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Last Week's Frugal Accomplishments

June Arrangement The Prudent Homemaker

My son and I repaired a leak in the garden.

I signed up for a free online mini-class.

I used a $15 off coupon at Joann fabrics on top of purchasing items on sale.

I collected shower-warm-up water and used it to water potted plants in the garden.

We picked blackberries and apricots from the garden. I cut green onions from the garden.

I mended a hole in a pillowcase and a hole in a pair of shorts.


What did you do to save money last week?



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  • Heidi Louise June 28, 2018

    Marcia R:
    When I saw the Instagram photo of Brandy's Dad's Model T, I was amazed at the shine on the door, (you can see the reflection of the photographer). Your comments make me think of how your husband has all sorts of muscle memory and practical knowledge from his years with cars. As you and he maneuver through the next months, I hope his car colleagues come around to see him to keep him alert to that part of your lives.
    When our local club has their annual "Cruise Night" in town, they always start their parade by rumbling through the driveways of the local retirement home, and the residents are helped outside to see the vehicles. They certainly prompt old memories and conversations. Best to your family!

  • Marg June 27, 2018

    I bought a box of organic fresh vegetables and fruit and a dozen free-range eggs from a local farmer, including delivery to my home (avoided buying from supermarket). Much nicer. My daughter and I had a big plate of vegetables for dinner tonight.

    I bought 2 litres laundry detergent for $1.50 and 2 litres wool wash for $2.50 from the supermarket to use instead of more expensive brands and I use less than the recommended amount. They have been fine to use.

    It's mid winter in Australia and I'm putting a blanket over me during the evening and trying to be as frugal as possible with the heating. I'm line drying the laundry as much as I can and airing the laundry overnight and using a heated airing rack.

    When my mobile phone plan expires in 2 months, I'll transfer to a pre-paid plan with ALDI and the cost will be much less than what I am currently paying.

  • Jennifer June 27, 2018

    I harvested basil.
    I planted calendula seedlings. I started more seedlings.
    My sweet peas--Spencer and April in Paris varieties--have been blooming so I've cut bouquets for the house and my cubicle at work. They smell so fragrant, especially the April in Paris.
    I brought lunch to work every day.
    I baked toffee cookies for my dad.

  • Anne June 27, 2018

    Jennifer, this is the first year I have grown sweet peas and I love bringing them into the house, but they only last about 24 hours before they wilt. Am I doing something wrong?

  • Lots of great ideas as usual ladies, thanks! Just when I think I couldn't possibly hear anything new, I come here and there is always a tidbit or two that I pick up!

  • Tammy June 27, 2018

    Harvested basil, tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers. Used library for books and movies. Cooked at home. Family gave us clothes for my husband and a coat for my son when winter comes. Spent time at our farm and the library most the day when we had them and then we bought a cupcake. They were happy just spending time with us. I should have made cupcakes for them but the outing was fun. I'd like to sew curtains for our house. I have material for our kitchen. I'm not a seamstress, but I think I am going to try. Just have to find the sewing machine we bought from a thrift shop in one of our boxes.
    Enjoying sunrises and sunsets at the farm as well as wildlife. We have seen coyotes, deer, owls, hawks and a variety of other birds around where we live.
    Spent time with both families playing board games, a lot of fun!

  • PJGT June 27, 2018

    Lovely flowers, Brandy.

    Although this past week I've spent so much, I made it back home. It appears I have become the primary earner. I'm trusting God as I do not work again till the fall. Praying my husband works.

    I rented a SUV and drove three days to get back. It was the same cost as flying during this time of year. It would have been a bit more than the ticket except I returned the SUV a day earlier and saved 150.00. I was given a brand new vehicle and that helped with mileage and my seat was very comfortable. I usually have great difficulty with these long drives...a very comfortable seat made such a difference. And, I was able to bring a lot of my daughter's things from college as well as some items that we had accidently taken with us...like the dishes, silverware and most of the towels.

    The only subscription we have is for amazon prime and I'm wondering about canceling although I used to use it to watch movies or TV shows; however now most of what I'd watch requires further subscriptions to be purchased. Anyone else finding this? We also buy much less now that our children are older and working.

    We need to find ways to spend even less for the next couple months. I'm going to be looking very carefully at every penny yet again. Trying not to slide into unwarranted spending! Mostly successes, but some failures recently! Ugh!

    Happy frugal-ing all.

  • Heidi Louise June 28, 2018

    This was for a college daughter? If she isn't using it with Amazon, see if you can use her .edu email address for a free Amazon Prime trial for six months. Even if she graduated, her school will possibly be keeping the account active.

  • PJGT June 30, 2018

    I still have a college student...will do that for him to order his lower cost textbooks. Thanks!!!

  • Anna June 28, 2018

    I have not commented in a long time for different reasons. My daughter had major surgery for the tumor in her head last fall. She is doing quite well. While not a "savings" it none the less is a joyous event of life.

    What did I do to save money? After months of items hitting my budget, it has stabilized (for the moment). Now I can really determine what I can count on for finances and where to save money.

    Knit and crocheted several baby blankets for the babies due this summer (as gifts)
    Made 3 afghans for Christmas gifts so far
    Bought nice quality yarn at Dollar Tree for $1 (I made the afghans out of the yarn)
    Set up my coupon binder (I am using a binder I got at Office Depot for 1 cent)

    That is all for now.


  • PJGT June 30, 2018

    So happy for your family. Head injuries are scary and can throw your life into turmoil...we know firsthand. Glad you are back to stable...

  • Becky June 28, 2018

    After surviving a rigorous backpacking trip last weekend, we took off for our planned family camping trip. I'll just say it's a good thing I have been able to rest up after the strenuous hike my daughter, niece, the youth group, sponsors, and I took. I had a really, really good time, though, and am proud of us for making it! I put pictures of that on my blog: https://beckyathome.wordpress.com/2018/06/25/thriving-in-my-thrifty-week-june-25-2018/

    After trading my niece for my nephew, we took him and our youngest daughter and are down at Ft. Stevens State Park for a few days. The big girls stayed home to hold down the fort. They had other things to do--one working and one helping at a day camp.

    We have eaten at the camper for all meals, except one meal out. We save coins in a can for this purpose. We went fishing a few times, and have caught several fish. We have had fish for meals twice so far. I have been sorting out and organizing the camper cupboards, and trying to use food that has been there for a while. I used a bit of chocolate chips that were slightly white, but made some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies out of them, and they were fine.

    We had to buy a very few groceries, but have been making out quite well with the garden things I picked before we left, and the food that was in the camper. I bought jam today, because I forgot to bring some, and there is none in the cupboards. I also grabbed another loaf of bread, as my nephew is living on whole wheat bread, and top ramen. Clearly, I would rather he eat bread:)

  • Ting S. Enriquez June 28, 2018

    Hello, I'm a reader from the Philippines.

    Even though we are here on the other side of the world, I am inspired by your blog especially since I am an advocate of frugal living as well.

    Here are some ways I try to save money:
    *I segregate old newspapers (we have a daily subscription), brown paper bags to hold purchases, old non-confidential documents we gather from regular purging/cleaning, and used plastics (which I wash/dry): 5-6 liter water containers (we buy our drinking water), all sorts of empty toiletry/food containers, disposable cutlery from takeaways, lids of coffee/food containers, stirrers. I regularly bring what I collect to a "junk shop" near our place which buys them for recycling. Whatever I earn from this goes to my piggy bank or petty cash jar.
    *I gas up daily to go to work (roughly 13.2 kms. distance from our home to the University where I work) and have a rewards card to earn points. I redeemed a portion of the points today to buy a small container of coolant for our pick-up.
    *I carpool with my niece whose workplace (a school as well) is roughly 2.5 kms. from my own. I drop her off a few steps away from their school's gate.
    *I take breakfast in my office since I normally arrive there before 7AM. I answered an online survey of one of the restaurants across our University where I usually buy takeaway breakfast. I was given complimentary mashed potatoes with gravy. I gave this to the University gardener who go to work much earlier than I do.
    *I am always on the lookout for good product promos and when I saw that a big bag of potato chips (product of a brand we patronize) comes with a cute notebook/journal giveaway, I just had to buy one. I plan to serve the chips as a snack during one of our family's weekend get-togethers.
    *I need not spend for snacks and lunches for two days this week since this is included in the free seminar on The Theology of the Body which I was invited as a student mentor.
    *I will have my yearly free seasonal flu vaccine and eye check-up today as part of our University's health care package for employees.
    *We try to grow as much as we can in our small garden both ornamentals and edibles. It's the start of the rainy season over here this June. Last summer, we harvested a bunch of cooking bananas ("saba" bananas) from our tree and a few tomatoes from the one plant which is already bearing fruits. My mother divided the produce among the three families in our residential compound (my mom/I, my sister and family, my brother and family). We are waiting for the produce from the calamansi (Philippine lime) to grow and be ready for picking.

    Thank you for sharing your life and wonderful ideas. More blessings for you and your family and to all the readers of your blog!


  • Angela in Kentucky June 29, 2018

    Welcome Ting. You have some very frugal goings on. You will love this group.

  • Ting S. Enriquez June 30, 2018

    Thank you!

  • Mable June 29, 2018

    How nice to hear from someone in the Philippines!

  • Ting S. Enriquez June 30, 2018

    Thank you!

  • Ellie's friend from Canada June 30, 2018

    After saying I was staying home, I took a one day vacation in the mountains. My allergies were terrible in the city but cleared up once out in the mountains. It was a very windy day and we got a late start. We took sandwiches and ate them by the little mountain pond. Met a nice Dutch couple who said they'd seen a mother bear and her cubs further south but we didn't see them. It was a treat visiting with the Dutch couple who, apparently, had driven halfway across the States seeing parks there before driving up here.

    We drove on the unpaved highway to get to a beautiful mountain lodge where we had a quick tea, as it was getting late. I had hoped to see moose there as the balcony overlooks a meadow and mud bath area where the moose come. But there were no moose in sight. Disappointed, we left, returning the same way we had come. we saw a Hoary Marmot which as rare at that low elevation. We were almost out of the park, when I saw a moose. Always before, it has been bad lighting at dusk or a bad angle of the moose. Finally, I got superb moose photos. It was drinking muddy water from a rivulet in a ditch right by the road. It was oblivious of our presence. As one of my friends said, it was just like being on safari. I had a hard time getting the entire moose image in a frame as it was big and we were close. I would never recommend being this close whether or not you are in a car. I did get some beautiful photos of the moose and the marmot. The day away did my spirits a world of good. I was so glad we went as the forecast for next week is miserable and the traffic this weekend for CanadaDay and next week for Stampede will be fierce.

    As far as saving money goes, I am scrutinizing my house insurance policy. I will be reviewing several items with the insurance broker. There for example is a fee for "Renewal Policy Reissue" of $325.00, a type of fee I have never been charged before. I may go to a higher deductible. I really do not know how people are affording to live
    these days. We have had a lot of hail storms, fires and floods so it is understandable rates go up but this is ridiculous. My quarterly payment is now the same as the total annual rate about 5 years ago. And with a tariff war, it is going to spur inflation on both sides of the border.

  • Polly Wog June 30, 2018

    Hi Ellie’s Friend from Canada.
    I use TD Meloxe Monnex. I mention them because I think they are based in Calgary.
    I know with flooding a couple of years ago in Calgary/ Alberta insurance rates did increase because of payouts.
    I uses to see this company advertised on the back of a couple of university alumni magazines.
    The rates for groups, in this case university graduates was so low compared to other companies.
    I had an independent insurance broker try and compare and they couldn’t match it. You may belong to a professional association, teachers, accountants, engineers, nurses, firefighters, etcetera.
    Frequently the insurance for personal or household is quite a bit lower. Has to do with the determinations or claims likely with actuarial tables. I think?

  • Margie from Toronto June 30, 2018

    I have never seen a moose in real life - must have been amazing.
    Shopping around for a better insurance rate is on my list of things to do in the next year. I'm going to see what my options are by checking with an organization I belong to and with my retiree benefits through my former employer - I think I am paying way too much so it's definitely something I need to look into.

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