses were made from old curtains. For those of you who are thinking to make some formal dresses for your daughter's upcoming formal dances, check out the thrift store for old curtains that can be repurposed to make dresses.

Scrubbing the Steps The Prudent Homemaker

Stepsisters Full length dresses The Prudent Homemaker

 Stepsisters Gossiping The Prudent Homemaker

 Stepsister Blue Dress Bodice The Prudent Homemaker

Stepsister Blue Dress The Prudent Homemaker

Stepsister Red Dress Bodice The Prudent Homemaker

Step-sisters dresses from behind The Prudent Homemaker

Cinderellla White Dress The Prudent Homemaker

Cinderella White Dress Bodice The Prudent Homemaker

Dancing in the Garden with Stepsisters in the background The Prudent Homemaker

Dancing in the Garden 4 The Prudent Homemaker

Dancing in the Garden 1 The Prudent Homemaker

Dancing in the Garden 3 Sepia The Prudent Homemaker

Dancing in the Garden 2 The Prudent Homemaker

Stroke of Midnight The Prudent Homemaker

Losing the Shoe Sepia The Prudent Homemaker

Fighting Over the Shoe The Prudent Homemaker

Stepsister Trying on the shoe blue dress The Prudent Homemaker

Stepsister Trying on the Shoe red dress The Prudent Homemaker

The Shoe Fits The Prudent Homemaker

The Other Slipper The Prudent Homemaker

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  • Athanasia December 30, 2015

    Oh, how interesting! So the student had to make 4 outfits and put it all together
    for the project? That was a lot of work. I hope he did well.

  • Brandy @ The Prudent Homemaker December 30, 2015

    I know the red dress was an individual assignment. I don't know about the others. These photos are for his portfolio. There was a fairy godmother cape, too, but he didn't bring it.

  • Liza December 30, 2015

    Great photos! I love the one of her running down the steps. The start of a side business for you?!?

  • Brandy @ The Prudent Homemaker December 30, 2015

    It's certainly been a thought of mine for a while! It was good to take photos of someone else (i.e. not members of my family) who had some specific wants in mind.

  • Myriah December 30, 2015

    Great photos, really excellent. I hope the students get top grades for those gowns, really beautiful work!

  • Patti January 01, 2016

    You really did a wonderful job!

  • Amy in Phx December 30, 2015

    What an amazing job! Both on the costumes and the photography!

  • Hilogene in Az December 30, 2015

    Super photos! I especially liked the one with the white dress with the skirt swirling, as well as the black and white ones. Really lovely. Thank you for sharing.

  • Mari in MD December 30, 2015

    Great photos and fabulous dresses! Good luck to him and I do think you could have a side business with photography because you have a good eye for photo composition.

  • Brandy @ The Prudent Homemaker December 30, 2015

    Thanks Mari. I found a 360º photo of the garden online yesterday, and I spent a couple of hours studying it, looking for the best places to take pictures. I didn't know about the rest of the places near the garden, but we were there about 25 minutes before the models, so I had time to scout out more places for photos. I could only see the wall where the stairs were, so I was hoping the staircase was pretty! I'm glad it was, because there weren't any other long staircases to use!

  • Jennifer Caldwell December 30, 2015

    That is really interesting! Thanks for sharing

  • Pam December 30, 2015

    Even the "evil" step-sisters look stunning. What beautiful girls and pictures. Their parents will be happy to have these photos, I am sure.

  • Brandy @ The Prudent Homemaker December 30, 2015

    I took head shots of the girls afterwards in their regular clothes, with their hair and makeup all done up, for them to have. I thought they and their parents might like them.

  • Patti January 01, 2016

    That was very thoughtful. You have such a giving spirit.

  • Becky Pratt December 30, 2015

    A couple of these photos took my breath away.
    He did a wonderful job.
    Your photos, as usual, were fab.

  • Marcia December 30, 2015

    Wonderful photos. The dresses are great too, especially considering that he's just at the beginning of the school program. Well done to both of you.

    My sister in law has a good eye for photography as well, and being enterprising, she has free lanced at selling both photos and magazine articles over her mostly stay-at-home mothering years. A nice addition to income when times are tight--but mostly validation of some talent, in her case. Both my daughter and grand-daughter have some artistic talent, and both are good at photography too. A talent I unfortunately don't share! While I do have talents, they are not in that field!

  • AshleyAshley December 30, 2015

    How neat! I saw the photo of Cinderella and Prince Charming on my Facebook wall the other day and thought you had taken photos for a young couples wedding!!

  • Brandy @ The Prudent Homemaker December 30, 2015

    The girl dresed as Cinderella said she felt like a bride in that dress! However, they had only met the day before!

  • Nancy Palmer December 30, 2015

    [i] have been following your blog for a couple years. I just access it thru my sister-in-law's blog ( Jan). Imagine my surprise when I realize that you have taken the photos for Lars and his Cinderella photo shoot! The photos are wonderful. Can't wait to see the rest! Glad I got to spend the afternoon with you. Thank you Brandy for helping to create this dream for Lars!

  • Michelle December 31, 2015

    Those are amazing!

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