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Frugal Accomplishments for the Third Week of April

April arrangement 2 closeup The Prudent Homemaker

This post contains referral links.

I cut flowers from the garden to enjoy in the house several times during the week.

I harvested hibiscus flowers, Meyer lemons, snow peas, lettuce, spinach, parsley, Swiss chard, green onions, and garlic chives from my garden.

I dried a large batch of parsley to use throughout the year. After picking it, I simply wash it and leave it out to dry on a cooling rack on top of a rimmed cookie sheet. Once it's done drying, I crumble the leaves, remove the stems, and put the leaves in a container.

I dried lemon zests and froze lemon juice to use throughout the year.

Peonies and Rose The Prudent Homemaker

I watched an episode of "Call the Midwife" for free on Pbs.org.

I watched a free webinar, learning what I could from it. I didn't purchase the product after watching the class.

We went to the library.

Picnic in the Garden The Prudent Homemaker

I mended a hole in a pair of shorts.

We enjoyed having the windows open during the week to cool the house and air it out.

My son needed a new pair of glasses. I purchased them from Zenni Optical, going through Ebates first to earn cash back. Since I was logging in through my new computer, the site didn't recognize me as an existing customer and offered me a 10% off coupon. I wrote down the code and logged in to my account. When I went to place my order, I decided to see if the code would still work. It did. I chose the slowest shipping ($4.95) and still received his new glasses on Saturday (after ordering on Monday).  Total cost for a new pair of prescription glasses, including shipping, was $13.91. I'll also get a small percentage back from Ebates as well! I just checked, and Zenni has a refer a friend program; if you're new to the site you can use this link to get $5 off your order. Plus, you can refer a friend and they will give you $5 as well! 

My husband gave himself a haircut.

I stocked up on strawberries for $0.99 a pound and bone-in chicken at $0.77 a pound. These are rock-bottom prices here and were part of my grocery plans for the month. I froze the chicken and cut and froze strawberries to use throughout the year.

 April Arrangement Closeup The Prudent Homemaker

What did you do to save money this past week?


April 22nd is a special day for me as it is the day my husband (officially) proposed. I wrote about it in a post 6 years ago entitled: My Husband is So Frugal He Proposed With a Coupon

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  • That is Elsa, my 6th.

  • Stacey April 24, 2018


    My husband was able to do a sleep study at home through a company called Ion My Sleep. Our insurance would not pay for a local one, and I think it cost around $150. They mailed us a device to wear overnight which we then sent back for review by a doctor. He also provided a prescription for the CPAP for an additional fee, and then we ordered the machine and supplies through them as well. Great customer service. This was a much more affordable option for us. Good luck.

  • I April 22, 2018

    Happy Birthday Brandy!! Looking forward to the arrival of your new little one in the next little while.

  • Thank you!

  • Marybeth April 22, 2018

    Happy Birthday. The flowers look amazing. We have been very blessed and gotten lots of free food. We have been sharing it with others because I don't want it to go to waste. The rest of my week is here: https://mcoia.blogspot.com/2018/04/my-frugal-list-week-of-april-15-2015.html

  • Marcia R. April 27, 2018

    Your son must work at Panera. My Granddaughter worked there when she was in high school. They gave their extra food to food pantries, but some nights no one showed up to pick it up---mostly the night before a holiday--and their managers, who were not SUPPOSED to do so, let them take what they wanted. She brought many, many things home at those times. Her mother did not have a freezer then, so she would take what they could use right away and then bring the rest to put in my freezer, for both families to use! Their food is really good. DGD also used to eat the leftover fruit cups which were a side dish at that time. She has always LOVED fresh fruit. She could eat between 4-6 of them on the way home while driving. She could never wait until she got home. We were kind of sad that she wasn't near a Panera when she went to college!

  • http://Vickie@Vickies Kitchen And Garden April 22, 2018

    What a great deal on glasses. I'm going to tell my husband about it. Thanks for the info. Well spring finally sprung here in Michigan. We have been busy catching up with the work outside.. We even went to a few sales. Here are my frugal accomplishments http://www.vickieskitchenandgarden.com/2018/04/my-frugal-ways-this-past-week-42218.html

  • Tammy April 22, 2018

    Ate at home, even when grandkids wanted McDonalds. They were still happy. Ate many bean and soup meals. Packing our house ourselves. But we have to hire movers as hubby hurt himself at work and can't lift things for quite some time. I hope he heals. We are figuring our bills. He can't return to work until he heals. Thank God he has some vacation and sick leave. I'm getting hours working for my son but the hours vary. Seriously considering teaching online. I was looking forward to a garden but I think this year I will just do a container garden as I'm not sure I have the funds to hire someone to till for us. Still looking forward to being in our little house. Would love to get chickens, we will see. Maybe just a few.
    Been using the library, but I returned everything until after we move. We did get a coffee maker at a thrift store and cleaned it throughly so we could make coffee when family or friends come to visit.
    Planted Basil with my grandson with a kit I already had. Bought as little groceries as possible. Just trying to use mostly what we have at home. Planning meals ahead of time to make it easier to eat at home.

  • Ellie’s frienf April 22, 2018

    Sorry to hear about your husband’s injury and will keep you both in my prayers. you can grow many veggies in containers. I think you could make a tripod trellis out of stakes and grow scarlet runner or pole beams in a large container. A short variety of peas might work well and squash. I read an interesting trick where people put celery bottoms and other things in water and they grow again. Maybe you could trade something for some tilling. Good luck!!!

  • Tammy April 23, 2018

    Thank-you for your ideas and prayers. I'd love to trade for tilling. That is a good idea.

  • mmckms April 23, 2018

    If you could teach online-you may want to post a notice at the local library or even a facebook local mom group and offer tutoring. It is coming up on exam time for High school and middle school kids, locally here parents pay roughly $40 per hour!! You may also try to post a tutoring session in trade for tilling! Just a thought.

  • Tammy April 23, 2018

    That sounds great! I'd love to make $40 dollars an hour doing something I enjoy doing. Those are good ideas.

  • Mable April 23, 2018

    The newest research is showing that once you have an established garden, tilling actually destroys the beneficial microbes living in the soil and leads to soil erosion and degradation. Dig holes and plant---plants manage to grow between sidewalk slabs, so obviously they don't need perfectly tilled soil to grow. We have not tilled in over five years and continue to have great harvests. My point is that if not being able to hire someone to till is what is stopping you from gardening, you may want to reconsider.

  • Tammy April 23, 2018

    Thanks for the information. I do love to garden.

  • Marybeth April 25, 2018

    Root vegetables such as radishes and carrots do need the ground tilled. FYI

  • Marivene April 25, 2018

    Mine don’t. I just plant & they do fine. I dig leaves into each of the tiered beds on a slope every 3 years.

  • Marybeth April 28, 2018

    Our soil is very hard and rocky. I have been gardening here for 18 years. I till my garden every other year except where my root veggies grow. If I don't then I get stubs.

  • Deb in SD May 05, 2018

    Tammy - If your husband was injured at work it should be covered by Workman's Comp. That would include medical costs, continuation of salary (at a reduced rate), and documentation/protection for any long-term effects of the injury. Assuming you live in the US.

  • sue April 22, 2018

    Beautiful children and flowers!
    After 20" of snow last weekend I think Spring has finally sprung, 60 here today! looking forward to some warmer weather and we can finally turn the heat off. Last week I found fresh mozzarella for $5 for 4 lbs due to dating. I shredded it all for pizza and froze it. I also found pork loin for$.99 lb. there was a limit of 2. Brought home 9.5lbs which I sliced into chops and froze. Have a great week everyone!

  • Juls Owings April 22, 2018

    I love how you got engaged. I have some peony bushes that I want to move to our new place, they aren't in bud yet due to the snow so I migh t risk it and move them this week and hope it don't upset them too much as they really should be moved in the fall but I know the landlord here plans digging up the area they are in after we leave.
    I unsubscribed to several promotional emails. Canceled the magazines I don't want to get anymore(they have an auto renewal now days which I dislike) and ordered my seeds using coupons, discounts and sales along with free shipping. Wasn't easy but I should have enough for this year and next. I combined errands with doc appts with sliding in getting thing taken over to 209 for the contractors on top of having my back injections which my new insurance approved of in 2 days.
    The rest is here http://chefowings.blogspot.com/2018/04/planning-frugalrelearning-old-habits.html

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