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Last Week's Frugal Accomplishments

Lettuce and Spinach The Prudent Homemaker

I harvested lemons, lettuce, garlic chives, oregano, spinach, and a couple of apricots from the garden.

I cooked chicken in my solar oven, which not only didn't use gas, but it also kept the house cooler.

Peppa Pig Cupcakes The Prudent Homemaker

We celebrated a birthday at home for my 2-year-old with homemade cupcakes.

My son picked more mulberries from our neighbor's tree (with permission). The birds planted this tree in her yard, and while she likes the tree, she doesn't like mulberries. Most of the berries were too high to reach even with our extension ladder, but we had enough to put over pancakes for breakfast.

We renewed library books online when it became obvious that we weren't going to get the books back on time.

My 13-year-old sold a few camp cards to earn money for his Scout camp this summer.

I got some free exercise at home while I pulled weeds and bolted chard plants from the garden.

Elsa Baptism The Prudent Homemaker

My daughter was baptized on Saturday. She wore the dress that I made for my eldest daughter, which each sister before her has worn.


What did you do to save money this past week?




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  • I May 14, 2018

    I really enjoyed shopping at Lidl when we spent 3 weeks in England a couple of years ago on a house exchange (a frugal and fun way to travel). At least there, they would have 2-3 different fruits and vegetables on sale each week at a bargain price, I found their prices very good on dairy and meat. I wish we had Lidl here in Canada.

  • Julie T May 14, 2018

    Brandy what a beautiful daughter!

    Spring has sprung in Minnesota finally. Asparagus is coming up. Rhubarb is shooting up too!

    I went to a few garage sales this week-bought clothes for grandkids. Also a couple of larger baskets for storage, a large enamel wash pan (oval shaped) for $1.00. I love to use these in the garden, sturdy and easy to wash out. I also got a metal coated dish drainer in the free pile. It got cleaned up and now is on my desk with file folders in the plate rack area. I am using it to organize bills, papers, etc.

    Went to the Amish greenhouse to buy flowers and seeds. Only spent $100.00 as I had some seed from last year. Got my 8 planters done with flowers. Now just need to get garden tilled this week and get it planted. Got perennial beds cleaned out, strawberries raked out from the straw covering, and lawn swept with the lawn sweeper. That sure is a time saver from raking up all the old leaves, especially since we mow 2 acres.

    Hanging clothes out-they smell so good!

    Farm market opened. I bought fresh asparagus. Usually buy once before ours is ready. Bought a large bag of dried kidney beans. Pressure canned 21 pints. Also bought sunflower oil and some Italian sausage. Can’t wait for more of the produce to start coming in.

    Made yogurt; a double batch of Brandi’s granola; grilled hamburgers with homemade potato salad; sausages, home canned green beans, and hash browns; French toast and link sausages; taco salad; and potato leek soup. With 2 of us we also ate leftovers and froze some soup for later. The frozen soup is my go to for a quick supper if I get home late from work.

    I am off from work today and supposed to be mid 70’s. Plan on working on some spring cleaning-windows cleaned, a couple of closets cleaned and organized and the garden shed cleaned and sweeped out. Plus take an inventory of canning jars stored in the gardening shed in Rubbermaid containers.

    Have a great week everyone.


  • Brandy,

    What a delicious treat to get some mulberries! I love how you do your best for your family. The cupcakes look like they came from a bakery. :)

    Last week, here is what I did to save money:

    * Contently stayed in town while my husband helped a friend after church
    * Efficiently ran about 5 errands back-to-back to save on gas and time
    * Joyfully delivered two Mother's Day presents to a client. I purchased the boxes for them at 40% and 50% off at Michael's.
    * Gladly met the client halfway to deliver the presents
    * Purchased very little food and ate what we had at home instead
    * Strategically met a friend at a nearby park (5-minute drive for both of us) to get fresh air, exercise, and catch up time
    * Gladly turned off lights in the house because it has been such a blessing to have many more hours of daylight now
    * Counted my blessings; it cost me nothing and helped me with my spirit
    * Spent time at home with my husband where it's peaceful and quiet
    * Went to get my hair cut and was pleasantly surprised to receive a discount

  • Laurie in central NC May 14, 2018

    What a beautiful dress you made for your daughters. Your solar oven comment brought to mind my recent thoughts of baking some things on the porch in the toaster oven, to keep the house cooler. I harvested lettuce, oregano, asparagus, and thyme from the garden, and cut bouquets for the house. Mulberries are probably my favorite berry, but as our tree has gotten much larger, I share most of them with the birds. It's difficult to reach many, though I've pondered putting a tarp underneath to catch some. I weeded in the garden, and almost caught up on my mending. I hope you & all the readers had a lovely Mother's Day. https://abelabodycare.blogspot.com/2018/05/a-few-new-animals-on-homestead-frugal.html

  • Rhonda A. May 14, 2018

    What a lovely dress with such a precious tradition attached to it. Your daughter is so pretty, too. Happy birthday to your 2yr old! The cupcakes look delicious. Sounds like you are getting back into the swing of things after the birth of your newest addition!

    I've been struggling with a very sore back this week. Fighting through the pain and stiffness the best I can, though. I don't want to loose out on the extra work hours I get by starting early with cleaning the village buildings each spring! This week, our frugal accomplishments for our family included:
    *Meals made at home included ham steaks with knorr noodles sidekicks and leftover mixed veggies, lasgna with salad, homemade chicken souvlaki with flavoured rice and carrots, tacos (choice between beef or black beans), and pasta with choice of sauce and optional sliced cooked sausages.
    *As we were leaving work on Monday, one of my supervisors informed us that there were cases of soda that were expired to the public, but we were welcome to take as much as we'd like. I brought home 5 cases (24 cans/case) of diet Pepsi, 1 case of Brisk iced tea and 1 case of Dr. Pepper. I don't drink pop much, but my mom enjoys a cold drink when doing yardwork on warm days and DD (along with her friend) likes to drink it, like most teens do. Even if it is a bit flat, they'll lap it up in no time, I'm sure!
    *Hubby helped my MIL with a bowling banquet on Saturday. My mom and I made treat trays for the banquet, which he delivered over for us. We were paid $145 for the trays. I kept $40 for myself (I bought most of the ingredients), gave my mom $80 (she made most of the treats) and $25 for her to buy dirt for her flower gardens & flower pots. Hubby brought back the leftover treats, which we can use in our bagged lunches and for dessert!
    *Made our bi-anual trip to place flowers on my grandparents gravestones on Mother's day. We stopped at the chocolate factory to pick up our chocolate stash, then hopped over to the cheese factory and bought some amazing local cheese. I bought a brick of 4 year old white cheddar and some fresh garlic cheese curd. DD bought me a brick of 10 year old orange cheddar for my mother's day gift (using Grandma's money of course). Looking forward to enjoying these treats over the next little while!!!
    *Hubby and DD treated my mom and I to dinner our on Mother's day. DD made me a homemade Mother's day card, complete with her wonderful artistic drawing, which I absolutely loved!
    *Picked dandelion greens from the yard to feed to our Guinea Pig. She loved the fresh greens and I love giving her free food!
    *My garden is starting to sprout. Now I just hope the wildlife doesn't eat them all! I started soaking the bean seeds and will plant them Monday or Tuesday after work (my back was just too sore to plant on the weekend).
    *Was in serious need of gas for my car on Wednesday. Most gas stations were $1.26/litre. Went to Costco and thankfully paid $1.21/litre to fill my tank. Next day the gas prices went up$1.33/litre. Although $1.21/litre is pretty high, I'm really happy I got it at that price at the moment!

    Looking forward to reading everyones comments as I get time. Hope you all have a awesome and frugal week!

  • Athanasia May 15, 2018

    Rhonda, what a lucky windfall of soda and ice tea. They probably will be just fine. I saw cases of soda at the store and the regular price (name brand) were 5.49 a case of 12 cans. Wow.

  • Rhonda A. May 15, 2018

    My mom and DD are quite enjoying their soda stash already. They told me it tasted fine, though neither really care if some of the fizz is gone. They don't like fizzy soda anyways. The price you quoted is pretty close to the cost of a case of 24 cans here in our area. Canned pop is really becoming expensive to buy now!

  • Athanasia May 16, 2018

    Rhonda, 24 packs are 8.99 here. Sometimes they run sales where if you buy 2 you can get them for 6.99 or 5.99. I have been checking soda what with the upcoming holiday weekend here which also includes 2 birthdays and an anniversary. So I want some soda on hand. I am sure they will be on sale by the next ad, probably 4/11.00 or 4/12.00 or 12 packs

  • Rhonda A. May 19, 2018

    Oh my goodness, you are right! I think I saw cases of 24 around $8-9 here too. My apologizes...we are definitely not cheaper than the states!!!

  • Laura M Villotta May 19, 2018

    Kroget has 24pk Coke 4.99 this week. Cheapest I have seen it. It is my splurge but only if it is on sale.

  • Athanasia May 21, 2018

    Laura, we don't have a Kroger's. We have a Kroger affiliate, I think they call it. They bought out our local store chain, raised the prices, dropped all our local brands and filled it with Kroger stuff. Can't say I am happy at all with it. When I see people saying what they bought at Kroger and for what price, well we just don't see that here. But we are not in an area where we have a choice of multiple stores. But I will look for the soda ad you mentioned and hopefully it will be here. Thanks!

  • A Housewife Writes May 14, 2018

    Such pretty, simple cupcakes! I'll have to remember that.

    City-wide garage sales were this weekend! I found a few estate-type sales with vintage treasures galore. I had to use a lot of restraint! Some of my best bargains included a full box of misc. vintage Valentines and greeting cards for $4, a dozen wide mouth Tattler lids for $2, a box of nearly new window shades for $1 (I'll be able to use at least 2 of the 7), 4 books (1910s era) for $3, and a brand new French press coffeepot for $2.

    I only bought a few necessities for groceries this week ($6) and we ate out of our pantry and freezers.

  • I love your finds!

  • A Housewife Writes May 14, 2018

    Me too! ;) What a fantastic start to the garage sale season; I don't expect to have another day like that for a long time.

  • Juhli May 14, 2018

    Doing a lot of the usual of reading library books, cooking at home, reusing zip-lock bags, etc.

    We had a frugal and non-frugal Mother's Day weekend as we took a son and DIL who came to spend the weekend at my request out to dinner Saturday night and had great fun. We did have cocktails before and dessert afterwards at home. But we also spent time walking the dogs and using the free rec center activities in my retirement community, they cooked brunch and I cooked lunch on Sunday so no other costs. It was too chilly to use the patio but we cleaned it up to get it ready for warm weather in hopes we could be out there and I'm sure we will be enjoying it soon.

    I am doing a couple of wardrobe challenges to find new ways to wear what I have and to see what kinds of alterations may help make me like some items more. Free entertainment.

  • Cindi May 14, 2018

    A beautiful girl and a beautiful dress.
    I cashed in PineCone Rewards for a $50 Amazon GC and used the money to buy organic fertilizers for my garden and fruit trees. This week in the garden and greenhouse, I planted my tomato seedlings and planted seeds for basil, squash, okra, lima beans, runner beans, nasturtiums, and zinnias.
    We went camping at a state park for two nights, using our annual pass for a discount. We took all our food for the trip and had a very nice, relaxing time. I read books I had downloaded from the library while my husband fished, and we took several hikes.
    I cooked a big pot of pinto beans and divided it into meal-sized servings for the freezer. Being able to pull out a container of refried beans for quick bean tacos for a last minute meal has saved us many times. I also made a big batch of pumpkin muffins and froze half.
    I harvested lettuce, arugula, green onions, and asparagus from the garden.
    I had to get some prescriptions refilled and the pharmacist saved me some money on one prescription my insurance doesn't cover by running it through the store's prescription card. Instead of $50, I paid $6!
    My biggest accomplishment this week is that I finally got the queen-sized quilt I have been piecing for our bed sandwiched together and in the quilt frame a friend gave to me last year, and I’ve started quilting it. It’s going to take me months to hand-quilt, but I can keep the frame set up in the living room, and my husband attached a (trash-picked) work light to the frame so I’ll have good light.

  • Jess May 14, 2018

    This week we..
    ..skipped supper a few times. My husband and I had both gotten home late a few times last week and just decided we weren't really hungry and didn't want to deal with cooking.
    ..ate PTO provided pizza, pork chops, and soup for lunch this week for teacher appreciation week. Also enjoyed snacks from their snack bar each day.
    ..stayed under budget on groceries
    ..made food for Mother's Day lunch using only items I had on hand except for one box of jello.
    ..bought gas when I was in the city running errands
    ..saved 7 cents per gallon versus our town's gas station.
    ..went to my sisters graduation. Had to stay in a hotel; but I took the shampoo and conditioner home. Also ate free breakfast they provided.
    ..carpooled with my parents to the graduation.

  • Amy S May 14, 2018

    Baptism days are so special! She looks beautiful and happy. :)

    *We made all meals at home - I even made my Mother's Day meal from scratch on Saturday. My family put it all together on Sunday. I wanted a Chocolate Raspberry Torte Cake for dessert. I found the recipe and had all ingredients on hand. I loved being able to use my handmade raspberry jam in the recipe.

    *I found a big jar of salsa on clearance for 1.79. I had a coupon to use with it and got it for less than a dollar.

    *We still have a landline. It stopped working. I called and they came to repair it for free because it was their fault.

    *I got my Mother's day cards for free. I buy the 99 cards and had a $2/2 coupon.

    *Opened windows as much as possible. I don't handle heat well and get quite sick when I am overheated. But I did the best I could and used our overhead fans. I don't use heat once the kids are gone at school and turn it off. We've had very up and down weather this past week in our temperatures. Went from 80 - 47 for the days highs.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful week :)

  • Megan Z. May 14, 2018

    I am surprised you are still able to get lettuce. Mine has started bolting so I've been pulling it up. I planted tomatoes and cucumbers this weekend. I have been able to get a handful of snow peas every day. I went to Kroger last night and saw that a pound was going for $6.99. I will be lucky if I get a pound over the whole season but better than spending $7!

    I cut some of my hydrangeas to bring inside. I love being able to grow my own flowers. I planted dahlia tubers- so far only 1 is sprouting but the rest should come up soon.

    I am almost out of laundry detergent. I saw Kroger was having a sale so saved about $8. I now have enough to last half the year.

    We had an early Mother's Day dinner on Saturday. My husband and I brought home leftovers. One of our family member's won't eat leftovers so they throw out any food left. Of course we'll take it!

    It is supposed to rain here the rest of the week so I won't have to water my garden. I hope that the forecasters are wrong because 7 days of rain is currently predicted.

  • Mine is bolting but I am eating it anyway. It's starting to get a bit bitter because of that, but I am happy to have salads and if I combine it with the spinach (which has usually bolted months ago, but didn't this year) it is not so obvious. Usually our lettuce is done by now, but mine slowed way down when we had a cold spell a while back and it is just now large enough to harvest--even though it's going straight up now. I plan to collect seeds from mine as they are are open-pollinated, so mine will be getting tall soon. Looseleaf can take the heat better than head lettuce; I find head lettuce almost impossible to grow.

    My snow peas are all burning; I tore most of them out and have a few more to take out. It's much too hot for them.

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