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Grocery Shopping Plans for August

Herb Arrangement The Prudent Homemaker

I've had a lot of questions about what we eat when it's hot. 

We have 5 months of above 90º (32ºC) temperatures. Hot is normal for here. Right now temperatures have cooled a bit, and predicts an average of 105º for the next 10 days.

We don't like to barbeque in the summer. That works well in cooler climates, but we're not a fan of standing outside in the sun, where it's 110º, just so that we don't heat up the kitchen. We find it better to stay in the kitchen, in the air conditioning, under the fan (I have a ceiling fan above the kitchen sink that my husband installed before we moved in).

Some of things we've been having a lot lately are pasta salad using whatever vegetables we have on hand, including cucumbers and New Zealand spinach, quesadillas, chicken cooked outside in the solar oven (just a quick walk in and out, no need to stand outside). I am also using the oven inside; putting something in the oven (like bean enchiladas) allows me to get some other things done while dinner is cooking. 

I've made lots of popsicles. We saw a few unusually low sales on strawberries, and I made a few batches of strawberry popsicles last month, as well as peach pie popsicles with peaches from our trees. We've been enjoying lots of smoothies with our garden fruit.

Ice cream has been on sale often, which is always refreshing, so I've been buying it more often (currently on sale here for $3.99 for a one-gallon (3.78 liter) pail. I think 114º calls for ice cream, don't you? (Yes, it was that hot here last week).

Already this month I've purchased ice cream ($3.99 a gallon) and strawberries ($0.75 a pound) on sale. I also bought milk ($2.49 a gallon) and some whipping cream (for making strawberry shortcake).

Bartlett Pears in the Garden The Prudent Homemaker

I've harvested 2 cucumbers and 1 zucchini so far this month. This time of year, the heat turns the zucchini skin hard like that of a winter squash. I peeled it off before cooking, as it is too hard to eat).  We still have a few figs. We're only getting a few tiny tomatoes from our tomato plants.  I have green onions, Swiss chard, basil, oregano, mint, parsley, and more herbs ripe in the garden. The Bartlett pears are ripe now, too. I'm cutting the last of the grapes to make grape juice as well.

I plan on making cucumbers in vinegar this week: paper-thin sliced cucumbers in vinegar and water, with a few slices of onion (I'll probably use green onions from the garden) left to soak in the fridge for a few hours. I love this refreshing side dish from my childhood.


I'll make a trip to Sam's Club this month to pick up a few things:


Mozzarella cheese

Cheddar cheese

POM toilet paper

Feta cheese



And Winco:


Potatoes (they've been holding all year around $0.25 a pound)





Vegetable Oil (they were out when I went last month)


Yes, I'll be buying lettuce and tomatoes this month. My tomatoes are not producing much in this heat (it's too hot for flowers), and it's too hot here for lettuce. I'd like to have some salads this month. I'll make some balsamic vinaigrette for our salads.


I have no plans other than that for anything specific. I'll watch the sales and see if there's anything great (perhaps some chicken) on sale. If not, we'll continue to eat from the pantry, freezer, and garden.

And I may just head back to Smith's for more ice cream on Tuesday for the last day of the sale. 


If you need some summer recipe ideas, check out my summer menu here.


What are you planning to buy this month? What's ripe in your garden? And what are your favorite meals to make in the summer?



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  • Roxie August 05, 2016

    Here in TX the weather has been super hot too. Not as hot as Las Vegas, but hotter than is comfortable and safe to be in. The heat is actually around 100 everyday with an heat index of 106 to 108 most days. We stay inside with the drapes closed to keep the cool air in.

    That said, this is TX and my husband would scream without his BBQ meat. So we came up with a way to make it work. On Saturday morning early (before 7:00am) he cooks on his grill some meat for the week. Usually a couple of chickens and some brisket or ribs. Then I put them into bags and freeze them to use later in the week.

    Last night we got 2 chickens at HEB (local grocery store) that were being sold cheap because they were shutting down the deli dept. I paid just $ 3.00 each for 2 fully cooked chickens. We will have one for supper tonight and make a soup with the rest and the other I froze for later.

    I am buying from the local farmer's market tomatoes, lettuce, and cucumbers. Our garden is just burned up. There is a big farmer's market open on Sat. that sells from a green house. The prices are a bit higher than in the grocery store, but 2 things make me feel good about buying from the market. One, I help support a local farmer make a living. Two, the produce is organic.

    I need to buy milk and cream to make some more ice cream. I make most of the ice cream in our house to control the sugar content. My husband is diabetic and I learned to make a lot of 'treats' for him. The boys eat it too and think it is normal to eat grandma ice cream. I have made many popsicles too.

    I have been making infused water too with the produce and fruit. It makes plain water taste better.

  • Shannon August 06, 2016

    I have learned last week that Coconut sugar is a good sugar substitute for diabetics, I wonder if that would taste good in ice cream? Just thought I'd share that, maybe worth reading up on. I also saw coconut sugar sold at Sam's Club. I need to taste it, I really don't like the flavor of coconut milk, or flakes, but if the sugar doesn't have the aftertaste it would be worth it.

  • Ava August 08, 2016

    I just spent the weekend in Texas with my daughter, son-in-law, and toddler grandchild. My thoughts are with my Texas family and friends as you all cope with the heat.

  • LynnDinKY August 05, 2016

    We had homegrown tomatoes, bacon and toasted homemade bread last night. I also had a few new potatoes that boiled and put butter on them. It was so yummy. I personally prefer salads. The others here adore ice cream in any form and popsicles.

  • Basil is an amazing addition to BLTS, if you're growing any. I think I could live on BLTS if bacon was cheap!

  • Florrie August 05, 2016

    I tried your combination for lunch today. It was so delicious! BBT will be a regular item on our menu. Thank you for this great idea, Brandy!

  • Melissa P August 05, 2016

    When it gets hot here in the Pacific Northwest, my house heats up quickly. Most homes here do not have air conditioning and tend to hold onto the heat, making it uncomfortably warm in the early evenings. Using the kitchen makes it hotter! One solution I came up with is to use my crock pot and rice cooker outside. We have a nice shady spot on the patio that is right next to an outlet. On those hot August evenings, it is nice to sit outside in the shade and enjoy pulled pork or chicken tacos.

  • That sounds good! I haven't made pork tacos. I think my husband would enjoy those immensely.

  • Dawnelle August 06, 2016

    I am in the Pacific NW also and just did pork tacos this week. I sauteed fresh veggies (peppers, corn, etc.) to fill the tortillas with along with the pork (done in crockpot, seasoned like tacos and then pulled apart). Top with toppings. My kids like refried beans in them also. Really good!

  • Christa August 07, 2016

    I have a table outside under my carport that I use for my crockpots in the summer!! One has a meat and the other a bean. A few fresh garden veggies and its a summer meal at our house.

  • Heather in L.A. August 09, 2016

    I do the same thing only I do it at night. Before bed I take a large boston butt and dry rub it and put it in the slow cooker on low. When I get up in the morning, I turn it off and let it cook for a bit then shred the meat. We use it for carnitas tacos or nachos, pulled pork sandwiches or BBQ pizza, even pork fried rice. I can get several meals out of one piece of meat, when that meat is being served along other ingredients as a stretcher. It doesn't heat up the house. I've even been known to use it in the garage. And Ham or leg quarters.. I love to throw hams in the slowcooker. There have been times when I've have three cookers going at night in the garage with meat, oatmeal for breakfast the next am and beans in another. When eggs are cheap like they are now...65 cents a doz. I also like to boil several dozen and use throughout the week for snacks and salads like ham, chicken, egg etc. or my families favorite deviled egg dip.

  • Amy August 05, 2016

    I think I'd live off of ice cream, milkshakes and smoothies if it were that hot here and it was that cheap.

  • Bethany August 05, 2016

    I've been cleaning out the freezer to make room for meat this fall. There is still a lot of fruit from even two years ago, so we will probably be doing a lot of fruit "ice cream" or smoothies. Last night we had reduced-price guacamole and chips for dinner, followed a few hours later by ice cream. I'm glad to know we aren't the only ones who eat a lot of ice cream in the hot weather!

    The garden is currently producing green beans, broccoli, summer squash and just a few tomatoes, along with gladioli, delphinium and sunflowers.

  • momsav August 05, 2016

    We eat a lot of ice cream here, too. We've been in the 90's the past several days. Today, it's back to 70's and i'm loving it!
    I didn't plant much so i don't have much of a garden. I harvested the last of the shallots and started picking the gooseberries. I'm done with the wild blueberries for another year. I had to drive by the spot where all the berries are and there were several cars lined up for picking. I bought 10 quarts of local raspberries. I mixed some with blueberries for jam, froze some and made three jars of just plain raspberry jam. I also put some crushed raspberries in the fridge with sugar so it's all ready to go over ice cream.
    My husband's feet have been bothering him for several years. (He refuses to see a Dr.) So, this week i've bought him new socks and two different shoe inserts to see if any of it helps. I had a Dr. appointment an hour away this AM, so i stopped to see abut thick cut boneless chops at 1.79 lb. I did buy one package that had a 2.00 sticker on it. The chops weren't as thick as my husband likes but they'll do. I'm not feeling too inspired these days. We're just keeping on keeping on...

  • Susan in MS August 05, 2016

    Foot Smart is a great site that has wonderful foot inserts that I use for RA. They have really helped my feet!

  • Debbie in Florida August 06, 2016

    Susan Thank you - I'm going to check out the website. I have PsA (psoriatic arthritis) and it really affects my feet.

  • Juls Owings August 05, 2016

    In the garden, some tomatoes, a couple heads of lettuce that will be gone in a couple days (way to hot and dry) Green onions are gone, zucchini gone due to bugs. Got eggplants coming on so probably some eggplant parm and ratatouille even with buying cheap zucchini. I have garlic,bell peppers and oregano (lots of herbs and mints being dehydrated) from the gardens.

    We had BLTs bacon was on sale and I had coupons so I bought as much as I could. We eat pasta (hot or cold), frittata, or quiche. I use the microwave more. I should be using the all in one pressure cooker I got. I don't do much in the crock pot. Not fond of the texture of the food.About once a week we have ice cream for supper or popcorn. I grew up with popcorn, apples and grape juice for Sunday supper or mashed potato cakes with applesauce and grape juice. My favorite meal...roasted corn on the cob, sliced cucumbers and sliced tomatoes. Dad always fried potatoes with it.

  • Chantal August 05, 2016

    Our garden has just started to produce. We manage to gather six pear tomatoes yesterday, some of the tomatoes should be ready in a day or so. We had two cucumbers and two small bowls of yellow beans. Our raspberries did extremely well this year. We managed to freeze nine bags, made tons of desserts with the extra that we didn't eat right away, gave some to some friends and made eighteen jars of jam to last us until next year. In the summer we tend to eat more salads, sandwiches, cold pasta salad and meals made in the slow cooker. We try to buy as much as we can of the vegetables that are on sale and freeze them. This week the green peppers are the lows I've seen in nine months. We will buy lots and freeze them for sauces, chilies, and styr fries. Thank you for sharing with us. I look forward to all your post. They encourage me so much.

  • Cathy August 05, 2016

    Watermelon if I had it:) ice cream too

  • Rhonda A. August 05, 2016

    The one thing that I look forward to having in the summer is fresh corn on the cob! It just doesn't taste the same frozen. We tend to eat a lot of BBQ hamburgers and hotdogs in the summer, as we live in Canada, so no BBQ anything all winter long. Maybe once or twice a summer, we convince my husband (who is a cook) to make us nice BBQ steaks. Yes, this is a luxurious meal, but so very rare that we thoroughly enjoy it when we have it!:D

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