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Last Week's Frugal Accomplishments

Fall Zinnia Arrangement The Prudent Homemaker

This post contains affiliate links.

I cut and dried lots of basil from the garden.

I printed free school worksheets from Education.com (they have a limit of 10 free worksheets each month).

I planted seeds in the garden for artichokes, Swiss chard, and parsley.

I covered my artichoke seedlings from a previous week that had come up with small canning jars, to keep the bugs from eating them and to create a mini-greenhouse, allowing them to grow faster larger.

I made a triple batch of laundry soap.

I experimented making a few loaves of pear bread, using quarts of home-canned pears that have been on the shelves for a few years. I ground whole wheat into flour in our grinder and used that in the recipes. The first two loaves were fine, but lacked excitement (we ate them anyway). I'll keep trying some variations until we find something we really enjoy, as we have a number of older jars of home-canned pears that need to be used up.

My brother-in-law was offered a number of free tickets to a show downtown on Tuesday. My husband and I were able to attend. We were even told to park in a certain lot downtown. We saw a parking garage on the way, but our vehicle was too tall to park there. We found the lot that we had been told to park in; it was a small lot and the entrance wasn't even clear. To our surprise, the lot stated that it was free to Nevada residents for 24 hours, provided the driver had a valid id! We did have to walk a distance, but the weather was pleasant and gave us a chance to talk. (For those who live in Las Vegas, this lot is east of Planet Hollywood, and you enter it from Harmon Ave. There is no noticeable entrance; just a fence with a small entrance and a drive behind it. As you drive to the lot, you will see Bally's employee parking lot is connected to this lot.) We ended our evening by going out to eat using a gift card that we had.

(I know some of you are wondering about the shooting in Las Vegas. We don't live close to downtown and are very rarely there, though as I mentioned we were earlier this past week. You can read about the shooting here--warning about the photos.) 

My husband used barge cement to repair two pairs of children's shoes.

I gave our youngest a haircut. He thinks the trimmers tickle, which makes it a bit tricky, but he was very good about having his hair cut!

My son brought home leftover cookies from a Scout Court of Honor that no one else wanted to take home.

My mom went to a garage sale and blessed us with several items she found: 3 pint jars, brand-new girls' hair elastics (I was just about to go buy some at the dollar store, where they sell them 100 for $1, but this saved me a dollar!), sidewalk chalk, and sewing machine oil.


What did you do to save money last week?



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  • Cindy in the South October 03, 2017

    Hmm, I wonder if I can use my frozen figs in this recipe?

  • Jennifer O. October 03, 2017

    So sad about Las Vegas. It is one of our favorite cities and on our short list for retirement.

    Since it was windy this weekend, I opened the windows and the house got a good airing.
    I used some sad looking bananas and pecans from our tree for baked banana pecan steel cut oatmeal. I will use this as breakfasts/ work snacks all week. I had a friend over for dinner and fed her completely out of the freezer/pantry/ garden. She supplied the wine. Ate most meals at home from the freezer/pantry.
    I attended free Zumba classes at the navy base and a $5 wine tasting. I went to a free movie at the navy base and took home a free bucket of popcorn for my chickens. Resisted buying Halloween Lularoe. Cleaned out my car and wiped out the interior rather than going to the full service wash – saved $30 plus a tip.
    Spent $40 on groceries, but most of it was stock items. Better than bullion was $1 off, sale potatoes, ginger, butter was half price…
    Changed the ac air filters, cleaned the dryer vent, ran a cleaning cycle on the washer and dishwasher. These should make these appliances last longer. Saving water, as I have less laundry to do now that the elderly dog has passed and I’ve been showering at the gym after class rather than at home.
    We are working toward living on last month’s income, so I prepaid 1 month on my electric, water, cable/internet, and natural gas. I am prepaying the chiropractor today as you get a standing appointment time, a discount, and, if the month has a 5th week, your appointment that day is free if prepaid monthly. I am only paid once a month, and in case the military forgets to pay my husband, (which happens surprisingly regularly) prepaying and living on last month’s income will insulate us from any interruption.

  • Mary October 03, 2017

    Hello all!
    My frugal week
    - stayed home most of the week saving on gas $ from spending money.
    - one day made Apple crisp for dessert
    - did errands one day I usually go to 3 different grocery stores that are not far and buy mainly fruits/veggies on sale, bread and milk and any other great deals.
    - when calling to stop a free trial of movies, I was told I have another free month plus have an extra movie package for free until Dec 24th.
    - ate all meals at home
    That is all I can think of for now.
    Have a safe & frugal week all!

  • Gabrielle October 03, 2017

    Hi Brandy:

    I'm so glad you are safe.

    I have been bowled over by a respiratory infection that hit every member of my family. That's the bad thing about a husband who works in college health, he brings home all kinds of illnesses. Typically we don't get them but when Mom is sick...it's a hard recovery.

    We've finally started to cool down here..it was 85 last week. We had a last gasp of zinnias in the garden and a few peppers left. I need to so lettuce soon although my Fall crops are coming up ( peas and carrots). I have some overly ambitious plans for Fall sewing..I hope to get done three dresses and a tunic before Halloween!

    Some of your readers might remember my wedding tartan squares project. You can see the finished product in use: http://www.dollarsandsensetimestwo.org/2017/10/celebrating-our-dear-friends-wedding/
    Have a great week!

  • Amber Van Tuyl October 03, 2017

    Most of last week's frugal accomplishments centered around using up the last little bits of leftovers in ways that my kids will want to eat them.

    I used a recipe from Budget Bytes to use up the last 1/2 C black beans, the last three fajita size tortillas that were getting hard on the edges and a single size cream cheese container that came from a free bagel breakfast at my husband's work and made 3 black bean taquitos that made a nice lunch for my working/ college age daughter with a little cup of salsa, so she didn't buy anything at school/ work. I used the last of a gifted jar of spicy mustard to make honey mustard salad dressing right in the jar using homemade greek yogurt for 1/2 the mayo. I also used homemade greek yogurt to make ranch-style dressing that my kids love. An open jar of orange marmalade that wasn't particularly to my children's liking was spread over the cinnamon roll dough for orange rolls.

    We brined & smoked our last turkey out of the freezer from the 2016 Thanksgiving sales. It was a smallish one and we have had sandwiches for a couple of days so today I am making smoked turkey & bean enchiladas (one pan for dinner & one pan for the freezer.) While I was digging in the freezer for the turkey I found a forgotten pkg of tortellini that was given to me as a gift. The last of the turkey will go into tortellini soup.

    I got a great deal on Zaycon Foods boneless, skinless chicken breasts. By combining a sale, a coupon and referral credits I was able to get a 40# box of chicken for $34. When it gets here in a few weeks, I will package it into family size packs and make some into freezer meals & take all the trimmings and put them in a separate freezer bag for broth for when I have cooked a whole chicken. For now I am keeping an eye out for sales that will make freezer bags cheaper than Costco and for the ingredients for the freezer meals.

    Our frugal fails recently have all had to do with transportation. Our cars are 15 & 25 years old. Our daughter drives the 25 year old car and so far there has been a crazy electrical problem that stranded her on the side of the road, the timing belt broke at 2am on her way home from work, the oil pump died and started leaking all over while she was at the library and then the alternator died when she was picking up her little sister from a church activity while my husband & I were in another state! Each of these problem required a tow (hooray for AAA) and happened about a week apart so my poor husband has been working on the car every spare moment. We are just not ready to buy another car and while there is public transportation here, I wouldn't let her use it when she gets out late from work. She also works crazy shifts (some that start at 4am & some that end at 2am) so it is impractical for my husband to drop her off at work before he goes to work himself.

    My adult daughter is getting a Medical Assistant certificate from our local community college. One of the requirements is a specific type of CPR certification. The class takes several full days, has to be renewed annually & can cost up to $200. She asked one of her instructors for recommendations on where to get certified and the instructor said that if my daughter could get enough people in the Health Care Tech classes interested then she (the instructor) would offer the class herself for $50/ person. My daughter used the birthday money she received from her grandparents and has been working hard at finding people to join the class. Keep your fingers crossed that enough people will sign up :)

    We were out of town visiting my Mother-in-law who lives in a residence home in another state. I requested several audiobooks from the library, we kept our cooler full of healthy snacks and did our best to be as frugal as possible. My family loves to play card games so for several years now when we go somewhere interesting, locally or not, instead of buying a souvenir for each person we try to find a deck of cards from the place. Then when we have family game night we talk about where the cards came from & how much fun we had. A souvenir deck of cards usually costs between $5-$8, but sometimes can be as low as $3.

    I hope everyone has a great week.


  • Marybeth October 03, 2017

    Brandy, so glad that you and you family are safe.
    -Went to a free preserve with my sister and daughter. We drove around the neighbor to look at beautiful homes. My sister then treated us out to lunch. Brought home leftovers and ate them all.
    -My husband had to work very late one night(2am) so his boss treated him to dinner. It turned into lunch the next day also. Another day he brought home 2 slices of sausage pizza and 12 pepperoni rolls.It became some lunches. He also came home with bagels another day. His office is always suppling meals for meetings but then the food is left to be thrown away. He always checks to see whats left before he leaves the office.
    -Stopped at a free pile on the side of the road and took 4 Christmas plates.I always am making goodies to give out. Now I have extra plates
    -We were having a large party at work and I was asked if I could oversee the party. The pizzas were wrong so we had them redone. I put out the incorrect pizzas for my coworkers. When it was time for me to leave there was still 3 pies left. I took one home. I also received a nice tip from the party mom. She was very happy with how everything went(she didn't know about the incorrect pizzas).
    -My son has been closing a few nights a week at his job and has brought home some bread and pastries from his job.
    -My garden is still doing great. I brought a bunch of tomatoes into my job and my husband brought some to his. Neighbors were also given some.
    -Went apple picking and brought our lunches. Bought 100lbs of potatoes for $30. Got corn 8 for $2. Bought some other farmers veggies too.
    -Was at Aldi and they had any pumpkin for $2.99, even the huge ones. I got a 35lb and a 32lb. They era good for decorations ad then I will cook them up.
    -My college son had off of school one day because of meetings. The college rented out an amusement park near by for them. The first 300 got in free. He got there early to make sure he got in free. He brought lunch and drinks and left them in the car. He went out to the car when he got hungry.
    -Went to my sisters for a small birthday party. Was sent home with most of the leftovers.
    -Canned more sauce, froze more beans and peppers.
    -Thanks to whoever suggested making jam in the bread machine. It was so easy and came out great.
    -My manager is good friends with a beekeeper. She brought me more honey. Its so good!
    -Earned a $5 gift card from Kelloggs. Gave it to my oldest for a treat.
    - Got several free samples in the mail.
    -Sold 2 items on Ebay . Reused used packing materials.
    -Did the usual, packed lunch, hung laundry,used up leftovers, batched errands,washed ziplocks,

  • Sandra October 03, 2017

    It's spring in Aus, which means people are clearing up gardens before bushfire season. A property nearby has removed a lot of dead wood from their garden, and put it in a pile out the front for anyone who wants it. Most of it's small diameter stuff, but we've got an old style cookstove that is ideal for that kind of wood, so we've now got a decent contribution to next winter's firewood neatly stacked.
    Restocked on fruit and vegs that were running low from reduced price sections. Got very cheap mandarins, potatoes and carrots. I need to pick broccoli, cabbage, fennel and parsley from the garden because they're all trying to run up to seed.

    Re. pears- this recipe works well and you can sub in your choice of stewed/canned and dried fruit. http://smchrecipes.blogspot.com.au/2015/02/shearers-cake.html

  • becky in central Iowa October 03, 2017

    i dehydrate the apples into rings http://frugalmeasures.blogspot.com/2017/10/monday-message.html you have to scroll down toward the end of the post the apples were so small and required close inspection but you see the pic of the empty bushel with the bucket next to it the dried apple rings are in the bucket equaling the bushel did three bushels this year which means three of those buckets i had two friends who called wanting to know if i wanted to pick i have fibromyalgia and it was hard but i pushed thru as we are in tight times. Thankful i was able to do it. I choose to do the dry rings as they are the most versatile for us we make apple crisp with them you would never know they were dried and is so easy to make. I break them up on oatmeal there is so much one can do with them. I have been using sock yarn that was gifted me over the yrs i have been making socks for gifts trying to perfect a skill and get faster. I also have been sewing gifts as well. Brandy i am interested in what you do with your garlic chives do you dehydrate them? i have alot i could work up but curious how you do them and if dried how to use them i swear we could be nuked and they would take over the world.

    here in Iowa and Minnesota we have a help line thru the extension for homemaking that give us the proper canning and drying info even recipes 1-800-262-3804 but you have to live in those two states to use believe me Iowa isn't flat so they ask where you live to get your altitude ours is different then seventeen miles to our south I know this line doesn't work in other states i tried. So if you check to see if you have a county extension they keep info for canning if you need the info it helps to be safe.

    Brandy your family was the first i thought of when i heard abt the shootings we are praying for all.

  • Rozy October 03, 2017

    Have you tried making smoothies with the canned pears? I like to use up older fruit that way. Pour the fruit and liquid into the blender, add a big dollop of plain (or vanilla) yogurt and blend until smooth. Very yummy with muffins for breakfast, or a cool afternoon treat.

  • PJGT October 04, 2017

    I, too, am just devastated at the shootings in Las Vegas. My prayers and thoughts continue to be with those who have suffered.

    We are very thankful to be nearing the time when we can change our tires out on the car. A couple winters ago, I was talked into buying non -studded winter tires. They didn't do the job and this summer we have been using them. The tread is good and they are safe, but they have dry rot starting to build up and some cubbing...I'll be glad when we are done with them. They work fine on the car, but sound louder and are a bit of a rough ride. We will have to plan for new tires next April and put the studs on this winter.

    I stopped at the thrift store to look for some skirt hangers and found that linens were on sale. It was rather picked over; however, I found a beautiful sleeping bag to replace some of ours that have worn out or ripped for 4$, and 4 spring green cloth napkins for .25$. I found a free adult bicycle helmet, two skirts for 1$ each, and a much needed shirt for my son. Sewing supplies were also on sale, so I bought a bag of miscellaneous threads and denim patches for .50$. In addition to the skirt for my daughter, I found her a blouse for 2$. She graduates this May and will need a work wardrobe. My mother bought me a suit for interviewing, but I struggled to get a professional wardrobe on my salary. Although I will admit that teachers dressed more businesslike when I started teaching than they do now. Not sure what wardrobe DD will need, but I'm sure some basic skirts and blouses will help. Pleased with my 3$ expenditure on her behalf.

    At work, for free in the faculty room, I found 3 music CDs of my favorite singers, homemade chocolate chip cookies for my son's lunches and donuts. I ate the donuts! Not so good on that front!

    The weather has been rather nice thus saving on heating and laundry as I can still wear my summer items that are lighter. Thankful to have reduced the laundry expenses to 6.00 for washing costs and am drying at home. We continue to heat and humidify the room with the dryer.

    Used up the final amount of frozen food needed so that I was able to move all the frozen food into the new -to -us fridge's freezer. Unplugged the freezer

  • Amie October 04, 2017

    I've made pear bread before. I used an apple bread recipe. I like to add cinnamon, maybe nutmeg, even pumpkin pie spice works.

  • Terry calkins October 05, 2017

    Brandy. I made yummy bread this week using two cups of leftover applesauce in my white bread recipe then added a teaspoon of cinnamon. Mixed it up and baked it as I would for regular white bread. It is delicious for french toast. Your pears should work that way as well. Syrup for the french toast was leftover spiced plum jelly
    I also used frozen leftover ham stock and ham scraps to make a big pot of ham and bean soup. I baked cornbread to go with it.

  • Terry calkins October 07, 2017

    Albertsons is offering a 20.00 discount and free delivery if you try their delivery service and spend at least 49.00. My groceries will be delivered today between 1 and 3. I love saving money while staying home, and having someone else load and deliver my groceries for free. Golden

  • momsav October 07, 2017

    My frugal list..
    We used a gift card we bought at discount for a gift for someone’s birthday. I love gift cards but i’m Never so sure about others.
    I dried more calendula, violet leaves and basil. I took three cuttings from rosemary to see if they would root. One has survived, to this point.
    My husband trimmed my hair. This is the third time. He’s done an awesome job!
    I continue to walk with friends, walk the dog and do yoga stretches at home. When I told my Dr. that I wanted to be Jane Fonda, he said, “You already are!”
    I made a double batch of chocolate chip banana muffins, or should that be banana chocolate chip muffins? They all went into the freezer for when I don’t feel the love for making boxed brownies. I’m thinking I may suggest that my husband start making his own brownies. This week it was three days, yes, three days, between batches. After 36 years, me thinks I need a brownie break!
    I cooked some red lentils and added them to the taco (vegetarian) meat to make it stretch. It was fabulous!
    I got two dozen eggs for .69 doz. with coupon and one dozen for .27 after coupon and store card.
    I bought some organic mushrooms at half price and dried them for later. I looked for meat specials while there. (Meijer) All I could find was the free-range beef at 20% off. Still too rich for my budget. Do they throw that away if no-one buys it?
    I watched a short documentary on yoootuuube.
    I was able to hang some laundry outside a few times. The weather is becoming more unpredictable so no telling how long I can do this. I’d really like to get some indoor racks. That may be a battle for another day.
    I took a hunk of beef, put it in the crockpot and started chucking in bits of leftovers from the fridge. I added some shredded zucchini, the dregs of a bottle of sweet and sour sauce, an old onion and a generous gulp of liquid smoke. When it was done, I added some bbq sauce and called it pulled beef. My husband loved it! I froze the leftovers for another day.
    I saved egg water for dishes and bottled water from work for the dog.
    We ordered pizza and used a coupon. I ate the two leftover slices for my lunch one day.
    That’s enough from me. Wishing everyone a fabulous week!

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