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Frugal Accomplishments for the Second Week in March

Chinese Snow Pea Blossoms The Prudent Homemaker

I harvested snow peas, lettuce, garlic chives, parsley, and Swiss chard from the garden.

I purchased two lined baskets for my linen closet for $10 ($5 each) off a Facebook garage sale page using money I earned from my garage sale. After getting rid of some unused linens at the garage sale and donating the rest to the thrift store, I wanted to put the sheets we actually use and other items on the shelves into baskets (which I'm hoping will help the children to keep the closet tidier!) Buying the baskets used will save me a lot of money, and I plan on looking for more baskets at the garage sales in April ($5 or less per basket is the price I'm hoping to find, so these were just right!) I had been looking at some other baskets in stores and I actually liked these more!

I donated my unsold garage sale items to the thrift store and picked up a receipt to use for next year's tax returns.

I experimented with spraying hydrogen peroxide on stains on some vintage linens that I kept from the items my mom had put in the garage sale. I hung the linen outside on my drying rack in the sun and sprayed them with hydrogen peroxide. After a few hours, the stains were no longer visible. I washed the linens in the washer on the delicate cycle afterward.  I will be using these in future photos for my website.

We fixed a leak in the garden. It seems that after 10 years, everything is settling quite a bit and parts are giving out, and we have had a number of repairs to make. We are fixing them all ourselves.

I carefully dug and transplanted lettuce and spinach seedlings in the garden and replanted them in places where seeds didn't come up.

I went to the nursery to pick up a couple of small parts for future possible repairs.  I had not been able to get there last Saturday as my husband was in a class for work all day, so I missed the chance for a free tomato plant with purchase. The manager saw me and asked if I had gotten a free tomato over the weekend. I told him I hadn't been able to make it in and asked him if he had saved any. He told me he had one left and he knew he had saved it for a reason! I got a free tiny Early Girl tomato plant (which is a kind I usually purchase). Our weather turned chilly and windy again, so I planted the tomato plant and then covered it with a jar to keep it warm and protect it from snapping off at the ground from the wind.

I picked up four LED bulbs from the dollar store and used them in the house to replace existing bulbs.

I combined these two stops with the trip to purchase the baskets from Facebook garage sale page to save gas.

I redeemed 2200 Swagbucks for a $25 gift card to Sam's Club. I'll use it next month to cover part of my grocery shopping.

I studied some French using free online sources.

My husband gave our eldest son a haircut. I gave our youngest son a haircut.

My eldest son attended two free dances. My eldest daughter attended a separate free dance with two live bands and dance instructors.

I mended holes in a bath mat. The fabric is falling apart, but it will last many more washings before it needs to be replaced.

I mended two pairs of pants.

Geranium Daffodil The Prudent Homemaker

What did you do to save money last week?





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  • Anne Husk March 18, 2018

    Isn't it amazing when you find your "babies" have become teenagers and go to dances and such? :o

  • Marivene March 18, 2018

    *Sprayed the fruit trees with paraffin is oil spray just before a storm where the temps went below freezing. That seems to have killed the box elder bugs that were just beginning to be active, but the buds on the apricot & peach trees had broken, but not bloomed, so the freeze likely did them in.

    *Planted peas, lettuce & radishes. The rhubarb & garlic are both up & growing. Put some of the glass cloches in the garden to warm the soil over the next few weeks, then I will plant the pole beans under cloche. By the time the plants outgrow the cloche, we will be past our frost date.

    *My grandson helped me finish pruning the branches on the pear tree that I could not reach. He is a foot taller than I am.

    *Bought ground beef & corned beef from the mark down bin for 50% off.

    *Stripped more needles from the fir branches as they dried out, & used then to acidify in the back perimeter bed.

    *Cut daffodils to fill two vases from the garden & brought them inside to enjoy.

    *Bought Easter candy at 25% off because the store is closing.

  • Marivene March 19, 2018

    That should be paraffinic oil. Apparently auto correct does not know what it is....

  • Marcia R. March 19, 2018

    Those darn box elder beetles have been finding their way into our house this winter. We have had them outdoors for years but never inside before. Luckily they have only been one at a time and I have removed them myself. It's normal for them and lady bug beetles to hatch at the sametime on a warm sunny spring day, but it really hasn't been that warm yet. The last 3 days have been gorgeous with sunshine but I'm not sure it even got above freezing today. I didn't stand still long enough to check the thermometer too often but it was chilly!

  • Margaret @ApproachingFood March 18, 2018

    Those snow pea flowers are so pretty! At least, I think they're snow pea!

    I had a quiet week, but still got a few things done:
    - I pulled some food from the freezer including some vegetarian meat pies (www.approachingfood.com/a-pie-crust-odyssey-meatpies-vegetarian-style), as I wasn’t up to making meals.
    - My husband did our taxes online using a computer program. I’m very thankful that he’s so good at doing them. Last year he even caught a bug in the software he used! The tax refund should be in my account soon, which is useful, as I used up all of my vacation time being sick and will have to take a week off unpaid.
    - I redeemed Swagbucks for a $5 gc to Amazon.
    - My $25 giftcard arrived in the mail from the bread price fixing scheme, and my husband used it to buy some organic fruit and a few other items. I told my sister about it, and she applied too.
    - I read many, many e-books from the library. I read 7 just on the weekend. I love the public library!
    - I googled for a discount code when ordering a pair of pants online and saved $4.50.
    - My mother visited me and I gave her two items that I had gotten free and didn’t need: a plug-in battery charger for the car, and a keychain flashlight.
    - My mom also dropped off a particular salad dish that I was craving, and I sent her home with some veggies that I wouldn’t be using.

    Looking forward to learning from everyone else, as always!

  • Lindsay March 19, 2018

    Our bread cards still haven’t arrived!

  • Margie from Toronto March 19, 2018

    Neither has mine - rather annoyed since I submitted the form the first day possible!

  • Rhonda A. March 20, 2018

    I wonder if they are sending them out in batchs by last name alphabetically. Just a thought.

  • Maxine March 19, 2018

    Brandy, I've been wondering...do you have to dig up and replant your daffodils every year in order to chill them in the winter? The daffs aren't up here yet, but should be soon. A few weeks ago, I potted up the daffodils that didn't get planted last fall due to early snow. Hoping I'll be able to salvage them this way.

    This was my week:
    As usual, we had 5 no-drive, no-spend days. (And I only ordered one thing online, LOL).

    I filled the water bottles on the two days we went to town.

    I ordered a dwarf Stanley plum tree for fall delivery. On the day I ordered, Stark Bro's was having a "pi day" promotion with flat rate shipping for $3.14 (regularly $16.95). I asked if the promo code would apply to this order, and saved $13.81.

    We are in the market for an AWD SUV because our minivan is no good in snow (has been driven 3 times since Christmas). I test drove a Hyundai Santa Fe this week and received a $40 Amazon GC. Saving the GC for a birthday present for DDIL.

    In a month or so, I will be going to my old house to dig up perennials I divided last year to take to my new home. I asked on Freecycle for nursery pots (I won't be able to replant until mid-summer). Unfortunately, no one responded. I got three 2-gallon frosting buckets from the Fred Meyer (Kroger) bakery. I plan to ask at every in-store bakery from now on. I am cutting off milk jugs, and putting out the word to everyone I know.

    I potted up two bareroot peonies and 4 bleeding hearts, bought for a total of $20.00 at Lowe's. Great root systems on all. If only a few survive--and I bet they all do--I'll still be money ahead vs. buying potted plants in high summer.

    I have played pinochle with the same 3 people every week for 8 years. One of my pals went on a gambling junket to Nevada. She asked the pit boss for decks of used poker cards. You can make a pinochle deck with two decks of regular playing cards, and we each got two free decks.

    I want to start sewing for charity and I made a pillowcase dress for $0 today. (I used scraps for the shoulder ties). I also cut out jeans scraps for a shopping bag for DDIL for her birthday (plan to put the GC inside). DDIL uses the Smith's app and loads coupons onto her phone and saved $24 last week.

  • Maxine, I make sure to grow daffodils listed to zone 8 and 9 in order to have enough chilling hours that they will rebloom without needing to be dug. They are smaller flowers than those that grow elsewhere. Most daffodils are good to zone 7, but there are some that will make it in warmer climates. That said, my yellow ones need to be dug and separated as they are flowering less and less because of overcrowding.

  • Maxine March 19, 2018

    Oh, good! I love me my daffodils, but not enough to dig them up and replant every year! Seems like that would be a job for someone who doesn't have anything to do with their time, and Lord knows that isn't you!

  • http://Melonie K. March 19, 2018

    How awesome the nursery held a tomato plant back for you! Love it. :) Sounds like a wonderful week.

    Here is my little list: http://meloniek.com/2018/03/frugal-accomplishments-week-ending-18-mar-2018/

    Wishing everyone a lovely week!

  • Jo March 19, 2018

    This week was quiet and we were able to reign in our spending after the last few weeks which felt nice.

      We combined trips and made sure to take our water bottles with us.

      The air-conditioner did not run at all this week.

      We found three recycling bottles.

      I swept all tiled floors instead of vacuuming.

      All meals were made at home, partially using free produce and leftovers. We continued eating down our pantry before going on holidays. My husband took most lunches to work except for one day when he bought something from his allowance. He even remembered to bring home his recycling bottle. ;)

      We completed a catalogue delivery round and I volunteered once. Both activities will be paid/ reimbursed and go straight towards our mortgage as extra payments.

      I paid two bills online.

      I boiled eggs in bulk to use for lunches and steamed some vegetables for the next day on top of the pot of rice boiling for that day's dinner.

      We had a new friend over for dinner and served baked potatoes. This has become my favourite meal for guests as it's easy, cheap and flexible. Our friend brought a chocolate tarte for dessert and left enough for dessert the next day as well.

      I bought some needed clothes for our travels and found a nice shirt for my husband at 66% off which was badly needed in his wardrobe.

      We washed three full loads of laundry during off-peak times and hung all items on the line.

      We ran two full loads in the dishwasher during off-peak times.

      When hand-washing dishes, we saved the warm-up water to soak pots and pans and also washed several Ziploc bags.

    Wishing everyone a lovely week! :)

  • Shelley Jones March 19, 2018

    Well I was going to go out to eat twice and ended up not going both times. Which with a family is quite a savings.

    Bought marked down meat at Sam's

    Our Aldi is being remolded. So that location gave me 3 $5 off coupons for another Aldi. I used one.

    Washed most clothes on cold setting.

    Love your blog Brandi

  • That is so neat that you received your tomato plant even though you were late! I've been winter sowing and my leaf lettuce has started coming up. It's been fun seeing what has come up so far. I plan on planting four more milk jugs this week. Here are some of the other ways I've saved this past week:http://www.vickieskitchenandgarden.com/2018/03/my-frugal-ways-this-past-week-31818.html

  • Mandy March 19, 2018

    Saved $58 dollars a year by paying for a yearly amazon subscription rather than paying per month. I also cancelled Netflix.
    I did not go grocery shopping because we did not need anything. I will have to pick up some milk midweek but will combine that with fueling up my car.
    I hung a load of laundry to dry on my racks.
    Aired out the house on Sunday when the temps rose into the 50's. Turned the thermostat down.
    I took my breakfast/snack/lunch and coffee to work from home and my daughter did the same for school. She ate hot lunch (which is free for all children in our district) one day last week.
    My husband and I had a "date lunch" out, which was planned. We can't do dinner because of our schedules. My mom watched our daughter for us and I gave her some items she needed from my pantry in trade.
    I paid all bills online.
    I uninstalled Facebook and Messenger from my cell phone. I found I would get bored and mindlessly scroll. I have plenty of other things I could be doing.
    Have a great week everybody!

  • Lorna March 19, 2018

    Hello Brandy and everyone from Australia and hope you have all had a wonderful week :) . What a blessing for the children to have so many free classes and wonderful you were able to pick up more storage baskets and pick so much lovely produce from your gardens Brandy.

    Here is how we saved money in our home last week -

    Earnings, internet listing fees and home deposit savings -
    - Earned $33 from the sale of garden seeds on the internet and downloaded it to make up expenditure used for a bulk pantry stocking.
    - Listed 7 items on Ebay saving $11.55 on listing fees on a free listing promotion.
    - Banked more money into our home deposit account bringing us to 24.09% of the way there.

    Maintenance and building things with what we have -
    - Our car battery finally died after 9.5 yrs of good use so we rang our roadside assist club and they came out and changed the battery and cleaned the battery terminals. With the discount they provide by being a member and us paying using our home cash emergency kitty we saved $25 on usual prices.
    - Our real estate agent suggested we elevate our firewood off the front veranda so we built our own firewood rack from a fallen fence post and some old wooden garden stakes. We cut the rotted bit off the fence post and then cut it in 3 for the base and laid garden stakes over the top for the firewood to sit on. By doing this it saved us $89.95 over purchasing one and cost us $0 to make.

    In the kitchen -
    - Cooked all meals and bread from scratch.
    - Made a loaf of fruit bread in our bread making machine saving $3.70 over purchasing it.

    In the garden -
    - Harvested 16kg of cucumbers from the gardens saving $104 over purchasing them in the shops. We used 10 for us and pleased we were able to help 7 other families with our excess and we still have more growing in the gardens to use ourselves. Also we picked a few ripe strawberries as well.
    - Planted a 3.5mt row of beetroot seeds in the vegetable gardens.

    Grocery purchases -
    - Purchased a years worth of potato chips on 50% off special saving $19.80 on usual prices. One of our rare treats along with chocolate we allow ourselves whilst we are saving for a good deposit for our home.
    - Purchased 8 months worth of mouthwash and 2 dips on 50% off special as well as flour, citric acid and tinned fruit at usual prices off next months grocery list. By taking advantage of $10 off supermarket rewards, another 5% off using our roadside assist grocery card and combining the specials we saved $46.90 on usual prices.

    Sewing -
    - Made two bread bags from fabric I had in the craft room and listed them in my eBay store for sale to hopefully bring in some extra income.

    Medications and medical appointments -
    - Got a bulk script from the doctor for DH's pain medication and saved $70.40 on usual prices had we purchased each box separately.
    - DH and I had some minor operations at the doctors office and had 3 medical appointments which cost us $0 as we had them bulk billed by our doctor saving us $96.90 over usual medical costs.

    Hoping everyone had an equally productive money saving week.

  • Jenny March 19, 2018

    You must have loads of storage.

  • Lorna March 19, 2018

    Hi Jenny and no we don't have loads of storage here at all as we live in a 100 square metre 100+ year old workers cottage :) . The cottage is on stumps so we made a makeshift root cellar under the house and store our pumpkins on wood under there to keep them cool and they last about a year under there. Our firewood is also stored there on timber as well.

    We call it carefully crafted storage here and in another small room we have gorilla shelving that we use for stocking other foods we use to a 6 - 12 month level. We do have 2 upright 400lt freezers and a fridge that we blanch and freeze our garden produce in seasons which gives DH & I a full years worth of vegetables without buying any. Fortunate we do have a large linen cupboard in the bathroom where we can store all of our toiletries along with our linens and the spares that don't fit go on our gorilla shelving in another room.

    We work on the if you can't go out in storing things you stack upwards on shelves, on top of pantries and in cupboards where it fits.

    I hope this helps

  • Lea March 19, 2018

    Our home is a smaller footprint than yours (900 sq ft or about 86sq m) but almost exactly the same size finished (we have a partially finished basement). Upward is definitely the way to go for storage and we're very fortunate to have cabinets that run all the way to the 8ft ceiling in our kitchen which gives us an extra shelf-worth of storage in each.

    We also have a small chest freezer in the laundry that I use in place of a folding/sorting table. That holds meat and much of the garden produce we blanch and freeze each year.

    I love reading your comments each week. Thank you so much for sharing!

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