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Frugal Accomplishments for the Last Two Weeks

There was no frugal accomplishments post last week because my computer died. I'm still waiting for a new one to show up. Thanks to my eldest son, I've found a workaround so that I can edit photos and posts until I have a working computer again (though it takes a lot longer, so I'm glad the new computer should be here by the end of the week!) Thankfully everything is backed up and I haven't lost anything.

I harvested green onions,garlic chives, Meyer lemons, and Swiss chard from the garden.

I covered more seedlings with jars to help them to grow faster in the garden.

I accepted two used garden pots for the garden from my parents.

Nightgown Detail The Prudent Homemaker

Flannel-backed satin nightgown

I sewed birthday gifts for a daughter using fabric I had on hand.

I mended a shirt and a dress. I replaced the elastic in three pairs of sweatpants for my youngest. I had elastic that I had bought in bulk on sale that I used to replace the worn elastic. I also replaced the elastic in a pair of dress pants for him.

I turned three long-sleeved blouses into short-sleeved blouses for a daughter. Short-sleeved blouses are more practical in our climate, and the long-sleeved blouses had been passed down to my fourth daughter with almost no wear because of that. Now she has three like-new blouses to wear. I added the buttons from the cuffs to my button jar.

I went through several drawers and cabinets in the house and ruthlessly decided on items to purge that hadn't been used in the last year. To make it easy for myself, I went through one cabinet or one to two drawers a day. I added these items to our garage sale piles. and started pricing items for my sale later this month. My mom also went through her house in the same way and added more things to my garage sale items. Several of my cabinets and drawers are now more organized, which is a great feeling.

Our piano teacher came to the house for lessons and saw our garage sale items stacked by the front door. She asked if she could buy items ahead of time. Of course! I sold her a game for $1. She also told me she had a bunch of items I could have for my sale that she'll bring by for me.

Eyelet Dress Bodice The Prudent Homemaker

Making the vintage-style eyelet dress bodice using the $1 bedskirt I purchased at a garage sale last fall.

I used the $20 gift card I earned from Target in February as a wedding gift for a couple who is registered at Target.

My mom takes a woman grocery shopping each week. The two of them give me all of their Monopoly pieces from the two stores in our area that are currently giving out game pieces (a promotional game). So far I have a couple of instant winners: a free donut or bagel and a free bottle of aspirin. Since my husband's office is in the same parking lot as one of these stores, I gave him the coupons; he can enjoy the donut and I'll add the aspirin to our medicine shelf.

I combined coupons, sales, and Target cartwheel offers to purchase the Easter candy for less that I will use to fill Easter eggs.

I gave two of my sons a haircut and my husband cut his own hair.

My eldest daughter was asked to work as a server for a wedding luncheon. Not only did she get paid, but at the end of the luncheon, the servers got to take home leftover cooked meat. She brought home a tray of cooked, diced chicken.

My eldest son watched the RootsTech conference online, where he was able to listen to several speakers as well as watch several online classes for free.


What did you do to save money these past two weeks?



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  • Athanasia March 06, 2018

    Thank you! That looks fun and I am going to show it to my mother. It looks like something she might like to have when visiting the great grandchildren or when they are here. Light enough she could slip it into her tote bag.

  • C. Epperson March 05, 2018

    I saw at least one person post about this but I'll add my two cents. My older daughter just finished the college application process with FAFSA. She did not have to take the GED (we are also homeschoolers) in order to complete the FAFSA. Of course, in Texas, homeschooling is considered a private school so she receives a diploma from our "private school". That may not be the case in your state. Hope this is helpful. I found the college application process challenging as homeschoolers, but we had excellent results so I can't complain!

  • Rhonda A. March 05, 2018

    Not only am I happy to see your frugal accomplishments, Brandy, I am thrilled to see you have some sewing projects! Hope you are planning on an upcoming sewing post featuring photographs of your lovely work. I'm always so inspired by what you make! This may sound strange, but do you think you could include the blouses that you turned into short sleeves in a post. I'm interested in seeing how they look. If you have any tricks on how you decide the length of the sleeve, I'd be interested in that info too (even if it is just written...I realize you may have not taken pictures during the process). I love gleaning simple sewing skills and trick from your projects!

    Our frugal accomplishments for the last 2 weeks included:
    *Meals made at home included Stromboli (from freezer) with salad and mini cherry tarts, tortellini Alfredo bake (freezer meal), chicken shepherds pie (made with leftover rotisserie chicken) with homemade apple crisp for dessert (from freezer), tacos (choice between ground beef or black bean), beef barley soup (made from frozen leftover roast beef) with homemade garlic bread, garlic chicken wraps with homemade herb roasted potato chunks and peas, breaded chicken burgers/strips with flavoured rice and broccoli, sloppy Joe's with coleslaw, grilled cheese sandwiches with cold salads (potato and pasta) and corn, hot chicken sandwiches with corn, "piggies in a blanket" (using pre-cooked breakfast sausages from the freezer) with coleslaw and hash brown patties, lasagna, and "cracked out" chicken & rice casserole with broccoli.
    *Made a homemade pie crust and used leftover beef stew (from the previous week) to make a beef pot pie (unbaked) for the freezer. Ensured no food waste and created another healthy, frugal freezer meal for us. Used the leftover scraps of pie crust and some homemade cherry jam to make 7 mini cherry tarts (used a mini muffin pan), for dessert that night.
    *Cooked extra pearled barley when I prepared it for the soup as DD loves to eat it plain. Must teach her how to make it some day.
    *Made a boxed cake mix into cupcakes when DD had a friend over. I then gave the job of icing and decorating the cupcakes to the girls for a fun activity. They got pretty creative, but had lots of fun.
    *Made a batch of lemon raspberry muffins, using pantry ingredients (recipe link: http://www.eatingwell.com/recipe/251934/lemon-raspberry-muffins/?utm_source=pinterest&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=etg_517728541). Disappointed in the lemon flavour. The raspberries help save the taste a bit. DD didn't like them at all. Probably won't make these again. Gave my brother the last 5 to take home.
    *Chopped up an entire cabbage head and packaged it in a big Ziploc baggie in the fridge to use for coleslaw. This makes it more convenient to use, and we find it keeps well for a few weeks.
    *Prepared 2 pans of lasagna at the same time, 1 for the freezer and 1 for dinner. This not only saves me time, I also stretched the ground beef over both pans, making it more frugal.
    *Stock up on quite a few pantry items with a $1 sale at my regular grocery store.
    *Received the $25 gift card from Loblaws from the bread price fixing scandal. Certainly doesn't nearly cover the amount I've over paid on bread over the last 10+ years the price fixing has been going on, but it is a start.
    *While attending a meeting at my work for a volunteer project I'm involved with, I was given my Christmas gift from my employer (some very nice hand cream, whipped body cream and a chap stick produced by a local company). Apparently it was delivered the day after our last day of school program. Oh well, a nice surprise anyways.
    *My mom and I have had much discussion over the best way to create a vegetable garden in our back yard this year, since we didn't get time to do it last summer. We decided raised garden beds would make it easy to keep the grass trimmed up around it. I wanted to use materials to build the beds that would withstand the elements over time, not rot easily, and be cost effective. My mom found pre-fab plastic raised garden structures, 4ft x 4ft sized, 2 in the box for $90 at Costco. We decided this would work perfect for what we wanted, and bought 2 boxes (so 4 raised garden beds total, we are splitting the cost). We hope to construct our garden space in April in preparation for planting in May. Now I need to start planning what to plant in the space once it is built!
    *I had bought a fan with a USB plug from Amazon as a Christmas present for DD. When it arrived, the fan wouldn't work. I contacted Amazon and was refunded the money, but they didn't request the fan to be sent back. When my brother came up to visit, I asked him if he would take a look and see if he could get it working (he has always liked to take things apart and tinker with motors). I figured it was no loss if he couldn't. However, to my great delight, he was able to solder a loose wire and now it works! Thanks to my brother, DD scored a free fan...Whoohoo!!!

    Looking forward to catching up with everyone's frugal accomplishments this week. Have a wonderful week everyone!

  • Rhonda,

    I just used another blouse in the same size that had short sleeves and used that to measure sleeve length. I added enough to that length to allow me to turn the fabric under twice before hemming the sleeves. Then I folded the blouse in half and cut both sleeves at once. Then I ironed over the sleeves from the inside and sewed them on the machine. It's a pretty quick process.

  • Stephanie March 05, 2018

    It has been a long time since I have posted here. The really bad flu hit our home hard....I am still on the very end of it which morphed into a cold. I barely managed to do anything for 2 weeks, however! I did manage to harvest green onions, garlic chives, Meyer lemons and avocadoes from the yard. Made homemade granola, salsa, and I am experimenting now with homemade fermented cabbage. Trying my hand at landcape architecture now. Our front yard really needs a makeover and I will see if hubby and I can handle most of it!

  • Laurie in AZ March 06, 2018

    Stephanie, I feel your pain! I had a regular cold start the day after Christmas, then 2 weeks later I had 2 good days then came down with what I believe was the flu. I had all symptoms except the fever. Down hard for 2 weeks, coughing for another 2 weeks. Just when I was starting to feel better, I've come down with it again, just not as hard. Mostly chest congestion with coughing and fatigue. I think this year's cold & flu season is the worst I've ever seen.

    I am so tired of feeling sick! But I know I could have things a lot worse and know that this too shall pass! Hope you are feeling better soon.

  • Sarah in Maryland March 05, 2018

    I've gotten out of the habit of posting accomplishments since the only internet we have is a limited amount on my phone and it's not nearly as easy to type on. But I'm so encouraged by reading others' lists that I'm going to try to remember to add my own each week.

    I made 3 skirts and a top as a birthday present for a friend's toddler. We only wear long skirts/dresses and they are difficult to find for little girls and this friend doesn't sew so I hope it will be a blessing.

    We accepted hand-me-downs for our oldest daughter who is hard to fit. Several items I had already purchased in my haste. It was a reminder to wait on the Lord to provide, as this isn't the first time that specific needed items have been gifted to us.

    Accepted leftover chicken from our church fellowship meal. I'll make a casserole with it.

    My husband's cousin gave us a junk pick-up truck. He has back problems and needed plow brackets removed from it to use on another truck. My husband removed the brackets and then sold the truck to a neighbor to use for parts for $200. We'll add the money to the savings account.

    I finally got sheets made for the new baby's crib. Now we just wait (I'm due the 25th.)

  • Jenny March 05, 2018

    Hope the birth goes well for you.

  • momsav March 05, 2018


  • Elizabeth March 05, 2018

    1. Kroger had great deals this week on triple zero yogurt, 32 oz of block cheese, salad dressing, and macaroni and cheese, so I stocked up...maybe a little too much:)
    2. I bought a pair of yoga pants, a shirt, and two nice children's hardback books all for under $8 at the thrift store this week.
    3. We have been feeding our Guinea pig lots of clover this week that is growing like crazy in our yard
    4. Quit buying expensive coffee creamer again...maybe it will stick this time!
    5. After cleaning out my son's closet I realized he will not need any new spring/summer clothes this year because he has only grown taller over the winter

  • Libby March 05, 2018

    Thank you Brandy for posting on Facebook to let us know you were okay. I’m sorry that your computer died – a large expense I know you don’t need right now. Kudos to your son for finding a temporary work around! Thank you again for the community you have created here on the internet.

    • Made daily swag goal x 2
    • Cooked a pot of beef with barley soup, a pot of chicken taco soup, a pot of steel cut oats with flax seed and peach slices that I froze last August, couscous salad with cucumbers, feta, and lemon vinaigrette, a white pizza from scratch and topped it with garlic, spinach, and some leftover ricotta, and made knockwurst with sauerkraut
    • Hand washed two wool sweaters and hung them outside to dry
    • Grouped errands when I had to drive 45 minutes away – this included being able to stop at three grocery stores and just buy their loss leaders
    • Itemized and donated a box of stuff to Goodwill
    • Decluttered hall bookcase
    • Washed plastic bags to reuse
    • Stood my ground at Walgreens when I was told I couldn’t use two Clairol coupons on the same transaction. The coupons required 3 boxes of hair color to be purchased, and I was purchasing four boxes. Manager finally agreed with me – total value of the two coupons was $7.00. After walking out of the store I noticed that the 20x rewards coupon hadn’t rung up. Went back in, waited for the manager again, and the reward points were added to my account.
    • Was invited to an Oscar party and brought a dish using ingredients I had on hand.
    • Did my taxes – after owing last year I am so grateful to be getting a small return this year.
    • Watched HGTV online for free as we do not subscribe to cable
    • Washed a wool blanket in washing machine in cold water and hung it up to dry

  • Melonie K. March 05, 2018

    I'm so glad to see this post! My favorite post of the week - and right after receiving my favorite newsletter at the beginning of the month, from another frugalite. Yay!

    Here's my accomplishments for this past week:

    And for the week before:

    Looking forward to reading through everyone's comments and posts! Happy Monday, everyone! :D

  • Jenny March 05, 2018

    Went away for my sister's birthday. She booked an Airbnb place at Port Fairy. We prepared and ate all meals there. The weather temperatures were quite cold.
    The dog (my furbaby) had to have 5 teeth out. This was not frugal and it was very disappointing because I brush his teeth daily. One tooth was at the front of his mouth and the others were at the back. The back teeth are hard to access. I'm going to talk to the vet to see what else I can do.
    I read on a blog from Capetown what one lady does to save water while washing clothes. (Capetown folk are on 50 litres per day water restrictions) I thought I would give it a try myself. It's hard work lugging buckets of water about and ensuring the machine does use mains water.
    But undoubtedly very frugal.

  • Jo March 05, 2018

    I earned enough Swagbucks to buy a $25 Amazon card for $22, and I'm busy building up the leftover bucks for my next card.
    I put industrial strength sticky-back Velcro tape, that my husband had bought a while back, on another washable mop pad, all four of which are losing their ability to stick to the "hook" on the mop head. I tried a different pattern for the tape this time, to see which one works best. So far, both mop pads that I've Velcro'd are sticking well, but I think the second tape configuration is going to be the best. That sticky back is really good -- I've washed both mop heads (by hand, usually) several times, and the tape is still firmly on.
    The hem pulled out of a dress the other day. I have the navy thread already, so it will be a quick fix, and I had the tan thread to re-hem some slacks that lost their hem. I swear the hemming thread in some of these clothes today is like spider web.
    I pack leftovers for lunch every single day, either from the fridge or the freezer. I reconcile the credit card statements for my employer -- some users easily spend $100+ a week eating out every single day, just for lunch.
    I'm sanding and painting some furniture, instead of having it done. I'll re-upholster chair seats, too.
    I'm happy to see some of our perennial herbs, fruit trees and plants returning after a rather wild winter's weather -- flooding, dry spells, snow, ice, and unseasonably warm, all in one winter.
    Brandy, I'm always inspired by your gardening and sewing. I have a couple of small sewing projects -- maybe I'll get going on them, now. I have the fabric, so I can get started any time.

  • Kim Heller March 05, 2018

    I hope you get your new computer soon. I love hearing how well your children are doing. It really makes me smile.
    My son brought me some of his mending. I sewed a button back on one of his button up shirts and mended a hole in one of his sweaters. These are both items he wears to work so that should help him make it through the rest of our cooler weather without having to purchase anything new.
    I cashed in some reward points for a $15 Macy's gift card.
    I cashed in some other reward points and got a Christmas gift for my grandson and an emergency radio for our emergency supplies.
    I rarely take the time to hassle with these reward points so I was proud of myself for making the time.
    I have a special needs cousin who I noticed was really admiring the younger girl's American Girl dolls that they got for Christmas this year. (at our family Christmas gathering) I thought to myself at the time that she would probably really like to have one of her own but her single mom is raising two boys she adopted so funds are tight. I wish I could buy her an American Girl doll but I don't have those type of funds either but this weekend I was shopping and found the Target version of the doll at Home Goods on clearance for $15. I purchased one for her for next Christmas and can't wait to see her face when she opens it. God does provide!
    My husband purchased a fresh crab at the Safeway Friday $5 special and I made a huge crab salad along with a loaf of french bread that fed six of us for dinner and then dinner again for my husband and I.
    I found some winter hats and gloves for $1 a piece on clearance so I purchased a set for each of my nephews for Christmas. I will purchase a small toy to go with them.
    I had a medium sized boxwood plant in a metal planter outside of my garage and the metal planter was getting rusted out and needed to be re-placed but a large pot is so expensive. I found a metal planter with the cocoa mat liner in the size I needed for $8. I re-potted the boxwood and it looks so much nicer. This should last at least 3-4 seasons is our very wet climate.
    We had a beautiful, sunny day this Saturday so we spent the day outside. My husband pruned one of our large apple trees and I painted our fence. It felt nice to get a start on Spring projects. I used paint and brushes I already had so no expense but it sure looks better.
    Have a great week everyone.

  • Heidi Louise March 05, 2018

    Kim: Can you wax the metal planter somehow to keep moisture from settling in as much?

  • Laurie in AZ March 05, 2018

    Bummer about your computer, Brandy! Hope your new one arrives soon!

    Nice that your hubby got to enjoy a donut treat for free!

    I had a pretty good two weeks. I was finally feeling healthy again, but unfortunately on Sunday, I came back down with the crud I had all of January and most of February.

    Here are my frugal accomplishments for the last 2 weeks.

    • Used free tea, coffee and toiletries, washed ziplocs and used ½ dryer sheets and ran only full loads in the washer and dishwasher during off peak times.
    • Got 3 – 12 oz. packages of coffee for free from work. They are expired and the office only uses k-cups now. I don’t care if they are expired. Perfect timing too, as I was down to just one 12 oz. package of coffee in the freezer! Also ate free snacks at work.
    • Took my lunch on the days I worked. Hubby took his lunch 8 times. My company provided lunch one day.
    • Ate dinner in 10 times. Had steak, baked potatoes, once with broccoli, once with asparagus; West African turkey curry soup twice; manicotti; and pork chops, baked potatoes and yellow squash; teriyaki beef with broccoli; chili I had frozen at Christmas; hot dogs, corn and tater tots/French fries (I had 1 serving of each left in the freezer); tostadas; and Hamburger Helper, cottage cheese and green beans. When I made the teriyaki beef and broccoli, I cooked a double batch of rice, which I then used to make a batch of spicy rice to which I added the leftover cut up pork chops to take in my lunches.
    • Ate out on our Trivia night but used a gift certificate. Also won another $30 gift certificate for use another night. Played Trivia a 2nd night and ate out but won a $10 gift certificate to use another night. Went to Trivia again and won another $30 gift certificate to that place.
    • Found a rebate gift card that still had $9.17 on it. Used it on groceries.
    • Canned 8 pts. of pintos and jalapenos and 4 pts. and 4 – ½ pts. of kidney beans.
    • Got 2 lbs. butter for $1.99/lb and found lunchmeat and hot dogs on clearance 50% off. Also got 4 cans of corn, 2 cans of green beans, 2 cans of tomatoes and 1 can of tomato sauce for 29c each, a can of mandarin oranges, a can of fruit cocktail and a can of mini ravioli (for my husband to keep in his desk at work for emergencies) for 49c each, a large can of enchilada sauce for $1.19, a free Lindor egg, Clif Bar and a candy bar on the Friday Freebies. Ibotta had a $1.20 rebate for Chobani yogurt and I only paid $1, so I actually made 20c on that one. Got 2 dozen Grade B eggs for $1.49 each. Grade B eggs are just eggs that have been repackaged by the grocery store when eggs crack in the containers. I actually got a dozen “Eggland’s Best” eggs and brown eggs, which also cost more. Other good buys include 6 lbs. of asparagus for 77c/lb and strawberries for 99c/qt, which I froze and 2 bottles of ranch dressing on the clearance rack. One of them I had a coupon for. I paid $1.29 and $1.19 for them. Hubby has been taking a lot of salads to work as his lunch, so this is great.
    • Worked 28 ½ hours contract work.
    • Paid extra on the mortgage and was able to knock 6 payments off our 30-year mortgage. This makes a total of 10 months so far and we only bought the house in October! We debated getting a 15-year mortgage, but we went with a 30-year as we wanted to be sure the payment was low enough in case we need to rent it out later. My goal is to have it paid off in 10 years.
    • Saved the lid off a mayonnaise jar. It fits perfectly on canning jar and I use canning jars to store things like nuts, etc.
    • Paid a bill online, saving a stamp.
    • Found a picture, 3 vases, 3 candles, a few assorted black frames and a shadow box for décor at Goodwill for under $33 total. Also found 3 matching candle holders, a flannel shirt for my Son-in-law, a blouse for my Daughter and a blouse for myself at 70% off clearance.
    • Grandson will start potty training soon. I found a potty chair on clearance.
    • Realized I forgot to use a $5 off $50 coupon at the grocery store. Went back and they gave it to me.
    • Made homemade pancake syrup with sugar, water and Mapeline flavoring. So much cheaper than buying a bottle and so easy!
    • Made mock “Crystal Lite” with a packet of kool-aid I had gotten on clearance for 9c and 24 packets of Splenda I have gotten for free over the years. Just to be clear, I don’t steal these. These are from the hotel rooms and from work. The company I worked (and contract for) do conferences and sponsors send in product. What doesn’t get used at the conference we are free to have.
    • Daughter just finished a conference and brought me some goodies: a 2 pack of razors, a case of Clamato, a 6 pack of Snapple Lemon Iced Tea, 3 packages of beef jerky, 3 beef sticks, a bag of popped popcorn, a small bag of Cheez-its, 2 small bags of veggie stix snacks, a small container of Pringles and 10 pens.
    • Had a dentist appointment this week. Got a free travel toothpaste. Found out I have to use toothpaste for sensitive teeth now, which bummed me out, as I always get such a good deal on toothpaste and Sensodyne is expensive! But while I was at the dollar store, I found some for only $1! And it the active ingredients are the same! Whew!
    • It really chilled down here in Phoenix these past 2 weeks. I resisted the urge to turn on the heater and just dressed warmer and used the gas fireplace instead.
    • Made menu plan for these weeks. Based them on using up the oldest items in the freezer.
    • Was able to get some Ibotta rebates on items purchased this week.
    • Hubby noticed that a neighborhood near us was having a neighborhood wide yard sale, so we drove around there on Saturday. Not many were being held, but we did find an estate sale where I bought a few very old books for décor, a Thanksgiving towel, pumpkin salt & pepper shakers and a brand new little gift package with recipe cards, note pad and apple cookie cutter that I can give as a gift. Total came to less than $8.

    Hope everyone has a fantastic, frugal week!

  • momsav March 05, 2018

    I’ve been using the DT toothpaste for several years and love it! (Well, as much as anyone can love toothpaste.) it really helps the budget! Sensodyne starts at over 5.00 here! That’s crazy!

  • Alaska Gram March 05, 2018

    It is still winter here in Fairbanks, although our community garden just had their organizing meeting. My husband finished the shoveling from our last snow this morning, then it started snowing again! All Sam's clubs in Alaska closed. Some of our regular stores have had problems keeping inventory up because of shipping issues. We just made a mandatory trip to Wasilla for a meeting. On the way, we stopped at a new Three Bears store in Healy. We found my son's favorite soy sauce there which is unavailable in Fairbanks. I bought 3 bottles there. He is lactose intolerant so eats a lot of rice in place of mashed potatoes. We checked out Costco in Anchorage as they are supposed to be coming in the fall. We found most things will be available. Haven't found a replacement for Pom tissue though--still have a years worth. we have used Sam's brand for many years so it is hard to find a replacement for a reasonable cost.

    We were treated to a meal at a fancy restaurant last week. It served as a small wedding reception for a couple who had just been married by my husband. It was nice to have the experience but I kept thinking of how much real food I could buy for the over priced meals!

    I too missed your blog last week Brandy! Even when we are house bound by weather, it is like a visit from friends.

  • Kim March 05, 2018

    Alaska Gram, I have made mashed potatoes without milk and butter for years. After boiling the potatoes, drain the cooking water off into a coffee mug or other container, then add it back into the potatoes a little at a time as you mash them and whip them up. My family loves them!

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