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Last Week's Frugal Accomplishments

Oregano The Prudent Homemaker

Oregano from the garden

I harvested lettuce, spinach, New Zealand spinach, Swiss chard parsley and oregano from the garden.

I cut roses from the garden for the table.

I sowed seeds in the garden for New Zealand Spinach, zucchini, and acorn squash.

New Zealand Spinach The Prudent Homemaker

New Zealand Spinach

I cut the sleeves down on two of the long-sleeved shirts that my husband received as a hand-me-down a few weeks ago and turned them into short-sleeved shirts.

I did the same for a blouse for myself that my daughter gave me that she had received at a clothing exchange a few years back. It fits me now and she was going to donate it, but I liked it and decided I would like it as an elbow-length blouse, so I turned it into one.

I saved the extra cuff buttons from the shirts in a button jar, to be used as needed for mending or on future projects.

On Sunday, I said to a woman at church, "I like your dress!" 

She replied, "Thanks! Do you want it?"

I was astonished! She told me the dress was a little too short on her when she sat down and that she was thinking of getting rid of it. She is about 4-5 inches taller than I am. The dress is a pretty navy blue lace dress with short sleeves. She came by on Tuesday morning and gave me the dress! I will take it in slightly, but I can wear it as it is, too.

I thanked her again yesterday, and when I did so, the woman standing next to her (who is about her same height) asked the woman which dress it was. She said that she had bought the same dress and had the same problem, and had given it to a sister who is shorter than she is!

I cut up a linen skirt that I have rarely worn in the last 13 years since I bought it (and that is now too large). I cut the back two sections into pieces for a pillow that I plan to embroider for my bed. I found a free vintage pattern to embroider via Pinterest that I will trace onto the fabric.

I gave one son a haircut.


What did you do to save money last week?



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  • tadpole May 02, 2017

    I am always so grateful for the tips I find here. Brandy's posts and the comments that follow provide some of the best frugal living advice out there.
    This week:

      I found a new lunch bag at my local thrift store. Planted our veggie garden. Picked up a couple of extra hours at work and finished an online gig. Every penny helps! Gratefully received some fresh fish from a friend and an Easter lily from work along with a couple of sprouting onions and romaine lettuce stumps for my garbage garden.

    Reevaluated our budget to see if we could find extra money to put against our debt.
    I hope everyone has an amazing week!

  • J May 02, 2017

    Wow! So many ways you can save money because of your skills as a seamstress. I wish that more people (including myself!) had these types of skills. I always love reading all the comments to see and learn what everyone is doing to economize.

    Last week I cooked our last frozen turkey from our freezer. We used it for different meals over a few days and froze the rest. This month I tried to redeem points, use coupons, and gift cards for as many things as possible - although most of it was for none food related items. I just got back from the store where Chicken Breasts were on sale for $3.99/lb - but I did not like the way they were cut so I did not buy any. I suppose that is a good way to save money - to just not buy something - but I will have to buy some other meat at some point! I have enough proteins in stock here to last until I find another sale.

    A big way I was able to save money this week was by exchanging some tiles I had bought for the floor of our shower (we are doing a a major renovation on our house that seems to be going on forever). I was able to return stone tiles I had purchased when I found some beautiful 1 inch mosaic tiles in a clearance bin. These tiles were regularly $18.95/sq ft but were on clearance as an end lot for 11.95 a sq ft. This was a great savings. The tiles for the walls of the shower I was able to get for $3.44 a square foot (much less but looks very nice combined with the floor). This way I could get a fancy look (with the floor tiles) but not spend a fortune by getting a more reasonably price tile for the walls. It is also a stall sized shower we are installing, so less square footage of tile is needed. I was really happy with the tiles. The other great part is that because I got these tiles (instead of the stone) I can return the sealer that was needed specifically for the stone which will save an additional $47.95.

    Other things I did to save money this month (more related to household stuff) can be found here:

  • Kim May 02, 2017

    I have not had a very frugal week. I had a college graduation and birthday gifts to purchase. I also purchased my mom's mother's day gift. I did manage to purchase a scrap of fabric to make myself a cover for my sewing machine. I love the fabric and it only cost me $1.50. My daughter and I stopped at a garage sale which was actually a nursery going out of business and we both purchased very nice hand garden tools of high quality for $2.00 each. Too much purchasing for one week! Hopefully that is over with and we can get back to our frugal ways.

  • Linda Shields May 02, 2017

    Brandy, I am always so happy to hear about how the Lord blesses you with unexpected gifts like the dress. "Give and it will be given unto you..." must be true.

  • Mrs. Picky Pincher May 03, 2017

    Oh yay, what a great find with that free dress!

    This week I:

    1. Went to the zoo and used my pass, which meant I got in for free.

    2. Made more homemade laundry soap.

    3. I plan on baking a few ciabatta loaves to cut and freeze for later.

    4. I washed and detailed my car myself instead of paying for it to be done.

    5. I did pay to get an oil change on our car, but I used a good coupon to lessen the blow.

  • That was wonderful about the dress. One of the things that I try to do everyday when I come across people is to always find something to compliment them on. It may be an outfit, or shoes, or color of nail polish, or how wonderfully behaved their children are, etc. I find that there isn't enough niceness and positivity and I like to spread a little bit if I can.

    My frugal accomplishments from last week:

    ~ Made homemade yogurt and homemade cheese from some milk that was about to expire.

    ~ Gave middle son a haircut

    ~ Turned off the heat, for a few days when it was warmer.

    ~ Made homemade bread and rolls several times.

    ~ Free date night at the airport. Had to pick up my Godmother who was coming back from Europe and hubby and I people watched and had free coffee with some leftover parking money my Godmother gave me.

    ~ Bought mushrooms on sale for $1.29/lb and sautéed them to put in the freezer (baby bellas). I freeze them flat in a ziploc bag and then just break off however much I need.

    ~ Went to Saver’s 50% off day to pick up some clothes that I needed for hubby and boys (found some things for me as well. 

    ~ Made dinner from the pantry one day (really need to do this more).

    ~ Hid some school snacks from the kids to make them last longer (I have 2 teens and one almost teen and if they find them, they will eat everything at once).

  • Pat May 03, 2017

    Congratulations on the new dress!
    We have been continuing on the pantry challenge and eating all meats and veggies from the freezer.
    I have continued to combine errands with school drop offs as long as they are on the way home from the school or within a couple blocks from home.
    The weather last week was cold and rainy so we were unable to do yard work or watch my 5 year old grandson's baseball games. Temps were in the 30-40 range and windy. We had the furnace on all week.
    I have continued to use leftovers for different meals. Chili turned into chili mac. I cooked a roast in the oven on Sunday and planned to make bbq beef sandwiches but there wasn't enough left so instead I made a small batch of soup using the meals leftovers and my husband took it to work for lunches this week.
    We also made home made build your own pizzas this week. Good by Little Cesar's! They turned out really well and everyone enjoyed them so we will be doing it again at least every other week.
    Not frugal for me but I handed down some tee shirts that were to small for me to my 11 year old grandson. He was very happy! He is very tall and skinny and the shirts may be a little long now but he'll grow into the length.
    Have a great week everyone!

  • Mary May 03, 2017

    I enjoying reading everyone's post.
    I had a garage sale over the weekend with things that will not fit or be used in our new house. I made $450 in a few hours. I planned sell more the next day but with the wind decided to try this Saturday.
    I continued using from the pantry and only buying milk, bread and dog treats.
    Frugal fail is having to repair some things so using some of the $450 for that.
    I had a recall for car so I went to dealer for that and a oil change. Ended up being totally free! It took a long time but I was prepared and read.
    That is all I can think of for now.

  • Lilllanna Pickles May 04, 2017

    I enjoyed the gifting of the dress . Sharing and kindness make such a difference. Well after 11 weeks of dealing with severe allergies, I have hit rock bottom. I am sicker than I have ever been. My eardrums ruptured and my coughing is extreme. I went into town and payed out of pocket to see the local nurse practitioner. I have some strong antibiotics and steroids and immediately felt the difference. She refilled several of my daily medications for me. I played 200.00 out of pocket for everything but this was still cheaper than paying the co payments for the two specialists. Sadly my eye surgery has left me with daily migraines. Insurance won't give me but 9 pills. My pharmacist suggested getting a 30 day prescription of drug X and he could give it to me for 30.00. These work great, the Np was happy to write the RX and I won't suffer most days. The other pills run anywhere from 150 to 300 for 9 pills out of pocket. I have realized that I am not young anymore and need to immediately get the steroids and not wait it out. I feel so blessed to have this woman to treat me. I started keeping a list of what we need. I stop at the salvage store any time I pass by it and pick up what we need. We have reduced our budget a good bit. Today I stopped in a local grocery store and bought marked down produce. All wrapped packages are 99 cents. Oddly they have the strangest combination s in them. The two I got weighed a total of5 pounds and I remembered to choose the combinations with the highest priced items. I have several odds and ends I needed to make some new dinners. I saw my college daughter this week which is a great joy. She graduaes from college as well as my son graduating high school in two weeks. So exciting. I am making a chocolate chip cheese cake and only needed a pack of Oreos to prepare it. I think we will eat Chinese buffet to celebrate. It is so nice everything always has an easy solution.


  • Susan Ontko November 03, 2017

    Hi Lillana. I just read about your woes with severe allergies and migraines. I too have these same issues. Just recently I started taking Bromelain Sinus Ease and using a SinuPulse which is kind of like a water pik for your sinuses. It's strong enough to clear out the sinuses in your forehead! Both are on Amazon. The bromelain works on sinus confestion from allergies. I was having one sinus infection after another. Feeling much clearer now and migraines pretty much gone! (They were daily!) Hope they can help you too.

  • ellie's friend from Canada May 06, 2017

    I didn't buy much of anything this week. I stopped at the library and got a library card which was free. It will allow me to read online various things the library has subscriptions to such as Consumer Reports. I had an estimate for new windows done but they would be very expensive so I will just replace glass on some but over time.

    I bought folate-enriched pasta on sale; 2 for $3.00 each. To the lady who said that she is trying to use up her sprouting potatoes quickly, I am cutting mine up and planting them. If they have sprouted, they will grow.

    I won 2 gift certificates for plants at local greenhouses so most of my purchases will be done by using those. I have transformed many flowerbeds from annuals to perennials so I don't buy many annuals anymore. All of my rare Itoh peonies that I got for $2.50 each (they usually cost $80 each and up) have sent up new growth and I hope to enjoy the blooms for the first time.

    I already have 1 rhubarb plant but a friend dug up hers and gave it to me. It has reddish leaves and is very beautiful.

  • Nancy May 06, 2017

    I so enjoyed reading your posts.❤ a few frugal items were: my daughter covered my front porch wicker chairs seat cushions in a beautiful red. I found a good amount of strong fabric for $2 at thrift. She also paid $2 at garage sale for pretty black n white pillows for these chairs. My husband will spray paint them in black bean color. He also repainted my bench for porch barn red.
    I was able to purchase eggs .50 a dozen. Bought several. Strawberries .99 lb. Bought several to freeze. Purchased Kraft Mayo for. 99 a jar with coupon on jars. Bought several for summer.
    Purchased some pretty hand lotions...dollar store.
    They come in a box of 3 for a dollar. Bought cards
    Small gift bags..for .30cents. These will be small gifts for bdays for friends.
    Getting garden ready here. Seeds are sprouting. Will split a few hostas to put in pretty cement flower pots out front. Husband fixed several screens in our home
    Ready for warm weather. Saved us alot of money.

  • Amy Cathey May 08, 2017

    Last week,I was able to make 6 pairs of shorts out of 3 yards of chambray, and 3 more pairs out of some cute tropical, flamingo fabric that I already had. The pattern was free and the chambray was on sale!
    This week, I was gifted five huge chunks of Monkey Grass, and 2 pink Azaleas! I am getting those planted in the front yard around an ugly evergreen bush - hopefully will make it look better. Now , I just need to find a good deal on black mulch and Holland pavers to go around the new landscaping.

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