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Last Week's Frugal Accomplishments

Hamish 4 months The Prudent Homemaker

Hamish sat up a couple of weeks ago at 4 1/2 months old. Now he wants to sit up all the time.


I sewed 5 toddler bibs that I cut out from an old fitted sheet of my mom's.

I turned a pair of my son's pants with a torn knee into shorts.

I turned a pair of my daughter's jeans with a torn knee into shorts, and I turned a pair of boot cut jeans into shorts. Since I buy the girls' jeans for $0.50 to $2 a pair at garage sales, I'm not out a lot to start when they quickly wear out the knees in their jeans. Shorts are more practical here for most of the year, so they wear the shorts until the fabric wears out.

I opened the windows in the early mornings when it was below 79 to air out the house and keep from running the air conditioner for a couple of hours each morning. We need air conditioning here during the day through October, so it was nice to be able to open the windows just for a short while before we reached triple digits this past week.

Some of my agapanthus plants died over the summer (they burnt in the heat, a common problem here for many plants). The local nursery was having a sale on them, so I purchased some new ones while they were on sale. 

My husband gave our eldest son a haircut.

My husband and his brother fixed our back door, which has not been closing properly for some time.

I read several e-books from the library. I paid $62.32 a year in taxes for the library this year, and I have gotten more than my money's worth (One likes to think of the library as being "free," but it isn't really free.) The library recently purchased several e-books that I requested, so I've been able to read books that I really wanted without having to purchase them.

I enjoyed two magazines that I have a free subscription to, thanks to Recyclebank.

I cut red noodle beans and Armenian cucumbers from the garden. We used the beans in a dinner of fried rice (along with eggs, onions, and carrots) and the cucumbers with white bean dip (along with purchased carrots, cut into sticks) for a lunch. I also cut chives from the garden.

I cooked a large batch of pinto beans in the solar oven, which I used to make bean burritos.

I saved some old raisins that were becoming rather dry by using them to make Oatmeal Raisin Cookies. The recipe calls for soaking and slightly cooking the raisins with water to make them plumper, so even if your raisins are super old, they will still work well in this recipe.

I made a bottle of anti-static spray using store-brand witch hazel and water in a $1 travel spray bottle. A reader suggested this in the comments a couple of months ago and my eldest said it works great. She used about 60% witch hazel to 40% water (the original comment said 50/50, I believe).

I repurposed a beautiful blue and white gravy boat that a reader sent to me to hold flashcards that we are using every day.


What did you do to save money this past week?








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  • Ellie's friend from Canada September 27, 2018

    Glad to read the doc got it all even if it took 3 tries! I was squeamish to read that you were bitten by a black widow spider –– were you sick from that? I once found one in a box of grapes from California in the store. The associate immediately removed the box and despatched the spider to its maker. I was told the store often finds black widows in grapes and strawberries from California.

    As to fiscally prudent activities, I was really happy to find that our Philharmonic Orchestra live-streamed its concert last night with opera/jazz singer Renée Fleming. I had hoped to go hear her singing in person but the ticket price was more than I could afford. I watched the entire concert live online. I note that some of the previous live-streamed programs are archived on the Calgary Philharmonic site, including Yo Yo Ma's playing of Dvorak's cello concerto. Last year I went to this but as I had pneumonia at the concert, I had to change seats from the loft and felt ill. Now I can watch almost the whole concert time. For those who love classical music, this would be no-cost enjoyment.

  • Margie from Toronto September 28, 2018

    Glad to read that the surgery is over with although it does sound like a bit of a rough go - hopefully that will be it and a hat and more sunscreen will prevent any reoccurrence. I hope that you get a good rest over the weekend.

  • Ellie's friend from Canada September 28, 2018

    I, too, hope you get some rest over the weekend and perhaps life may calm down just a bit for you and not be as stressful.

    I was able to pay off a few debts but still have some. I bought a fair sized ham which I will bake at Canadian Thanksgiving and then will freeze individual packages. I should get about 30 meals from it and be able to make split pea soup, too.
    I bought a lot of meat such as fresh roasted beef, fresh roasted turkey and put it all in my freezer in packets. The store had beef brisket (deli sliced) for $1.69 per 100 grams on sale which is difficult to beat. (made in the mountain town of Canmore, i.e., locally). I am trying to get the best nutrition for meals to help my arm heal. I went to Indigo and bought late birthday gifts for my great nieces. If you bought 3 of anything, you got the fourth free. So I bought 3 books, 2 for birthday gifts (including Rosie Revere, the Engineer) and 2 for Christmas. I also bought 2 Andrea Bocelli cds (his latest Sì) online for Christmas gifts –– really reasonably priced. I hope to find some other gifts shortly and save them for Christmas. I went into the eyeglasses store and found they have a sale in November. Seems like a long wait.
    As I cannot have a flu vaccine due to a previous bad allergic reaction, I will shortly start avoiding crowds and stores. I hope to have most of my Christmas shopping done soon. There are good sales at the moment.

  • Patricia from Canada September 28, 2018

    Brandy, I'm sure it's a relief to have the surgery done and over with! Praying that you're able to get some needed rest and healing this weekend - today was quite a day for you and your family.


  • Margaret (near Sydney Australia) September 29, 2018

    Hi all,
    It’s sping and warming up here in Australia.
    I’ve found a local lady on acreage who has free range chickens. I’m buying eggs from her and she drops them off when she drives through my town. I return the egg cartons to her for reuse. Fresh eggs and absolutely free range and organic. And she gets a few dollars in exchange got the eggs so she’s happy

    I’m hanging out the washing on the line and only using the dryer if absolutely necessary.
    I’m using up my stockpile of laundry liquid (I have way too much in the cupboard and I gave some to a friend who is struggling financially).
    I gave another struggling friend a packet of dishwasher tablets from my cupboard stockpile and I’ll give her another packet when I see her next.
    I got my kids to go through their wardrobes for outgrown clothes and when my 17 year old went for a drive to get his hours up for his learners logbook, we dropped them at the op shop in the town we drove to (so that accomplished 2 jobs at once).
    I went through my basket of socks and paired them, and threw out any worn out ones or ones that were too small.
    I picked up an additional shift at work this week.
    The next electricity bill is due to arrive in a week or so and I have to pay some more on my daughter’s school fees so the extra will be handy on payday

  • Susan September 29, 2018

    I have been on a mission to use up random ingredients before we move and trying to preserve fresh produce before it gets too cold. I made fish tacos with a single piece of tilapia and leftover corn made into salsa, made dessert with pudding mix, stale graham crackers, bananas and 1/2 tub of cool whip. We took my employees out on a boat ride and had a BBQ afterwards instead of taking everyone out to eat for dinner, which easily saved several hundred dollars. Made cornbread and zucchini muffins. Ordered my son an animal type snowsuit to double as a Halloween costume off eBay. My son had terrible sleep regression from 4-6 months, so I’m finally feeling rested enough to start back running. I find change almost every run. It’s getting chilly in the mornings but I’m resisting turning the heat on.

  • Terry October 01, 2018

    The garden seems to drive my days. Tomatoes have been canned several times. Many batches of green tomatoes made into salsa Verde only having to purchase cilantro and jalapenos. Meals are planned to incorporate as many veggies as possible.
    I bought red peppers discounted to 3/1$. Used them to make stuffed peppers with homemade sausage and leftover rice. There's enough leftover filling to make a couple burritos for the freezer for a free meal. I had two oranges left from vacation. Used them to make orange marmalade.
    Apples are picked. All the red delicious are refrigerated. The pie apples will keep in the garage.
    All laundry hung on the line, then tumbled for a few minutes in the dryer to soften
    I sorted all the drawers in the kitchen and found a large box of things to donate. Also set aside several items of clothing that are nearly new and a bit too small. I like to donate at least one box of items when I shop at the thrift stores.

  • PJGT October 08, 2018

    Having lived in Hawaii and see too much skin cancer, I am also glad you have taken care of the skin cancer.

    For the past week I have been sorting bags and bags of clothing for the thrift store. I pulled some items for us and friends, but have donated about 50 large black trash bags full. They ended up in my garage and sat for 18 months before I decided to not wait for help, but take care of them myself. What a task! I do hope that our local people will have some nice clothing choices now!

  • Lee October 10, 2018

    Just a note - our library has magazine subscriptions that you can check out online, so depending on which apps your library uses, you may be able to do that as well. :)

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Guest October 22, 2018

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