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My Goals for 2018


My most important goal for 2018:

Octavius Baby Foot The Prudent Homemaker

Have a healthy pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby in late spring!


 February Rain in the Garden The Prudent Homemaker

Garden Goals:

1. Take out dead our peach tree and replace it. We may take out both peach trees in the back, as the other appears to be dying as well. I learned in my extension service classes that peach and apricot trees only last around 10 years here. We've had these trees for 10 years. They are the two above covered in pink blossoms, The one you see on the right died last year and the one on the left is the other we will most likely take out too.

2. Plant many more flowers for cutting and enjoying in the garden. I want to grow thousands of flowers in the garden this year for arrangements thorughout the year.

3. Plant more Swiss chard, lettuce, green onions, snow peas, Armenian cucumbers, alpine strawberries, squash, and beets than in past years.

4. Fix sprinkler issues and reseed the lawn in the bare spots.

5. Find and fix all leaks in the drip lines.


White Embroidery Detail The Prudent Homemaker


Sewing Goals:


1. Sew curtains for my bedroom. I bought the fabric over a decade ago, shortly after we moved into the house. I need to buy lining and something to hang the curtains (I think we will need to make boxes). I want to get this project done this year. We've had shades hanging for years, but they broke last year and I'm ready for my curtains to finally be up!

2. Sew the decorative bed pillow that I embroidered a cover for last year (pictured in-progress above).

3. Sew baby clothes using patterns and material I have on hand. I gave away almost all of our baby clothing, save a few favorite things I had stored in one box.

4. Sew four dresses for myself. (These have been on my list for a few years now; this year I want to finish the ones I've started and sew two more, and I already have the fabric to do it).

5. Sew birthday gifts for the children using fabric I have on hand. My girls have requested several things and I already have a list of what they want.


Purchase Goals:

These are my planned purchases for the year. While I'm sure we'll have other needs, these are ones that I already know will be part of my purchases for the year:

1. Purchase a few baby clothing items for the new baby. I've already registered at Target so that I can get a 15% off coupon to use towards baby purchases the last two months of pregnancy (they let you use one towards what is left on your registry at that time, but the 15% is only good for ONE purchase. I'll definitely buy diapers and possibly purchase some onesies and socks at that time). I also will look at garage sales for needed items. I was recently gifted enough hand-me-down 0-3 month onesies that I don't need any in that size.

2. Purchase a car seat for the baby.

3. Buy the following clothing items for myself: sandals, black flats, nursing bras, and a few more maternity items (I'll look for those in thrift stores) for warm weather wear. It gets warm here early in the year. I am needing new-to-me maternity clothing in a smaller size; I donated all of my old maternity clothing last year.

4. Purchase new shoes for the family.

5. Purchase tarragon and tomato plants for the garden. I'll also buy more dirt for the garden; removing tree roots will mean I'll need dirt to fill in those spots.


Financial Goals:

1. Refund emergency fund. This was depleted last year after some hospital bills.  We have other goals we'd like to add to this category, but this is the first and most important one, and we won't do any of the others until after this one is accomplished.


What are your goals for this year?



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  • caroline timbs January 03, 2018


  • Kirsti January 03, 2018

    Congratulations! I'm so excited for you and your family! Babies are a wonderful blessing!

    I've been working on making goals for the new year. My oldest son helped me set up a net worth tracker on Excel and I have been tracking accounts on that for two months now. It really is motivating for me to see the "big picture" and see the results from our small efforts at frugal living. Actually all the small things do add up as you have often noted on your blog! I am hoping to have the funds to remodel our kitchen this year. The house is 40 years old, we've lived here for 26 years and the original kitchen components need to be replaced.

    I also need to declutter, organize the family photos, and finish a few sewing projects. I want to strengthen family relationships by writing more letters and researching our family history.

    I hope you have a wonderful and successful year in 2018!

  • Fiona Chain January 04, 2018

    Congratulations darling girl, such wonderful news, you truly are a natural mother, I wish you a safe pregnancy and birth of your new addition to your beautiful family.
    Kindest regards

  • Darcy January 04, 2018

    Congratulations on your wonderful news!

    My goals for this year are to make more gifts for my family: aprons for the grandchildren and my youngest daughter and a couple of cross-stitch patterns I would like to finish.

    Grow more vegetables and possibly fruit in our yard and get our yard in better shape after removing a tree last year.

    Replenish our emergency fund and pay off some debt.

    Take a trip to Tennessee to see my parents. I am putting money aside each pay period for this.

  • Laurie in central NC January 04, 2018

    What sweet news! Congratulations! One of my goals is to sew my first pieces of clothing this year. I've already bought the fabric and pattern. I just need to figure out how to go about it, then do it. I'm sending good wishes for a healthy pregnancy.

  • Kim January 04, 2018

    Exciting news! Congratulations and best wishes!

  • Jo January 04, 2018

    Congratulations! We are looking for a fourth grandchild this coming summer, and praying all will be well, there, too. Best wishes and prayers for an easy pregnancy and healthy baby, Brandy.
    My goals:
    1. Replenish our emergency fund, too. We are also living on less this year, so it will take some effort.
    2. Lose some weight that crept up on me during the holidays. I'm pear shaped and short, so gaining only 6-10 pounds means my skirts and slacks no longer fit! I've gained about five, so it was close.
    3. Learn to use my time more efficiently.
    4. Make myself go on that elimination diet. I have an auto-immune disease, and I've been putting this off for too long.

  • Alexa in Philly January 04, 2018

    What wonderful news! Best wishes for a comfortable pregnancy, safe delivery, and good health for you and your (expanding) family in 2018!

  • Kelly January 04, 2018

    Congrats Brandy! I remember when you announced your pregnancy with Ivory.

    I have a question for you, and fellow readers. What are your baby necessities/must-have items? It seems as though lists of essentials is getting more extravagant and very expensive.

  • I have a planned upcoming post on this.

  • Cindy Norred January 04, 2018

    Congratulation - what a lovely surprise. Praying for a safe delivery and lots of energy. :D

  • Jenny January 04, 2018

    Congratulations on impending baby #9. Only one more baby and you can have two basketball teams.

  • Laurie in AZ January 04, 2018

    Congratulations! Seeing your post made me smile!

    I retired in June, but the year was taken up with finding a house and moving, then the holidays. I have high hopes that I will accomplish a lot more in 2018.

    My goals for 2018:

    1. Take better care of my health. Lose weight, exercise more, eat better. One reason is that we want to go to Italy in 2019 and I want to be fit enough to enjoy it. A good motivator!
    2. Continue to pay extra on our mortgage each month.
    3. We want to plant some veggies and a few fruit trees this year.
    4. Get window coverings for the new house.
    5. Find a church home that we feel comfortable in.
    6. Continue to unpack and decorate.
    7. Keep all cupboards, drawers and closets organized.
    8. Buy less groceries. I buy almost everything on clearance or loss leader sales, but right now we need to eat up what we have.
    9. Read more books and start crafting more.
    10. Save all earned points on MyPoints.com and Ibotta, etc. for Christmas gifts. Also, purchase/make items throughout the year. I want my December outlay to be minimal.

  • Jennifer January 04, 2018

    Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you and your beautiful family. :)

    I wish we were local to you (we are in PA!) - I am about to have a baby in six weeks, I have an overabundance of baby clothes, and I won't be needing my maternity items before long. Oh well. I hope some good opportunities come along. I bought very little this pregnancy despite having given away much of my maternity stuff, and then more boy items came along as well (this is my fourth boy - things are getting worn out).

    I hope it all goes well. I am finding this fifth full-term pregnancy more difficult, and I think you are a little older than I am. However, I think not being able to lose weight in between due to some health issues (resolved now) is a big part of that. In contrast, you have done an amazing job with that! I have some friends who actually found the kids they had at the end of their lineup easier than some of the middle ones, because they had so much more help, and they were in better shape (we are Catholic, large families are common in our crowd as well). I hope it is so for you!

  • Jen@FrugalSteppingStones January 04, 2018


    We're still trying to narrow things down, but his year we want to max our Roths again, take our kids on our first big family vacation (to Disney), replace our home's HVAC system, and add to our car replacement fund.

  • Tami Lewis January 04, 2018

    Congratulations on your new baby! Depending on where you live ,some grocery stores have baby clubs too and you can get freebies and discounts.

    My big goal this year is to get my garden put in. With clay soil it makes it difficult so I have to make raised beds. A big job!

  • Michele in NC January 05, 2018

    A huge congratulations to you and your family! How exciting! My goals for this year is to continue my diet/exercise regimen that I started in May of last year - I've lost 30 pounds and plan to keep it off. I also average 4.5 miles of walking per day. I want to up that to 5 miles. I don't do all of this walking at once, but rather build it into my day - picking my son up from school, walking the dog, etc.

    I also plan to maximize our Roth IRAs and my children's ESA accounts.

    Wishing you a safe and easy pregnancy and delivery!

  • Diane Beckner January 05, 2018

    Congrats on the latest member of the family!

  • Margie January 05, 2018

    Please consider adding your instagram link to your Follow Me section. I like to go see the pics on occasion, and it would be great to have an easy link. I enjoy your writing and photos.

  • Cindy in the South January 05, 2018

    Congrats! My goal is to re-fund my completely depleted emergency fund and to pay down my debt. I had horrific hospital bills also in 2017 that consumed my emergency fund and then some!

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