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Frugal Accomplishments for the Last Two Weeks

There was no frugal accomplishments post last week because my computer died. I'm still waiting for a new one to show up. Thanks to my eldest son, I've found a workaround so that I can edit photos and posts until I have a working computer again (though it takes a lot longer, so I'm glad the new computer should be here by the end of the week!) Thankfully everything is backed up and I haven't lost anything.

I harvested green onions,garlic chives, Meyer lemons, and Swiss chard from the garden.

I covered more seedlings with jars to help them to grow faster in the garden.

I accepted two used garden pots for the garden from my parents.

Nightgown Detail The Prudent Homemaker

Flannel-backed satin nightgown

I sewed birthday gifts for a daughter using fabric I had on hand.

I mended a shirt and a dress. I replaced the elastic in three pairs of sweatpants for my youngest. I had elastic that I had bought in bulk on sale that I used to replace the worn elastic. I also replaced the elastic in a pair of dress pants for him.

I turned three long-sleeved blouses into short-sleeved blouses for a daughter. Short-sleeved blouses are more practical in our climate, and the long-sleeved blouses had been passed down to my fourth daughter with almost no wear because of that. Now she has three like-new blouses to wear. I added the buttons from the cuffs to my button jar.

I went through several drawers and cabinets in the house and ruthlessly decided on items to purge that hadn't been used in the last year. To make it easy for myself, I went through one cabinet or one to two drawers a day. I added these items to our garage sale piles. and started pricing items for my sale later this month. My mom also went through her house in the same way and added more things to my garage sale items. Several of my cabinets and drawers are now more organized, which is a great feeling.

Our piano teacher came to the house for lessons and saw our garage sale items stacked by the front door. She asked if she could buy items ahead of time. Of course! I sold her a game for $1. She also told me she had a bunch of items I could have for my sale that she'll bring by for me.

Eyelet Dress Bodice The Prudent Homemaker

Making the vintage-style eyelet dress bodice using the $1 bedskirt I purchased at a garage sale last fall.

I used the $20 gift card I earned from Target in February as a wedding gift for a couple who is registered at Target.

My mom takes a woman grocery shopping each week. The two of them give me all of their Monopoly pieces from the two stores in our area that are currently giving out game pieces (a promotional game). So far I have a couple of instant winners: a free donut or bagel and a free bottle of aspirin. Since my husband's office is in the same parking lot as one of these stores, I gave him the coupons; he can enjoy the donut and I'll add the aspirin to our medicine shelf.

I combined coupons, sales, and Target cartwheel offers to purchase the Easter candy for less that I will use to fill Easter eggs.

I gave two of my sons a haircut and my husband cut his own hair.

My eldest daughter was asked to work as a server for a wedding luncheon. Not only did she get paid, but at the end of the luncheon, the servers got to take home leftover cooked meat. She brought home a tray of cooked, diced chicken.

My eldest son watched the RootsTech conference online, where he was able to listen to several speakers as well as watch several online classes for free.


What did you do to save money these past two weeks?



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  • Rhonda A. March 05, 2018

    Advil or Aleve can cause gastric ulcerations. I can no longer take these, since I had gastric by-pass surgery. I suspect this would also effect anyone that has had any type of surgery or on-going issues with their gastro-intestinal system. Aspirin thins the blood, which is good for those with certain heart conditions but bad for those who have clotting issues. Then there are allergies to consider as well. All of these meds have their positives and negatives. That's why it's good to have choices... so we can pick the right meds for each medical or individuals specific needs.

  • Juls Owings March 05, 2018

    My brother has liver problems from taking Tylenol. He now takes aspirin just like Mother always did and Daddy does.

  • Heather in L.A. March 05, 2018

    We also use aspirin on a pimple. Just dissolve an aspirin in the palm of you hand with a few drops of water to make a paste. Cover the pimple and the next morning it’s gone.

  • LaToya March 06, 2018

    What a great idea! We have teenagers - and bottles of free aspirin; worth a shot!

  • Rhonda A. March 05, 2018

    Becky, I checked Pinterest and found this website: https://beautytips4her.com/15-extraordinary-uses-for-aspirin/. I'm sure you won't be using it for hickeys, but there are several ideas that may be of interest to you. Also, if the pill is double the dosage you take, you can cut the pill in half to make it the right dose. Hope this helps!

  • Anne March 05, 2018

    Oh my, I had to really laugh at this. I don't believe I have even heard the word "hickey" since I was in high school. That was during the last ice age. :D

  • Rhonda A. March 05, 2018

    I thought it was kind of funny that it was on the list, too. It's definitely more a teenager type problem...too late for that advice now (not that I ever had much issues with this to start with)! But there were some other great uses, so I thought I'd pass on the info.

  • Athanasia March 05, 2018

    Becky, funny about the towels.

    I read on a blog recently where she stores her cabbages hung up by their roots in her
    root cellar and they lasted well. I am going to try that next year. We can't keep ours in the ground as it's too cold.

  • Laurie in AZ March 05, 2018
  • Gardenpat March 04, 2018

    This week I was given another 10 pounds of fresh green beans (Last week I bought 20 pounds for $2!) so I dehydrated that too! At the same place I was given a bushel box filled with “heads” of salad lettuce greens that will be chopped up and given as fresh treats to my laying hens! They in turn convert that into about 4 dozen eggs for me! I sold 4 dozen of my excess eggs to a friend for $10, so that paid for the dry feed I give them for the month! Oh how we love our chickens!

    I bought ten pounds of green onions that I have been cutting and using their green tops in cooking and plan to plant the white ends with their roots directly into my garden tomorrow! I have four of them on my windowsill already planted that are giving me everlasting green cuttings for cooking! My $2 investment has given me over 100 individual green onions to plant!!

    I found free bricks on Freecycle and made two trips which retrieved over 500. I am using those to extend and expand my brick walkway in the yard! Like your shed, I find that if I spend an hour on it every day that the weather allows, it moves along quickly!! Amazing what those little bits of time can add up to when working on a big project!

    I finished a quilt for a client (she provided materials and supplies) which brought in an extra $200. https://pin.it/nvttlimkr4bocn She’s pleased, I’m pleased and after tithing, the rest of the money gets added to our savings and to debt repayment! Again, it’s surprising to see how little dribs and drabs of money can add up to big progress on both!!
    Another client picked up her first of two matching bookcases on Saturday and loved it so much that she’s now ordered a third one!
    Our soap making client picked up her custom soap cutter to slice her blocks of soap easily and evenly and is so pleased that she’s telling her other soap-making friends which may result in more sales!
    We are pleased with how the Lord has been blessing our little side business!

    I made a copycat Panera broccoli cheese soup using leftover broccoli from my freezer and dehydrated carrots from my pantry served in bread bowls and then later in the week, made a roux to thicken some of the leftover soup to serve as a broccoli cheddar sauce on baked potatoes! All of our meals were at home using ingredients we already had. My only food expense was $7 at the produce market.

    I was able to watch some free crafts classes too this weekend and have been amazed at how much there is to learn and how easy it is to get that learning with the “magic” of technology!

  • Laurie in central NC March 04, 2018

    Your sewing is beautiful, and inspires me, Brandy. I love how creative you are in making use of such beautiful, non "standard" fabric. I'm happy to have sewn my first pieces of clothing recently, but I have a long way to go. Because of comments here, I recently bought citrus fertilizer for my potted lemons. I'm the world's worst about keeping things fed as I should, and am hoping this may help me eventually get some lemons. We planted our potatoes and garlic in the garden today. I'm delighted to see a Frugal Accomplishments post, and am happy to be joining in https://abelabodycare.blogspot.com/2018/03/early-march-blooms-frugal.html.

  • Tammy March 04, 2018

    Cooked at home every meal but one in the last two weeks. Today grandkids wanted to make something so I made homemade french fries. My almost 4 year old granddaughter told me it was better than McDonalds and that I should have a restaurant at my house or take my french fries to McDonalds so everyone could eat better fries! My 6 year old grandson agreed. They make me smile!
    Son gave us a box of groceries that they would not use because they are on a diet. We gladly accepted as this was before payday. What a sweet son! My other son came over to eat instead of going out.
    Spent time at home and free entertainment. Read books and worked on computer. Husband worked on keyboard writing music. Worked on building house. Did laundry at our house while working on it instead of the laundry mat at our apartment.
    Enjoyed sunrises and sunsets.
    Bought a pretty dress at a thrift store for very little. It is in perfect condition. I'm looking forward to wearing it.
    Visited family and played boardgames.
    Husband went grocery shopping for me so we won't eat out.
    Will make a meal plan from what he bought.
    Listened to pandora for free.
    Curbed my desire to buy things I don't really need. Thinking about wants vs needs.
    Got invited to eat lunch at a church we visited today. Enjoyed it and will be going back.
    Reclaiming my kitchen, feeling better, so I can enjoy cooking again. Started soaking dishes or washing as I cook. Making it easier. Plus husband has been helping me on his days off. Sweet man. Grandson helped dry some dishes today and both grandchildren helped me sweep the floor. They really enjoyed helping and I was happy to have the help! Both grandchildren cleared off the table too and put away all their toys. They were great helpers!

  • Samantha March 04, 2018

    I'm appreciative that you posted this, even though I'm sure it wasn't an easy work around! I look forward to your writing and photos each week.

    This last week, I was able to repair our furnace which went out (while it was in the teens outside) by using some fine sand paper on a flame sensor and cleaning the unit overall. I hope the repair is the only thing wrong with it, but it seems to be working again. It boosted my confidence a little knowing I could watch a you tube video and learn a new skill.

    I worked quite a lot from home last week, but I did manage to finish putting together the rest of our long term food storage items. I found a great deal on gamma lids and ordered a few for flour and sugar for easier access.

    I also read The Book Thief from the library, and began another book, The Curious Christian.We enjoyed a nice meal with my in-laws that treated us to a new restaurant in town that was delightful! I'm looking forward to planting some seeds at the end of the month and enjoying more sunshine outside as the temperature increase.

  • Kara March 04, 2018

    My aunt sent me her Instant Pot that she doesn't use. I've always wanted to try one out and now I get to for free.

    I darned a hole in the elbow of my husband's wool sweater, and reinforced the other elbow that didn't yet have a hole yet. I darned a pair of smart wool socks, and taught my daughter how to darn hers after she asked.

    I used dish soap to get old bacon grease stains out of a pair of my husband's work pants. They are hanging on the drying rack right now, I haven't seen how well this worked yet.

    We caught rain in our rain barrels and used it to water our fruit trees, and also the plants that we moved this week. We also turned off the sprinklers.

    I added an underskirt with lace edging to lengthen a dress my daughter bought at the consignment store for her college formal. It was far too short but a style that she absolutely loved and is normally very expensive. She was pleased with the alteration. I mended the zip on the same daughter's rain jacket.

    I found a Life Is Good women's t-shirt, an LLBean dress shirt for my husband and a dress that I cut off to make a skirt at the thrift store for 25 cents each. Each is in perfect condition. Our thrift store puts the oldest items on clearance the last couple days of each month, each priced 25 cents. I have a note on my calendar at the end of each month so I don't forget to go.

  • PJGT March 04, 2018

    I have refused to drive the 45 minutes to shop and have been very careful at our local shops. We were finally at the end of our meat in the freezer and I went to the store to find BOGO sales! And a number of reduced packages. Thus, I was able to stick to the budget. I'm planning ahead for a couple of upcoming expenses in the next couple months.

    We have just had a great deal of snow and were off from school, college and activities. Nice and frugal.

    I am on a mission to organize our cabin and my DS put up a shelf for me using the least expensive brackets I could find at the store and a "found" board. It is already less cluttered, and the shelf is hidden in the back closet.

    I went to the local thrift shop looking for a tea kettle to replace ours that broke, but did not find one. I put my name on a requested item sheet, so do hope to have one come in soon. I did find, however, a couple of organizing items that are great. A shoe holder that hangs on the closet rod, a basket, a wooden box with a cover, a wooden bowl that is wide and flat, and a set of new corner shelves with the hardware!

    Found a quarter, continue to eat a bag of bruised apples by cutting out the bruises, hemmed, mended, and used 3 coupons at the store. It is rare that I find coupons for groceries as we eat as little processed foods as possible.

    Seeds I was looking for I stumbled on four for a dollar and two for a dollar. Happy days. God has just blessed us so!

    A friend really loves her rice cooker. As I have a couple 25 lb bags to eat up, I wondered if I'd fare better with our water issues using one. Does anyone have any advice about rice cookers? I have never used one before.

  • Athanasia March 05, 2018

    We all use rice cookers. My oldest son's inlaws are Chinese and that is all they use, also. It is one less thing to think about when cooking, leaves a burner free, and they last forever (in our experiences). We make rice a couple times a week and I use it for brown, white and sushi rice.

  • PJGT March 05, 2018

    Thank you for answering my unasked question...I never thought of the different types of rice. I'm going to look for one.

  • SJ in Vancouver BC Canada March 05, 2018

    Once I started using a rice cooker, I've never made rice in a saucepan. I found my first one at the thrift store. I've also purchased them at WalMart during their back to school sales in the fall. I also cook my oatmeal in it for breakfast.

  • PJGT March 05, 2018

    I eat oatmeal almost everyday. Great to know that a rice cooker makes oatmeal as well. Seems versatile...my idea of a good appliance.
    Thank you,

  • Stacey March 06, 2018

    I used to burn my rice all the time before we got a rice cooker. I like the Aroma brand. We also throw fresh veggies like chopped up asparagus into the cooker with our rice for pilafs, and it steams nicely and adds flavor. I never thought to use it for oatmeal. Great idea!

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