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June's Garden Harvest and Shopping Plans

Blackberries in bowl The Prudent Homemaker

This month in the garden, I'll harvest blackberries, Mission figs, and apricots.

I'll cut and pick Swiss chard, green onions, grape leaves, chives, oregano, rosemary, sage, elderberry flowers (and possibly elderberries, if I can beat the birds to them), New Zealand spinach, peppermint, and tomatoes.

Mission Figs in Basket The Prudent Homemaker

I'll collect seeds from open-pollinated spinach, three kinds of lettuce, leeks, green onions, and nasturtiums to plant later--though most of the green onion seeds will be planted in the garden this month.

I'll sow seeds for zinnias, sunflowers, green onions, vincas, butternut squash, pumpkins, zucchini, marjoram, and thyme in the garden.

I'll buy a few staples this month, but the rest of my $200 budget will be spent on produce, eggs, and meat that I find on sale.

There should be several good sales on meat around Father's Day.

Corn on the cob should go on sale this month; I'll look for sales of six and possibly eight ears for a dollar.

June is a hot month here; most days, if not every day, will be over 100°F/ 38C° (Monday will be 105°). We plan on eating lots of bean burritos, pasta salads (using a combination of sale produce and garden produce; I like my pasta salads to be more vegetables than noodles), homemade yogurt with homemade cranberry almond granola

Summer Pasta Salad The Prudent Homemaker

You can see my summer menu here. I don't follow my menus exactly; instead, I use them to plan my meals based on what is ripe in my garden, what I have in my pantry and freezer, and what I can add that is on sale.




Greek yogurt (small container to use as a starter to make yogurt)

Spreadable margarine (3-pound tub for $2.27)

Flour tortillas





Ice cream (I buy the big buckets labeled "Kroger party pail" when they go on sale for $4.99 or less; sometimes the sale price is $4.49 and sometimes it is $3.99!)



Almonds (our Sam's club appears to have stopped carrying almonds, so I'll have my mom pick some up at Costco for me)



Oxiclean spray


Summer Pasta Salad 2 The Prudent Homemaker

 What seasonal recipes do you have planned for this month? What sales do you look for in June?


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  • Athanasia June 04, 2018

    Oh, Lynn, I am so sorry for your loss. I am sure all the ladies here are wishing things comfort for you and praying a prayer or two for you. Will look forward to more comments again from you.

  • SJ in Vancouver BC June 10, 2018

    I'm so sorry for your loss as well.
    When I started cooking for just myself, a good friend suggested cooking at lunch time. I prepare my dinner and cook it in the middle of the day. Then wrap it up and refrigerate. I usually eat lunch while dinner is cooking in the oven. Then, at dinner time, I only have to reheat my meal.
    Another friend sets her place setting for the next meal when she's cleaning up the meal she just ate. So, for example, when she's cleaning up breakfast, she sets the table for lunch. My adaptation was to buy two very pretty trays. One I use for lunch and the other I use for dinner.
    Both of these suggestions have helped me avoid fast food or delivery meals for dinner. Hope this comment helps in some way.

  • Liz June 02, 2018


    I am looking forward to harvesting spinach and swiss chard soon. I hope that it doesn't get too hot here for the spinach. I planted these before the rest of the plants. I have a good amount of basil, rosemary and mint growing! Does anyone have a good mint recipe? I have made jelly before but no one really liked it. I am trying to think of other ways to use it. Sometimes we use it in flavored water.

    As far as what to buy and make this month, I like to make a lot of salads. Potato salads, macaroni salads, and a ton of salad from the greens growing in the garden. I like to grill also. I want to make some kabobs for Sunday dinner tomorrow. I also make a lot of deviled eggs in the summer since we get a lot of eggs with our chickens.

    Hope everyone is well.

  • Jenifer June 03, 2018

    Liz, if you like chocolate and mint together adding 3TBS of minced fresh mint to a chocolate chip cookie recipe is really good. I also like to make a healthy chocolate mint smoothie with yougurt/or/milk, ice,frozen banana, chocolate syrup and about a quarter cup fresh mint.
    Also adding fresh diced mint with fresh cubed/balled watermelon is delicious.

  • Athanasia June 04, 2018

    Liz, google "meadow tea" and you will Mennonite and Amish recipes. Most of these make a concentrate that you can then freeze and use the rest of the year. I use my mother in law's recipe as that is what my husband likes best. It is a bit sweet for me, so I just make my own batch of unsweetened. But the sweeter version is very good. Some folks mix it with lemonade.

  • Mmckms June 05, 2018

    I use mint I’m simple syrups for mixed drinks both alcohol and non alcohol. I add it to lemonade and raspberry drink.also add it to my lemon cookies, lemon merg pies. To keep it in the winter fresh I freeze it in ice cube trays then add to apple cider and hot choc in the winter time.

  • Hilogene in Az June 02, 2018

    Brandy, thanks again for writing this blog. I know with all your responsibilities that this extra work takes quite a bit of time, I really appreciate reading this every week. This year I have spent more on groceries, so June will be a month of getting spending under control again and working down the freezer. While we haven’t been eating out at restaurants, much of what I have cooked has cost more per meal.

    The photo of the salad is fantastic! Perhaps when you have a bit more time, you could do food photography :).

  • Maxine June 02, 2018

    Brandy, a good friend has just hollowed out a beautiful piece of driftwood for us for a herb garden at the new house. If you only had room for four 4-inch pots of herbs, what would you plant? I live in zone 6B. I'm thinking basil, but what else? I will be sinking a pot of mint in the ground beside the driftwood. I am really excited!

  • Andrea Q June 04, 2018

    Basil won't amount to much in a 4" pot; it's a large plant. I'd try to find one rectangular planter to fit in the space and only plant one type herb in it. My choice would be Greek oregano, as that it our favorite.

  • Susie June 04, 2018

    Lemon Thyme! It's my surprise favorite. I had a plant that overwintered last year, but didn't come back this year. Thankfully our local nursery carried it. I bought two so that I'll have enough to dry for non-seasonal use.

  • Stephanie June 03, 2018

    We planted an apple tree yesterday for our anniversary. It was 50%off at Home Depot and I had a little left on a gift card. I paid $8 for a 8 ft tall Golden Delicious Apple Tree.

    I visited the local farmers market and bought lettuce, cilantro, and strawberries. We have had a late spring here in Virginia and too much rain. Our lettuce we planted is still barely coming up. We have never had this problem before. The tomato and pepper plants we purchased for $1.50 each at a Mater Gardner sale in our area are looking great. The wildlife unfortunately ate most of my planted strawberries.

    Brandy, I looked at some of your meals for the summer and they were fabulous. I bought the ingredients for the pasta salads and the bean and rice tortillas. I was so happy that it was less than $10 dollars, as we have a short paycheck this week.

  • Marybeth June 03, 2018

    I am hoping to get lots of lettuce and peas from the garden this month. I have started using my parsley, basil, thyme and sage so I will use that all month too. We always need milk, soy milk, fresh fruit and veggies. I am low on cheese so I will be getting some. Hubby loves Nesquik and I just opened the last container so I will get that at BJs. I have several rain checks that I am hoping the items will come in. Just looking for amazing prices otherwise. Last weeks shopping is here: https://mcoia.blogspot.com/2018/05/adding-to-my-pantry_30.html

  • Gardenpat June 03, 2018

    For June, I have already started stocking up on some seasonal and exceptional buys-
    Fresh corn - 8/$1 that I froze in kernals ( this was the first year that I actually ran out of frozen corn about 10 days before this sale came along! I’m trying to stock up on my food storage but not store way more than a year’s supply so that I have space to diversify my pantry! So I was actually happy that my corn came out almost even!!),
    I will watch for more strawberries- I’ve frozen 2 flats so far.
    I ordered Zaycon boneless skinless chicken breast again this month for pick up the beginning of October. With their promo code which is good through June 30, it is 99 cents a pound! It comes in a 40 pound box, refrigerated but not frozen and because there are 4 ten pound bags in the box, my daughters have been able to split the 40 pound box to still take advantage of the price. Usually there promo is only for new customers, but this time it’s for anyone! I ordered (2) boxes - 80 pounds- for our freezer and I won’t need to buy chicken for a long time! Here’s the list know and promo code if you’re interested (they are available nationally in US)- https://zayconfresh.com/refer/zf182397 and the promo code is CHICKEN2018 It takes the price down at checkout.

    I also want to find coconut and I’m not sure when a good time to find it in bulk is! I’m running low. Any ideas?

    So far our garden is only producing greens, but we are grateful for that! The berries are starting to form so we will have currants, blackberries, raspberries and goji berries.

    I just restocked some condiments this week so I’m good there. Will be watching for fruits coming into season in bulk to freeze, can and dry! The produce market still regularly supplies me with good sales for bulk items- $2 for a 20 pound box of bananas, $5 or less for a 25 pound box of tomatoes, etc. These supplement what my garden produces so I can stock up even more! The only caveat is that at those prices, the produce needs to be processed soon so that it doesn’t go past it’s prime!
    I love to do my baking/ precooking meals in the early morning while it is still cool and quite often I’m mega cooking big batches for later!
    I love this month! It’s a busy time adding to my pantry, but so satisfying!!

  • Darcy June 03, 2018

    I am just so happy that the weather is finally warm and beautiful. We didn't have much of a Spring. It was cold and rainy and then hot and summer like.

    This month we have a couple of extra expenses so it will be tight. I plan on shopping only the really great specials and not much meat as we have plenty in the freezer to get us through the month. We will mostly be buying product and dairy. We were able to get a dozen eggs for 49 cents each yesterday so we bought 4. I see omelets and quiches in our future :) I have a couple of different kinds of soups in the freezer so that will be on the menu this month. I will also be harvesting spinach and lettuce.

  • Jo June 03, 2018

    I am hoping to get to the blueberry farm to pick berries. We have a few on our bush but a cold snap after an early warm spell hurt the bush.
    I cooked and strained about a dozen tomatoes from our 3 bearing bushes and got a pint of tomato sauce. We have more getting ripe.
    My goal this month is to spend little on groceries so our garden is important. Our “spinach” plant is growing. I’m freezing basil and will freeze mint. With luck we’ll have okra before long. It’s one plant that can take the heat! Figs are coming on if we can outwit the birds and squirrels.
    Love the pictures!

  • Becky June 03, 2018

    This month is a super busy one. I have a graduation party/open house for my daughter on Saturday. There is absolutely no idea of how many people will show up. We are holding it at 10 am, and there are still at least 3 more parties on the same day that are in the afternoon for other kids we know, which we may, or may not make it to. My mother and sisters are bringing things to help me out.

    I also have 3 of my children's birthdays within 1 week, starting on June 7. There is also a young family friend that has her birthday the same week, and I've committed to helping out with her party as well.

    All of this to say: I've needed more groceries than usual. I've been going to more than one store, collecting the items that I want for events at the best price. For instance, I found clear, plastic cutlery at Safeway for 2/$5. Then, there was s sign for buy one get one for free, so now 3/$5. Then I had an Ibotta rebate for $1 off 1, so I redeemed 3 of that offer. So, ended up paying $2/3 pkgs.

    I will buy perishables, such as the strawberries I want to chocolate dip later in the weed, but I have the chocolate already, bought on clearance and one little tub I got for free a while back. I've been getting other food items on sale when I see them.

    In June, I will have some garden produce like lettuce which I will use in meals. I have many pounds of frozen meat to cook. I got 5 dozen eggs at Costco. I also got another bag of potatoes this week. I plan to keep filling in the empty spaces in my newly-cleaned pantry when I find the missing items for a good price. I will buy milk, other dairy, and things I run out of.

  • Jess June 04, 2018

    This month will focus on toiletries, as our food supply is good and our garden will start producing this month to add to meals. We will also be focusing on cleaning up the last of the vegetables & fruits I canned and froze last year to make way for this year's harvest. I have picked tons of strawberries so far this year. I've made 3 pints and 3 jelly jars of strawberry jam and chocolate covered strawberries. We've been eating strawberries for breakfasts and eating them on ice cream. I plan to freeze some to put in yogurt throughout the year. I've also used and frozen quite a bit of rhubarb. Last month, I was able to stock up on several pantry staples and still had extra left in our budget. This month we will need more contact solution and conditioner. I received a coupon for BOGO free conditioner, which was perfect timing. I also will try to find some sales on toilet paper and paper towels to add to the stockpiles. I will also look for sales on some cleaning supplies. I will not be working for 2 weeks in June before I start my new job, so I plan to use that time to get my house in order and start on a good note. When I was working in schools, I always had to summer to really focus on my garden, canning, and stocking up on sales. I would try to get enough toiletries to last a year throughout the summer. Now, I won't have that time. But I expect to make more money and save a significant amount of money in health insurance with this new job, so that maybe our budget will have a little more breathing room.

  • kim June 04, 2018

    The dollar store has flour tortillas for $1.00 see if that can beat Wincos large pack. Also diluted biz powder bleach in a spray bottle beats oxy clean every time. Also cheaper.

  • Cold pasta salads have been put into rotation here as well, since the weather has heated up! How is the Kroger party pail ice cream? I haven't had that since my kids were small and don't remember. We mostly buy Blue Bell when it's on sale or the Klondike bars my husband loves (also when they are on sale! Too pricey not to!). Occasionally I will make homemade ice cream in my little electric ice cream maker but that can be pricey as well if I don't purchase ingredients carefully. I would love a less expensive alternative, but it'seems not savings if no one will eat it and hubby is particular about certain foods.

    My "frugal five" is here: https://tjssweethome.blogspot.com/2018/06/five-frugal-things-june-1-2018.html

  • The Kroger party pail is very good! We think it tastes much better than homemade and it is cheaper for us than making it. A few years ago one of my readers said she could make homemade for less, but her price for cream and milk was less than half of what we pay here, so it depends on where you live.

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