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The Past Week's Frugal Accomplishments

May Harvest The Prudent Homemaker

This post contains affiliate links.

I mended seven leaks in the drip irrigation. I had accidentally cut these last year when pruning hedges.

I planted seeds for Armenian cucumbers, pumpkins, zucchini, and Thai basil in the garden.

I harvested apricots, lemons, tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, green onions, garlic chives, oregano, parsley, and chocolate mint from the garden.

May Roses and Honeysuckle The Prudent Homemaker 

I cut flowers from the garden to enjoy inside.

My husband and I had an at-home date night playing a game of Rummikub. My mom found that she had a duplicate of this game when she went through her closets earlier this year when I had a garage sale, and we kept the game back from the sale.

I redeemed free coupons from the grocery store Monopoly game tickets for five free 8-ounce cans of tomato sauce, three pounds of egg noodles, four free store-brand AAA batteries, two small bags of potato chips, a bag of free hamburger buns, two free containers of aspirin, and an 8-ounce container of sour cream.

I used a coupon for a buy one, get one bottle of shampoo to get a free bottle of shampoo.

My sister-in-law is moving house and downsizing. She offered to let me go through several boxes of children's clothes before she had a garage sale. I found several pairs of jeans for daughters number 2 and 3 (they wear the same size, plus my second daughter is very hard on clothes, which has meant a shortage of clothing for a few years for these two daughters; it seems they are always wearing everything through!) I also found a few other clothing items for other children.

My children helped their aunt with her garage sale on the actual day, and in return, she allowed them each several items to keep from her sale. They brought home several more items of clothing.

My husband arranged to borrow the bike rack that his brother made for the same sister for us to use at our house. There isn't a place for it at her new house and she's not using it right now. My husband was planning to make one for us with his brother; this will work well for us for now without any outlay of money.

My husband cut my hair for me.

My husband painted our front doors.

Katy Apricots The Prudent Homemaker

What did you do to save money this past week?

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  • I May 31, 2018

    Oh my goodness folks-I do not live in the US and my Park's pass is for the use of our family members-including my 19 year old dependent student daughter who was in the vehicle using it. It was not checked.

  • Athanasia May 31, 2018

    I can bring in a car load with my pass. I think there is a limit to the number in actuality, but the two of us were always let in with the children, 5 of them. Back when they were young. We no longer all travel together like that now. But no one can use my pass should I not be in the group and I think that is perfectly acceptable.

  • Maxine May 30, 2018

    My senior pass does not have my name or picture on it. I show ID each time so they can be certain that I am old enough. Just sayin'.

  • Athanasia May 31, 2018

    I have a disabled access pass for the National Parks system and I need to show picture ID with it.

  • Cindi May 28, 2018

    Those apricots and flowers are so beautiful!
    We sold our canoe. The money goes into our Alaska vacation fund. My husband did some more handyman work, and that money will also go into our vacation fund.
    We harvested lettuce, rhubarb, radishes, baby arugula, and green onions from the garden.
    I mended three shirts for my husband, and remade the skirt I bought at last weekend’s garage sale – it was a wrap linen maxi skirt and I made it into a knee-length skirt that zips at the back. The zipper was one I had removed from some other garment and kept to use later.
    I did a survey that is supposed to pay $20.
    I visited the thrift store with a friend. She let me go through her donation box and gave me a brand-new T-shirt and a packet of bobbie pins. I bought a pair of capris and a brand new pair of pajamas.
    Saturday I was blessed to have a day to sew. I made another packing cube for our suitcase, and a new top to go with my new skirt.

  • Janet May 28, 2018

    It may not be that children are hard on clothing so much as , manufacturers have changed the way they make clothing and they make up so that they do not last as long materials are not as sturdy.

    I notice this in our clothing as well and I know that we change right when we get home from church and school and still the clothing does not last , I don't wash items after ever single wearing. Underclothing gets washed for that reason.

  • At my house, this particular child has always put holes in the knees of her jeans. Even my boys aren't as hard on their jeans as she is. Her sisters don't have the same trouble. Thankfully, most of the year here, she can wear jean shorts--problem solved!

  • Juls Owings May 30, 2018

    We had the issue with Daughter 3, any of her pants were passed down to Daughter 4 as shorts LOL.

  • Gineva May 28, 2018

    Hi Brandy, very curious when you will be sharing the baby name, etc?

  • In the next post, and it's up!

  • Faith from Indiana May 28, 2018

    This is our second year gardening Indiana, but having so many large trees seem to block our garden. I'm still hoping the change in layout will give us more yield. Our large trees cost roughly $ 1,000 each to get cut because of their height. I'm still saving for the one that takes most of the sunlight away from the garden.

    My friend gave me chocolate mint to plant and some cut oregano and lemon thyme to dry and enjoy soon!

    I cut both of my boys'hair.

    We have stocked our freezer thanks to my farming uncle the cost breakdown is more than half of what I've been paying at the grocery. And with the garden producing our grocery money should be greatly reduced this year!

    I bought kids clothes on sale and using the store credit card points. Using this cc wisely on gas and groceries has been helpful. Kids grow so fast!

    Lots of nature walks at near by nature preserves has been a lot of free entertainment!

  • Athanasia May 31, 2018

    Nature is a wonderful source of frugal entertainment! I don't know if your area has rail to bike trails but they are common here. They criss cross the whole state...this is where the railway tracks have been removed and in summer are used for biking and walking or running. In the winter, snowmobiles and skiers use them. They are free...just look up the access points which will have a small parking lot adjoining. Because they were used by trains they are relatively level and avoid large hills. They sometimes go through the old rail tunnels which are very cool on a hot day. We have one that goes by our little town and is 15 or so miles long. I have actually ridden on it on a tandem bike so that I did not have to pedal so much. We also have a 1000 mile walking trail (skiing in winter) going through our area. That needs a state pass but a pass is cheaper than one movie date.

    Also, feeding the birds and squirrel is a economical source of entertainment, especially if you grow what you can yourself.

  • Ruthellen Hellyer May 28, 2018

    Been waiting patiently for baby’s. Did I miss it?
    Or is there a reason??? I I. Miss your updates of other children. Garden updates okay...

  • The reason being it took two weeks to decide his name and I just now got a chance to get the one picture edited of him that I took that I liked. See the next post.

  • Jeanie May 28, 2018

    Would love to hear the story behind your newest sons name! The wait is killing me :)

  • Holly May 28, 2018

    Mom and I have taking advantage of the beautiful weather by eating at the boat launch of a local state park and high on the hill overlooking a beach of a local county park.

    We ran out of instant coffee and our bottom-of-the-line electric coffeemaker died this week. Horrors! I wanted the counter space for my old hot air popcorn maker anyway since popcorn is our favorite snack. We have mug-top filters so we still had one easy way to make coffee. But I tried making coffee bags by placing a scoopful of ground coffee (1 T per 6 ounces of water) in the middle of an ordinary paper coffee filter, gathering up the filter around the grounds, giving it a twist, and tying it with a white thread. I placed my coffee bag in a mug, filled it with water, and then heated it in our 700-watt microwave for 2.5 minutes, 30 seconds longer than I usually did with instant coffee. I plan on buying some white filters and then color-coding a week's worth of coffee bags, unbleached and decaffeinated for mom, white and regular for me. No more instant coffee with its mysterious ingredients used to make it. Easy-peasy first thing in the morning. This tip might be helpful if you don't normally drink coffee but have houseguests that do. You won't need to keep a coffee pot or coffee maker around just in case.

    Brandy, the flower arrangement is very pretty.

  • Athanasia May 31, 2018

    Holly, sounds like a good plan.

  • Laurie in central NC May 28, 2018

    Your garden harvest is lovely. We're still getting the early things, and it looks like we'll get our first cucumber this week. I've been harvesting broccoli, asparagus, peas, herbs, mulberries and a few raspberries. So many seeds and plants were put in the ground recently, I've lost track. We're getting more than the usual rain, which should help everything settle in well. At the grocery store, I received 15% off my purchases, because their loyalty card reader wasn't working. Our little chicks are growing well. I look forward to reading everyone's comments. https://abelabodycare.blogspot.com/2018/05/the-love-of-birds-frugal-accomplishments.html

  • Athanasia May 31, 2018

    Laurie, wow, you have raspberries already! We won't get those until mid July. My daughter said she thinks our strawberries will be delayed this year possibly not even until the beginning of July.

  • Tammy May 28, 2018

    All meals at home. Brought snacks when going to town. Busy un-packing things. Been making frugal dishes using what we have for the most part. Picking Asparagus just about daily. Freezing some for winter. Gifted asparagus to a neighbor and was gifted oranges in return. Used a library for recording some of my husbands music.

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