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Last Week's Frugal Accomplishments

June Arrangement The Prudent Homemaker

My son and I repaired a leak in the garden.

I signed up for a free online mini-class.

I used a $15 off coupon at Joann fabrics on top of purchasing items on sale.

I collected shower-warm-up water and used it to water potted plants in the garden.

We picked blackberries and apricots from the garden. I cut green onions from the garden.

I mended a hole in a pillowcase and a hole in a pair of shorts.


What did you do to save money last week?



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  • Juls Owings June 25, 2018

    I mended a skort for myself and a shirt for Hubby.
    I stayed out of the grocery store and made do with what little fresh produce we have (I miss my gardens, can't wait to move)
    We ate egg sandwiches and lettuce soup a couple times this week.
    We checked Gas buddy to find the cheapest gas.
    I am using used cardboard boxes to pack in.
    Hubby had 2 flat tractor tires and a bald trailer tire. Amish neighbor gave him the address of a tire place that fixes tires, has used and new tires. Would have cost us $120 where we usually go but it was $80. He is a Mennonite and provides rides for the Amish when they have to go farther than around town.
    Blessed Be everyone

  • Athanasia June 26, 2018

    Juls, your husband is Mennonite? And he has an Amish taxi service? That is interesting.

  • Juls Owings June 28, 2018

    No, the guy that sells tires is Mennonite and is the Amish taxi service. Hubby welds for the Amish and does pick up and delivery of things like lumber for the Amish. The other day it was dig a huge rock out of their field.

  • Juls Owings June 28, 2018

    Athanasia June 26, 2018
    I should have added Hubby's brother in law is Mennonite and does taxi service and welding for the Amish.

  • Athanasia June 28, 2018

    Juls, you are in Ohio, correct? You have a large Amish and Mennonite population so plenty of taxi service business there. My son in law's mother is a Mennonite Yoder. Her mother and other relatives all live in Ohio. A lot of them went to the big Yoder reunion last year in Indiana.

  • Jennifer June 27, 2018

    I would love your recipe for lettuce soup. I've never heard of it.

  • Laurie in central NC June 25, 2018

    Last week, I mended two pairs of shorts and a dress. I harvested lettuce, broccoli, a few blackberries and blueberries, basil and rosemary. To get rid of them, and add another protein source, I collected Japanese beetles by hand and fed them to the chickens. They gave me eggs in return :o). We took an inexpensive 3 day trip to the coast, with no cost for lodging and only one meal out. https://abelabodycare.blogspot.com/2018/06/a-beach-trip-frugal-accomplishments.html

  • Kim June 25, 2018

    I harvested and dried my first batch of parsley for this year. I also harvested lots of little wild strawberries.
    I harvested some of my rhubarb and made mini strawberry rhubarb pie bites. I took them to a family picnic and they were a big hit so I think I will make another batch for 4th of July picnic.
    I had been wearing a pair of jeans to garden and the lower part were too stained to continue wearing so I cut them off and made them into shorts for the summer.
    I was able to purchase a high-end, knee length jacket for fall and winter brand-new for $18. I was also able to purchase a brand new real leather black purse for fall and winter. It was priced at over $100 but I got it for $29. The leather is so soft and nice. I do believe it will be the nicest purse I have ever owned and I am hoping the high quality will mean it will last for years. I view these two pieces as investment purchases meaning I plan to use them for years to come.
    My cousin gave me several new rubber stamps and paper so I plan to use them to make a years worth of birthday and other needed cards this winter when it is too wet and cold to be outside.
    I had some strawberries left over and didn't want them to go bad so I put them in my food processor with some banana and made freezer pops. I did this last year and my grandson and nieces loved them. My nieces said they were the best popsicles they ever tasted. There is no sugar- it is pure fruit so it is good for them.
    Brandy- I love your fresh flowers straight from your own garden- what a joy they must be for you.
    I feel I had a productive, frugal week and hope it will spur me on for the rest of the summer.
    One last thing I almost forgot about....my husband harvested Linden blooms from our tree and dried them. He uses them for tea and swears the tea helps keep him healthy all winter.

  • Cindi June 25, 2018

    Wild strawberries are so good!

  • Samantha June 25, 2018

    Hi Kim,
    I've never heard of linden blossom tea! We have a large old linden in our front yard. I'm looking forward to looking into this for spring next year. Thanks for the tip!

  • Lisa June 26, 2018

    Tea made out of linden flowers helps with fevers, too!

  • Cara in OH June 26, 2018

    Kim, would you mind sharing your recipe for the rhubarb pie bites? They sound good and I have tons of extra rhubarb. Thank you!

  • Kim June 27, 2018

    I don't really have a recipe. I used three good sized ribs of rhubarb and probably about two cups of fresh strawberries and added sugar to taste. I also added about 2 tblsp of corn starch to thicken it.
    I chop the rhubarb into small pieces and put in the food processor until they are chopped very finely. I also put the strawberries in the food processor but just give them a quick spin to chop a bit.
    I then put the rhubarb, berries, sugar and corn starch in a pot and bring to a boil for a couple minutes.

    I make my own pie dough and I just pinched off small pieces and rolled into a circle and put a small amount of the cooled mixture in the center and then pinched the dough closed with my fingers. I then placed the bit sized pies on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and baked in a 350 degree oven until the dough was lightly browned on the top.

    I know this is far from a real recipe but I hope it helps if you decide to try making your own.

  • http://thejewishlady.com June 25, 2018

    Did you enjoy the free class? I love those and webinars. I have learned so many new skills by watching them. My favorites are cooking tutorials and decorating.

    I continue to shop the sales, use coupons/rebates, and stockpile to save whenever I can. Recent finds include 4 bottles of free mouthwash, $0.99 strawberries, $0.99 chips, $0.38 salad dressing, $0.99 Poland Spring water 24-pack, $0.88/Lb broccoli, $0.99 BBQ sauce and more. All of my deals can be found here: http://thejewishlady.com/super-savings-saturday-6-23-18/

  • Tammy June 25, 2018

    I brought my own food up for an overnight hospital stay for my son, instead of buying over priced food from the hospital cafeteria.
    I sold a few things on local FB yard sale groups.
    Picked raspberries from our garden.
    Purchased 'used' shorts for a fraction of the cost of new.
    Made a couple of birthday gifts from items I already had on hand.


  • mable June 25, 2018

    Wow on having to bring your own food to the hospital. We only have one hospital and the food is so good and reasonably priced that people working other places go to the hospital for lunch! Top notch salad bar, which is a miracle in Alaska.

  • Amy S June 25, 2018

    I'm so sorry you're sick - hope you get feeling better soon! I didn't get as much frugality on as I would have liked. We had two children leave for the summer. And it's been hectic trying to get them ready.

    I combined errands. Used coupons and gift cards as much as possible. When I could I just stayed home.

    I wanted some recipe books to look at and discovered my library had a bunch from America's Test Kitchen. I was looking for ones that would help with using my slow cooker this summer. They had 2 out that I have been looking at enjoyably.

    I went to Barnes and Noble and looked at the new books. I made a note of titles I was interested in and checked at the library to see what was available. I can request the other book. Our library will usually purchase requests from patrons.

    I had the weekend all to myself. I ate all my meals except 1 at home. I watched movies and worked on projects and read books. I sat under the big tree in our backyard and read some more. Quite enjoyable with the light breeze. We cooled down to the 70s for one day.

    I went to the local thrift store to check for books and clothes for my daughter. Found a few items and spent $12

    We ate up all our leftovers and didn't throw anything away. We've had so many goodbye parties and treats. It was great to share the treats with neighbors and not have to cook meals for a week.

    Hope everyone has a great week. Thanks again for all the ideas.

  • Margie from Toronto June 25, 2018

    .I continued to use up proteins from the freezer & pantry and concentrated grocery funds on produce, eggs & milk.
    .Ate all meals at home so no waste!
    .A friend gave me a big bag of rhubarb so I cooked it, ate it for a couple of days as dessert and then froze the rest for future use. It was delicious - cooked with just a minimum of sugar.
    .I enjoyed coffee & treats for free twice at church events I volunteered for
    .I met a friend for a long walk along the waterfront one morning - we each bought ourselves a coffee so got some exercise, had a great chat with a new friend, enjoyed the fresh air and had a treat, all for about $2
    .Saw the dermatologist and got a 3 month prescription for antibiotics, all for the price of $10 - that was the drugstore's admin fee - thank God for health coverage here in Canada.
    .Was treated to a lovely TEA at a friend's house on Saturday - she invited about 7 friends and put on a lovely spread. I took over a bottle of wine that I'd purchased a number of weeks ago and that I know she will enjoy - even though we were told not to bring anything!
    .Only did 2 full loads of laundry and used the dryer for only 1 load (towels)
    .Watched lots of documentaries on YouTube - started watching Season 2 of The Crown on Netflix and picked up more books from the library!

  • Rhonda A. June 25, 2018

    What class did you sign up for, if you don't mind sharing, Brandy?

    Our frugal accomplishments this week included:
    *Meals made at home included breaded stuffed chicken breasts with flavoured rice and broccoli, hamburger helper, "make-your-own" pizzas, French beef dip sandwiches with pasta salad, BBQ hamburgers & hotdogs with pasta salad, potato chips and strawberry rhubarb crumble pie (see below), baked chicken breasts smothered in broccoli cheese soup with corn and mashed potatoes, and cheese tortellini bake (freezer meal) with buns.
    *Made another batch of homemade smoothie popcicles using a ripe banana, an individual peach yogurt cup, the last bit of homemade peach mango jam left in the jar, and the leftover pineapple juice from the jar of homecanned pineapple I ate in my work lunches this week. Made a second batch later in the week with some mango and raspberries from the freezer, some home canned plums that where mush after canning, a scoop of homemade bumbleberry jam, an individual raspberry yogurt cup, a little bit of sugar and a bit of water. DD loves how these taste and enjoys trying the different combinations I make with what I have on hand. I loved that it is a really healthy, extremely frugal treat for her to snack on!
    *Bought 3 flats of local strawberries on one of my days off. Washed the berries in vinegar and water, kept about 1/2 a flat for fresh eating, then froze the rest for later use. The berries were not cheap (paid $96 for the 3 flats), but taste waaay better than the cheap grocery store berries that are shipped in from the U.S.
    *Bought minimal groceries again this week, as we didn't need much.
    *Sadly, the deer have discovered my garden and had a feast! Still have things growing and flowers are forming, but they sure enjoyed a lot of the greans. Peas, beans, spinach, beets, and swiss chard all affected. On a good note, there are a bunch of peas that will be ready for picking very soon and 2 tomatoes are growing, with lots more flowers developing!
    *For DD's last day at school, her staff organized a potluck lunch. DD had to send out invites to the potluck as pactice for her social skills. I made "Bush Doughnuts" (with my mom's assistance) using the recipe we use at my work, taken from Catherine Parr Traill's book written in the 1800s. We made sure to sample some before sending them, just in case they didn't taste good...heehee! DD then came home with the leftover doughnuts plus a bunch of other baked goods, some leftover potato bacon mac & cheese (that someone brought) and a massive amount of candy (it looks like halloween around here). She was definitely on a sugar high when I returned from work, but later had a hard sugar crash. Apparently, DD is still learning about limits!
    *DD had 2 friends stay for a sleepover on Friday night, as a school year end celebration. We fed them watermelon for an after school snack, and BBQ hamburgers & hotdogs with pasta salad and potato chips for dinner, as it was simple and kid friendly. I made a strawberry rhubarb crumble pie (recipe link: https://inspiredbycharm.com/strawberry-rhubarb-crumble-pie/ but used a cornmeal crust) for dessert, which was a huge hit. I had to work the next day, but my mom fed the girls waffles with fresh strawberries for breakfast in the morning. The girls had lots of fun kicking off their summer vacation together.

    Looking forward to catching up and learning from everyone, as always. Thanks for sharing your frugal successes with us!!!!

  • Liz June 25, 2018


    This week was more frugal than last!
    - After our hail damage to the roof, car, patio and garden, I had given up hope on having a nice garden this year. Then, a friend texted us that a local nursery was giving away free plants to certain zip codes that had hail damage. I went and they gave me two boxes to fill with free started plants! I was so excited and thankful! So now my garden is back on track! Praying for no more bad weather.
    - My son went to a $1.00 movie at a local theater for a special summer movie deal. I also found a coupon on a flyer for $2.00 off a popcorn.
    - We attended a free family game night and potluck at church. We played games and had a nice spread of dinner. We brought Little Smokies with barbecue sauce.
    - I signed up for more freebies, I posted them on my blog at: https://lizsfrugalfamilyfun.com/2018/06/25/freebies-today-6-25-18/ I am most excited about a summer reading program at Lifeway Stores. The children can earn a free book and a Bible. I will donate the Bibles later in the year for a church project.
    - I consigned some craft items at a local shop that sells things. I hope that they sell!
    - That's all I can think of that is special besides the usual eating at home, watering the garden, weeding, cutting coupons, etc...
    I hope everyone has a wonderful week.

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