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Frugal Accomplishments for the First Week in July

July Garden Harvest The Prudent Homemaker

It was really wonderful to hear from so many readers this past week in the comments! So many of you have been reading for years and I didn't know who you were. I loved reading your frugal accomplishments and was very, very touched to hear how much my site has helped so many of you over many years. I hope that you will consider commenting again in the future. I learned several things this past week in your comments. The most surprising idea I learned in the comments was one I had definitely never thought to do before: it was a reader's idea to sell four pieces of her vacuum cleaner on ebay since the motor on her vacuum had died. She said she sold two pieces within 48 hours! 

One of the most meaningful commenters from a first-time commenter was the following comment: "I have been reading here for a year and love the gentle joys found here! I love the fact that everyone is so supportive of each other in the pursuit of making do with little. In real life, if I talk about my frugality, the response is pity and offers to help! What I want to be met with congratulations for hard work and ingenuity is met, instead, with sympathy. Here, I love that we can celebrate each others' efforts. . . "

I love the excitement that comes from learning a new frugal living skill, saving money on something I need and/or want, finding a great deal or a new low-priced recipe, and making what I have work. I agree that when we share that excitement, people often respond with pity. I enjoy reading everyone's comments here, celebrating with you and learning from all of you. Having more people comment certainly makes frugal living feel less lonely, and I came away from reading your comments feeling more encouraged and having learned new ideas to save money.

Here are my own frugal accomplishments for this past week:


I hemmed two pairs of pants for a friend of ours who is leaving soon to serve a mission.

I checked out an e-book from the library.

The children watched several shows on our free trial of Amazon Prime.

I tried a couple of new recipes. No one loved them and I won't make them again, but we went ahead and ate the dishes anyway.

I took advantage of a Fourth of July sale to purchase some replacement plates to replace some of our broken plates. The company has started making the same pattern in melamine. I bought a few of the salad plates (which is what we use for the children) in porcelain and a few in melamine. The melamine ones can't go in the microwave, but they may be a solution for most of the time to keep so many from being broken. I got 20% off the plates on sale, plus free shipping--and my items arrived in a day and a half!

I harvested New Zealand spinach, chives, and green onions from my garden.

My second son and I will be taking care of a friend's chickens and gardens while they are out of town. We'll get to collect eggs and pick tomatoes, cucumbers, and green beans while they are gone (and anything else that is ripe). This is the friend who has the cooled greenhouse who shared produce with us last week. Several of you asked if she would share photos of her greenhouse. She agreed to let me share, so I will take some photos of it to share in a post! The photo above is taken in her greenhouse.

Before she left, she gave us two plastic grocery bags of tomatoes and two of cucumbers. 

We then picked more tomatoes, cucumbers, and some lettuce from her garden after she left (lettuce in July--the wonder of a cooled greenhouse!) and collected two dozen eggs.

What did you do to save money last week? Please share in the comments!  Keep encouraging one another in your celebrations of frugal living; I love the support you give to one another!


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  • Rhonda A. July 11, 2018

    Not sure what the cereal is, but I like to make "rice krispie squares" using different types of cereal. It might be a way of using it up. There could be some other recipes you can make with the cereal, too, if you do some research. My daughter and sometimes my husband do this to me. We find something that everyone enjoys eating, then when I stock up on it, someone decides they are sick of it and refuses to eat it. Always happens after I just stocked up during a sale, too! So annoying!!!

  • Gardenpat July 09, 2018

    On the 4th of July, an online frugal friend mentioned that Home Depot was having a one day sale on their perennials, shrubs, roses and trees - 50% off! Well, even though it was 6:30 pm on the 4th when I read that, we drove the 15 minutes to our closest HD and bought a 5 gallon spirea (to replace one that died last year), a 5 gallon hosta, 2 one gallon hostas and a 2 gallon foxglove! It would have been $116 but it was $58!
    But wait, that’s not all! I had joined our county’s “Green backyards “ program (free to anyone in our county) that encourages recycling, composting, rain water collection and growing long term plants that are not on their non-native, invasive list! You attend a class in person or online (I opted for online) . It took about 15 minutes with a multiple choice quiz at the end. When you pass the quiz with 80% or higher (you can take the test multiple times until you do!) , they send you a reimbursement voucher for $50 off your purchase of a rain barrel, a composter OR plants (no annuals, veggies or aquatics and not on the specific exclusion list)!
    So my $116 worth of plantings which filled in gaps in my landscape, only cost me $8 OOP!! I am over the moon!!

    9 more cucumbers over the 4th from my garden= 10 more pints of sweet pickle relish on my shelves! It will be used as a condiment in BBQ burgers and dogs, in potato salad, deviled eggs, ground meat sandwich spread, etc! We do love it and some years our cucumbers don’t produce well at all so we’ll preserve these now!

    When I zero-ed out our previous paycheck as our direct deposited new one came in, I was able to add 1/2- $233 to our savings and reduce our debt by the other $233! This has almost become a game to see how much we can have leftover at the end of a pay period after all our bills/expenses have been paid! Since April, we have paid down hubbie’s hospital bill from $7000 to $5000, so we are quite pleased!
    We went up north to my sister’s home for a party for my brother (about 350 miles each way) and I packed ham/turkey pinwheel wraps, nuts, cheese, water, chips, cookies , meat cubes for trip and we didn’t have to stop either way for fast food/snacks/water! That saved us quite a bit!! Plus, coming home on Sunday, we didn’t have to stop for food or gas (we filled up Saturday up there)!
    My daughter in CA that flew me there to teach them how to grocery shop/ meal plan in May sent me a photo yesterday of a tray of breakfast burritos and another one of egg cups that she made in bulk for breakfast options for their family! I’m so excited to see her really loving this new way of doing things! It’s like a whole new world to her!!!
    Just made a big batch of sloppy joe meat for dinner tonight and also for several meals later on! Now, I’m flash freezing another 2 dozen quarter pound Hamburg patties using my little $3 hamburger maker I got on clearance 4 years ago at Kroger’s! Lol! That has given me savings and convenience!!
    Well, I still have 13 things on today’s to-do list and it’s already 9:30 this morning so I better get busy!!
    Happy “frugalling “ everyone!!!

  • Marivene July 09, 2018

    *Continued to pick blackberries, pie cherries, red currants & white currants.
    *Used the dehydrator to preserve cherries, & put some in the freezer for cobblers.
    *Thinned the apples on one of the trees.
    *Mended a tear in a comforter.
    *Like another commentor, we also spent $0 on fireworks. With so many fires already burning in our tinder dry, drought-ridden state, it seemed irresponsible to set off fireworks this year.
    *We enjoyed the blessing of several hours of steady, light rain one day.

  • Elizabeth M. July 09, 2018

    I was amazed by the idea of a cooled greenhouse. What a good idea for your climate. Greenhouses are definitely used a lot here to extend the growing season, but I had never heard about it in hot climates.

    I also love that you and your son have a project to work on together looking after the greenhouse and chickens. Productive but not an overwhelming ongoing commitment. Great for your neighbor too, to know she will have such reliable caretakers while she is away.

    The container of herbs I planted is thriving, with very little effort from me. Just the right rotation of rain and sunshine, so I have only had to water the container twice, and pick some flowers off so the plants don't go to seed.

    I've been staying at home, working on transcription and in the yard. This week I have a book club meeting, which we'll have overlooking someone's lovely woodland yard.

  • Karen July 09, 2018

    It's been an expensive summer so far, with camp expenses for my daughter and some household items in need of repair. I feel like every day there's a new Amazon box in front of my door and I need to reign it in! I have had a few frugal successes lately, though.

    I exercised using videos I found on YouTube. Our garbage disposal broke and my husband replaced it himself (our old one was at least 15 years old - it was here when we moved in - so it had a good life!). I took advantage of the Friday Freebies at Fred Meyer (our Kroger affiliated store). I had to drive my daughter to camp, two hours away. My husband didn't want to go so I invited a dear friend to join us (my daughter adores her and we don't see her often enough). Normally we go out for a meal together, but because we were in the car we had four hours of great conversation (and a lot of fun) and just stopped for drinks at one point (I hadn't planned ahead).

    We've stayed on top of weeding and watering our small garden. We got it in late so most things are still coming up, but last week we harvested about 20 beautiful radishes. Now I need to replant those seeds! Two types of seeds didn't come up so I contacted the company (Territorial Seed) over the weekend to ask about a refund or credit. I'm waiting for a response.

    My husband has started selling a few things on eBay that have been sitting around the house for years. A couple of things have sold so we're starting to see a benefit from that.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

  • Becky July 09, 2018

    I agree with the reader who doesn't like to be pitied when she tries to save money. I'm so thankful for an extended family who doesn't pity us, but instead admires us for living the way we do. They seem to know when a lovingly-given helping hand is a good idea, but mainly just keep encouraging us in our efforts.

    If we lived in many places on earth, other than the USA where we do live, we would be considered absolutely rich.

    It's so awesome that you get to take care of that greenhouse and those chickens. It will be fun to be able to "go crazy" with all the eggs and produce, and it really helps her out to not worry about her animals and veggies.

    We are really honing our money-saving skills around here. It's very important to be smart with the money we have, as my husband has work this summer, but not in the fall, yet.

    I'm working in the garden most days, and picking blueberries, raspberries, Marion berries (blackberries) and a few strawberries. I'm freezing most of those. We ate broccoli from the garden, as well as a very few snow peas from the first planting which is almost done, a small zucchini, lots of lettuce, green onions, and some herbs. I pulled all the beets that were ready, thinking I would make a lot of picked beets and got.....2 jars! Sometimes it works out that way. The rest will grow, hopefully, and it was nice to get the 2 pints anyway.

    I processed a lot of cherries in various ways. (40-50 lbs.). They were free from my sister's orchard. I got there really early last Tuesday, as they were letting a gleaner's group in later that morning and my sister helped me fill my containers.I took a ladder in my van so I could reach more.

    We had a simple 4th of July celebration. My niece and my aunt came over, along with my niece's dog so we could take turns keeping her calm, and we had a BBQ'd dinner, and the kids lit off a few fireworks. We bought very few fireworks, as we are trying to keep expenses low, but my niece brought a bunch, so the kids had fun together. As her parents are on vacation, she talked her dad into letting her take back their substantial supply of empty pop cans, and used that money for fireworks! She stayed home to work, and then to go to camp, and chose to hang out here a couple of evenings, which made me happy.

    I hadn't been grocery shopping for a couple of weeks, so went to 3 stores during the course of this week, gathering bargains from each one. Some of the best bargains were: eggs for 59c/dozen, butter for $1.99/lb., ice cream for $1.99/carton, milk for 99c/half gallon, chicken breast for 3 lb for $5 (best price ever around here), and a bunch of other items I just needed. Now I am good for the next couple of weeks. We've agreed to try to stay out of the stores and do substitutions if something runs out.

    I put my post here: https://beckyathome.wordpress.com/2018/07/08/thriving-in-my-thrifty-week-july-8-2018/

    I embroidered a dish towel for my mother's birthday. I gathered up a few kitchen items to put with it, such as dishwasher pods, hand soap, etc. I also grabbed a small bag of gluten-free flour from the reduced rack for her to try. She knows it was reduced, and will like trying it even better because I only paid $3.49 for it instead of $7. She's like that. It would distress her if I spent a lot right now.

    I was given a gift of a bag of jar lids. The given knows I like to can, and knows money is tight for us right now. I thanked them and accepted, knowing the loving heart that prompted the gift.

  • Tanya July 09, 2018

    I never really thought of picking garden produce as a frugal accomplishment until I started reading your blog :) Yesterday I picked 5 LARGE heads of broccoli from our garden before they flower. I bought a “6 pack” of starts this spring but each had 2-3 plants per plug. I planted them as they were and thinned them to 2 plants each after a few weeks. My raised bed was super crowded but I got 11 heads total from the broccoli! We’ve eaten some and shared some with friends and coworkers as I knew there isn’t enough freezer space for all of it. I blanched what I picked yesterday and need to package it up and freeze it today.
    I’ve also been picking cucumbers as they ripen and some snow peas. Although the weather is getting too hot for the peas and I will be pulling them out soon. But the strawberries are starting to ripen and after transplanting them this spring they are huge compared to the last few years. I can’t wait to start eating them!
    Our neighbor also brought us a big container (probably 10 or 12 lbs) of cherries. He works in an orchard and this has become a yearly thing. It always strikes me as a little funny because we don’t/can’t speak to each other because of a language difference but he shows up with cherries in the summer and apples in the fall! I sent him home with some broccoli ;)

  • Becky July 09, 2018

    I'm sure you will get a lot of nice side shoots from that broccoli, as well. That sounds like a great bargain to get so many from one pack:)

  • Tina S. July 09, 2018

    I am thankful for this blog, Brandy's inspiration, and the kind and helpful commenters here. I live in a high cost of living area (Seattle), with many affluent people, yet there are lots of others struggling to make ends meet. Any frugal tips I would try to share were met by weird looks (from people all over the income spectrum). So I just stopped talking about it. I'm so glad for this blog, it makes me feel not so alone in my frugality.

    This year I ended up giving up my community garden plot due to time and energy constraints. I am making do with my small condo patio garden. I planted four jalapeno plants, along with some herbs. We have rabbits here so I have to choose things they won't eat (or put the plants out of their reach). I have a horse trough planter with some self-seeded green onions (going on several years now), and I added oregano and peppermint. It is such a joy to be able to pick a bunch of peppermint and make myself a cup of herbal tea. I will have to keep an eye on the peppermint so it doesn't take over the entire planter.

    I never meal plan more than a day or two in advance, but this week I made a list of meals to use up all the produce in my fridge. It's also going to be busy at work, and I didn't want to expend mental energy each day trying to figure out dinner.

    In the last few weeks, I have been using up the small portions of leftover mystery meals I had in the freezer. I take these as my work lunch and add a few other items as needed. Many of these lunches have been unexciting, and one was barely edible (someone else had given me a portion of stew they had made, and there was nothing wrong with it, I just didn't like the taste). Oh well, it didn't kill me. Only one more mystery portion in the freezer! Yay!

    We belong to a CSA where I get a weekly share of vegetables. They also have a self-pick area where you can cut various greens: several kinds of kale, Swiss chard, collards, and a few others. You can pick a certain amount each week (like 7 to 10 leaves of each). I have been picking a few every time and freezing them or making soup. They encourage the members to pick the greens and freeze them for later use after the CSA season.

    My big summer project is painting our master bedroom and its popcorn ceiling. I can only do one wall at a time and part of the ceiling, as there is too much stuff in there to move and no where else to put it. This is a lot of work, and the only frugal thing about it is that I'm doing it myself. But it's slowly getting done. I have a deadline of mid-August when our new interior and closet doors will be installed. The new door project was a long wished for and saved for improvement. Our condo has the original 40-year-old dark fake woodgrain hollow-panel doors that I have hated since day one. Words cannot convey my excitement about being rid of these ugly (yet perfectly functional) eyesores.

    And in other frugal things, I also did all the things I always do: washed out baggies, cooked from home except for one meal, took my lunch with me to work and also one day when I was out, enjoyed free entertainment watching hummingbirds come to our feeder, watched two baby rabbits that visited our patio area, walked to work, batched errands, and did the quarterly home tasks (flipped the mattress and cleaned the vacuum filters).

    I look forward to reading about what everyone else has done this week.

  • Mary July 09, 2018

    Hi all! I enjoyed reading all the comments last week.

    My frugal accomplishments are -

    - cooked from scratch for all meals
    - eating leftovers
    - washing out ziplock bags
    - did grocery shopping on Friday getting
    9 lb watermelon for $1.82,
    2 1/2 lbs of bananas for $1.23,
    1lb of peaches for .54
    Refried beans for .50 a can,
    18 ct of eggs free with just4u rewards
    Blackberries & Bueberries each for .97

    I shopped online thru ThredUp.com for clothes using gardner25 for 25 % off (not sure if code still works). I was able to find a high end top and brand new pants for myself for just under $25. I have received them already and love them!

    I have been reading books from the library.

    Something I learned in the last week, bounce dryer sheets help to keep gnats away. FIL likes to sit outside and uses a bounce sheet to keep the gnats away! I ll have to see if it helps when I walk the dogs!

    Have a great week all!

  • Mary July 09, 2018

    I also received some freebies from Fry’s - a big bottle of Juicy Juice and Kellogg’s Special K Cereal. In the same trip, I found Natural cereal for 1.49 4 different pasta (macaroni, shells & spaghetti for .50, butter for 1.49 and 4 packs of Italian sweet sausage for 1.99 each.

  • Jennifer C in Phoenix, AZ July 09, 2018

    *On Wednesday, the 4th, my 17 yo daughter and I went to the 50% off sale at Savers thrift store. I spent $19, which included a new-in-box wall sconce set (I'm really trying to beautify my home without spending a lot of money, so this fit the bill), two pairs of uniform pants for one of my sons (exactly the same brand and everything, one was $1.99, one was $6.99??), and two beautiful dressy tops for me (one was NTW). I sing in the choir every week and so need to dress very nicely. I was happy with my purchases. My daughter spent $23 and purchased several beautiful outfits for herself.
    *later that night, we went to a neighboring city's Celebration of Freedom and firework show. This is the third year that we have attended and are quite pleased with the program. First, it doesn't start until 6, so there is no pressure to spend the whole day there. Besides the shopping trip, we enjoyed a lazy day and ate dinner at home before venturing out. Once there, we enjoyed watching an American Revolution battle reenactment, and looked at several patriotic displays indoors, including a fallen soldier memorial, which was very eye-opening to my 8 & 10 yo sons. The event also had water slides, but the lines are super long, so we avoided that. And food trucks, but we took snacks, so no need to spend money. The night ended with a jazz band and fireworks. It was all free and family friendly. Took 30 minutes to get out of the parking garage, but we just listened to Adventures in Odyssey and didn't stress over it.
    *I am working at a new job this year and, for the first time, have to pay someone to watch my 8 & 10 yo sons a few days a week. The boys have loved it, though, as its at a friend of their's home, and they have a pool (we don't)! The parents are super interactive with the kids and they are having a blast; my youngest has learned to swim, no expensive lessons required. If I do have to pay someone to watch my kids, I'm thankful that they are having a good experience.
    *With that, they offered to have the boys spend the night on Thursday night. Free date night!! AND, I signed us up for the Summer Reading program at the library, was good about entering our minutes read, and earned both my husband and I coupons for free meals at Rubio's. So, that's where we went for dinner! I love Rubio's, so this was a special treat for me. We then went back to Savers and my husband picked up some jeans for himself and our oldest son (they're the same size.) It was a wonderful evening.
    *Friday I picked up my groceries (I do Fry's Clicklist-love it!). I'm burned out on menu planning and grocery shopping, so I am going to a two week cycle for awhile. I made up four two-week menus and I will rotate them. In grocery shopping, it seemed like I actually spent less than I do shopping weekly, but we'll have to see what happens when we start realizing all the things I forgot or we ran out of, lol. I intentionally put away half of the snacks so that we wouldn't blow through them too soon.
    *One last thing, our kids attend the Christian school associated with our church. We have been very blessed that the laws in Arizona allow for Scholarship Tuition Organizations (STOs) to accept corporate and individual donations, and distribute these funds to qualifying children to help pay for their private school tuition. The application process is a lot of work, but the tuition help is so worth it. In the past, the scholarship funds did not cover the Registration fee, but the rules changed this year, and the scholarship can cover the registration fee, so, provided we are awarded enough funds, that's an additional $600 savings for us! My daughter is already fully funded and my boys are 50% covered with lots of awards still to be made. I am very thankful for this tuition help!

    That's all I have today. Have a wonderful week, everyone!

  • Jennifer C in Phoenix AZ July 09, 2018

    Well, that’s to the haboob we just had, we’ve lost power and won’t have it restored until tomorrow they are saying. We’ve keep the doors shut but it looks like I’veoat all of that food and will have to repurchase. And it’s hot in here,
    Whine whine

  • Becky July 10, 2018

    Can you get some ice, and pack it into coolers?

  • Athanasia July 13, 2018

    Dry ice, if you can get it.

  • Annaliese July 09, 2018

    A cold front has finally moved in and it is a little bit cooler here in central NC. Here are my few frugal things from last week:
    -Got quite a lot of cucumbers from garden. Made some Claussen copycat kosher dill pickles.
    -Picked a few cherry tomatoes and a couple of medium sized ones. Hopefully more are coming...
    -Canned some Amaretto Cherries- I'm thinking a couple could be for Christmas gifts.
    -Worked a lot= got holiday pay for July 4th, some PTO and my regular time. It made me tired but happy for the incoming funds.
    -Had free pizza, cookies and drinks on July 4th at work. Brought the extras home.
    -Bought 2 more Basil plants on sale.
    -Made Butternut squash soup starter and divided it up for 2 future meals in freezer. all ingredients are what I had here at home.
    -Snail mail freebie= samples of a shampoo I have been wanting to try plus a high value coupon I am going to use at a store that with double it, making the bottle free.
    -Made some infused liquors with fruits and herbs from garden.
    -Made 2 pizzas from scratch and all ingredients were from freezer and pantry. Made extra for leftovers and DH to take to work for lunch.
    -Went out to eat 2x and brought home leftovers.
    Hope everyone has a blessed week!

  • Margie from Toronto July 09, 2018

    It was such a lot of fun to read everyone's comments last week! And what a wonderful opportunity for you and your son to access the greenhouse and to collect eggs. I will look forward to seeing the photos of the Cooled Greenhouse - I'd never heard of such a thing.
    It was a pretty quiet week around here with it being so hot.
    Monday: Too hot to go anywhere (110F) so no money spent
    Tuesday: Had to see an opthamologist downtown so decided to get in a bit of a walk, save some transit fares & make a few stops along the way. I ran into someone I used to work for and she treated me to a coffee while we had a good catch up. I got in some exercise in A/C while walking through THE PATH (it's a very extensive underground walkway through much of downtown Toronto) and came up to street level just across the street from my church. I had some paperwork to take care of there and had to pick up a couple of things so one more errand off the list. Left my apt. at 9am and got back at 3pm - and didn't buy anything to eat or drink along the way.
    Wednesday: Stayed home to do laundry, ironing and housework - no spending
    Thursday: Did the weekly grocery shopping at my No Frills supermarket -just produce & dairy - but stuck to my list and accumulated a lot of loyalty points by shopping strategically. Noticed that they had missed 800 points so emailed and got it corrected.
    Friday: Met a friend and we went to the Outdoor Art Exhibit at City Hall for free - the weather had cooled down and it was a beautiful morning. We had our annual hotdog meal from a street vendor for $3/bottle of water included - and ate it on a bench in the courtyard. Then we walked to the Art Gallery of Ontario to see the new Inuit Art Exhibit - I have a yearly membership with guest privileges so it didn't cost us anything. However we did treat ourselves to a coffee and dessert in the members' lounge - but I didn't feel too guilty as this was my only spend day.
    Saturday: Stayed home, read and watched the World Cup for free
    Sunday: Attended church, organized Fellowship hour afterwards but enjoyed a free cup of tea and a HM molasses cookie that was delicious!
    Otherwise, cooked from scratch, using my pantry and freezer stock (although things are starting to get low) - washed ziplock bags, drank lots of water, watched Netflix and read my library books.

  • Kim July 09, 2018

    I have to be honest I've given up on our yard. Every year I put money, time and sweat into it for it to be burned up during our hot summers. I just think it looks terrible no matter how much time I put into it. So I decided no more, it's low maintenance. I'll have beautiful flower's in pot's on my patio that I can manage. I think part of being frugal for me is knowing when to let go of some things. I love reading what you and other's are doing to save money and to make our houses a home.

  • Kim, are you watering by hand? Except for the pots I have, everything is on drip irrigation on a timer and it really helps keep things from dying.

  • Mary July 09, 2018

    I agree drip irrigation is so helpful. I can grow flowers now with it! My last house I had to water and things died. Since we moved here last year, the drip irrigation has been great.

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