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Frugal Accomplishments for the Fourth Week in June

It's incredibly hot here this week. We started on Sunday with a high of 112º, and the thermometer just kept going up.

Tomatoes and Basil The Prudent Homemaker

I picked tomatoes and basil from the garden for a caprese salad.

Caprese Salad The Prudent Homemaker

I cooked a ham, which we sliced for sandwiches using my meat slicer.

I cut grapes from the garden, which we enjoyed alongside sandwiches for lunch.

I worked on my embroidery project quite a bit while sitting inside in the air conditioning, under the fan.

While sewing, I listened to several free French lessons online.

I sowed seeds for more zinnias, basil, red noodle beans, and pumpkins in the garden.

My eldest son helped me put in stakes and a trellis in the garden for beans using materials I had on hand. My husband had picked up several stakes for free several years back from someone who was getting rid of them. It has been nice to have them to use in the garden.

I made a double batch of laundry soap.

I attended a church social and accepted the leftover food that I was asked to take home. Several people were able to take leftovers home.

I went to Target for a few necessary items. I was considering purchasing a few more things (and had Cartwheel discounts for several of them), but I decided against them and to save my money instead.

Before I went to Target, though, I decided to stop in at Ross. I don't usually shop there but felt like I should go in. I was able to find a dress for $15 that was just what I was wanting (solid navy blue, with sleeves, and somewhat vintage-styled). I'm working to build a new wardrobe in the smaller size that I am without spending much money. This dress was in the budget. 

My daughter and her friends were going to the thrift store. I had them take my donations with them and they got a receipt for me for my taxes.

Dorsett Goldens The Prudent Homemaker

I picked apples from my tree.

I cut the shirt sleeves down on four more shirts for my husband to turn them into short-sleeved shirts. He had been needing some new shirts when all of these hand-me-down like-new long-sleeved shirts were given to us (by a stranger!) and since our weather is usually warm or hot, turning almost all of them into short-sleeved shirts has been perfect for him.

I mended an item of clothing.

I turned a pair of pants and a pair of jeans that were torn at the knees into shorts for the children.

I listened to swing music on Pandora while cutting apples and sewing.

Change Purse The Prudent Homemaker

I made a little change purse to hold my quarters when garage sale season comes back around in October. I was wanting a little quick project that could be completed after I had done my other sewing, and this was quick to make using fabric scraps I had on hand. I added a little British telephone box charm that I had on hand (I bought 6 of them for a small amount on Etsy for gifts a few years back)  with a jump ring and a pair of needle-nosed pliers.


I just want to thank you all for your comments. It's nice to know that others in the world are working to live within their means. It's not a conversation that I get to have with women nearby, and I truly enjoy reading each of your comments and learning from you!

What did you do to save money this past week?


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  • Mariana June 25, 2017

    I haven't shared my frugal accomplishments for a while but continue to read your posts and everyone's comments.
    We are doing best to stay frugal and generally money conscious. It has been challenging lately as I've been struggling to cook. I am 11 weeks pregnant (it's happening!) and I'm struggling with nausea and have zero energy.
    I am still trying to be conscious while grocery shopping and buying only necessities, every dollar counts and we are putting all we can away for when the baby comes.

  • Congratulations!!! So exciting!

  • J June 26, 2017

    Congratulations! Hopefully once you are through the first trimester the nausea will settle down and you will feel a bit better. Having a baby is the greatest miracle of life - but people sometimes gloss over how bad you can feel during pregnancy. Rest while you can my friend!

  • Marybeth June 26, 2017

    Congratulations! I remember those days well. Everything I cooked made me nauseas too. It will pass. Very light and easy meals help. Ginger helps with the nausea too.

  • Jenny June 26, 2017

    Best congrats on your pregnancy. I wondered why I hadn't seen your comments for a while. :D

  • Peggy Ann in CT June 27, 2017

    Mariana, I am so happy for you and T. I have noticed you haven't posted lately and was hoping it was for happy reasons.
    I hope as the weeks progress the nausea subsides and your energy increases. God bless your growing family.

  • Mandy June 27, 2017


  • Marcia June 25, 2017

    My husband was sick this week with a stomach thing. So i made a lot of plain pasta and rice. I didn't need to shop much at all (plenty of veggies for the other three of us) so our grocery bill was $50 under budget. I also got quite a bit of free food at work. There were visitors to our office, and leftovers from their lunches.

    I am crocheting a purse. I patched a blanket. I accepted a loaner long sleeved swim shirt for my son this week.

    We listened to music on Pandora,and watched tv on Hulu.

    It's my birthday my hubby made me pancakes. We are also celebrating at the regular neighborhood potluck.

  • Athanasia June 26, 2017

    Happy Birthday Marcia!

  • Mandy June 27, 2017

    Happy Birthday, Marcia!

  • cathy June 28, 2017

    if you have stomach/food poisoning you can take activated charcoal with a lot of water. It gets rid of toxins and any bugs that may have been in your food. You may have to take 2 every 4-6 hours for a few doses.

  • Christine June 25, 2017

    HI Brandy and all,

    Always enjoy all of your beautiful posts Brandy and hearing your latest frugalities along with everyone else's. Your coin purse came out so pretty! I would like to make one too but do not know how to sew in a zipper yet.

    My biggest frugal accomplishment this last week is that our store had on sale the type of tissues, paper towels and toilet paper that we used, so I was able to get coupons for all three, stockpiled and saved $71.00. I know I need to work on our paper consumption though.

    We were on stay-cation this week and went out only twice but did order take-out some evenings for our fun. Today we went to a beautiful herb and flower garden and the admission was free. We went to a Lebanese restaurant and I ate a ten dollar appetizer that was very filling when eaten with a lot of pita bread. We brought on own iced tea from the car since we didn't want to leave it in the hot sun, since it was in plastic containers and the waitress let us drink our own tea since they were out of iced tea.

    I bought items for my birthday when Macy's was having a great sale and I believe I also got free shipping. Today Easy Spirit shoes are having a half price sandals sale and I need a special width so I have to buy the more expensive shoes now. I need to check with DH to see where we are at with our finances before I order some.

    Tomorrow is the last day of my husband's vacation but he will work for four days and then have four more days off. It is so nice when he is home!

  • Athanasia June 29, 2017

    Christine, even if you do cut back on paper usage, it is so nice to have those things on hand. And they certainly aren't going to go bad!!

  • Lorna June 25, 2017

    Brandy I so love to share ideas with both yourself and other contributors too and thank you for the time and love you put in to this lovely blog. Like yourself many of my friends don't live as frugal a lifestyle as we do to be able to save for most of our house with cash either, it makes me feel not so alone at times when I get strange looks from others. Congratulations on getting a wonderful new dress for such a good price you deserve it.

    Hello everyone from Australia :) .

    Our frugal accomplishments for the week are and this week I will start off with our blessings -

    - Blessed that a friend offered that we could firewood from his property free of charge after we rang the previous property owner we used to cut firewood from for the last two years and he had got someone else to cut there.
    - Received with gratitude and thanks 2 supermarket bags of oranges, lemons and grapefruit from a friend we had been sharing our saved garden seeds from our gardens with after a heat wave killed most of their vegetable garden so they could replant without cost.

    Financial -
    - We were able to bank more money into our saving for our home with cash bank account.

    In the garden -
    - Picked 750g of cherry tomatoes, 3kg of capsicums and 500g of shelling peas from the gardens saving $38.20 over purchasing the equivalent amount in the local supermarket. There is a shortage of tomatoes here in Australia after recent weather events and they are hugely expensive to buy :o .
    - Mulched half of our vegetable garden beds with composted grass clipping saving $35 over buying hay.

    In the kitchen -
    - Cooked all our meals and bread from scratch.
    - Made a large batch of coconut queen drop butter biscuits with powdered eggs and coconut we need to cycle though in the pantry for the week saving $16.35 over purchasing the equivalent quality in the supermarkets.

    Electricity savings -
    - Used our solar lanterns to light our home rather than turning on mains powered lights saving $10 this week. Electricity prices have now been advertised here to go up another 3.5% starting in July :o .
    - Boiled water ,steamed vegetables and cooked noodles on top of our slow combustion fireplace. We used the water for washing up and making our hot chocolates with too.
    - Only did 2 loads of washing instead of the usual 3 by washing lounge covers once every second week instead of weekly.
    - Did all of our washing on cold cycles in the washing machine and stain removed any stains using our homemade stain remover.

    Water savings -
    - Saved 60lts of town water by only doing 2 loads of washing instead of 3 this week.
    - Hand watered the vegetable garden beds as we fertilised one day with rain water from our tanks saving 90lts of town water.

    Firewood savings -
    - Cut 900kg of seasoned firewood from fallen trees from a friends property saving $152.68 over purchasing the equivalent amount of firewood.

  • Becky @ Becky's Place June 26, 2017

    Lorna, what are coconut queen drop butter biscuits? Do you have a recipe that you're willing to share?

  • Erika @ The Make Do Homemaker June 26, 2017

    I second that! I'd love the recipe! Those sound yummy!

  • Athanasia June 26, 2017

    Yes, I was wondering that myself.

  • Lorna June 27, 2017

    Hi Becky, Erica and Athanasia and here is the recipe for queen drop coconut biscuits and we double the recipe -

    - Cream 6oz. (170g) of butter and 8oz. (227g) of butter to a cream.
    - Add 2 eggs and beat well, add a Tablespoon of milk,
    - 12oz. (340g) sifted all purpose flour and add 1 teaspoon of baking powder,
    - Add 4oz. of desiccated coconut or you can use currants or sultanas instead.
    - Pinch of salt.
    - Mix well and drop in small pieces a teaspoon full on to greased biscuit or cookie trays. We do a heaped teaspoon full per biscuit and drop them onto the baking tray with baking paper lining it.
    - Bake in a quick oven for 8 - 10mins . We bake them on 180 oc or 350 F for 25 mins or if like us you have an older non fan forced swap shelves with your trays at the 12.5 min mark.

    Enjoy everyone and this came from a 1962 cookbook called The Schauer cookery book, and they are delicious

  • Shea June 28, 2017


    I am new to this site but wanted to offer encouragement on your goal of paying cash for a home. We purchased our home with cash 16 years ago. It took us several years to save up for a modest home. People thought we were crazy, too! Guess what...they are still paying their mortgage payments each month while we are able to slow down on work hours and will probably retire altogether by age 50. Who's crazy now?

    Keep working toward your goal and ignore everyone else. I think most people are just jealous and deep down know what you are doing is amazing.

  • Lorna June 28, 2017

    Hi Shea and thank you so much and wow you did so well paying for your whole house with cash, congratulations. You are so right it gives you so much financial freedom :) .

    You are right about jealousy of others as well or I think most people are just afraid of the unknown, being frugality, which is foreign to most who live on the consumerism band wagon and feel that they have to have what the Jones's have now. Fortunately we are happy being the way we are but through frugality we are able to buy the things that are important to us with cash and when we do invest in something we get quality items that will last for years.

    Most see us as doing without and I have even had a lot say to my face we are poverty stricken. I was glad to say to a friend at church when he remarked, well it is not like you could afford to go and buy a new car tomorrow is it ?. I simply replied well yes we can buy two with cash but we choose to save for our home instead of borrowing huge amounts, but however go on :D as he was talking about another struggling couple at church .

    We are not going to be able to unfortunately pay for the whole house and land with cash but with 50% saved, which is our goal, we will have a very small mortgage that can be paid very quickly with very low repayments. Unfortunately we are starting again (literally) and a middle aged couple so for us this would be the best way to go.

    Thank you so much for your encouragement :) .

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