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Frugal Accomplishments For the Second Week of March

Open Door in Spring The Prudent Homemaker

It was so incredibly beautiful this week.

I cut daffodils from the garden for the table.

We celebrated a simple birthday celebration for a child at home.

Snow Peas and Radishes The Prudent Homemaker

I harvested radishes, cilantro, snow peas, green onions, and Swiss chard from the garden.

We went through clothing, packing up cold weather clothes and taking out summer clothes, including doing what I call "The Big Swap" where we hand down clothing to younger sibling as well as pack up outgrown clothing to be passed down at some point. I also went through several items in my closet, and found that several of my blouses are now too large, but that several other items I own still fit just fine--only better! We put aside several large bags of outgrown clothing to donate.

Naptime The Prudent Homemaker

My husband cut two sons' hair.

I turned some old broken jewelry that I've had for many years into some new jewelry for myself.

I mended a few leaks in the drip irrigation.

We said yes to offers of a hand-me-down bicycle and a scooter from two different people.

The children hopped around on a couple of pogo sticks that my mom picked up at a garage sale for $3 each.


What did you do to save money last week?

Octavius walking The Prudent Homemaker

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  • gabrielle March 13, 2017

    Look at those beautiful children! How is it Octavius is walking already?

    Your photos are inspiring especially since we are in the early stages of a blizzard. I can't remember a blizzard warning in many years but we are expecting anywhere from 18-24 inches in a 24 hour period. I'm hoping with this mercurial March weather means that whatever snow we get won't last long. I suspect school may be closed for the next couple of days. I have yogurt fermenting in my instant pot for breakfast and stocked up on provisions. I also spent the day getting our chickens ready (reinforcing avian netting, moving food and water into the coop). I found some time to bake hot cross buns (recipe here: and have easy meals prepared for tomorrow. My husband has brought in wood for the fireplace and replaced propane for the camping stove should we lose power. (I'm hoping we don't). Hopefully it isn't as dire as they are expecting. Wishing you all a great week.

  • K March 13, 2017

    What lovely pictures! Octavius looks so much like a little boy I used to babysit, I got nostalgic when I saw your pictures :D

    Our frugal accomplishments for this week:

    * I got a few items via couponing- 1 Renuzit cone, 2 boxes of cereal, 2 bags of dried cherries, and a 1.5 lb bag of pistachios, all for under $9. I don't usually buy some of these items, so getting them for so cheap was a great way to have a little treat without breaking the bank.

    * I found some oat bread that was marked down to just 39 c a loaf, so I bought 3 loaves. They'll last in our fridge until mid-April.

    * I used a Checkout51 rebate to get a cucumber for 25c. It's a great, cheap snack :D I also picked up some asparagus at $1.29/lb, which is really a treat for us because it's normally $4/lb in winter.

    * I broke down the 2 pork loins I purchased last week into 2 roasts, several packs of 1/2 inch pork chops, and a little bit of sliced pork for stir-fries. I also packaged up the beef and bacon into usable sizes and put everything in the freezer, which is now 100% full!

    * I made egg salad for my lunches for the week, and my SO took leftovers. I also prepped potatoes and onions for my breakfasts, which are fried potatoes & onions topped with an egg. So delicious and so cheap!

    * I stayed home many days last week (I was on break), which allowed me to catch up on work and sleep, plus I didn't have to use gas or put mileage on my car.

    * I made 2 batches of Arnie Palmers for us to enjoy instead of the usual water/milk- 1 2Qt batch of lemonade + 1 2Qt batch of sweetened iced tea = 1 gallon of Arnie Palmer. I've used both frozen lemonade and lemonade from a packet and it's turned out well.

  • Terry March 14, 2017

    Cooked all meals at home. Kept my shopping limited to a minimum hoping to be under grocery budget by 100.00 this month. Shopped at the thrift store for a few nearly new garments for very little money. Spent some time cleaning out the hen house and starting spring yard clean up. Collecting more eggs now. Enough for our use and some to share. Weather is improving although not warm enough yet to plant garden. We only can plant peas and potatoes on good Friday. The rest waits till may. I'm getting anxious but for now its time for trimming trees and spraying dormant oil

  • S March 14, 2017

    your oldest daughter always seems to have good manicure!

  • Haha! I noticed that too when I was looking at the photo! I don't even think her nails are painted in this photo; just filed. She does paint them sometimes with French tips, and her grandmother had given her a gift for her birthday of having her nails done with gel nails. They lasted her for about 6 weeks and I took her picture in several outfits during that time, so they were done the other times.

  • Kim March 14, 2017

    The baby is so adorable and blonde! We also had some beautiful weather last week and I can't wait for it to return, we are having a snow blizzard right now! To save money this past week, I borrowed videos and books from the library. I love to read and if I had to buy all the books I want to read, it would cost much money. So borrowing them saves a lot. My husband and I went to a church yard sale and I bought some children's clothing for 50 cents each, which is the price I look for when at yard sales and is getting harder to find. We also went to a community business expo which was HUGE where we learned about more things to do in our community (including parks, library, fire and police services) and received lots of giveaways including a water bottle, ice scraper for the car windows and little ear bud speakers. When it did get cold, we burned wood in the woodstove to save on the electric bill.

  • Jen@FrugalSteppingStones March 14, 2017

    I took two different CVS surveys and got $20 in Extra Care Bucks to use. I also was given a little award at work and was able to use the bonus points I was given for digital rewards. I chose $20 in Vudu credits. It was perfectly timed, as it was my birthday and we got to watch Dr Strange at home.

  • Athanasia March 15, 2017

    Jen, how was DR. STRANGE? It says that just for the action? How was the language etc? I saw it has Benedict Cumberbatch and my youngest and I just watched a few episodes of Sherlock (from 2012 I think) and enjoyed those. We also liked that AGENT CARTER show set in the 40's. Wondered if this would be similar? (Humorous, with adventure and basically clean). Yes or no.

  • Terry March 18, 2017

    Athanasia, if you go to IMBD, search the movie then go down to 'parents guide' it is extremely detailed on the violence and language.

  • Athanasia March 20, 2017

    Thank you, I will try that.

  • Beth March 14, 2017

    I think Winter's hairstyle is beautiful. Perhaps she'd be willing to do a tutorial?

  • Mrs. Picky Pincher March 14, 2017

    Great job saving money this week!

    1. We built raised beds last weekend and trucked in a few tons of dirt for them. We also planted quite a few seeds to grow our spring garden. So excited!

    2. I crocheted myself a new headband instead of buying one.

    3. For our Sunday treat I made a lemon trifle. I've never made a trifle before, but it let me use up some ingredients that would have spoiled. It was so, so tasty and a great treat for everyone.

    4. We had pizza for dinner yesterday, which used up some pizza crust that had been collecting dust in our pantry.

    5. I borrowed a Food Network magazine from my sister-in-law instead of buying it.

  • Pat March 14, 2017

    Oh my babies grow so quickly! He is beautiful! I really enjoy all your pictures.
    I am up to $162.00 for groceries. I bought 2 gallons of milk @ $1.65, 10 dozen eggs at .59 a dozen, a 3 pound bag of cuties for $1.77, 2 pounds of grapes for $1.58 a cucumber for .50 and 2 loaves of sandwich bread for .85. The milk, bread and eggs were from Aldi's and the rest was a grand opening sale for Fresh Thyme. I am very happy with the way my shopping is working out this month.
    We ate all meals at home, except one. We have continued to use up meat and veggies from the freezers. I made beef and chicken broth this week from scraps. I continue to experiment with bread and roll baking using the bread machine to do the mixing work and baking in the oven. It's an adventure to be sure!
    The weather turned cold last Thursday so the furnace is back on again. They called for snow twice, but we only got a trace of snow. We got some freezing rain the first time too. If my flowers are going to freeze I would rather have snow!
    Have a great week everyone!

  • Marivene March 14, 2017

    Bought 10 more packages of grass fed ground beef from the bargain basket. I shared them with our oldest daughter when she came over to bring her oldest son to the Scout Pow Wow on Saturday. While he & Grandpa went to the Pow Wow, she & I went shopping together at Kmart. I used my points on the SYWR card to pay for an Easter egg dye kit, a pair of slipper sock, 3 pair of shoes for grandchildren, & a six-pack of lettuce seedlings. The points were due to expire the next day, so it was literally a use or lose it situation, but everything was free, because I used the points. Came home & she dug out a clump from my garlic row to take home while I planted the seedlings, under 6 of the glass cloches I already have. The seedlings were large enough that the next day I picked enough to make a small salad for 3 for part of Sunday dinner.

    I used a large ground meat package from the bargain basket to make a large meatloaf, which served DH, myself, DD & DGS for dinner on Friday night & lunch on Saturday. I also used some of the dehydrated potato shreds to make a scalloped potato type of casserole, that had to be gluten free, since DD is a celiac. I used gluten-free oats to make the meatloaf. Practicing cooking from storage for both the regular diet & the celiac diet.

    While she was here on Saturday, we also shopped one of the case lot sales, since the prices on my side of the mountains are better than the prices on her side of the mountain, even at the same store chain. Our youngest daughter left some wire trellises for her sister last fall, so we fit those in the van to go back her as well, since it is almost time to plant peas. I love being the site for “Mom’s trading post” for our daughters.

    Pulled & dug more of the weeds & grass roots from the garden areas. Filled a tree tub per day. On the years where I can do this faithfully, one tree tub per day is enough to keep the weeds & grass invasion into the growing areas under control for the entire growing season.

    Continued to declutter, & rid ourselves of things we do not need & which are taking up room that can be used by the things we do need.

    Used the last of the “fresh” carrots, parsnips & onions from our garden, that have been in the fridge drawer since harvest, to make most of a beef stew for Sunday dinner, along with a russet potato & a yam. We still have 2 small butternut squash left from those stored a room temp in a cardboard box under the counter overhang; I want to see how long they will last.

  • Cindy in the South March 14, 2017

    I am doing the same thing with three small pumpkins. They are in a bedroom, the coldest room in the house. However, I live in the deep South, and suspect I will have to cook them before long. We are having a cold snap, for here, and it may get down to freezing at night this week. I am hoping that will help prolong the pumpkins because I am still trying to eat all the pumpkin leftovers from the large pumpkin I cooked and froze, last month.

  • Andrea Q March 14, 2017

    I have successfully stored butternut for just over 12 months. I check mine regularly for soft spots. I have two left from our harvest, but I think we'll eat them soon. One of my children begs me to make roasted squash!

  • Marivene March 16, 2017

    Andrea, how are you storing your butternut squash?
    I have also successfully stored them for 1 year, but that was in a cooler spot in our cubby. This year I am storing them just at room temperature, in a box on the kitchen floor, under the counter overhang.

  • Athanasia March 16, 2017

    We still have butternut left. They are the longest lasting for us of the squashes. We used our last pumpkin just w weeks ago.

  • C March 14, 2017

    Octavius has gotten so big! He is only growing in cuteness.

  • Steph. March 14, 2017

    I am late to the party! Brandy your photography is wonderful and your children and garden are so beautiful. I think I gasped at the shot of your daughter and baby together.

    Last week was kind of spendy (salon/hair appointment, several meals out between hubby and I), but I kept the grocery buying to a minimum and bought a used book I wanted. After work one day I went to a special nursery and bought a Tropic Snow semi-drawf peach and planted it (lovingly referred to as "Peachy"). Does anyone else name their plants? This is our first spring at this new (old) property and things are starting to is a pretty climbing rose named Lady Banks (she is yellow) and every day this rose is making me smile. We have a lot to do with this yard, but slowly we are beginning to feel like it's owners and to make longterm plans.

    On Saturday, it was beautiful and so warm that I hung the laundry to dry. It officially feels like salad time again and that makes me happy....I know I could eat salad all winter long, but rarely crave it like I do in spring and summer. :)

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