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Grocery Shopping Plans for November


Thanksgiving table The Prudent Homemaker


November in the U.S. is a great month to stock up on so many items on sale for holiday cooking. Canned goods and baking supplies are on sale. Meats are on great sales, with turkey for Thanksgiving being the main feature. Squash, potatoes, onions, apples, celery, clementines, and cranberries go on sale.

Some items (such as canned vegetables) have a limit of the number you can purchase on sale. I'm looking for canned corn and canned green beans on sale for under $0.49 a can. There are likely to be coupons online that I can print for these as well to bring the price even lower. In years past, I have been able to pick up these two items as low as $0.20 a can on sale in November with coupons.

I'm not sure who will have the best prices for several seasonal sale items, so I'll look at the ads each week. The grocery ads come in the mail here. There are a number of stores within 2 miles from my house, so I expect good competition. My budget for our family of 10 for the month is $300. I also have $30 worth of Target gift cards that I earned last month, which I may or may not use for groceries, depending on the deals I see.








frozen petite peas






Canned goods:


green beans


evaporated milk

cream of mushroom soup

enchilada sauce (Note: I'm buying green enchilada sauce).



whole chickens

turkey (I'll buy several if the price per pound is low enough)

pork roast


Baking items:

flour (I'll get this at Sam's Club.)

sugar (also Sam's Club)

Ghiradelli white and dark chocolate melting chips (Sam's Club has these on sale this month for an incredible price.)

chocolate chips (also Sam's Club)

Butter, if I see a low enough price. The lowest I've seen so far is $2.49 a pound. I'm not sure if this is the best price yet or not.



whipping cream


Other items:


ketchup (at Sam's Club)


spreadable margarine

mozzarella cheese

toilet paper


Thanksgiving Arrangement The Prudent Homemaker


What are you planning to stock up on this month?

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  • http://Melonie K. November 01, 2017

    I'd like to stock up on some baking supplies and turkey breasts. Maybe a roast or two... we'll see. Today we are hitting a store to see if there is discounted Halloween candy to tuck away in the pantry. I also saw little bottles of water with Halloween labels, so I'm hoping those will be marked down as well. They would be a great addition to our preparedness efforts and we won't care if they jave pumpkins on them if we need a drink!

  • momsav November 01, 2017

    Target has turkey’s on sale here for .69 lb with coupon, limit 2. If I have freezer space, i’ll buy just one. I have one 5.00 GC I can use. My husband’s not much of a turkey eater. I have one from Easter that will be served at Thanksgiving when our son visits. I wouldn’t have thought of clementines if I hadn’t read your list but those would be nice. I don’t eat much citrus. But, when Winter hits I seem to get a huge craving for it. Otherwise, i’m happy to be pretty well stocked. Of course, if I see something that we can’t live without........
    Beautiful photographs, as usual, Brandy! That Fall table is gorgeous!

  • Vanessa November 02, 2017

    Walmart has the same turkeys for 68 cents a pound and no limit.

  • Melinda D November 01, 2017

    Coupons.com has a coupon for $1 off any Darigold product this morning.

  • Meredith November 01, 2017

    My youngest loves Cuties and I was just wondering aloud yesterday "What kind of fresh things can I buy this time of year?! It feels like everything is out of season and expensive!" Thanks for the reminder Brandy! This love of fresh clementines has had me hemming and hawing over canned Mandarin oranges for our food storage. Most are in sugar water which I don't care for, and the only kind I have found that is in juice instead is definitely produced in China (of course, makes sense with the product and all) but it makes me nervous with some of the quality issues with that country which have been raised in the last few years. I saw at Sprouts yesterday that they carry some (half as much for the same price as what I've been buying though) from Spain in pear juice. They are in cans, not plastic, like the others I have been buying, which is better for storage though. I bought one can to try and if we like them, I will look to see if they go on sale or can be purchased with a case discount. I think they are a seasonal item for the store so I need to work that out before they don't have them anymore :/ I need to get frozen turkeys for a roundup our school district does jointly with our local food bank, and I think I can knock off other regular grocery items (flour, maybe butter, a few boxed brownie/cake mixes for specific needs that don't do as well with homemade, yogurt, orange juice, etc.) while getting at least one for free at our Safeway, so I need to plan that out. I cube and can our jack o lantern pumpkins, and also puree and freeze some for baking, and now that Halloween has past, I better get on it :) I could probably use more celery, but I have to watch for a good price. It often goes for close to $2/bunch here, so I pick it up when it goes to $0.99 each and then I dehydrate what we won't use fresh. Canned green beans are on my Costco list too. We don't have case lot sales where I live and I almost never see amazing deals on canned anything, so I find the best price with the least amount of time invested in it is to get boxes of what I need at Costco :D I'm hoping to find a markdown deal or just regular deal on fresh cranberries for some muffin-baking; those always seem to be pricey! I'm hoping for a good sale on evaporated and condensed milks, butter, and canned pineapple too. Watching for a big drop on yam prices - that used to last for a while but a couple years ago I noticed it only goes rock bottom once and only for about a week. I need to pay attention there. I've decided going forward to use our bread ends for stuffing instead of buying bags or boxes of dried mix, to make my cream of soup with a white sauce base, and to make salsa using canned tomatoes and home-dried peppers. I made cilantro salt that I'm storing in the fridge to try to work around wasting so much buying it by the bunch fresh (I don't have other recipes that call for it!!). Have to test that this month and see how it holds up.

  • Nikki November 01, 2017

    Kroger is having their once a year Mega sale. Green beans are .49 a can I believe. Not sure about Costco's prices (we don't have one), but this is a great deal for us.

  • Meredith November 03, 2017

    Thanks Nikki! I need to look over the inclusions and make my shopping list - our local Kroger is King Soopers. I love the site Kroger Krazy for coupon matchups and what not. :)

  • Andrea Q November 01, 2017

    Apples are in season, so we are eating a lot of those.

    Trader Joe's has mandarins from Spain, but they are in light syrup. We only use 2-3 cans each year, so I buy them there.

  • Meredith November 03, 2017

    We have an apple tree (we picked clean, processed, and filled the fridge with the rest) and pears have been good prices too (need to plant a tree for those I think too) -- but the kids are giving me looks when I say "Apple or pear or carrots?" LOL They really are good kids; I get it - gets old after a while - like Brandy has said variety is the spice of life. We will try the mandarins from TJs - the ones from Sprouts sadly had no flavor. I prefer the juice pack to syrup pack for food storage reasons. It's not that we can't make use of fruit syrups, but if we don't have refrigeration during a disaster, that means sugar syrup consumed every day to keep from wasting it :/ I came upon a couple small cans of pineapple juice we had forgotten about so I tried resoaking them in that, but didn't help :( Thanks for the tip!!

  • Lorna November 02, 2017

    Hi Meridith from Australia :) and I noticed you and many others are after evaporated milk and condensed milk in their list of grocery purchases and wasn't sure if yourself or others knew how to make both out of their food storage so I thought I would put up recipes for both. We make our own here rather than buying the cans which can be rather expensive.

    These recipes work for instant or non instant powdered milk too.

    Sweetened condensed milk -
    1/2 cup of hot water.
    1 cup of powdered milk.
    1 cup of sugar.
    1T of butter.
    Combine ingredients and mix thoroughly in blender. Use straight away or store in the refrigerator or freezer.

    Evaporated milk.
    - 1 1/2 cups of water.
    - 1/2 cup + 1T powdered milk.
    Combine ingredients and mix well. Makes 1 1/2 cups or equivalent to a 12oz can.

    I hope this helps you and others here too.

  • Cassandra Donahue November 02, 2017

    Thank you! It was very helpful.

  • Lorna November 02, 2017

    Most welcome Cassandra and Marney for the recipes and I didn't know either until I did some further investigation either. There is also a wonderful book called "I can't Believe It's food storage" by Crystal Godfrey that has a myriad of things you can make with food storage and is well worth getting. This is where the above recipes came from and I believe these recipes are also on other various websites I found.

    You can substitute your homemade evaporated milk and condensed milk in any recipes you have as it is the same as the shop purchased variety.

    We make chocolate puddings, chocolate fudge, white sauce mixes and lots of things from our powdered milk and a few other ingredients. It is amazing what you can delete from your shopping list when you know how to make it from what you already have.

  • Marney November 02, 2017

    I didn't know you could make either of those! Thank you!

  • Meredith November 03, 2017

    Thanks Lorna! I do have these recipes in my homemade 'cookbook,' but in case of disaster, I've decided it's best for us to have canned on hand. All the recipes I've found call for the use of a blender which we wouldn't be able to use without electricity. (There is a manual one made by GSI but it is expensive.) I *could* try the recipe with manual beaters instead, but at the same time, I look for ways to have ease of use in case of a disaster, which the canned versions provide. Cans also mean less water I have to store specifically since they're already prepared. It looks like some others didn't know those recipes so I'm glad you shared them! Some just don't have a real need for large numbers of canned milks (I have a few recipes that call for them) so being able to make from powdered milk every once in a while instead is a better fit!

  • Lorna November 03, 2017

    Hi Meredith I do agree that keeping some tins for emergencies is a good idea good and you could make the milks with a hand mixer too or if you are really industrious a strong whisk as well if the power was out, just with a lot more effort :D .

  • Julie T November 07, 2017

    I use the sweetened condensed milk recipe all the time! Works great. Thanks for the evaporated milk one

  • Rhonda A. November 02, 2017

    If you are concerned about quality when it comes to canned mandarin oranges, then why not can your own? If you buy up a case of cuties, you could process most of them in jars (there are plenty of instructions on how to do this on line) and save a few for fresh eating. I canned my own pineapple when it went on sale really cheap ($1/pineapple is cheap here in Canada) and it tastes way better than the canned stuff you buy, plus it was cheaper!

  • Andrea Q November 02, 2017

    That's a great idea! I might try that! Thanks.

  • Meredith November 03, 2017

    Rhonda, I have considered this, but I feel like the time intensive work of sectioning them won't be worth it for the 12 or so we'd use each year :)

  • Cindi November 01, 2017

    I'm going to buy our Thanksgiving turkey, for sure. I'm hoping for a good price on fresh sweet potatoes -- if I find it, I'll buy 10 pounds, which will keep in the refrigerator a while. City Market (Kroger affiliate) has butter for $1.99 a pound if you buy 10 pounds, so I'll probably buy 10 lbs. I haven't seen that price in a while. Clementines and cranberries are also on my list, and I'll buy pecans -- sale or not -- for a pie.

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