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My Goals for the Month of September

Octavius September The Prudent Homemaker 


Garden Goals: is predicting hotter than usual weather for the southwest U.S. for September and October (and predicting an early fall for the Northeast and South). The heat makes it hard to want to work in the garden (just a couple of days ago it was 113ºF/45ºC), but work still needs to be done.  It's still too hot in September to plant most things for my fall garden (soil temperatures are 80-85ºF and air temperatures are over 100º, cooling down into the upper 90's by the end of the month) but I need to have the garden ready to plant in October.


1. Weed the garden

2. Fertilize fruit trees

3. Pull out dead vines

4. Deadhead zinnias

5. Start cutting down the dead peach tree. (My large Early Elberta tree died this year and I want to get it out so that I can replace it this fall).

6. Trim hedges

7. Fertilize roses

8. Pull out plants that died (several bushes and a tree) that are within the one-year warranty and return them to the nursery for credit. I will also take the pots back for credit, as they give a few cents credit for each of the larger black pots. 

9. Pull out large bushes that fried in June. June had 117º temperatures (something we don't usually see until July) and a lot of my plants completely burned. 



Sewing Goals:

1. Mend 10 items of clothing

2. Hem three pairs of pants for my husband

3. Continue to work on whitework embroidery project

4. Sew a gift (or two) for my daughter for her birthday



1. Donate items to the thrift store

2. Tidy the garden shed

3. Organize school supplies

4. Organize toiletry cabinet 


What are your goals for September?


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  • PJGT September 09, 2017

    I have decided to eliminate more things from my life so that I have more time. I think that the past few stressful years have me longing for rest. We are still building and it seems to take longer to get things done.

    I'm being very careful what I commit to.

    I'm not going to cook much, but will continue to reduce what we eat and make it easier foods. Still learning to use the grill. Avoiding is more difficult right now, so I must redouble my efforts.

    Looking at what needs to be done for winter. I too am checking the boots and looking for the hats and gloves. I think I'm going to have to replace a number of winter items. Hoping my son's coats fit after his weight loss.

    We are putting money into savings and continuing to pay down unexpected debts.

    Just so thankful for this wonderful job. I love it and am happy for insurance, retirement and a paycheck. Grateful.

    Another goal is to get back to cutting our winter wood and clearing brush at the same time.

    Stay home more.

  • Amy Dunham September 10, 2017

    Goals for this month:

    1. Finish some deep cleaning in the house (cabinets, light fixtures, washing all curtains, etc.)
    2. Finish purge and re-organization of daughter's room. Put together a shelf and hang it for finished Lego pieces.
    3. Continue to slowly add to our pantry and freezer. (I already cleaned out both over the summer).
    4. Finish three "fun days" with my daughter: Tie Dye Day, Scavenger Hunt Day, Slime Making Day)
    5. Schedule van maintenance appointment
    6. Purge basement (Worked on this over the summer -- we have about half to finish)
    7. Purge and move craft closet to basement.

  • LSM September 10, 2017

    I hope this doesn't get lost in the comments. I have been reading you off and on for years and lately reading your site almost daily for knowledge and encouragement. I would like to ask if you would share more about how you keep track of your homemaking, all the things that flow together such as when you know to plant this or that or when to remember that spaghetti goes on sale, or whenever you need to clean this room or mend that dress, etc, things like that. It seems like you have a system down and I'm wondering if it is all in your memory or do you have a list/itinerary written to help guide you. I'm trying to put together a better system for myself especially since I'm trying to learn to garden as well as adding sewing to my repertoire. Any wisdom you share would be greatly appreciated. If you have this all written down somewhere already then please direct me to it. I've searched your site but haven't come across anything really pertaining to my question except your schedule. You are a inspiration to a lot of us and are greatly appreciated as a Titus 2/Proverbs 31 mentor. Thank you for all you do for your readers.


  • kim September 11, 2017

    We received 4 boxes of free apples. So I froze 25 qt bags.
    We are going to discount Amish stores at the end of October and I still have food from the last time we went. My goal is to empty my cupboards in the next 2 months so I can restock with cheap foods. Im not buying ANY groceries for 2 months. My freezer is full of apples.
    I'm paying $300 extra on our mortgage each month.
    Other goals include getting more free compost.
    Also, using up lettuce in garden.

  • Nay September 16, 2017

    How do you get your peaches to stay that beautiful color?

  • Brandy @ The Prudent Homemaker September 17, 2017

    Those are just canned peaches. If you don't eat your peaches within a year, they will start to lose their color. They will still be good to eat, but not as pretty.

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