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Frugal Accomplishments for the Third Week in March

Iris in Ginger Jar The Prudent Homemaker

I cut daffodils, nasturtiums, and iris from the garden to enjoy in the house. I shared more photos earlier this week in my Spring Home Tour.

I opened the windows to air out the house.

I traded Meyer lemons from the garden for two dozen eggs.

Leeks The Prudent Homemaker

I harvested leeks, Meyer lemons, snow peas, Swiss chard, parsley, arugula, and green onions from the garden.

I mended a pair of jeans and a coat sleeve.

I turned a toddler bodysuit that had torn by the snaps into a shirt by cutting it off just below the leg holes and sewing a narrow hem.

I figured out a solution to a need/want using something else I already had, rather than buying something new.

I decided to not purchase more maternity clothing for hot weather, though that had been part of my original plan for the year. When it was in the mid-70's in January, it looked like I was going to need more clothing for the end of my pregnancy. Since the weather turned unusually cool after that and is still cool, I can get by with what I have and not need to look for more at the thrift store. 

I saved my parents $100 on a mobile repair on their motorhome. I had made cookies, and my dad asked if he could have two: one for him and one for the repairman. One of my daughters brought over the two cookies and gave one to the repairman. He was so touched with the homemade cookie that he said he would take $100 off their bill, and he did!

I asked if a procedure was necessary (it wasn't), and saved $30 plus the gas and time to have it done.


What did you do to save money this past week?




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  • Ellie's friend from Canada March 29, 2018

    Hi Margie,

    thanks for your thoughts. I had pneumonia (no flu or cold previously just walking pneumonia for a long time) so on my way from doctor's to xray, I slipped on the ice and broke my right dominant arm. 6 weeks in the cast already with another 6 weeks to go... We still have a ton of snow here - my friend had an avalanche off her roof which damaged
    her eavestroughs. No one hurt, fortunately. you would think we were in an Eastern Canada snowbelt. An epidemic of ice fractures here costing the system a fortune. thanks again

  • Margie from Toronto March 29, 2018

    OUCH! That's terrible - painful and so awkward. I had shoulder surgery a couple of years ago on my left arm (dominant) and i was about an 8 week recovery. But at least I had time to prepare!

    We've had rain for the past few days but may have some flurries on Sunday - although we usually get off easy compared to all around the city. But I would not like to deal with those Maritime Nor Easters! Where exactly do you live?

  • Ellie's friend from Canada March 30, 2018

    Believe it or not I live in usually arid Calgary. As I write this, it is snowing. the alleys are so full of ice ruts, it is impossible to get the cars along there. I was scared climbing over a snowbank from the cab to the sidewalk. I did something to the arm and it is now really hurting so I could use prayers that it is not dislocated. It is dislocated slightly but was setting well. so I hope it is still good. Please pray!

  • Ellie's friend from Canada March 30, 2018

    It could really have been worse -- as I was catapaulted in the air, I saw a brick wall come close to my head so I
    pushed my body away from the wall thus saving my head but breaking my arm. well, a blessing in roundabout way. Next time I hope to stick the landing and go for the gold...

  • Becky March 29, 2018

    What a bummer! To break your arm while going from one doctor's office to the other is just a little much--I'm sure you thought so. I'm sorry you fell and hurt yourself and hope you are mending quickly, and hopefully, the pneumonia is going away as well. You deserve spring! I'm glad it's looking like it's going to come at long last around here and where you live, as well I hope:)

  • Ellie's friend from Canada March 30, 2018

    Yes, Becky, I thought it was a little much. It is a spiral fracture so it will take a long time to heal. On the positive side, the pneumonia was treated right away at the hospital as opposed to waiting a few days until an xray came back.

  • Ellie's friend from Canada March 30, 2018

    I enjoyed your blog about your trip to Oregon. Very interesting!

  • Becky March 31, 2018

    Thank you! When we travel to the other side of Oregon, it feels like we are in another country, the scenery and climate is SO different than where we live on the mild side of the state. I enjoyed the view out of the car window, and the visit with my friend was amazing!

  • Maxine March 31, 2018

    Becky, I grew up in western Oregon (Portland) and my DH is from eastern Oregon (Burns) and it is truly a world apart! You can take the boy out of eastern Oregon, but you can't take eastern Oregon out of the boy! LOL

  • Rhonda A. March 30, 2018

    Oh my, Ellie's Friend, you've been through a lot lately. I hope you are on the mend and feeling better. So sorry to hear of all the extra expenses you've had to incur as a result as well. Glad you have some good friends willing to help you out a bit.

  • Ellie's friend from Canada March 30, 2018

    thank you for your wishes. My budget will recover once it stops snowing. but it is snowing again...!!!!

  • Roberta in So. Cal. March 30, 2018

    Have a blessed Easter, everyone!

  • Lynn March 31, 2018

    Water is very costly in San Diego. I let my lawn die in the front yard. It is good sized amount of dirt. I found a lil electronic rototiller online for $90.00. One month of not water my lawn will pay for it. Now it looks nice and neat tilled up with furrows. I use my gray water for lawn in my backyard. My husband didn’t want hoses in the front yard. ~smile~

  • ellie's friend from Canada April 01, 2018

    Will you be xeriscaping the front yard? lots of interesting possibilities!

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