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Last Week's Frugal Accomplishments

Oregano The Prudent Homemaker

Oregano from the garden

I harvested lettuce, spinach, New Zealand spinach, Swiss chard parsley and oregano from the garden.

I cut roses from the garden for the table.

I sowed seeds in the garden for New Zealand Spinach, zucchini, and acorn squash.

New Zealand Spinach The Prudent Homemaker

New Zealand Spinach

I cut the sleeves down on two of the long-sleeved shirts that my husband received as a hand-me-down a few weeks ago and turned them into short-sleeved shirts.

I did the same for a blouse for myself that my daughter gave me that she had received at a clothing exchange a few years back. It fits me now and she was going to donate it, but I liked it and decided I would like it as an elbow-length blouse, so I turned it into one.

I saved the extra cuff buttons from the shirts in a button jar, to be used as needed for mending or on future projects.

On Sunday, I said to a woman at church, "I like your dress!" 

She replied, "Thanks! Do you want it?"

I was astonished! She told me the dress was a little too short on her when she sat down and that she was thinking of getting rid of it. She is about 4-5 inches taller than I am. The dress is a pretty navy blue lace dress with short sleeves. She came by on Tuesday morning and gave me the dress! I will take it in slightly, but I can wear it as it is, too.

I thanked her again yesterday, and when I did so, the woman standing next to her (who is about her same height) asked the woman which dress it was. She said that she had bought the same dress and had the same problem, and had given it to a sister who is shorter than she is!

I cut up a linen skirt that I have rarely worn in the last 13 years since I bought it (and that is now too large). I cut the back two sections into pieces for a pillow that I plan to embroider for my bed. I found a free vintage pattern to embroider via Pinterest that I will trace onto the fabric.

I gave one son a haircut.


What did you do to save money last week?



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  • Juls Owings May 02, 2017

    you are looking for wild life repellent. They come in a spray (think Lowes, Home Depot maybe hardware stores that sell gardening supplies) or granular. I have used both. The rabbit nest was 10 ft from my salad garden and it worked. Didn't seem to be any difference of brand or how it was applied. Dad who will be 90 tomorrow told me we should have pour urine around it. Since we have 2 big dogs that have pottied in that area I don't think that is going to work LOL

  • Laura May 02, 2017

    Ned the Cat guards our garden from the ferocious eaters of greens, but he brings "trophies" to the door and expects to be praised as a "Mighty Hunter."

  • Athanasia May 02, 2017

    Allyson, the rabbits first choice actually isn't the garden plants. If there's plenty of untreated grass with weeds like plantain, clover, thistle, etc they are happy with that. We see rabbits out in our yard all the time eating away at something in the grass, but we do not spray or treat for weeds. They pretty much leave our gardens alone but we have fairly large gardens so a nibble here or there will not be that noticeable.

    If you have pets, sprinkle the brushed fur over your plants. Between my daughter's and our property we have 5 dogs and multiple cats (the cats are belled so they can't sneak up on birds). Some say marigolds work but we'd have to have about 1000 to ring the various gardens. Since rabbits dig and jump, fences don't always help. You could try sparkly, dangley stuff but I'm not sure on that. Hawks and owls keep pests in control also.

  • cathy May 09, 2017

    Great idea about the weeds and the rabbits. I have rabbits come in my yard even though I have a fence in the backyard. We have a 4 acre parcel with a lot of weeds. I have spraying them. My husband wants to do once a year. Ugh. That's all I use, I never put anything toxic the flower or vegetable garden. I know the rabbits like small seedlings. You can always throw bird netting over them until they get bigger.

  • cathy May 09, 2017

    whoops. I meant to say hate spraying the weeds.

  • Cindy in the South May 01, 2017

    My daughter flew 2,00 miles to see her ill brother, for one day only, and then she had to return home to SLC. Sisterly love!! She had not seen us in two years. I tried to reimburse her, but she would not tell me how much she paid for a ticket. So, I bought special food we normally do not eat and we ate at home, which made it easier for her to visit with her brother. I did have a chance to walk the neighborhood with her, briefly. There were heavy rain and storms when she flew out on Sunday, but luckily, all went well. Other than cleaning house, harvesting mulberries, harvesting and drying dandelion greens, and working, I have done anything else and have not bought anything except the food for this weekend. My car is in the shop and the repair is supposed to be covered under my warranty. I enjoyed the free newspaper from the nearest large town (20,000 population) which is 30 miles away. My ill son is at the doctor today, and, hopefully, his medical condition is stable for the moment. I take joy in the simple things of life, like naps, health, health insurance, good food, and family.

  • Naps, health, health insurance, good food, and family, are the BEST things in life! Glad that your daughter could visit. :)

  • Cindy in the South May 03, 2017


  • Jennifer May 01, 2017

    Trying to get on a new budget now that my husband got a much higher paying job. Won't change much overall, but we are still clearing out the backlog of deferred expenses (my new glasses and contact lenses, an AC repair, car maintenance/repairs etc) and trying create sinking funds for future expenses.

    Basically right now, that means the budget is a mess.

    Groceries were $60, but that included several pounds of shrimp and chicken thighs for the freezer as they were loss leaders this week. Bought 2 hand towels and a fingertip towel on clearance to match 2 bath towels my mother bought several months ago. Now it looks like a set. I still need the big bath sheets (ours are starting to get holes in them), but I can wait to find them on sale.

    Did dinner and drinks at the VFW one night last week ( ear at clearance prices. At least then I could just pay a teenager instead of a service to deal with the lawn.

    Unexpected expenses arose today when I arrived at work to realize my office had been overtaken by ants and it was a colleagues birthday (and everyone forgot) - so out I went for bug spray and a cake.. this is only May 1, I can't imagine what else will mangle my budget this month.

  • TerriC May 01, 2017

    I have a beautiful oregano in my herb planter. I've never grown it before and it is so lush and lovely. And oh that aroma! I had a fair week last week in my home.

  • Marcia May 01, 2017

    I also loved the fragrance of oregano in my garden; just brushing past it releases the odor. However, my oregano spread like a weed and I ended up digging it all out since there was no way to get it out of there by hand! So keep an eye on it, and if it goes beyond where you want it, pull the extras out immediately!

  • Melissa in Washington May 02, 2017

    Oregano does spread. You really need to cut it back and use it often to keep it a manageable size. I bought a little put of it one year and by the end of the next year it was about 3 get in diameter!

  • Nancy May 01, 2017

    One thing we have noticed about oregano, is when it blooms it really attracts the bees. So we pot up extra plants, and place them in the garden by the tomatoes and peppers and anything else where we really want to attract bees. Then let them flower. It works great for us. Of course I live in Eastern Washington, where while it gets hot, we don't have either the humidity of the South or the extreme number of hot days as the desert. We are considered high desert though.

  • Linda May 01, 2017

    I'm excited to see a picture of the completed linen pillow when its made :)

  • Becky May 01, 2017

    We did quite a bit of cooking last week. One of the most tasty items was baked gluten-free donuts. They were cinnamon sugar flavor, and boy, were they good! Almost every week, I have the 2 girls I homeschool (daughter and niece) cook or bake something. They are learning lots of good recipes.

    We were able to go to a school performance of Robin Hood at the Northwest Children's Theatre. We got the school price, so that was awesome, and had fun with a couple of other families we know.

    I was able to hoe the garden this morning for the first time. It's just been too wet. The seeds we had planted did come up, for the most part, and it's looking good, though far from anywhere near ready to eat! These are early things like lettuce, onions, etc.

    I put the rest of the week on my blog:

  • Hilogene in Az May 01, 2017

    Hi Brandy and all,

    Love your photos! And congratulations on the new dress! It is amazing how things work sometimes ;).

    My frugal week included:
    -I started doing daily walks last year and have expanded the distance, I am loving the walking and the weight loss-now have the task of cleaning out big clothes and getting smaller ones ;). A high class problem indeed!
    -Bought 4 shirts at thrift store, $6
    -colored my hair at home
    -Baked bread twice
    -Ate most meals at home
    -made navy bean soup for the first time, great addition to the meal plan and freezes well for future meals
    -gave a housewarming gift basket to a good friend. In the old days I would have spent a lot of money to show her how much I cared for her (i.e. bought gift cards for a famous spa here). Funny how money isn't the key to a great gift. My gifts to her now accomplished the same goal and were 10 percent of the cost and she loved them (bottle of wine, two small bags of chocolates, flowers and a pink flamingo). She said she opened up the basket in the afternoon, once all the furniture was moved in, sat in the middle of the pile of boxes and other moving items, and put the flamingo on a box, set the flowers out and had the wine and chocolate! Made me really happy!

  • It is so nice when you can pass on things to others instead of just donating them to a second hand store. Nice for you getting a new dress and I bet it made the other woman feel great that she gave it to someone that she knew would enjoy it :).

    My week was eventful in both good and not so good ways.

    My list for the week can be found here...

  • Sandy May 01, 2017

    Do you have any tips about preserving the oregano you harvested? Love all your tips!

  • Terry May 01, 2017

    Still attempting a pantry challenge. Ended up the month by going to my brothers cabin for 4 days. It was a nice break even though the fish refused to bite. I read two books and got a nap each day. Took all the open groceries with us. We ate well and used up most of what we took except for half a roasted chicken. I put it in the pressure cooker when we got home. Have the broth cooling in the fridge. The chicken is boned out. I plan to make enchiladas with it. I also have bread rising. I will take that and the enchiladas to my recently widowed brother. I used some of the bread dough to make a pizza crust. The chickens laid well while we were gone so we have lots of fresh eggs to use. Sun is shining today. Hubby is spraying weeds. Garden planting here is still a couple of weeks away

  • Jen @ Healthfulsaver May 01, 2017

    Your story gives new means to "I'd give you the shirt off my back"! What a wonderful thing, and what a special person she must be to feel comfortable offering it to you.

    I had a good grocery saving week, including finding eggs for .39 a dozen. This is a great foundation for meals to come. I also found a neighborhood grocer was having an anniversary sale and they had many terrific deals, including a premium pizza for 1.91. Since we are a small family, that is a meal for us.

    Additional frugal musings for the week are at

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