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Last Week's Frugal Accomplishments

Snake Melon The Prudent Homemaker

Armenian cucumber in the garden; you can see why these are also called "Snake melons." I have never had one grow like this before, but it sure looks interesting! 

I read eight more Hamish Macbeth books in e-book form from the library. I love that the e-books mean I don't even have to drive to the library and spend money on gas!

I sowed seeds for zucchini. I haven't had one plant grow yet this year, despite multiple plantings, but hopefully, I will have some success this time and be able to have a harvest in a couple of months. Our first frost is usually in December, so I have enough time for the plants to get large and then start flowering when it cools below 90 in mid-October.

I collected poppy seeds and larkspur seeds from the garden to plant next year.

I gave one son and two daughters a haircut.

My husband and I had a date night at home after the children were in bed with root beer floats (the ice cream previously purchased on sale for $3.99 a gallon and root beer for $0.69 a 2-liter bottle) while we played three games of Sequence.

I  picked an Armenian cucumber from the garden.

I went to the dollar store to purchase some needed items, including bobby pins and hair elastics. I noted that the store now carries name brands; the exact same size package of bobby pins is $3.99 at Walmart.

What did you do to save money this past week?

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  • Ellie's friend from Canada August 19, 2018

    Thanks Tammy. I am a severe asthmatic so it is a serious problem with the smoke for me. It is not complaining, as Rhonda A. seems to suggest. The people (both in B.C. and California) who have lost their homes to fire and farmers desperate for water for crops are foremost in my mind, my prayers and sympathy. That does not diminish the fact that because of the heavy smoke outside, I cannot walk from my bedroom inside the house to the kitchen without getting asthma (and that's inside the house). How bad the smoke is in my city sometimes depends on where in the city you are (the valleys are especially bad) but recently the whole city is affected and badly, at the high risk and beyond levels (10+). For peopIe without heart or lung problems, the high levels here are a mere inconvenience but for those with heart or lung problems it is life threatening. I also have great empathy with Margie from Toronto. She was not complaining about the rain but just stating a fact –– that there is flooding again. People have drowned when underpasses become flooded from flash floods. I know that from experience (and a very close call). I think our comments should be read in their proper context, not of complaining, but of stating the facts.

  • Cecilia August 17, 2018

    I'm afraid that this week wasn't frugal for us at all. Our fridge died which meant all the groceries in it went to rot. It took two weeks for the replacement part to arrive, which meant we had to eat out during that time. We had a lot of fast food, which is cheap but definitely not goof for our long term health.

    During that time, a pipe also burst and flooded our basement, where our water heater and central ac unit was. We had to hire a plumber and rent a pump. Where I am, we're in a drought so it hurt to see all that water pouring down the storm drain but it was dirty water that could only be used to water the plants at best (which we did). We had to shut off the water for a couple days while the areas the pump couldn't reach drained. The cost to dig up the pipes was bad enough but during that time, we had to buy bottled water to drink and figure out toiletry problems. My garden plants are almost completely dried up but there's not much I can do about it. Construction is still going on.

    It was definitely a disheartening week as we spent all our vacation money on repairs but I learned to be very thankful for running water and a fridge! We were also thankful for the AC still working (our central ac broke before the flood and instead of repairing it, we got an external ac) and for the electricity still running.

  • Tejas August 17, 2018

    Cecilia, although I am new being a commenter here, I am so sorry for all your problems this week. I admire your grit, determination, and attitude of gratitude. Prayers that the comimg week is much better for your household.

  • Rhonda A. August 19, 2018

    Goodness, what a mess at your house! I'm glad you had the vacation money to help pay for all of that. I hope life gets back to normal soon for you and your family, Cecilia.

  • Terry August 18, 2018

    Our garden is doing well. I have frozen what I can and made pickles and. Relish. My freezers are full. I'm saving what empty jars I have left to can peaches. Since there are extra veggies left I have been sharing with extended family and friends. Yesterday I stopped at Fred Meyer. They had pork shoulder roast for 69 cents a pound. I bought one for the freezer and one to bone and grind. It. Made 7# of ground pork and a nice soup bone for just over 5$. Most of the ground pork is packaged and in the freezer. I saved 1# to make American sausage for breakfast. The grinder I used was a oster kitchen set I bought years ago at a garage sale for 5$. First time I have used it, but it did a great and speedy job. We've been suffering with many days over 100 accompanied with smoky skies. I normally love summer, but this year I'm ready for an early fall please. We need some rain or snow to help our fire fighters.
    We continue to clear out mom's home. I have brought home many cleaning items and a few small keepsakes to share with my daughter's.

  • Brandy C August 20, 2018

    Wow! That’s a lot:) my kids attend public school and while the list of classroom needs seem long we found we only spend about $10-15 each.

    This year however my daughter and son will start middle school and it is much more. $35 for an ASB card so she can participate in music/choir and $35 for the iPad protection plan.

    All kids get iPads and parents are responsible for them should they break or get stolen, $35 seemed like a bargain for a “just in case scenario”.

    Thankfully her backpack is still good but she is no longer in a uniform so clothing will cost a bit more.

    my youngest son is entering Kindergarten and needed new uniform clothes and thankful Walmart had awesome Prices on pants/polos $3 each polo and $5 for pants! Not bad. Spend about $45 with new socks too. Our school also has a free uniform day where parents can come and take/donate what they need or want.

    My oldest son has autism and some of the fees my daughter has he doesn’t need or participate in. He is greatly impacted by autism so he is in a self contained special needs class.

    I hope they enjoy school and you all do well with the change.

    Frugal stuff, stayed in below budget on groceries by over $40. Got our rebate from Fred Meyer which was almost $20, plus e-coupons and free Friday I saved another $21. Was able to take the difference and fill up my van and get .30 off each gallon.

    We are thinking of refinancing our home as well and are researching possibilities. Our healthcare costs have just skyrocketed and our income is less because of this. Trying to save as much as possible where we can.

    Have a great week!

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