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Last Week's Frugal Accomplishments

Green tomatoes detail The Prudent Homemaker

We picked the green tomatoes from the garden and began pulling the plants. There's a possibility of a light frost in the day (which now looks like it may not happen! And it will warm up again after that) but they can ripen in baskets and colanders and we can of course fry some up.

Under the tomato plants, I found two small butternut squash in the garden, so I brought those in.

I picked a few Meyer lemons from the garden.

I picked basil from the garden.

I used a free sample of shampoo.

I made a triple batch of laundry soap.

I continued to decorate for Christmas using decorations we already have.

Green Tomatoes in December The Prudent Homemaker

What did you do to save money this past week?



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  • Cindy in the South December 05, 2017

    sports...not spots...lol

  • Allyson December 05, 2017

    We had a great frugally. Probably our biggest accomplishment was getting a new artificial Christmas tree for $15 from Michael's. It was on sale, and I had gift cards, so it was pretty cheap. We're looking forward to having a prelit one, since our old one isn't prelit.

    We also enjoyed several shared meals, which was nice for fellowship and the grocery budget.

    Here are the rest of our frugal accomplishments for the week: https://liveandsave.blogspot.com/2017/12/frugal-accomplishments.html?_sm_au_=isVL9Pp9RnQ65pJF

    I hope you all have a wonderful week! I always look forward to these posts!

  • tadpole December 05, 2017

    It was a quite week for me.
    We finally got around to covering our drafty windows and unused doors with plastic. We do notice that our living space remains a little warmer when we do this.

    I made yogurt from milk that was given to me from a neighbour who was travelling and didn't want it to go to waste.

    I walked down our long hill to pick up a book from our library.

    The Man and I spent an evening cuddled up on the couch eating snacks we had on hand and watching a borrowed DVD.

    I made another ornament for our tree and I finished a set of embroidered pillow cases for a Christmas gift.

    Have a great week everyone!

  • L December 05, 2017

    I went to Safeway this morning as they had 15% off if you spend $50. I headed straight for the reduced meat counter and stocked up on meats for 50% off. I try to only buy meat once per month when effectively I can get it for 65% off. My total came to $43.27, then I cashed in airmiles for a total of $33.27. I also received a $10 gift card and 4 cents per litre off gas so total OOP was only about $22. Then stopped at Walmart as they had large cantaloupe and pineapples for only .97-unheard of price here.

  • Laurie in AZ December 09, 2017

    I love Safeway's reduced meat! I check it every time I am in there and stock up. I never pay full price for meat this way.

  • I December 05, 2017

    Wow-I just received an email from my daughter saying she will get a completely unexpected $3300 subsidy paid toward her residence fees this year!! I feel like I just won the lottery. A nice Xmas surprise!

  • momsav December 05, 2017

    I, Nice! $3300 is a lot of money! Good for your daughter!

  • Lea Stormhammer December 05, 2017

    We're busy here with Advent, trying to keep up with our finances and a whole host of other things. We have managed to be rather frugal in spite of it all. Here's my list for this week:


    Thanks for all the ideas, everyone, and Brandy, enjoy those tomatoes!

  • Cindy Brick December 05, 2017

    Brandy, I am amazed at your weather! We've had several freezes plus snow here in Colorado. (Granted, we live at 6250 ft altitude, a thousand feet higher than Denver.) I've got a flowering kale, petunia and sage plants I've been nursing along. They live next to a brick wall, which helps, and I cover them every night.


  • Gabrielle bryen December 06, 2017

    Hi Brandy:

    We were the beneficiaries of two massive turkey carcasses after Thanksgiving so we spent black Friday stripping them and making a ton of stock and chopped turkey meat for many other meals. I much prefer homemade stock to store bought so we were most grateful to have them.

    We redid our playroom using a fresh coat of paint and furniture from around the house (we rearranged). We did accept a nice leather chair from my uncle for the room. All I bought were new throw pillows and a new rug on black friday sales so I spent very little. It's now my favorite room.

    My husband is building built in shelves for our living room. It is our Christmas present to each other and will take up one wall floor to ceiling.
    My daughter caught impetigo again and I treated with home remedies instead of using an antibiotic again. I have nothing against antibiotics but it was less harsh on her system than to do another round two weeks after she finished the first course of treatment. It worked!
    We are getting ready for Advent and i'm doing a mini series on advent. you can read about it here: http://www.dollarsandsensetimestwo.org/2017/12/reflections-for-the-first-sunday-in-advent/

  • Jenny December 07, 2017

    Amazing numbers of green tomatos Brandy.
    I currently have 4 green tomatos still growing on my tomato bush. The roses are blooming as are.the lemon and lime tree, and instead of the warm weather we might otherwise be expecting in Australia its raining cats and dogs. However this does mean the water tanks are filling up.
    Throughly enjoyed the exchange between Margaret of approaching food and Chef Owings. I believe in Chef Owings as well.
    And I really love love love the frugal approach to the Christ birth shown here. I think it fits in more with the kind of lives Mary, Joseph, and the shepherds had.

  • Cindy in the South December 07, 2017

    Have any of you lovely folks ever used the Wonderbag for cooking?

  • momsav December 09, 2017

    Is that where you put the meat into a bag with 1T. Of flour and bake for a shorter time than in a lidded pan? I love those but never quite believe the times. So, I usually over cook.

  • Terry calkins December 07, 2017

    My daughters and I are involved with a pantry challenge. As much as trying to keep purchases low, my goal is to have no food waste at all. We have chickens and a dog so nothing really goes to waste. This morning I cleaned out the fridge of leftover and wilted veggies by throwing them in the pot with some rice so the chickens would have a warm breakfast. 50# sacks of rice are the same price as 50# sacks of scratch grains, and a good way to stretch leftovers. I used the center slices out of stale homemade cinnamon rolls to make french toast for breakfast. But the thing I was happiest about was a quick bread I made out of the leftover bits of cinnamon rolls, a few stale chocolate cookies, the bottom of the peanut butter jar and a frozen banana. Mixed with an egg, a cup of flour, baking soda and an egg. And all mixed together in the food processor It was either going to be good, or more chicken food. It is really good.
    One chicken breast and some leftover rice became a delicious chicken strip and fried rice lunch with enough left for another meal.
    I get a lot of good ideas from this site. My tip for saving money would be to be adventurous. You might come up with a new favorite. You might have a frugal fail if your experiment doesn't work, either way it's fun to try

  • TJ Sturm December 08, 2017

    I picked up movies from the library, made beef broth from soup bones in the freezer, continued making Christmas presents with repurposed materials, filled my Sams club cart with in store pickup items because they're offering an e-gift card, continued to sell unneeded items.

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