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Last Week's Frugal Accomplishments

White Larkspur The Prudent Homemaker

For the first time ever, I have apricots and peaches ripe at the same time (usually the apricots are ripe first). This past week we enjoyed both from the garden.

I watched a few shows on for free.

I harvested a few white alpine strawberries from the garden.

Strawberries were on sale for $0.99 a pound with no limit at Smith's. I bought 24 pounds. I froze berries and made strawberry popsicles made chocolate covered strawberries.

I went to several garage sales with my parents on Saturday morning. I found a few clothing items for our family, each priced between $0.50 and $2 each. I found a small urn for $2 (an item that has been on my list for a while). I found a garage sale where the books were free! I brought home several free books for my children and one for my husband (a photo book about Prague). I also purchased a few books for them between $0.10 and $.50 each. I found a small basket for $0.50 that I will use to organize some things in my sewing room. I found a lightweight coat for my husband for $5. I found a small purse ($0.50) and some decorative bobby pins ($1) that I will save for gifts for Winter. 

I found two games for $2 each. One of them was Stratego. My friend's son (our exchange student) has loved playing this game while he has been here, so I bought it for him to take home. When I sat down in the car, I noticed the front of the box was in English and French! I peeked inside and noticed that there were instructions in both languages inside, and also that the board was marked in both languages! When I got home and double checked to see that all of the pieces were there (something I should have done at the sale but had not), to my surprise, the pieces were still sealed in the original bags--the game was brand-new!  (The other game, 7 Wonders, also looks to be brand-new as well!)

What did you do to save money last week?


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  • J May 18, 2017

    Like everyone else, I have been finding this month super busy!
    I am just looking out the window at my garden and I see that I have rhubarb waiting to be harvested. Very exciting - although I sometimes find it a challenge to use it all up. I still have a bit in my freezer from last year.
    I tried the refried bean recipe Margaret suggested last post and it worked wonderfully. Thank you Margaret!
    The garden planning is in full swing here, I always try to plant on or just after the Canadian Victoria Day Weekend.
    Some of our adventures so far this month have been posted here:

  • Yay! Glad the refried bean recipe worked out for you! :) And am totes jelly of your rhubarb! I love stewed rhubarb for dessert or stirred into yoghurt; strawberry rhubarb pie, rhubarb jam, rhubarb coffee cake, rhubarb lemonade...I could go on! When I was a kid I would pick rhubarb, stick the end in sugar and eat it raw. Deliciously sweet and sour! :)

  • Mable May 19, 2017

    rhubarb pancake syrup!!

  • http://Robbie at Use Resources Wisely May 18, 2017

    We are "refinancing" some of our credit card debt. Our camp payments are due (it's our summer child care since we are both back to full time work). Though we have cash accumulated we are using our lower interest cards to pay it, and instead are using the cash to pay down our higher interest cards. For $1000 in expenses it will save us at least $100.
    Preteen complained about facial wash I picked out. Reminded her soap is soap and she can use it for a body wash in the shower.
    We are cooking more at home now which is good. Looking forward to the end of the school year so we can have a restful summer.
    Looking forward to a quiet Saturday where I can bless my favorite vendors at the farmers market and get my heirloom plants. I learned the hard way this year my seeds are no longer viable. :(

  • Cindy Brick May 18, 2017

    Instead of going out to eat for Mother's Day, we had a Little Caesar's pizza for lunch. For supper, when Daughters were coming, steak was on the menu -- but I got beef chunks instead (saving more than $1/pound, even on the sale price), marinated them in teriyaki sauce and used them, along with vegetables, in shishkebobs. Delicious.

    You've been a real inspiration for me -- I've started cataloguing my own "Frugal Hits and Misses" reports. Here's April's version:

  • Terry May 18, 2017

    Jennifer. Years ago we moved into a fixer house. It had hideous counter top in the utility room plus an ugly floor. My husband sanded them and I painted and stensiled them. We put 3 coats of satin polyurethane on top. 8 years later when we could finally afford to tile the floor and countertop still looked good.

  • Tanja May 19, 2017

    Hello everybody, here I am writing down some of my frugal accomplishments. I dont write every week because it takes a lot of effort to write in English but I read your comments every week. Right now I have a cake in the oven to take to a birthday this evening, and rolls are ready to go in the oven for hamburger buns.
    Last week I made myself a T-shirt and a blouse, I finished a pair of socks for an Armenish women I know from the vegetable garden complex. I did a shifft in the sportskantine in our village (volunteer work) an wil do so almost every weekend during the summer months.
    It is a nice way of getting involved in the community.
    I fixed a hole in jeans for an acquaintence, but our young dog decided to chew in another very large whole in the same jeans. We have a good insurance so he could buy a new pair of jeans, paid for by the insurance.
    I sowed lots of stuff in my vegetablegarden, now all we need is the temperature to rise.
    Made soup the other week using a oxtail: it was very good.
    I ordered a lot of organic food and flour at a wholesaler, we know somebody that ownes a company in all sustainable technicks so they can order there for low prices and let us order on there account.
    We always line dry our washings, always eat home cooked meals and do almost everything by bike. (shopping, going to work, kids going to school)
    Have a good weekend everyone!!!

  • ann lee s. May 19, 2017

    beautiful flower photo by Brandy, what is it I wonder? nice to see Tanja writing in, the reminder of oxtails made my mouth water, my mom used to cook them, SO delicious ... I will watch to see if some become available and try my hand at cooking them. What an ambitious group of writers here, lots of different ideas too! ann lee s

  • ellie's friend from Canada May 19, 2017

    I didn't buy much of anything but found the cheese I love so much was on sale for a third of the price but "at this location only". I put several packages in the freezer. I obtained a free library card and am discovering it has so many uses. For example, I can go online and read reviews in Consumer Reports.

    I sold my historic bricks to someone who needs them to restore his flood-damaged house. Not making a profit but feeling good about helping someone restore his beautiful flood damaged home.

    I borrowed my neighbour's long-handled pruning sheers and trimmed the overhanging branches so the brick pick-up truck can make it up the driveway. When I returned the beautiful sheers, my neighbour gave me an old pair (not as nice as theirs but still a great gift).
    I didn't have to hire someone to prune.

    Love your bargains!

  • Annie-Blake May 20, 2017

    What a great week!
    -spent a total of $14.15 on groceries for the week (normal spend is $120 Australian dollars per week)
    -went to a free local event 'teddy bears picnic' by the ocean. It included rides, petting zoo, take home craft, a tomato plant, water bottles and a beautiful fairy stage show. We packed a picnic and took teddy
    -went to the park by the beach for mothers day and walked along the pier, very relaxing
    -hanging washing inside while it's pouring rain
    -didn't have to put fuel in our car, we do this around mid month, every month. It should last another 2 weeks
    -picking an abundance of riberries off our Lilly pilly's to eat and use in cooking (ice cream, Popsicles, jelly, pancakes, jam). Freezing lots.
    -sold a wooden toy box for $60 on our equivalent of Craigslist (gumtree) which we got for free several years ago
    -borrowed two DVD'S from the library that I have really wanted to watch...we don't have Netflix or cable or any subscription service nor do we have Internet or a computer.

  • BB May 21, 2017

    Hi everyone,
    It's been a couple of weeks since I've checked in here.
    -Gifts: Mother's day- we coordinated to go in with our siblings and spent $30 Birthdays- hubby, I got bluetooth headphones on a lightening deal $15, oldest son- got clearance skates $27, a $3 dress shirt, and $1 external battery charger. Graduations- I have used the XL twin sheets ($5) and single brew coffee makers ($7) I had in my gift stash. Wedding shower- gave an electric skillet I had in the gift stash ($15.)
    -Cut both boys hair and groomed the dog. Saved $95
    -Ate in for every meal but one. We went on a lunch date since the kids will be home for the summer soon.
    -I went to a meeting at work and suggested a way to make my job more proactive and networked a lot- job security.
    -Saved $400 in the "pay off the mortgage" fund! I put that savings on auto transfer for the rest of the year.
    -garage sale: found a digital camera for youngest for his bday $2, got a brand new pair of shoes for myself for $2.
    -Planted a garden. I have a small area that was unused, so I started small. 4 tomatoes, zucchini, green beans, snap peas and lettuce.

  • Juls Owings May 22, 2017

    We came in under budget of the things we had to buy. Waited until Menard's had their 11%rebate .Have about 30 different types of seeds and some plants to still put in garden. Eating from the pantry...taking in clothes as Hubby has lost enough weight that his pants are too big.
    I Brought some peonies in for the house but had to take them back out due to the ants that I couldn't get off them. IF anyone has a suggestion how to deal with that let me know.
    A friend was bragging about how frugal they were being and I started playing 20 questions of "how do you save buying groceries? Clothes etc" then she realized they weren't bring frugal and told me about some repairs they had to do because they hadn't been maintaining their home...

    More here

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