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March's Shopping Plans

Snow Peas and Radishes The Prudent Homemaker

March has several sales. It's frozen foods month in the U.S., which usually means a number of frozen foods go on sale. St. Patrick's Day on the 17th means sales on corned beef, cabbage, and potatoes.

Easter Rabbits The Prudent Homemaker

With Easter falling on April 1st this year, we will see Easter sales in late March. I plan on making Easter Rabbits again this year using chocolate candy melts and molds I have already (you can see the how-to here).  

Here's how I plan to spend my $200 budget this month for our family of 10:


Sam's Club:


Rice 25-pound bag

Tomato Sauce #10 cans

Diced Tomatoes #10 cans

POM Toilet Paper



Washing Soda

Equate hand-washing dish soap



Store brand frozen sweet peas. I'll look for a sale on these at $1 a pound (usually when you buy 10). I would love to buy 20 or even 30 bags, but I often have trouble finding even 10 bags in the store. 






Spreadable Margarine

Parmesan Cheese

Store brand spicy brown mustard


I'll look for sales on strawberries in late March. If I can find them for $1 a pound or less, I'll purchase them. I'll also look for sales on potatoes, cabbage, corned beef, whole chickens, and Easter candy (Starburst jelly beans and peanut M&M's for Easter eggs).

 Strawberry Jam The Prudent Homemaker

From the garden, I will harvest Swiss chard, Meyer lemons, spinach, lettuce, snow peas, green onions, leeks, radishes, and several herbs this month. My large Swiss chard plants bolt in April when it gets hot, so we'll be harvesting lots before they need to be pulled from the garden. I have new plants already up and growing for this year so we won't have too long of a lull in picking. 

We'll continue to eat lots of frozen fruit from the freezer in anticipation of this year's fruit from the garden. We'll also enjoy more squash, pumpkins, and pomegranates from the garden that I have been storing.

A friend has offered me eggs from her hens, who are currently laying much more than she can eat, so I'll bring her some lemons in exchange for eggs.

What items are you looking to purchase this month?

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  • Lilli March 03, 2018

    Rhonda, you are just too sweet. Thank you for your post, the struggle mentally was hard the last two months. Thankfully all the living expenses were covered and it was just a matter of being patient until the tax refund came. I immediately took care of the problem and made sure the problem won't happen again. This issue cost me about 2000.00 in interest which devastated me. I am back on track, have a little in my emergency fund and am finally smiling. It is highly unusual for me to make mistakes. Thankfully , couponing has allowed me to pack my pantry to overflowing. So blessed to have been given the tools to provide for me and sugar cookie. Hope all is well over your way.

  • Marybeth March 01, 2018

    That was a great find on the fresh produce. I believe God always makes sure that we have what we need. He put you there just at the right moment. So happy for you that your finances are working out better this month. I know you will get so much out of the $60 for your daughter.

  • Tina March 01, 2018

    Lilli you can freeze avocados, I worked in a restaurant that bought them frozen then defrosted them to use on salads, as sides, etc. I don't know how they kept them from turning but they came vacuum sealed. You can vacuum seal in a Ziploc bag by sealing the top almost completely across except for a hole just large enough for a straw. Insert the straw in the corner and stuck all the air out of the bag, as quick as possible while still inhaling, pull the straw out as you deal the corner. My son taught me to do this. You can do this with any fruits, veggies or cooked meats to save space and keep food fresher for longer. Hope this helps someone.

  • Lilli March 03, 2018

    Thank you Tina, I will try this. I was wondering how I was going to use them all up.

  • Bobbie March 01, 2018

    This month is tight for us- despite having larger than normal income this month, my husband needed a new pair of work shoes desperately, new razors, and a few new shirts work shirts. We are potty training a toddler so he got new superhero undies, and I needed new glasses. Quite an expensive month, and it's only the 1st! Eek!

    We are stocking up on chicken breasts and pork loins at Sam's for the freezer. Pork loins were 1.68 a pound so I bought 20lbs. Also purchased 25 lbs of flour for $6, as well as a large bag of sugar, and what seems like will be a lifetime supply of baking soda. :p

    Aside from those items, my weekly food budget will be $40 for a family of four. We are doing a lot of meatless meals this month, including pastas, soups, and black bean and rice burritos. My weekly shopping will consist of milk, butter, fresh fruit and veggies, and a few other small staple items. My first week I spent $42, so not too bad so far!

  • Jennifer March 01, 2018

    Do you have Aldi near you? They have 1 lb. bags of frozen peas for 95cents year round.

  • No Aldi's here.

    We specifically like the sweet peas. Regular frozen peas have a different taste (and we don't like them!) Only some places near us seem to carry the sweet peas. Albertson's store brand ones have a great taste and everyone in my family likes them. They have them on sale a few times a year, but unlike other items, I haven't quite nailed down when all of those sales are.

  • Cate March 01, 2018

    An old Southern secret (from an old Southerner), put in a dash or so of sugar in the pot when boiling your peas or carrots. Sweetens them up every time. This also helps the flavor of green beans.

  • momsav March 02, 2018

    I’m not a fan of peas, either. They are my husband’s favorite; I just don’t see it!

  • Kim in Florida March 01, 2018

    I'll be on the lookout for potatoes this month. The cheapest I can find them for is 34¢ a pound, but I'm not sure I want to spend that much. I need to buy some meat. I just cooked the last pork chop. If I dont stumble upon an awesome deal, I will pick up a package of pork loin or boneless chicken from Sams. $1.98 & $1.99 a pound. That will get us through the week for dinner and dh's lunches. I need to be on the lookout for a good deal on dishwasher pods. If I dont find something buy the time I run out, I will get the cascade at Sams. I think I am going to pick up a watermelon at Sams. That will last us a few days. In the previous few years, I had always been trying to find the best deal on seedless watermelons. Well the problem with that is you find one for $3.99 and it has no taste!!!! I've never had a bad watermelon from Sams even though they are like $6.99. I do need to get to the Neighborhood walmart for some eggs before the price goes up. It is $1.30 for 3 dozen. If I can get another 9 dozen, then we will be set for the month. Thats all I can think of for now, hope your computer comes fast Brandy!!!

  • Laurie March 01, 2018

    I would buy all the peas they had and then ask for a raincheck. If there is no limit on the item, they should give it to you. You can go back and get more at that price when they restock.

  • Marcia R. March 02, 2018

    I did that last week at the supermarket here--they had frozen crab cakes BOGO but only one package was left. I got a rain check for 4 boxes and bought them the following shopping day. They sell for $7.99 but with the BOGO and coupons on each box, I only paid $5.98 for 2 boxes. They are not something I buy often but we do like them so that's a couple special meals for us. (Two boxes is one meal for us.) I wasn't going to miss that deal if I could help it!

  • Marilyn in MD March 03, 2018

    You can also use the crab cakes to stuff mushrooms, if you are so inclined. Chop the mushroom stems, add shredded cheese and crab cakes, mix up, stuff mushrooms, top with more shredded cheese, bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes or so, then broil to lightly brown the cheese. That's what I do.

  • Holly March 01, 2018

    We had some very warm days in late February and now are under a winter storm warning. What a difference a day can make. Because of the snow, I won't be taking mom out tomorrow. If I make some muffins to take with us when we venture out Saturday, we will have stuck to our food budget of $43 a week for each of the last four weeks. I know that is much more per person than some of you budget for food, but it has been just about right for us (until I get better at stretching a buck). Our cupboards are about as full as they were four weeks ago. But I want to restock decaf coffee, butter, dried cheese (for spaghetti), canned meat and fish, tomatoes (if the Spartan-branded cans are still available at the clearance price), graham crackers, saltines, onions, canned fruit and leafy greens soon (like Sunday). In our town, greens are always so expensive. I think I am going to try growing microgreens in the house to supplement what we buy. Because of the abundance of wildlife outside, I am not keen about growing things that are eaten raw on the ground in the yard. Dollar General is offering an electronic coupon for $15 off a $50 purchase. So we will be buying some of the food there. Our nearest Aldi is about fifteen miles away. I just can't justify driving so far for their prices unless I consolidate shopping for at least two weeks. I am looking forward to Brandy's future posts.

  • Marivene March 01, 2018

    This month I plan to buy cabbage when it is dirt cheap on sale for St. Patrick's Day, then slice & dehydrate it. I love vegetable soup, & adding a small handful of dehydrated cabbage to the soup we make from the bottled chicken, broth, carrots, mixed summer squash, tomato sauce, green beans & dried onions for our pantry makes it just that more tasty. Plus, adding anything dehydrated helps thicken the soup, when adding 6 pints of home-canned goodness. I usually dehydrate at least 2-3 heads, just for adding to soup, in 3-4 quart jars, depending on the size of the cabbage heads.

  • momsav March 02, 2018

    I’ve never thought of dehydrating cabbage! That’s why I love this site; so many smart people with great ideas! I will buy extra cabbage if I find a decent price, just to dehydrate. Thanks!

  • Marybeth March 01, 2018

    I went shopping at BJs today. I got olive oil, 2 packs of boneless chicken, milk, 2 8pks of tuna, and a 3 pack of bacon. There was a $3 off coupon for the package of chicken breast. My sister gave me hers too. I picked out the 2 smallest packs they had to bring down the price per pound. A friend said she would give me hers but I haven't seen her. The coupon is good all month so I will go back when I get the extra coupon. The tuna had an instant coupon to bring the price down. Its good to have with Lent right now. I will be buying loss leaders for the month. Just trying to build up my food storage.

  • Amanda March 01, 2018

    We’re eating down our freezers so I can defrost them before filling them back up over the summer. I’m just starting to work on building my pantry, so I’m glad to have your guidance. I have a terrible memory so I wish I could find a spreadsheet of all the cheapest prices in food and when it’s available in my area! Anyone have this for Indiana?!

  • Lisa from Indiana March 03, 2018

    Hi! I live in Indiana. I found a spreadsheet online a few months ago comparing Aldi and Walmart, and for almost every item Aldi was the cheapest.

  • Jennifer March 01, 2018

    Have you tried talking to anyone to pre-order 30 bags of peas when you know the sale is coming? Many managers will do this.

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