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Frugal Accomplishments for the Beginning of June

June Harvest 1 The Prudent Homemaker 

I harvested Mission figs, Royal apricots, Meyer lemons, peppermint, green onions, New Zealand spinach, Swiss chard, hibiscus flowers, and blackberries from the garden.

I worked in the garden, weeding and sowing seeds for sunflowers, Armenian cucumbers, Genovese basil, and vincas. 

I collected green onion seeds from my green onion flowers and planted a new row of green onions in the garden. We are using these more and more often as they can be harvested year-round. I am wanting to grow enough green onions in the garden to make it easy to harvest them several times a week every week of the year.

I made a batch each of orange extract and vanilla extract.

Blackberries June 2018 The Prudent Homemaker

I finished sewing a table runner that I had started last year and set aside in my sewing room.

Ezrom Eagle Scout Invitation The Prudent Homemaker

I took pictures of my second son for his Eagle Scout Court of Honor invitations. My husband designed an invitation on the computer and we ordered the invitations as photo prints, which were much less than printing them as invitations would have been ($0.17 each).


What did you do to save money this past week?


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  • I June 12, 2018

    A website I found useful is European destinations for pricing out flights and hotels.

  • I planted some smaller sunflowers for picking, but I have grown big ones before and let the birds enjoy the seeds. I believe the correct method is to soak the seeds in salt water and then roast them. I may plant some big ones this year; the hard part being that because they follow the sun, they never face the house, so I never see them!

  • Athanasia June 13, 2018

    We cook 5 (dry) cups of rice at a time so I can see how 2 would not give you much for leftovers. I always put a 2 cup container into the freezer, sometimes a quart. This way I have leftover rice when I need it in a bigger hurry than the 45 minutes it takes the rice to cook. Rice with butter and soy sauce is a favorite snack of my youngest.

    I think cooking smells must make it upstairs or down the hall quicker than what the person doing the cooking can smell as I have that same problem.

  • Lynn June 14, 2018

    Rhoda how exciting. We have been saving also to go to Europe. We found a great deal at Costco. We are going to London, Paris and Rome. Never been to Europe. It is a little daunting watching the You Tube travel videos. LOL

  • Rhonda A. June 15, 2018

    I've been to London and Rome. We did London in 4 hours (long story), so I'd love to go back and really explore it more. However, we spend 10 days in Rome and really saw just about everything there was to see. Although pretty much everything we saw was amazing, I would highly recommend taking a tour of a catacomb (where they buried people...can't even start to explain how interesting that was) which I've heard they also have in Paris, and if you have time, book a side trip from Rome to Pompeii (there are bus day trips you can book that will take you to the site). Pompeii, to this day, is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen! Definitely worth making time to fit this into your will not regret it!

  • Margie from Toronto June 15, 2018

    I love London! Be aware that a lot of museums and galleries are free so be sure to take advantage. And a lot of those places have wonderful restaurants which were quite reasonable for lunches - we then bought sandwiches, yogurt etc. to eat for dinner back at the hotel (and supermarkets there mark that day's items down a LOT at the end of the day). London is expensive but there is a lot that you can do for free or quite low cost.

  • Congratulations to Ezrom! What a great accomplishment. We are in the garden a lot now. We are still harvesting green onion and lettuce here. Your right green onions are handy and easy to grow. The lettuce is the best thing growing in our garden right now. Salads are so easy to make. Just pick, clean, and it's ready.

    Here are the rest of my frugal accomplishments:

  • DonnaMarie June 12, 2018

    Congratulations to Ezrom for all of his hard work and dedication to reach his Scouting goals!

  • Janet June 12, 2018


    The way you did the invitations is just brilliant. I did the same when my children graduated from high school. They are so much cheaper.
    They look really nice anyway. I just don't see the big deal in paying all that money for invitations.

    Great idea and the invites turned out amazing!!!!

  • Cindy in the South June 12, 2018

    Congratulations to your son! I went to the cheapest laundry mat. I also got books to read from the Free Little Book box set up at the laundry mat. I also got magazines to read from the Free Little Book Box from the walking trail. I put more books into both, than I took out. That cleans clutter out of my house, and I consider that a win. I always return the books, but I usually put them in a different Free Little Book Box than the one I originally got them from, because that makes sure the books are distributed area wide. I did my own nails. I wore thrifted outfits, as always. What I really do, is just not spend unless it is to replace something that has been used up. I always try to find a cheaper substitute. I walked at the walking trail. I did go swimming at the Army Core of Engineer's Bridgeport park about 40 minutes from where I live. I had never been there before, it was beautiful, and cost a dollar to swim. I usually go to a different park but they increased their rates to $2.00, and it was not a dollar's worth of gas between the distance of the two parks. We have many state, national, and parks from maintained by the Army Core of Engineers in this area. I like to visit them because they are inexpensive, beautiful, fun and a wonderful staycation. I attended a different LDS branch (church) because I was on call at work in that county, and enjoyed the service. I stuck to my turnip greens, homemade potato salad, homemade coleslaw, tomatoes, sardines (all of that for different suppers), and sandwiches for lunch menu. I made a scambled egg sandwich for breakfast every day.

  • Marivene June 12, 2018

    I found 26 cents on the floor at the credit union while I was making a deposit.

    Continued to fill 2-3 tree tubs with weeds every day. I got behind while I was sick, & am catching up now.

    Thinned the peaches on the clingstone peach tree. I planted this tree when we first moved into this house. It was supposed to be an Elberta, which it clearly is not, since it does not ripen at the correct time, and it is a clingstone, not a freestone peach. The skins also do not slip. BUT — the peaches are delicious, they can beautifully when I peel them & cut them from the pit (which is a learned skill), and last year the dwarf tree produced 3 bushels of beautiful fruit, so it is worth the effort. We have tried repeatedly to figure out what kind it is, & have decided it must have been a “sport” that was not true to genetic breeding.

    Stocked up on ice cream when it was on sale.

    Harvested peas from the garden.

    Continued to knit on a baby blanket from the leftover yarn.

    Ordered a Christmas present (a custom puzzle from a photograph) on sale from Shutterfly. We have found these to be quite durable, & our grandchildren love them. They are quite pricey unless bought on sale, or when a free gift is offered, since puzzles are often the “free gift” that is offered.

    Helped my youngest daughter turn a very long table runner into two shorter runners & two placemats. All it took was time & thread.

  • Amalia@AHousewifeWrites June 12, 2018

    I'm another one who doesn't spend a lot of money if I can manage to stay home. (I'm happiest on the days I don't have to leave the property, anyway!)

    I bought the bare essentials for groceries this week and spent the rest of my grocery money (and some of next week's) on strawberries. They are one of the few fruits we like that I don't grow. I found a U-pick strawberry patch and the strawberries are $1.90/#, compared to $3.50/# at the farmer's market. So yesterday I made strawberry jam and chopped up strawberries to freeze. Today I'll make strawberry shortcake and can strawberry lemonade concentrate.

    We're leaving on vacation at the end of the week, so the rest of this week I'll be making cookies, muffins, etc. and prepping food to take with us, so we will eat out only a few times.

    I also made candles with chunks of old candle wax and old candle jars. I had some colors, scents, and some thrifted wicks, so the cost was minimal. And they smell so good! And it was really much easier than I thought it would be.

  • Lynn June 13, 2018

    Hi, just wondering how you make canned strawberry lemon aid concentrate. Sounds delicious!

  • Monica June 12, 2018

    I did the same thing with our Christmas cards. Printed them as a photo and not a card. Saved me a lot of money. Way to go, Ezrom!

    Brandy, that first photo i think may be my favorite so far (besides the baby photos!). Did you paint your kitchen the navy color? If so I would love to know the paint color. It’s gorgeous!

  • Susan June 12, 2018

    When you made your Christmas cards as photos did you put them in envelopes or mail as is with address on back of the photo?

  • Monica June 13, 2018

    I just bought some envelopes separately, if I remember correctly. Just some cheap envelopes to fit

  • TCR June 14, 2018

    Check printing cards at Sam's. I think you get 100 cards for $25 and that includes foil lined envelopes. my friend does that every year. I print 4x6 pictures for Dirt cheap at Walgreens (last year they had a Penney a Print special) and tape inside cards i bought for 90% off the previous after-Christmas or at thrift stores. I know so many people who no longer do cards due to price of postage but I love sending and receiving them.

  • I used a piece of black foam core as a backdrop.

  • Monica June 13, 2018

    It makes for a gorgeous photo setting!

  • Jo June 12, 2018

    I would like to ask for instructions for the orange extract too please. I've made vanilla extract before and that worked out well for me so I would like to try the orange one.

    thank you : )

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