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May's Shopping Plans

 Apricots in White Garden The Prudent Homemaker


I awoke shortly after 4 a.m. to the sound of pouring rain.

Rain is very rare here, and when it does rain, it is usually so gentle and short as to only last 30 seconds. Pouring rain is unusual, and even more so in May!

I got up and closed the windows, went outside and into the garage and turned the drip irrigation and sprinklers off.

It's a beautiful May Day here, with cooler weather than usual thanks to the rain and clouds. We'll be back to 95° and even 98°(37°C) next week, but for four days this week, we are enjoying cooler temperatures.

The apricots will be ripe in my garden soon. I have two kinds of apricots: Katy and Royal (a.k.a. Royal Blenheim). Katy is generally ripe 3-4 weeks sooner than Royal, but wind and cold made it so only a few branches ripened on the tree, and then the rest of the Katy tree bloomed a month later. Whether they all ripen at once is yet to be seen. Katy usually ripens at the beginning of May and Royal towards the end of the month.

Blackberries 2 The Prudent Homemaker

Our blackberries will also be ripe in the garden this month.

In years past, we have also harvested peaches in May. As our tree was dying last year, we took it out. It will be a few years before we have peaches ripe in May again.

I am harvesting oregano, parsley, garlic chives, and green onions from the garden this month. I am also harvesting lettuce, spinach, and Swiss chard.


I plan on purchasing the following items this month:


Sam's Club:

Olive oil (3-liter bottle)

Mozzarella cheese (5-pound bag)

Powdered sugar (7-pound bag)

Brown sugar (7-pound bag)

Best Foods Mayonnaise (1-gallon)

Gatorade powder (We keep this on hand for when someone is sick, and as we had several people with flu earlier this year, it's time to replenish it).

Aveeno Body Lotion



La Victoria salsa (using $1 off coupon) 

Flour tortillas

Sour cream


Vegetable Oil



Suave shampoo (using 2 $1 off coupons)


I'll spend the rest of our $200 monthly budget on fresh produce and meat that I find on sale this month. 


Here is a month of typical spring meals in our house.


What are your grocery shopping plans this month?


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  • Becky May 04, 2018

    I reload my grocery budget mid-month, when I get paid. My husband's check at the first of the month pays for other bills, and I use mine, and his check from his second, very part-time, job for groceries and other bills mid-month.

    When I returned from my trip to Washington D.C., I really stocked up as I hadn't shopped for a while before, and the crew left at home was really good about eating the pile of quick-to-cook foods I left on the end of the table, plus used food storage. So, it had been several weeks since I filled up produce, empty items, etc. That was 2 weeks ago, and just today I went and did another big shopping trip. What I bought last week was mostly for a brunch I was helping at, and wasn't actually from my grocery budget, since I was donating the food I made. We did eat leftovers from that for a couple of days, but really were pleased at how the food and the people balanced out and there was not an excessive amount left over. The great news is that along with raising prayer support (that was the main target of the brunch, plus informing people about it so they could feel connected to the team that is going), some people felt led to donate money as well, and they made $1,400 for the mission trip. Wow!

    Today, I stocked up on all the free items I won from Safeway, and received yet another large stack of tickets, which the children will open tonight since they love doing that (I have my nephew all weekend and he's really into it). The cashier told me they are "doubling up" because the game is almost over. I won some amazing things last time and redeemed them today, like a package of Dave's Killer Bread Bagels, 2 cans of tuna, they substituted the 2 aspirin coupons for low-dose asprin as they were out of the other (I take that every single day so was delighted!!!), and a few more things. I also got my Fred Meyers Friday Freebies, which included measuring spoons. I will likely offer them to my 22 year-old daughter, as she is starting to accumulate things for moving out. (Probably will take a while--she's a slow-mover, but still I thought is was nice that she was thinking ahead)

    After buying on-sale tortillas at Safeway, at Freddies I found them for 49c/package for Cinco de Mayo, something I had missed somehow on-line. So, I bought 5 more packages. They last a long time, and that is like 5c a tortilla. So, now I have like 100 tortillas, so I will be serving tacos:) and enchiladas. A lot:). I will make home-made refried beans soon, as they love, love, love them around here.

    For the rest of my shopping, I bought bread for $1/loaf (I can't make my own since I am so sensitive to gluten/wheat, but the rest of them can eat it!) I got shredded cheese for $5/2-lbs, some lunchmeat and slices of cheese, produce as my garden has very little in it yet, salad dressing, salt, a ham for $1.29 lb., tea, corn chips for 99c/bag, and some other things that slip my mind. I simply bought whatever each store had for a good deal, and will make meals from that, paired with what is in my cupboards, freezers and canning shelves. My plan is for this food to last for the next 2 weeks, with only a quick trip to the store if I forgot anything or run out of something crucial.

    As I mentioned, I have my nephew, and his sister, my niece, this weekend, so I bought preferred foods for them. Because they are special needs, they have a small range of foods they eat. It's very much worth it to me to keep them happy. We have much more fun when I keep them if they feel they can have some foods they like. My niece, who is autistic, actually will have anxiety if she feels she will be away from home without foods she wants to eat. So, 100% whole wheat bread, ciabatta bread, chunky peanut butter, red delicious apples, honey-nut cheerios and frosted mini-wheats, and so forth. My nephew wants bagels and home-made chicken rice soup, which I made yesterday. And, to be picked up from school, which is a big deal to him, which I will do today. Easy:). It was quite strange to have them stay over on a school night, but we managed. It was pretty crazy busy around here this morning, I'll tell you.

    Since part of the money spent last time was leftover from March/April, there may be money left over this time in mid-May as well. We have several medical co-pays from my husband's appointments we will need to take care of over the next month, so I probably will use some of it for that, if there is indeed any left. The great news is that although I was called back for a re-do to check out a suspicious place after my mammogram, I went back today for that re-check and am just fine! I really am grateful for that good news and am praising the Lord.

  • Ellie's friend May 04, 2018


    I'm wondering how the hummingbird babies are doing and what species they are? Hope things are going well with all 3 babies, yours and the h birds! Ann

  • Athanasia May 05, 2018

    I don't see anything about hummingbirds.

  • Athanasia, I know you are not on Instagram. There is a hummingbird nest in my garden. I have been sharing photos of the nest and babies on my Instagram page. Because of the location of the nest, I can more easily take photos with my phone than I can with my camera (I have to take out a ladder and move leaves that hide the nest to use my camera; I can take my phone and stick it under the leaves and still take pictures).

    I am working on getting on Instagram feed on my website, and if so, then you will be able to see those photos here on my page as well.

  • Athanasia May 06, 2018

    Thank you. We had to quick make syrup for the hummingbird feeder today. We saw one buzzing around it. I've not seen them here this early before. There is not much in bloom yet The leaves aren't even out on most of the trees yet.

  • I don't know what species they are as I normally see two different species in our yard, and I don't know how to tell what species the females are.

    I went out just now and looked, and the babies are doing well. It looks like this spot is safe from the cats in the neighborhood (who have been in our yard EVERY night fighting :() . We think the cats got last year's babies that were in the white garden :(

  • ellie's friend May 05, 2018

    they should be fledging pretty soon. sad about cats....

  • Marcia R. May 04, 2018

    My needs for May are few: will definitely be going to the Amish store--which is fun anyhow--for oatmeal and honey for granola. Aside from that, I 'm hoping Pepsi and ice cream are on sale soon--husband gets the Pepsi when he works outside on the lawn and garden, a small price to pay for his help (especially if I get them on sale.) We both love ice cream and we're nearly down to our last not-quite-half-gallon. That will be it for essentials---but I will pick up whatever great sales I see. This week the store had some short dated whole chickens for 50 cents per pound---but I only bought one because I knew there wasn't a lot of extra room in the freezer. Another woman shopping next to me took about ten--and I didn't blame her at all. A good bargain as we seldom see them under $1.29 a lb. I just stocked up on salad ingredients that will last another week or two and were on sale, but will be needing more lettuce this week. It does feel good to be on top of things.

  • Athanasia May 05, 2018

    Brandy, I am glad you had the rain to bless your gardens. We, unfortunately, have had 3 days worth. After the last 21 inches of snow from last week's storm melted, the rain started. The river is steadily rising. They said could go up 2 feet before it recedes.

    Need butter ( bought 8 lbs so far), cream cheese (Neufchatel),( for summer veggie pizzas and for taco dip) (bought 5 so far), rolls of crescent dough (for summer veggie pizzas), red salad potatoes, Angel food cake mixes (never make these from scratch) (use them for shortcake desserts).

    We need coffee beans but with Mother's Day and Father's Day coming up we are sure to receive those as presents. I need gallon size and pint size freezer Ziploc. I have plenty of quart. We need small mouth canning lids-- we get these at the bulk store.

    For staples I need iodized salt, rye flour, catsup, molasses, navy beans, rice vinegar, mace, black peppercorns, popping corn, powder sugar.

    I am looking forward to seeing pictures and learning the name of the new baby boy. Congratulations to you and your husband.

  • I May 05, 2018

    My husband planted some veggies today-peas, beets, radishes and carrots-we also have some tomato seedlings we started and are now hardening up on the deck in planters( we still have danger of frost for another couple of weeks (Zone 4a). Will also plant beans when it is warmer. We have not had a garden the last couple of years, as we travelled in 2016 and I was ill in 2017 with my husband busy looking after me. As well we have a Saskatoon berry bush, apple tree, raspberries-the rhubarb died. So here's hoping for a small harvest from our backyard! All of the seeds were bought with a free gift card- we just bought some potting soil-so not a huge cost if the garden does not thrive.

  • Jess May 05, 2018

    Most of what I'll be buying this month will be random items we will need to complete meals. We will keep trying to eat from our pantry. I will bake zucchini bread for breakfasts.

    We are harvesting asparagus, chives, and rhubarb from the garden right now. I made rhubarb dream bars today. I will pull some zucchini out of the freezer to make zucchini bread for breakfasts this month.

    I will be spending the majority of my grocery budget this month. Our local farm store had a sale on 4 packs of plants for 69 cents. I had bought all the plants I needed for my vegetable garden, but I decided to pick up some flower plants. I have a terrible time with squash bugs every year. They start with my zucchinis and work their way through all my squashes, pumpkins, and melons. I read the petunias, nasturtiums, marigolds, and mint are good for repelling the squash bugs in addition to other bugs. I picked up a ton of those, plus some flowers for my pots, some Preen, and some Basil for $63. I have budgeted $200 for my garden this year. I have spent about $120 of it. The rest I will save in case I need any pesticides or fertilizer.

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