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Frugal Accomplishments for the Fourth Week of April

Iceberg Roses and Honeysuckle The Prudent Homemaker

Iceberg Roses, German Chamomile, and Hall's Honeysuckle

The weather was warm this week, in the low 90's. For some, this is a summer temperature, but here, we're just getting started with the heat, as we have over 5 months of temperatures above 90°. I opened windows and doors at night and in the morning to cool the house, ran fans only when needed during the day, and only turned on the air conditioner in the afternoons when we needed it most.

I cut flowers from the garden to enjoy in the house.

I mended two holes in a pair of shorts.

I harvested parsley, oregano, Swiss chard, lettuce, Meyer lemons, spinach, garlic chives, hibiscus flowers, snow peas, and green onions from the garden.

I dried lemon zest and parsley from the garden.

I froze lemon juice from our lemons to use throughout the year.

I watched an episode of "Call the Midwife" for free on Pbs.org.

I collected shower warm-up water and used it to water potted plants in the garden.

I used Zelle to pay my midwife. Zelle is a free way to pay other people through your bank. You just have to have their email address and their bank has to also use Zelle (and most do). You don't have to write a check or mail it. If your bank offers this service, you can see it on their website when you log in to your account; it should have a "Pay someone with Zelle" option. Unlike Paypal, the recipient is not charged anything to receive the money.

I studied French using free online sources.

David Austin Roses The Prudent Homemaker

Graham Thomas, Queen of Sweden, Claire Austin, and Earth Angel Roses 

What did you do to save money this past week?

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  • Marcia R. April 30, 2018

    My week was eventful but not as eventful as yours! My husband has had a pain in his head and after three doctor appointments we are no closer to knowing what it is than when we started. He has had two prescriptions also. Next week he has an appointment with an ear, nose, and throat specialist although I'm not confident that will work. I am feeding him some saved pain pills that were previously prescribed for me (our doctor knows this). If it gets worse we will go to the ER as no one can help us any sooner.
    I also made progress on spring cleaning, seeing as how I had a nosebleed in the middle of the night and had to pull off sheets and mattress pad and use peroxide to remove the blood. I washed them all and mended a rip in the mattress pad (the stretch part around the mattress-and promptly stuck my finger through in a new place getting it back on the bed.) That can wait for next time it's washed!
    Our local Bon Ton store is closing and it was announced that I only had ten days to use several gift card balances I had from some returns after Christmas. Turns out it was about $40, so I got myself a new bra and a new tee shirt for Spring, and only paid $4 oop. There was a discount but it wasn't great. They were items returned that were mine, although I would have happily spent the money on new towels if they had had any I liked.
    We ate all meals at home last week, including a belated "birthday dinner" for my husband because we were treated to a restaurant meal on the actual date. We had steak, mashed potatoes, broccoli, and the first sour cherry pie I have ever made and forgotten to put a thickener in. I usually use tapioca. I used nothing. It tasted fine but was a bit runny!! The rest of the week we managed with only having leftovers once--so easy to do lots of casseroles in winter and eat them two nights! Have to get out of that now that it might warm up. We had snow on Sunday but it didn't last long.
    I am continuing to fight for my husband's need for more doctoring--I hope he can last another week without rebeling against the paid--it's already been about 10 days.
    Tonight I'm making either salmon or crab cakes--need to ask which he prefers--both are frozen. Will have oven fries and green beans with that. I did wash the kitchen floor on hands and knees--at 75 that's not quite as easy as it sounds. I need to spend another day on the cabinets with Murphy's Oil Soap, too. Never enough time to do everything. We are to have some warmer weather this week so I want to get outside and clean up the yard too.

    So, I guess that's it for me--time to get my oven fries into the oven as my stomach is telling me it's getting close to dinner time. Anxiously awaiting naming day for your new little one.

  • Athanasia May 05, 2018

    Marcia, I'm sorry I didn't see this until now. I hope you don't mind, but I added your husband to the church prayer chain as "Marcia's husband". God knows.

  • Marcia R. April 30, 2018

    Pain not paid.

  • PJGT April 30, 2018

    Congratulations on your son!

    This week is showing signs of life reaching a stability that has been missing for a few years - except the weather which has us spending more on heat again suddenly. Work is quite overwhelming at this time of the year; however, it is expected and I am so very thankful to have a job. I like what I do and love the staff. Some are long time friends!

    I see there are more daffodils around than I previously had found. I'll be moving them (after they bloom and yellow) to bring color to other parts of our place. Glad to have freebies.

    Found a small amount of change. I stopped in at a clearance sale for one item and found an amazing amount of items for the pantry and personal items at pennies on the dollar. Picked up my daughter's college graduation gift (20% off and exactly what I was looking for...I know they will be worn often and passed down). Since I needed to make the trip, I shopped at Aldi's and went to a matinee with my son. It was a nice release of stress for us and he has been awaiting the release of this movie quite a while. He wanted to go the day it was out, but waited to combine with the trip in (45 min each way).

    Since we live so far from shopping, I often resort to ordering certain things on line when needed. I ordered aluminum free deodorant with free shipping for the 2 pack and only one was sent. I called and they refunded my money and told me to donate the item. Of course I'm keeping it!

    Was able to buy 14 brand new cloth diapers in pink from newborn to toddler for a dollar each. Babies do not care about the color and clothing covers, so I put them in the baby container I have started. I expect to be a grandmother within 5 years. I expect I'm not the only one here who looks ahead!

    Happy frugal-ing!

  • Kelly April 30, 2018

    I was on vacation last week. It was more of a staycation as we didn't go anywhere. Wednesday we had to put or beloved 9 year old dog down due to a neck disc deformity that would only resolve with a 5-10K surgery. He was in so much pain. It was absolutely heartbreaking. :'(

    Watched this past Sunday's episode of Call the Midwife and I just have one thing to say (don't worry no spoilers) WHY??? I do love this show and next weeks episode is the season 7 finale. Already.

    Thursday was my son's 14th birthday. My parents and 2 nieces came over and they treated us all to dinner at a local restaurant. Then we returned to our house for cake and ice cream.

    My mom brought her hair cutting supplies and I got my hair cut.

    My husband cut my son's hair with the Wahl clippers. They've already paid for themselves. He cuts his own hair as well with the clippers. So much cheaper than spending $15/month for a haircut.

    I colored my hair with hair color from eSalon.com. I'll get 3 uses out of one bottle of color because my hair is so short. I got a deal when I signed up for half-price customized color. So each application cost me about $3.33 and it's high quality color. You can get a new customized color every time they ship. I've asked for a light brown before...dark brown with reddish tomes. Works great!

    My son is going on his class trip to Washington DC at the end of this week. We'll have to give him about $100 in spending money for food, snacks and souvenirs. Plus he's taking some of his birthday money.

    Congrats on the arrival of your baby boy Brandy & family! I can't WAIT to see the name you've chosen for this little guy!

  • Jennifer O May 03, 2018

    So sorry about you dog. It hard to make that decision.

  • Mary May 03, 2018

    I m so sorry to hear about your dog.

  • Marybeth April 30, 2018

    Congratulations on your beautiful boy.
    It has been very busy this week for me with The Avengers movie coming out. Extra shifts does mean extra money which is good. My week is here: https://mcoia.blogspot.com/2018/04/my-frugal-list-week-of-april-23-2018.html

  • DonnaMarie April 30, 2018

    Congratulations to you and family on the birth on your son!

  • Annaliese May 01, 2018

    Congrats and blessing on your new baby boy!! I enjoy seeing your flowers and wish I had the same "green thumb". Here are my two weeks worth of frugal ways:
    -GH found out he has free $25 of credit for concessions on his movie loyalty card. He had gotten several movie gift certificates for Christmas and when he goes, he always has the loyalty card scanned. --
    -Savingstar app changed today so I went ahead and cashed out at $5.25 and added it to paypal.
    -Sold one thing on Ebay.
    -Received in snail mail: a sample of face lotion/cleanser I was wondering about, a small tube of toothpaste, $10 rebate check I forgot DH sent off for, a set of 4 nice blank notecards with pictures of flowers on them.
    -Gifted a $25 gift certificates from Kroger to help out with groceries from Kroger.
    -Brought leftovers home from Reality lunch: oranges, bananas, and 1/2 of an egg fratata w/sausage, peppers and onions and coolards greens to cook and put in the freezer or dehydrate.
    -Started to rearrange the tubs/containers in garden so when weather decides to get better=I'm ready!!
    - Saved over $75 at store with coupons and loyalty/rebate apps. Plus a lot of free items with the "Quarter Back" sale/rebates at one store.
    -Rained a lot so I put in extra hours at work= more PTO.
    -DH found $5.00 in his work parking lot one night.
    -Turned in points on several rebate apps totaling up to $73.00 to paypal.
    -DS showed his artwork at the annual Reality Center Talent Show. The tickets for 7 people were free and we got to enjoy various types of entertainment.
    -Went thru pantry and donated some stuff since I started a certain diet and those items were temptations.
    - DS was gifted some groceries from his DG since he is autistic and eats different things.
    - Went thru closet and filled a bag (from Threadup) full of business clothes I do not wear anymore. If I don't get money from the items sent, they will donate to places where other woman can use them.
    The sun is finally out and temps getting warmer in central NC. Everyone have a blessed week!!


  • Athanasia May 05, 2018

    What's a "DG" ?

  • Allyson May 01, 2018

    Congrats on the baby! Can't wait to see pictures!

    This past week we did pretty well frugally. I think the biggest thing I did was to ask for help, and friends came through! I had one friend come over to help pack the china hutch, and another came and helped me clean the entire house while the boys were out. Both were huge helps, and it was a reminder to me how many hands make light work. It also reminded me that I need to be willing to ask for help more often, because it really is something that people want to do.

    Here are the rest of our accomplishments: http://liveandsave.blogspot.com/2018/05/frugal-accomplishments-for-last-week-of.html?_sm_au_=isVjRvstFp7TS0Ns

  • Jess May 01, 2018

    Congratulations on your newest bundle of joy. This week, I picked up the last of the groceries we needed for April and stayed $2 under budget. That's the closest I've ever cut it on the budget! I also..
    ..changed the display on my car to show the instant miles per gallon. By watching that and changing my driving habits accordingly, I'm up two gallons per mile!
    ..bought a birthday present and stayed under budget.
    ..accepted leftovers from my mom. She didn't like the meal that they'd prepared. Turned out my husband loved it and has been taking it to lunch every day.
    ..took 4 shirts to my grandma to be mended.
    ..combined errands with a meeting I had to attend.
    ..bought a bridal shower gift. The store had free shipping over a certain amount, so I went ahead and bought a wedding gift from their registry, too to get the free shipping. I used 2 coupon codes to get $30 off and went through Mr. Rebates to get 3% cash back.
    ..planted my garden.
    ..cut rhubarb, asparagus, and chives from the garden.
    ..uncovered my strawberries for spring.
    ..made a meal plan that only required $9 worth of groceries for the next two weeks.

  • Monica May 01, 2018

    Hi Brandy, I hope you are recovering nicely! I’m gonna try to remember a few of my frugal accomplishments from the past few days. I spent many hours in the garden sowing seeds for our summer harvest. Some of the seeds were from last year so I didn’t have to buy the seeds. I didn’t go to the grocery store any even though I was out of a lot of things. I “make did” with what I had. My parents were gone on vacation and they left me free rights to their freezer/fridge, so I got some meat items and they had also given me eggs and goats milk before they left. I sewed a dress for my little girl this week, using a borrowed pattern and free material given to me from my mother in law. This week I made my son some pajama pants from material I had had for years. I made two loaves of bread, I also made a batch of soap from goats milk. I did have to purchase the lard for the soap making but I made enough soap to last us a year (if I don’t give some away, which I usually do

  • Lilli May 01, 2018

    Brandy, I was so happy to see your Instagram post. Children must be the greatest blessing one can bestowed with. It has been 3 years now that my husband and three youngest were loss. I love my three older ones dearly but I miss my 3 " littles" so much. I am excited to hear his new name and know it will be perfect. College girl was home this week after final exams. She slept round the clock for three days. She woke only to request a favorite meal and eat. Baby girl works hard at medical school. College boy is leaving soon for the military. I have had my A.C./ heat off for three full months now. My electric has finally dropped even lower. I love hanging my laundry out now that the yucky pollen has passed. I have been doing a little bit of yard work each day. I just cannot part with any of our limited funds to pay someone to do it for me. I am making do with what I have. I used an old swimming pool ladder the former owners left behind to climb up and clean my gutters out. I am sure I am quite a spectacle creeping along a foot at a time. It is important to keep the tons of pinestaw cleared so I don't incurr expensive damage. I used some Swagbucks to buy me a small hatchet to remove some small trees. I will have to work on digging the roots up but at the moment I would just like to clear the lot. This foreclosure sat abandoned almost 10 years and the yard is bad. Thankfully I have all the time in the world to scoot along and do yard work. College boy picked up a second job so he has my car most of the time. Funny thing about staying home is it is quite frugal. He will be leaving soon so it really isn't cost effective to purchase him a car until he gets to his duty station. I hope everyone is well. The fungus info this week was quite funny and practical. I was happy to utilize it.

  • Cindy in the South May 02, 2018

    I am so sorry for your losses, Lilli. I have an older house that I am slowly, but surely, redoing also.

  • Athanasia May 05, 2018

    Lilli, even though it sounds like your son is quite busy, please get him to do what he can for you before he leaves. I don't like the picture of you up there on that rickety ladder! Be safe.

  • Krissy in Sacramento May 01, 2018

    Congratulations Brandy and family on the newest little one. Can't wait for you to share him with us!

  • Lynn May 02, 2018

    Congratulations on your new son!

  • Patty from the NW May 02, 2018

    Congratulations Brandy on you new little baby boy. I hope you and the baby are doing well.

    Last week I shopped for our groceries. I have developed food allergies, so I needed to spend a little more for my shopping and groceries since I cannot eat certain foods any longer~( tomatoes, peppers, onions,gluten dairy) . It has been a challenge but I am so thankful there are other items I can replace them with. I think I have a balanced plan now to try to spend $200.00/ month for my husband and myself including toiletries, shampoo and laundry making ingredients.
    We are purging our garage and sending things we do not need to Goodwill. I will be so happy when we are done. It's many years of accumulation . Now that all kids have grown and on their own, I can finally let go of so much.
    I found a couple of games to give to our 4 y/o grandson I had put aside. They are not electronic, so hopefully he will like them.
    Last week I have started on my veggie garden. We had such nice weather finally so it was fun to get out in the yard. My young 3 y/o apple tree has quite a lot of flowers on it. So excited to see how much we can harvest this year. Last year , my first harvest yielded 5 1/2 lbs. This year I will only plant 2 tomato plants ( not 4) and have focused more on leafy veggies , beans, peas, garlic, squash, cucumbers, grapes, and herbs. I will go from here to see what else I can plant :)

    Have a wonderful week snuggling with your new baby. Looking forward to pictures soon and praying for many blessings to you and your family.~
    Blessings, Patty from the NW

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