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October's Grocery Shopping Plans

Autumn Pears The Prudent Homemaker

Hooray for a sale! I'm happy to be able to do some stocking up this month. I've had a chance to organize what we have and really evaluate what we need, which is quite a lot. 

Consequently, I'll be spending a lot more this month than usual ($500) but many items I buy will last us for many months.

I have already gone to Winco, Target, and Sam's Club, and I'll make my online purchase this week as well. Then I won't head back to the store until the last week of the month for a second trip to Winco. Staying out of the store reduces the temptation to buy things that aren't on the list, and I'll have more time at home to get things accomplished.


Winco: ($82.39)


potatoes (20 pounds)

onions (50 pounds)

Great Northern beans 

brown sugar (only because I forgot to buy it at Sam's Club; it is 6 cents more per ounce at Winco; I bought 6.28 pounds)


spreadable margarine (2)

milk (3 gallons)


sour cream (10)

parmesan cheese (I plan on making and freezing a simple pesto with cheese, olive oil, and basil from the garden. I bought 5 containers of the shelf-stable store brand for this.)

La Victoria salsa (2)

corn tortillas



I'll go back the last week of the month for the following: (approx. $44)

Halloween Candy (their lowest-priced bulk candy, on sale the last week of the month, always ends up being lower than I can get on anything else even with a sale and a coupon. I'll buy extra of a few kinds to use for Christmas stockings.)


potatoes (30 pounds)




Sam's Club: ($159.57)


POM toilet paper  (3 boxes)

ketchup (1 114 oz. container)

vegetable oil (2 3-quart bottles)

vinegar (2-gallon package)

tomato sauce (3 #10 cans)

flour tortillas

mozzarella cheese (10 pounds)


1 box  (of 4 boxes) of gallon-sized  Ziploc freezer bags

1 box  (of 4 boxes) of quart-sized Ziploc freezer bags



Target: ( $166.93, and I got a $20 gift card and a $5 gift card to use next month. If you don't get the ads-and I don't--you can download the Target app, click the barcode symbol at the bottom, and there are two coupons for gift cards that come up. One is a $25 gift card when you spend $100 on baby items, and the second is a $5 gift card when you spend $20 on beauty items. Both are good through Saturday the 7th.)


Salon Graphix Unscented hairspray (4)

borax (4 boxes)

bleach (the store brand)

Neutrogena acne toner

Up and Up diapers ( I bought 5 boxes of size 4 diapers, which should last me 6 months.)


San Fransisco Herb Company: ($47.47 including shipping) 


red raspberry leaves

lemon verbena 

poppy seeds

cocoa powder


The garden is producing lots of basil, some oregano, a bit of chard, and I still have a few lingering pears that we are slowly harvesting.  There isn't much ripe now, but I hope that come December we'll have quite a bit to harvest. The weather is cooling a bit and the tomato plants have started to flower again. I'm planting my fall garden this month.


What are you stocking up on this month?

Canadian readers, please share your Thanksgiving deals!

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  • PJGT October 05, 2017

    Thank you for the support. That means more to me than anything frugalwise...though it is good to keep on the frugal straight and narrow!

  • Margie from Toronto October 04, 2017

    Also Canadian and waiting for those Thanksgiving sales. It's just me but I'm having some friends over on Monday so I'm making Turkey Meat Loaf. I managed to get 3lb of ground turkey on sale (at least by Cdn. standards) plus some pkg. of wings to make soup. I've also stocked up on veggies - broccoli, carrots, onions & sweet potatoes were all on at good prices at No Frills this week and I already have cranberry sauce and stovetop stuffing in the pantry. I am waiting for some small, boneless hams to go on sale - if not before Thanksgiving - then after and I'll try to fit a couple into the freezer. Other than that I won't be buying any other meat this month as I'm trying to use up all that I have in the freezer before the pre-Christmas restock.
    No Frills did have a lb of butter for $2.88 but only the salted variety and I want unsalted for baking so I'll wait. I've got one pound on the go at the moment and another pound in the freezer as back up so not desperate but I like to have a couple of extra lbs. in there as I don't use margarine. I'm also hoping to get 10 lb bags of onions for $2 soon as I like to freeze or caramelize them for the winter and haven't seen them that cheap as yet.
    I'm always astonished at the US prices you all talk about here!

  • J October 05, 2017

    That's too bad it was only salted butter at your No Frills, Margie. They had both at my location. It is on sale for $2.99 at Metro this week. Funny you mention onions, because I have a huge bag I am planning to caramelize this weekend. :)

  • Stephanie N. October 04, 2017

    This month's shopping list is fairly similar to last month's because I didn't really do a whole lot of shopping in September. For restock I'm going to need more steel cut oats. SO has discovered he likes these blended in his smoothies so I'll be looking to get about 10lb. I'm going to be on the hunt for some sales on onions, preferably vidalia. If I can find good sized ones I'll get as many as I can fit in my pantry. I usually caramelize about 5lbs twice a month to keep in the fridge for various recipes so I'd like a good supply on hand.

    Aldi had Kerrigold butter at a really good price a few weeks ago when I was there. If it's still there when I go again I'll probably buy around 10 packs. I don't use this for my daily baking but it is my go to for puff pastry and croissants. I'll stock up in preparation for the holidays. I need to stock up on pasta sauces. I buy the Wegmans brand of pomodoro sauce and Arrabiata sauce. I'll be on the look out for shredded parmasan cheese as well.

    My grocery shopping this month likely won't include much for the freezer. I have a laughably small fridge/freezer and my space is maxed out. Instead I'm focusing on pantry stable items this month. I'm going to attempt to use up what is in the freezer right now and see what I can do to maximize that space moving forward. Much of my freezer real estate is dominated by the ice maker and the large ice bucket. I'm contemplating removing the bucket and turning off the ice maker to regain space. SO and the children will holler but to be honest; I'd really prefer they all stay out of the freezer all together anyway so this will probably be a win/win for me.

  • Mary Ellen McMahon October 05, 2017

    I buy Kerrigold butter at Aldi too, but the last two packages got moldy in the refrigerator. I have never, never had butter go moldy! Have you had any trouble with it? I usually stock up when Aldi has it on special but am reluctant to get it again.

  • momsav October 06, 2017

    Take the receipt bac’ to Aldi’s. Take the butter, if you kept it. You can’t call them but they do have an email address where you can contact them. I was charged for an extra box of something. I wrote that it may be months before I could return it and they said it was no problem. It’s worth a try especially on butter!

  • Stephanie N. October 06, 2017

    Mary Ellen,
    Thanks for the heads up! I only bought two packs last month and I stuck them straight into the freezer. When I get home from work I'm going to pull them out and peek under the wrapper. If they're moldy I'll probably contact Aldi (or maybe even the Kerrygold customer service) to report the defective product.

  • Mary Ellen October 06, 2017

    They were moldy when I first opened them. I put the pack in my regular snap-lock butter dish and then in the butter section of the fridge. I took a week or so for mold to appear. I've gotten Kerrigold butter for years and never had this happen. I've decided that until I use up what's stocked in the freezer, I'll just cut off what I need and not thaw the whole block.

  • Mable October 04, 2017

    Still trying to eat mostly out of the freezer and cupboard; I cannot believe how much food we had accumulated. I do buy milk and apples each week, for the husband. But this week the heavens are raining down unbelievable food blessings so I spent a bit more: Yesterday, when I saw the produce manager to ask if I could get a break if I bought a case of apples, he said yes and then asked if I made banana bread. I said I did and he brought out a case of dying bananas that were too far gone to sell but perfect for banana bread and smoothies. He had to charge me something, he said, so marked the case at $1.00! I shared the case with two friends. He also marked down the case of apples by $5. I was thrilled, to say the least. Then, as I was leaving, I noticed they were marking down butter that was getting close to the sell-by date (I didn't even know there was such a thing for butter), and I got 20 pounds of butter for $2 per pound. Finally, stopped by Sams with a friend who was driving me home from a meeting but needed to stop for groceries. I didn't intend to buy anything but at the end of one lane they had large containers of brand name mayo marked down to 3 jars for 91 cents! I bought 12 jars; I'm trading 3 jars to a friend for chicken eggs and the other 9 will take us a year to eat, if not longer. She offered to trade eggs for mayo again in a month, after she builds her stock of eggs back up, so I will probably take her up on that. She gives me a dozen eggs per jar, and eggs are not cheap in Alaska, so I am getting a good deal.

  • Andrea Q October 04, 2017

    I grocery shop nearly every week for the fresh items that supplement the pantry. We have a second refrigerator now, but I still haven't worked out a good routine for shopping. I plan to cut money from my weekly shopping so that I can continue helping our acquaintances from St. Martin that lost most everything to Irma. I altered my menu plan to make that possible.

    I need to purchase a few things for our annual potluck Halloween party, including (store brand) paper bowls for 75 people and candy for the favor bags. I think I have everything else.

    I'm down to three rolls of paper towels, so I'm looking for a sale on those. I have $2 ECBs from CVS that I will likely use, as CVS seems to have the sales on the brand I use. A six-pack should last us until the end of next year.

    Organic butter dropped from $6.59 per pound to $4.99, so I will buy five.

    We're picking 1/2 bushel of late-season apples at the orchard Friday. These varieties store well at least until early December, sometimes longer. I also want to stop at another orchard to buy $10 of my favorite apple variety that is rarely sold in stores. I'll buy those with my birthday money, rather than from the regular grocery budget.

    Our Amazon Subscribe & Save items arrive tomorrow ($62.85) and I just placed a wholesale order from Frontier Co-Op with friends ($15.59 for spices and $25.65 on hygiene items). I spent $40 on diapers.

  • Lorna October 04, 2017

    Hello Brandy and everyone :) .

    I am so glad you are able to restock your pantry this month Brandy and it is in the budget for you doing so.

    We are working on stocking 12 months of everything at the moment and we pick certain items needed and keep stocking until we reach the 12 month level and then move onto a different item to stock. Currently we are working on all purpose flour, bottled water and sugar and we just work that into our budget as the funds become available. Medical we will be working on Panadol for DH's back injuries and also iron tablets for myself out of our medical budget and we only shop once every 6 weeks and work on picking up any specials that we see as well each shopping trip.

    Here are the other things we will be buying this month -
    - tinned apples.
    - tinned diced tomatoes.
    - tinned mangoes.
    - tinned lychees ?, hopefully the shops should have them in shortly.
    - tinned apple pie filling.
    - tinned champignons.
    - smoked oysters.
    - cheese.
    - eggs.
    - sour cream.
    - thickened cream.
    - powdered milk.
    - cocoa powder.
    - almonds.
    - sultanas.
    - fresh oranges or mandarins on special.
    - macadamia nuts.
    - freezer bags.
    - dishwashing liquid.
    - ammonia.
    - methylated spirits.

    Have a great month ahead everyone and I hope you all find some of the things you are wanting to stock up on on special :).

  • LD October 05, 2017

    Hello, I noticed that you have acne toner on your Target list and just wanted to share a home remedy that has worked extremely successfully for my daughter... After many years of trial-and-error and dermatology appointments. Apple cider vinegar one part, mix with 2 to 3 Parts water, apply to skin and leave on about 10 minutes then rinse. Do this about 3 times a day. It worked amazingly well! My daughter just mixed up a batch in a bottle, shake it then use.

  • Thank you for sharing. I rarely buy this toner (and it's actually for me; for the two teenagers, who have a different skin type than I do I buy a $3.99 container of the Target brand of 10% benzoyl peroxide) so it will last me a long time. I only need to use it occasionally, so it will last me a few years. Good to know about the vinegar. Can you use any apple cider vinegar or is only the raw unfiltered kind?

  • Cindy in the South October 05, 2017

    I am not sure how much more stocking up I will do this month, and next month, other than what I bought at the start of the month. I just got the tax bill on my mom's house and I really want to pay that off as soon as possible. I also have a child's birthday this month (Oct), several family birthdays in November, December, and January...soooo. I do not know. I am out of several things but not anything I would consider to be "major" I will buy a turkey for Thanksgiving, when the time gets closer, but I am cutting down on some of the more expensive side dishes I usually do. I have set a budget of $25 for Thanksgiving...we shall see if I am able to stick to it...lol. I will stock up on potatoes when I get a good deal, and sour cream. Hopefully I will find a turkey, as Thanksgiving draws near, for under 99 cents a lb. I am fairly confident I can do that, or at least very close....maybe even under that price because I have seen turkeys at 69 cents a lb before. I am trying to look at the big picture through January, since this is such an expensive time for the year for me. I am going to check Dollar Tree for several of the items I may use, and if I find them there, then the more traditionally expensive dishes will make their way back onto the table. We have a set list of dishes for Thanksgiving that we have used for the past 25 yrs.

  • Kristy Bialas October 05, 2017

    In Idaho, this is a plentiful time of year. I pulled all of my carrots from my garden last week as the temperatures have dropped rapidly her. I washed and cut the ends off of them and store them in Ziploc baggies in my extra refrigerator. They will potentially last in there through December. I doubt they will last that long because my kids love to snack on them. I live in a farming community. My brother raises famous Idaho Potatoes so I will be getting between 50-100 pounds of those free. I will store them in my cold storage room. They will last until about February. I pulled my onion out of my garden. They are drying in my garden. I will also keep them in my cold storage room for several months. My neighbor had extra butternut squash she gave me, so we will be making butternut squash soup this weekend and freeze the leftovers. We have a couple of neighbors who have apple orchards. They let me come and pick apples. My sister and I canned applesauce with them last weekend. I also plan on making fruit leather with some of the applesauce and I will dehydrate some apples. If we round up enough, we will press the apples and make apple cider. I will take the nicest apples and store them in my extra fridge as apple prices have been a little higher lately than usually. To say that we are blessed here during harvest time would be an understatement.

  • Jo October 05, 2017

    I am doing the opposite of stocking up right now, as we've had several large expenses and the budget is quite tight for a while. I'm trying not to touch my savings unless I just have to do so.
    When I finally get to do so, I will start looking at holiday supplies, like sugar and chocolate chips, as well as staples like salt, butter, honey, and some more meat, as we are getting low on some of it. I bought a lot of herbal tea last time I purchased, so I won't need that, but my husband could use some coffee soon. Frozen veggies need to be re-stocked, but I still have a good stash of rolled oatmeal, and wheat berries to make flour. I keep a bag of organic white flour on hand for delicate things like cakes, but soft white winter wheat ground in my mill works for a surprising number of baked items. I have cornmeal and grits on hand, too, so we aren't in bad shape, really. I recently purchased spices in bulk, and replenished my vanilla bean bottle for vanilla extract. I will be getting a farm-raised fresh turkey for Thanksgiving, splitting the cost with another family member, and will be on the lookout for a good ham for Christmas. I'm still trying to decide if it is worth it to pay for a Costco membership. Someone told me they might/are dropping the membership requirement, but I haven't checked to see if that's true. Does anyone know?

  • I don't think they are dropping it. It's $100 last I heard. Sam's Club is $45. I would go in and compare prices to what items you normally buy, write them all down, and see if it is worth it to you to pay the membership. You can go in, walk to the membership area, and then not go to the desk but just walk around and write down prices.

  • Jo October 10, 2017

    Thanks, Brandy. Like Tami, the nearest Costco and Sam's are 50 miles away, but we are in that town once a week anyway, so that really isn't quite an issue. I need to do just that -- look around and note prices and selection, and see if it is worth it for us, with the things that we buy.

  • Tami October 08, 2017

    We just Renewed our lower level card for $60 (up from $55) the executive is now $120( up from $110). We do not have sams club anywhere around here. Even with Costco being at least 60miles away it is worth the trip. Membership price is made up in 1 shopping trip easily. We have 1 grocery ( a thriftway harvest market that is so expensive!) in town a little over 3 miles from us. I am SO jealous of those That have several stores 10 miles or so from your home! Target is a once or twice a year treat and I am like a kid at Disneyland! I guess our trade off to not having all the stores with great deals is living in a town with no stop lights!

  • By contrast, I can't imagine driving 60 miles away! Most of my shopping is done within 1 1/2 miles from home (with a few stores being 2 miles and Sam's a whopping (haha) 5 miles away. The abundance of stores makes for a lot of competition with prices. I can see why, in areas like yours so far from the store, it makes a lot of sense to order things (like toilet paper) online and have it delivered, rather than spending the time and gas money to go to the store. (BTW, you can shop Target online, but maybe your budget doesn't want to know that!)

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