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The Past Week's Frugal Accomplishments

May Harvest The Prudent Homemaker

This post contains affiliate links.

I mended seven leaks in the drip irrigation. I had accidentally cut these last year when pruning hedges.

I planted seeds for Armenian cucumbers, pumpkins, zucchini, and Thai basil in the garden.

I harvested apricots, lemons, tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, green onions, garlic chives, oregano, parsley, and chocolate mint from the garden.

May Roses and Honeysuckle The Prudent Homemaker 

I cut flowers from the garden to enjoy inside.

My husband and I had an at-home date night playing a game of Rummikub. My mom found that she had a duplicate of this game when she went through her closets earlier this year when I had a garage sale, and we kept the game back from the sale.

I redeemed free coupons from the grocery store Monopoly game tickets for five free 8-ounce cans of tomato sauce, three pounds of egg noodles, four free store-brand AAA batteries, two small bags of potato chips, a bag of free hamburger buns, two free containers of aspirin, and an 8-ounce container of sour cream.

I used a coupon for a buy one, get one bottle of shampoo to get a free bottle of shampoo.

My sister-in-law is moving house and downsizing. She offered to let me go through several boxes of children's clothes before she had a garage sale. I found several pairs of jeans for daughters number 2 and 3 (they wear the same size, plus my second daughter is very hard on clothes, which has meant a shortage of clothing for a few years for these two daughters; it seems they are always wearing everything through!) I also found a few other clothing items for other children.

My children helped their aunt with her garage sale on the actual day, and in return, she allowed them each several items to keep from her sale. They brought home several more items of clothing.

My husband arranged to borrow the bike rack that his brother made for the same sister for us to use at our house. There isn't a place for it at her new house and she's not using it right now. My husband was planning to make one for us with his brother; this will work well for us for now without any outlay of money.

My husband cut my hair for me.

My husband painted our front doors.

Katy Apricots The Prudent Homemaker

What did you do to save money this past week?

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  • Jess May 29, 2018

    I've harvested about 4 pounds of strawberries, more rhubarb, and more asparagus. We froze more rhubarb. I didn't really do too much on the frugal front other than the usual - paying bills online, watching electricity usage, etc. We tried not to use too much gas this weekend since the prices were raised for Memorial Day. We helped my sister move and she bought us lunch. We just turned on our air conditioning yesterday. That's about it.

  • Kim May 29, 2018

    I really enjoyed seeing the picture of the new baby.
    I had a good frugal week. My freezer left a puddle of water on the floor so I defrosted and cleaned it out and re-organized as I put all the food back in. Left out a whole chicken which will feed us for several days.
    Went to the thrift store and got a brand new packet of colored printer paper for .79. I keep a craft box for my grandson and I will add this paper to that. I also got two packets of plain white note cards for .49 each. I will use these to make my own cards for birthdays and such. I also picked up a nice metal vase for .49. I filled it with roses from my garden and put it on my grandmother's graveside for Memorial Day.
    I picked up two wooden chairs for free at a garage sale. One is a ladder back chair with a woven rush seat that is coming apart. I plain to make a new seat for it. The other I may take apart and use pieces for another project.
    I helped my son do some yard work at his place. He lives alone and I know working by yourself gets old so my husband and I try to give him a hand when we can.
    My husband and I and our new puppy managed a few hours on the beach- we sat and read our books while our puppy played happily. We really needed that rest and relaxation-free except for the $15 of gas.
    Love hearing from everyone.

  • Liz May 29, 2018

    Hello Frugal Friends!
    We had a fun, frugal week at our house. Here are some of the highlights:
    - This weekend I went to a food coop to get some items. The cost was $25 a share. I was able to get a whole flat of strawberries, 3 spaghetti squash, baked goods, cabbage, 2 romaine lettuce packs, crackers, mushrooms, spinach, radishes, protein bars, tea, 2 large packages of tortillas, blackberries, and more.... The total would have been around $100. This was an awesome savings. I also was able to get 25 or so chicken patties for $5.00 from this same coop. I haven't went to this one before, but hopefully it will come around again!
    - I paid $10 for two parking spots in a community garage sale this weekend. I am making the kids go through their clothes and items to sell what we don't need.
    - I also sawed up some free pallets to make the rustic looking Colorado signs. I put this on my blog if you are interested to see what I did. The pallets I was able to get from a poster on Facebook Marketplace.
    - I finished planting my garden. My husband made me 3 garden boxes a few years ago and last year, we added an herb garden. I planted squash, zucchini, lots of herbs, tomatoes, spinach, peppers, swiss chard, cucumbers, carrots, and radishes. I live in Colorado so we constantly have to water. I love having a garden though.
    - I cashed out some money on some apps that I use and did some mystery shopping. If you would like to read it is: http://lizsfrugalfamilyfun.com/2018/05/29/how-i-made-125-48-this-month-from-apps-and-mystery-shopping/
    - We went to a hotel water park for one night this weekend. It was a lot of fun and not very frugal. But, I figure that is why we spend less on some things so we can enjoy others. It is all about personal priorities.
    I hope you have a blessed week!

  • Janet May 30, 2018

    All you ladies are Rock Stars when it comes to being Frugal for your families. The money does add up!
    Liz if you worked outside the home and had clothing to purchase , transportation, and food while away from home how much would you have to earn to be able to bank $125.48 for one week?
    On top of that you got to remain home for your family and be available for your families needs!
    Aces on earning that much in just one week!
    I keep a running tally for the year and some years I do ok and others I do better or worse.
    But if we all keep trying that is what counts!!!


  • Liz June 04, 2018

    Thanks for that encouragement! I hope you are doing well on your endeavors as well!

  • Lori @ MyVintageWhimsy May 30, 2018

    I just love this weekly post. I get such great inspiration from you all. I feel like I've been completely off the frugal lifestyle for the last year, despite my efforts (recently!) to get back on track. Hope springs eternal!!

    My birthday was this past Tuesday. I opted to not go for dinner or anything even though my parents and sister/niece wanted to take me out. Instead, my folks brought over a pot pie from a grocery store and 6 cupcakes. I enjoyed the pot pie that night and had 2 of the cupcakes over the next couple of days. I gave my 3 stepchildren the remaining cupcakes while they were here this weekend. I am not fond of bakery icing -- that gross, bitter, brightly colored stuff but the kids love it! My folks also gave me a generous check, which I've yet to put in the bank.

    My SO gave me an amazing and thoughtful gift. He bought for me a Kitchen Aid mixer. I have coveted one of those since I was 20, but have never felt right spending so much money on myself. I ended up with the basic white 4.5 qt version, even though I really wanted the mint blue one from Target. White is fine. And it was a very generous gift. I found some vinyl decals on Etsy in the Butterprint Pyrex design (which is my most collected vintage Pyrex pattern) so I will buy these and decorate my awesome new mixer. I seriously cried when I opened the box!! I guess 18 years of wishing and wanting finally paid off. He's the best!!

    I redeemed a $10 Starbucks gift card with some of my swagbucks that have been sitting there unused for years. I still have 800+ to use up. I transferred the e-card to my Starbucks account and will save it to use when I can combine with other offers.

    I still haven't received any response from Pinecone Research as to why I no longer get any surveys or mail from them. I have over 17,000 points sitting there, that I had been just accumulating for future use, that I suppose I will transfer to Paypal money. It appears my time with Pinecone is over, sadly.

    I planted some old seeds for various things last week, using leftover cardboard egg cartons I'd been stockpiling since December. I wrote on the ends with a water-soluble marker by accident, so I have no idea what's growing in each container. Oops! It's 8 cartons of mystery seeds. lol I will remember to use a different writing tool next time.

    My family is going on a cruise in 2 weeks. I desperately needed summer clothing so I went shopping on Friday to take advantage of the Memorial Day sales. I found shorts at Old Navy for $5.24!! I bought two other pair for $11 each. I went through my church dresses and found several things that would be appropriate for dinner while on the ship. I still need a few more articles of clothing so I will do that shopping this week, using coupons if possible.

  • Athanasia June 01, 2018

    Lori, Happy Birthday, and a Kitchenaid mixer is a wonderful gift. Mine is now 25 years old and still works great. I used it 4-5 times a week, including kneading bread dough.

  • Samantha May 30, 2018

    *I found that my grafted cherry tree (with 3 varieties on one plant) did not make it through our rough winter. I called the manager at Home Depot and asked if I could exchange it for another tree, and I was delighted that the manager said I could do an even exchange for it, and received two dwarf plum trees.
    *We had a massive hail storm (it hailed consistently for 45 minutes with quarter size hail). When it ended, it looked like it had snowed in our yard! Unfortunately, it obliterated our garden, and I'm still a little sad to go outside. I am reminded that I don't decide the weather, and I have to accept the results and appreciate what we are left with. I still hope to get some grapes and peaches but that will likely be our fruit for the year. I'll keep an eye out for good fruit sales and replant seeds for our greens. I don't have any more funds set aside for new heirloom tomato, pepper, or eggplants so I'll look for deals on those as well. Our growing season is quite short, but we'll work with what we have. I may consider some sort of hail netting in the future as I continue to see the weather in my area getting more and more severe at each season.
    *We booked a short vacation to California using only credit card reward points, and found a good deal on a nice hotel. My mother-in-law will house/pet sit for us and we pay her $40 each day as she has no income.
    *We pay for my mother-in-law's cell phone and service, and we're going to switch her to Mint Sim- a low cost, straightforward provider that I've been personally using for some months with great results using an older smartphone my friend gave to me. You pay up front instead of monthly, but the savings are substantial.
    *My supervisor gave me some tea, chocolates, and a generous gift card to our favorite restaurant. It was such a thoughtful treat! We plan to have a date night this weekend and celebrate the end of the school year and start of summer!
    *We enjoyed a graduation party for my sister-in-law, but she asked us to bring sodas to contribute. We don't drink soda ordinarily, but Safeway had a great sale and I was able to pick up what she requested for much less than normal.
    I hope everyone has a wonderful week, and enjoyed the Memorial weekend!

  • Ms. Flathat May 30, 2018

    Your senior pass has your signature which may even be legible enough to read your name. But even if it is not, your driver's license should have a matching signature, which the ranger is going to look for as well as looking at the photo on the driver's license to make sure that that person is in the car.

  • Jean May 31, 2018

    I am thankful for this wonderful group of women who continue to inspire me in this journey of frugality. Thank you, Brandy, for your lovely photos and posts; they are so beautiful and my favorite blog to follow!

    We have had different family members visiting for three weeks, and have managed to not overspend due to a full freezer and pantry, and the garden giving us spring veggies. We have sugar peas, radishes, lettuce, kale, beet greens and chard going strong. I just picked our first zucchini this week. My little strawberry bed has put out from a pint to a quart daily and are petering out now.It is amazing how just having a few plants or bushes can give a small but steady stream of fruit. Not enough to can, but still putting fruit on the table daily. That makes me really happy as it is so fresh, and organic and no trips to the grocery to buy it. Hopefully with the strawberries dying out it will not. be long till the blackberries come on. I have a wild patch beside my garden that produces decently.

    I have been getting compost from my daughter and her family, and my pastor’s family and putting it straight into my garden trenches. I have been building a small 10x30 bed that was mulch from the power company, and it is growing my spring greens. I am continuing to add compost to it also, and hope by next summer for it to be in good shape and a fully operating bed!

    I have been harvesting lemon balm and peppermint and adding dandelion flowers to make a sun tea every other day, I flavor it with my homegrown stevia and it is delicious. It is my favorite drink along with my kombucha which I keep churning out. We do not hardly buy any beverages except for the occasional oj, and make do with freebies of milk from time to time, that I make into kefir.

    We have lots of lambsquarters growing wild, along its dandelions, that get used in smoothies, or sautéed daily. I am using chickweed and cleavers to make tinctures with too. So thankful to be learning about local wild plants to forage. There is an abundance and they are so nutritious and have multiple uses. This has become one of my favorite hobbies and things to study up on!

    We have had rain consistently for about two and a half weeks , so I have not watered at all, but the mosquitos are something fierce, I am hoping for some drier weather, yet the cool weather has been nice I admit.

    I hope everyone has a lovely week!

  • Annaliese June 01, 2018

    Those apricots look so yummy!! Well again we had some automobile problems to fix. We own all of our cars and all of a sudden- everything needs to be fixed-LOL!! Here are the few things I got to be frugal on last week:
    - Went to a free Cancer Survival Dinner- chicken breast, boiled potatoes, salad and chocolate layer cake. Received a free tee shirt and won a very large fern plant in the raffle.
    -Donated a few things to the mail carriers food drive from stocked pantry.
    - Bought a gift certificate from Swagbucks for a wedding gift and got double points on the promo.
    - Sent a payment to the dentist bill and asked for the 3 months of finance charges to be removed- they usually do it since he is a cousin- saved $44.89.
    -Good price and deals on strawberries and blueberries. Froze for later use.
    -Did batch cooking of Mexican beef mixture- in freezer, 5 bags and one for the dinner that night.
    -Did another batch cooking- pancakes.
    -Gifted a can of red kidney beans, can of chickpeas and a large can of pimentos. Gifted from MIL- box of Rice Krispies treats, a couple of pkgs of microwave popcorn and a small bag of potato chips. Passing them on to the free table at work (except the chips).
    - Worked a lot due to the World Cup Soccer is coming up fast-took lunches and snacks since I worked open to close over the weekend.
    - Hubby and son went to in-laws for a spaghetti dinner mid week- brought home some leftovers.
    - In-laws had a cookout and since I had to work, hubby brought back some left overs.
    Hope everyone has a blessed week ahead!!

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