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October's Grocery Shopping Plans

Autumn Pears The Prudent Homemaker

Hooray for a sale! I'm happy to be able to do some stocking up this month. I've had a chance to organize what we have and really evaluate what we need, which is quite a lot. 

Consequently, I'll be spending a lot more this month than usual ($500) but many items I buy will last us for many months.

I have already gone to Winco, Target, and Sam's Club, and I'll make my online purchase this week as well. Then I won't head back to the store until the last week of the month for a second trip to Winco. Staying out of the store reduces the temptation to buy things that aren't on the list, and I'll have more time at home to get things accomplished.


Winco: ($82.39)


potatoes (20 pounds)

onions (50 pounds)

Great Northern beans 

brown sugar (only because I forgot to buy it at Sam's Club; it is 6 cents more per ounce at Winco; I bought 6.28 pounds)


spreadable margarine (2)

milk (3 gallons)


sour cream (10)

parmesan cheese (I plan on making and freezing a simple pesto with cheese, olive oil, and basil from the garden. I bought 5 containers of the shelf-stable store brand for this.)

La Victoria salsa (2)

corn tortillas



I'll go back the last week of the month for the following: (approx. $44)

Halloween Candy (their lowest-priced bulk candy, on sale the last week of the month, always ends up being lower than I can get on anything else even with a sale and a coupon. I'll buy extra of a few kinds to use for Christmas stockings.)


potatoes (30 pounds)




Sam's Club: ($159.57)


POM toilet paper  (3 boxes)

ketchup (1 114 oz. container)

vegetable oil (2 3-quart bottles)

vinegar (2-gallon package)

tomato sauce (3 #10 cans)

flour tortillas

mozzarella cheese (10 pounds)


1 box  (of 4 boxes) of gallon-sized  Ziploc freezer bags

1 box  (of 4 boxes) of quart-sized Ziploc freezer bags



Target: ( $166.93, and I got a $20 gift card and a $5 gift card to use next month. If you don't get the ads-and I don't--you can download the Target app, click the barcode symbol at the bottom, and there are two coupons for gift cards that come up. One is a $25 gift card when you spend $100 on baby items, and the second is a $5 gift card when you spend $20 on beauty items. Both are good through Saturday the 7th.)


Salon Graphix Unscented hairspray (4)

borax (4 boxes)

bleach (the store brand)

Neutrogena acne toner

Up and Up diapers ( I bought 5 boxes of size 4 diapers, which should last me 6 months.)


San Fransisco Herb Company: ($47.47 including shipping) 


red raspberry leaves

lemon verbena 

poppy seeds

cocoa powder


The garden is producing lots of basil, some oregano, a bit of chard, and I still have a few lingering pears that we are slowly harvesting.  There isn't much ripe now, but I hope that come December we'll have quite a bit to harvest. The weather is cooling a bit and the tomato plants have started to flower again. I'm planting my fall garden this month.


What are you stocking up on this month?

Canadian readers, please share your Thanksgiving deals!

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  • Stacey J October 07, 2017

    I bought a #10 can of tomato sauce so I can make my own taco and enchilada sauces. Is it safe to water bath can my sauces with the store bought tomato sauce as the base. Could I do myo spaghetti sauce too? I'm trying to cut down on sugar in my food.

  • Andrea Q October 07, 2017

    I'd contact the cooperative extension service near you or Ball canning (via their website) to ask about canning safety. I had a few questions this summer and Ball was extremely responsive and helpful!

  • Juls Owings October 09, 2017

    I do all the time. I add citric acid (you can use lemon juice) as I would with fresh tomatoes. Process pints 35 min and qrts 40 min. Been doing it over 40 yrs.

  • Laurie October 08, 2017

    Whenever someone mentions red raspberry leaf, I think of pregnancy. :D So I am wondering, what other benefits it has.

    My biggest goal for this month is to actually stick to my budget, $350 for 5 - two adults and three teens. We are all very snacky. In an attempt to cut costs, I didn't buy chips for a whole week. I am please to announce that we are all still alive. I did pick up ground beef at $1.49 a pound so there will be lots of meals with that. I've been buying up rock bottom priced veggies and freezing them. I am pretty much just shopping the front page of the ads and then stocking up at Sam's and Aldi. My cousin gave me 5 weeks worth of coupons for Aldi which are buy $30 and get $5 off per week. Her store is closed for remodel and they offered the coupons to offset the inconvenience of going to my store (next town over).

    It has been decided that Thanksgiving will be at my house this year so I'll start to watch for items to set aside. I'll also continue to bake and meal prep on Sundays in an effort to make the busy weeks easier and keep from buying extras in a pinch.

  • I explained in a comment to another reader; I think it's on the second page of comments now.

  • kim October 09, 2017

    I'm still using up items expiring in 2017 that I set on my counter. Hubby loves eating out on weekends, so that is always a challenge to convince him to eat at home. I'm amazed at how much food we had stocked up. I could go another month without shopping.
    We got more free Sweet Sixteen apples and continue to eat these daily. Yum!
    Hyvee (Iowa) sent a coupon for 2 free stuffed pork chops in the mail. We picked those up after church.
    We went on a free hay ride around town for Halloween with our girls.
    October 28 we are going to discount grocery stores ran by the Amish. So I've got $70 to spend there. We only go once a year and its 45 minutes there but I buy dented canned beans for 35¢, canned tomatoes 35¢, and all sorts of jarred sauces also. Its a great way to stock up. Our car is usually full. I usually spend over $100. They have boxes of damaged Jiffy mix for 10¢ and other baking mixes. I only buy non-expired goods that just have damaged packaging.
    Then for meat, cheese, eggs, dairy, etc. I will be watching Holiday sales.
    The Amish also have meat days on Saturdays but I have yet to check if they are low prices.
    I have butter at 1.99 stocked in freezer so I won't need any.

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