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Frugal Accomplishments for the Last Two Weeks

There was no frugal accomplishments post last week because my computer died. I'm still waiting for a new one to show up. Thanks to my eldest son, I've found a workaround so that I can edit photos and posts until I have a working computer again (though it takes a lot longer, so I'm glad the new computer should be here by the end of the week!) Thankfully everything is backed up and I haven't lost anything.

I harvested green onions,garlic chives, Meyer lemons, and Swiss chard from the garden.

I covered more seedlings with jars to help them to grow faster in the garden.

I accepted two used garden pots for the garden from my parents.

Nightgown Detail The Prudent Homemaker

Flannel-backed satin nightgown

I sewed birthday gifts for a daughter using fabric I had on hand.

I mended a shirt and a dress. I replaced the elastic in three pairs of sweatpants for my youngest. I had elastic that I had bought in bulk on sale that I used to replace the worn elastic. I also replaced the elastic in a pair of dress pants for him.

I turned three long-sleeved blouses into short-sleeved blouses for a daughter. Short-sleeved blouses are more practical in our climate, and the long-sleeved blouses had been passed down to my fourth daughter with almost no wear because of that. Now she has three like-new blouses to wear. I added the buttons from the cuffs to my button jar.

I went through several drawers and cabinets in the house and ruthlessly decided on items to purge that hadn't been used in the last year. To make it easy for myself, I went through one cabinet or one to two drawers a day. I added these items to our garage sale piles. and started pricing items for my sale later this month. My mom also went through her house in the same way and added more things to my garage sale items. Several of my cabinets and drawers are now more organized, which is a great feeling.

Our piano teacher came to the house for lessons and saw our garage sale items stacked by the front door. She asked if she could buy items ahead of time. Of course! I sold her a game for $1. She also told me she had a bunch of items I could have for my sale that she'll bring by for me.

Eyelet Dress Bodice The Prudent Homemaker

Making the vintage-style eyelet dress bodice using the $1 bedskirt I purchased at a garage sale last fall.

I used the $20 gift card I earned from Target in February as a wedding gift for a couple who is registered at Target.

My mom takes a woman grocery shopping each week. The two of them give me all of their Monopoly pieces from the two stores in our area that are currently giving out game pieces (a promotional game). So far I have a couple of instant winners: a free donut or bagel and a free bottle of aspirin. Since my husband's office is in the same parking lot as one of these stores, I gave him the coupons; he can enjoy the donut and I'll add the aspirin to our medicine shelf.

I combined coupons, sales, and Target cartwheel offers to purchase the Easter candy for less that I will use to fill Easter eggs.

I gave two of my sons a haircut and my husband cut his own hair.

My eldest daughter was asked to work as a server for a wedding luncheon. Not only did she get paid, but at the end of the luncheon, the servers got to take home leftover cooked meat. She brought home a tray of cooked, diced chicken.

My eldest son watched the RootsTech conference online, where he was able to listen to several speakers as well as watch several online classes for free.


What did you do to save money these past two weeks?



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  • mable March 05, 2018

    I use molasses to make brown sugar for baking. In our area, that is cheaper than buying brown sugar.

  • Laurie in AZ March 06, 2018

    I love Winco's bulk spices! Can't beat those prices!

  • I'm glad your computer is coming soon. We also had one quit about the same time. We took ours to the repair shop and had to have a new hard drive installed. The repair man said the hard drive now would run better than the old one used to. It's a relieve to have it running again!
    I have never flannel backed a nightgown but that seems like a great thing to do. I love how pretty the nightgown is but it will be warm also.
    Here are my frugal ways for a couple of weeks: http://www.vickieskitchenandgarden.com/2018/03/my-frugal-ways-3418.html

  • We tried repairing it but even after the repairs were made it still didn't work. It was 4 years old so I wasn't totally surprised; I had figured I might need a new one this year.

    Flannel backed satin is not a real warm fabric; it is just really soft on the inside. It will work fine for warm weather. It sounds warm, but it is just a thin weave on the back side of the satin that makes it extremely comfortable. I bought this a few years back at Joann's.

  • Brandy, Same thing happened to my daughter there was just no hope for her computer. You were very lucky to have it 4 years.
    Thanks for the info on the satin. Sounds very comfortable. Have a good day!

  • Cindy S. March 08, 2018

    Vickie, your comment about Marigolds reminded that there is a beautiful little girl that attends my church whose name is Marigold. I think that is such a pretty name!

  • Julie T March 05, 2018

    I read all posts but I am so bad at posting my own. Here are a few things we saved money on over the last month.

    -went to the cheese store of a local cheese factory. Got sliced American cheese 3# for $6.97. Also got 1# bricks of sharp cheddar for $2 each, limit 2. Repackaged sliced cheese in 4 packages and froze. Also froze the cheddar for later use.
    -made my grand daughter an outfit for her birthday, a shirt and a skirt with shorts attached. The shirt and skirt were material from a thrift shop, each piece 50 cents. The short material was from a 2 pillow cases bought at a garage sale for 50 cents. So for $1.50, some time, thread and elastic she has a new outfit. Plus I enjoyed making it!
    -cooked a ham from the freezer, sliced leftover meat for sandwiches with my meat cutter and made split pea soup and dumplings with the ham bone.
    -made my husband’s favorite soup-old family recipe-Nookla soup, basically chicken soup with egg dumplings. Cheap to make, meatless. Recipe handed down over the generations-German in origin.
    -shopped with the sales at Fresh Thyme-this time of the year trying to eat out of the freezer and pantry. Using up home canned goods and emptying freezer. So mainly bought fresh produce. Carrots, celery, romaine lettuce, cauliflower, zucchini, blueberries, bananas, oranges, and apples.
    - meals made-split pea soup, nookla soup, Asian chicken lettuce wraps, ham dinner with mashed potatoes, gravy and green bean casserole, spaghetti (regular and gluten free) with home canned spaghetti sauce. Able to freeze extra soups, spaghetti sauce, and chicken mixture for wraps. Easy meals in the freezer.
    -made mini muffins for church (4 kinds) using ingredients on hand. Signed up for treats for Sunday school. Used up some things in the pantry-coconut, coconut milk, and dried egg whites.
    -cleaned out pantry. Washed all shelves, rearranged. No waste. Did inventory of home canned goods. Moved some canned goods up from the basement to restock. Now need to go thru the other 2 canning areas. I keep main canned goods- tomato products, soups, veggies, and jams in the pantry. The pickles are in the den in the bottom of the TV corner cupboard and the fruits, juices, and meats are in my guest room in a cupboard. Yes I can a lot of our food!
    - took 2 laundry baskets of empty jars out to the shed. I store the empties in rubbermaid containers in an outdoor shed. The containers were empty this fall and we were eating canned goods so I could have the jars to recan more garden produce.
    -I have been buying more jars this winter at the thrift stores at 25 cents each, in pints and 1/2 pints. Will also look for more at garage sales. I also can and give jars to my parents and both of my girls. Although the one daughter lives closer-1 1/2 hrs away and she is learning to can and we will buy bulk and can together. The oldest daughter loves the home canned but lives 7 hours away and at this time has no interest in learning.
    -took a break this last weekend, met at a water park in Wisconsin Dells with our kids and grandkids. Got our rooms with water park admission included at a discount. Went for 2 nights and 3 days. Ate one meal out-Saturday supper. We all brought coolers with food and beverages and ate in our hotel rooms. Grandkids had a blast! And all in all a pretty frugal weekend of fun!

    Have a great week, looking forward to reading all the posts!

  • Holly @Southern Seven Designs March 05, 2018

    I have made it a point to list something every day on our local yardsale site or ebay. Not only am I cleaning out, but making money. I sold two dresses. I will take the rest by Style Encore, a resale shop, and see if they will buy them. This week I also sold some metal and wood wall hangings for $10 each. I bought them at a garage sale about 9 years ago for $5 each. I took a load of things I didn't sell to the thrift store and got a tax receipt. I sold three antique windup toys, none of the windups worked, for $176. I also sold an antique wood box, the lining was in rough shape, for $10. I used that money to buy shirts and stabilizer for my embroidery business.

    I sold 11 embroidered bunnies, two embroidered shirts, 8 tea towels, a bowl cozy, and a key fob from my embroidery business.

    Cut my husband's hair

    Cooked all meals at home. I bought a pork loin and cut chops and put them in the freezer. My husband redeemed points from our credit card and got $475 in Wal-Mart cards. I got gas and spent $150 at Sam's on sugar, loin, apples, sweet potatoes, sausage, frozen vegetables, Greek yogurt, etc.

  • momsav March 05, 2018

    Wow! 475.00 in gift cards from CC points is huge! I’m happy each time I get one!

  • Holly @Southern Seven Designs March 06, 2018

    we put everything we can on our credit card that gives us points. We pay it off every month. We usually use it for travel, last year we flew my son home from Washington State. He is in the Army. We usually have money for one ticket a year plus about $600 we cash out in Amazon or Walmart cards.

  • Cindi March 05, 2018

    I haven’t posted in about three weeks because things have been very hectic here. My FIL was rushed to the hospital in Houston, very ill and not expected to live. My husband flew down to be with his family and two days later I drove down. Fortunately, my FIL pulled through, and was eventually transferred to a rehab hospital. The last-minute flight and my two-day drive (including overnight in a hotel) were expensive. Then, when we got to Houston, though I tried to cook as much as possible, we ate out much more than usual. We ended up buying a mattress topper for my in-law’s guest bed, which was so uncomfortable I was practically in tears from the back pain. (The topper helped a lot.) Then my husband ended up having to do some plumbing work for them and we bought the parts. My husband also repaired his father’s truck and bought those parts. My husband and I both got sick and ended up spending money at the drugstore to buy vitamin C, zinc lozenges, and other things to fight a cold. I ended up with bronchitis and needed to see a doctor – but anyone I saw here in Texas would be out-of-network for our insurance. Then I discovered the health insurance has a tele-medicine branch. For $35, I was able to consult with a physician online – early on a rainy Sunday morning. She called in some prescriptions and I am already feeling better.
    We have been doing what we can to save while we are here – the tele-medicine visit was a frugal choice, and we have been packing food to take to the hospital each day and cooking at home as much as possible. We are still in Houston but I expect to head home this weekend, as I have a doctor’s apt. next week that would be difficult to reschedule. His father may get to come home late this week or early next week and my husband will stay to get him settled.

  • PJGT March 05, 2018

    Blessings to you as you and your husband help aging parents. We spent one summer helping my husband's parents after his father had heart surgery. Repairing and assisting in their business...at great financial cost to us. That's what families do; however, it definitely would have been easier had we lived closer. Many if my high school classmates are going through similar times.

  • Cindi March 05, 2018

    We are very blessed that my husband's sister and her husband live only a short distance from his parents -- they do the bulk of day-to-day care. Her husband has to have a heart procedure tomorrow, so poor thing, she is pulled both ways. We are trying to do what we can.

  • Holly March 05, 2018

    I am sure your sister-in-law was glad you came and helped as much as you could. I say this as a daughter living with her 94-year-old mom far from her siblings. I hope your father-in-law feels as much like his old self as possible as soon as possible and can enjoy his repaired truck. The fact that his son fixed it and the plumbing for him makes the repairs extra special.

    Mom and I did stick to the $43/week food budget four weeks in a row. But then today happened. We ordered Arby's 2/$5 fish sandwiches and a small shake for mom and then drove to the mill pond (all the ice is out) and watched the ducks while we ate. The bachelor ducks were trying to impress the ladies and one duck had to explain to one of the bachelors that the cutie by his side was already taken. Oh, the righteous indignation displayed by a bundle of feathers! Unfortunately, we had gotten to Arby's after 5 p.m., which meant the milkshake had cost $2-something instead of $1. The McDonald's in that town offers free coffee on Mondays with no purchase required. Mom got her free decaf. Then we went to Walmart to pick up some over-the-counter medicines and personal care products that had been ordered online. $20 of the order was covered by Swagbuck's gift cards. But then we fell off the thrift wagon, hard. We wandered through Walmart, throwing things in the cart, to the tune of $65. $10 of the $65 was for paper products. Another $3.50 was for plants and bird food. We spent $6.70+$51.50 or $58.20 for food during one outing. And we have five more days of this week to go. Oops. We can still keep to the $43/week budget only if we are super scrooges next week to make up for this evening. Fortunately, our cupboards and refrigerator are back to being stuffed. One thing I did do this evening that MIGHT save us quite a bit in the future: I bought both generic and Nabisco graham crackers. Mom thinks she only likes the name brand. I told her that she is going to be doing a side-by-side taste testing with the crackers on plates with the boxes nowhere in sight. I am hoping she won't be able to tell which is which because she eats a lot of graham crackers.

    I love reading all posts and associated comments and especially look forward to seeing the finished outfits made with the eyelet.

  • Elizabeth M. March 06, 2018

    Someone online once told me she buys graham crackers at her dollar store at really amazing prices. I am sure she said they were a name brand. I remember because she bought them regularly for an elderly neighbor, whose name was Mr. Christie. (Apparently even Mr. Christie sometimes needs cookies from a store.)

  • Kim in Florida March 07, 2018

    Is there any way you can purchase generic grahm crackers and just put them in the nabisco box?

  • Siiri March 11, 2018

    But then we fell off the thrift wagon, hard.
    Loved it!

  • Corinne Schulzke March 05, 2018

    As a long-time lurker, it's time to post and say "thanks" to Brandy and everyone who shares here. Specifically, thank you to the reader (I'm sorry for not remembering your name) who posted a few weeks ago about the homemade Peanut Butter and Jelly game. I made several for my grand-babies and took one when I visited for a grand-daughter's 3rd birthday last week. As she learned to play, the giggling increased until she finally made up a little "cheer" dance that she does whenever she rolls the dice. Beyond adorable and a great gift to her mama who is sick in bed for awhile. So, thank you for that gift, fellow-reader. Another set of your game is going to a little 5 y.o. boy who had clubfoot surgery and will be in a wheelchair for 6 weeks. I'm sure it will brighten his days! Have a beautiful week, everyone!

  • Athanasia March 05, 2018

    Corinne, I don't remember seeing the post about the game. Could you or someone tell me where/when it was? I would like to get the details. Thanks

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