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Recent blog posts

Thankful: November 16th

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Octavius Cowboy The Prudent Homemaker

I am thankful that this sweet baby boy of mine took a nap yesterday and gave me an opportunity to sew!


What are you thankful for today?

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Cloche The Prudent Homemaker

A couple of months ago, I came across a vintage-style free pattern for a cloche hat. I loved it, and so did Winter. Winter used the pattern first to make herself a hat, using the fabric from the bottom of a skirt (she turned a long skirt that I had bought at the thrift store into a knee-length one and used the fabric she cut off for the hat).  

She liked the hat but wanted a bit longer brim next time, so I made this a bit longer than the original. I made it from a beautiful brushed cotton that I ran across at Joann's when we were picking up some crinoline fabric in October. It feels like a thick flannel.



Free hat pattern and tutorial 

1/2 yard of hat fabric

1/4 yard of lining fabric (I used a bit more, using the same fabric for making the rose and trim)


1 yard of fusible interfacing


Sewing Machine


Sewing pins



Cloche Detail The Prudent Homemaker


This took me about 4 hours. The tutorial says it is a 2-hour project, and I think sewing the hat is, but when you include the time to cut out the pieces for the hat, lining, and flower, and make the flower and trim, it takes longer. 

A couple of tips: Take the time to iron every seam after sewing it before moving on to the next step. It makes a huge difference. Also, don't neglect the top stitching. Top stitching not only makes the seams lay flat, it also makes the whole hat look more finished and professional.

Cost: $4.65

I bought the brushed cotton just recently at Joann's on sale for $5.99 a yard (regular prices is $9.99). I had the black fabric that I used for lining and the trim from a long-ago purchase; it's not technically lining fabric, but actual lining fabric would be even less expensive. The interfacing I used was bought on a Black Friday sale at 75% off; they sell a thin iron-on interfacing by the bolt that day.

You could make this hat out of any fabric you have, including making it from an old piece of clothing or a flannel pillowcase. If you want to make flowers, you will need a synthetic fabric to melt in this fashion, but you don't have to make flowers. Ribbon or a self-made trim will also work just fine. You can make this hat out of a lighter material for summer; Winter made hers from linen. 

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Thankful: November 15th

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French Study The Prudent Homemaker

I am very thankful for the opportunity to speak to friends around the world via video calls. I am so amazed each time I am able to do so. Yesterday a friend and I were able to introduce our children to one another, even though they are in France. Our children are similar ages and it was so nice to be able to speak with them. 


What are you thankful for today?

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Last Week's Frugal Accomplishments

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Tomatoes The Prudent Homemaker 

It has taken most of the year, but my tomato plants are finally producing! I picked a colander full of tomatoes from the garden. I am glad that it has cooled enough for my plants to flower and set fruit.

I also cut basil, thyme, and chives from the garden.

I purchased 3 framed pictures for $5 (total!) from a Facebook garage sale site.

I purchased a candle lantern for $5 from the same site.

I wanted a pillar candle to put in the lantern, but seeing some candles at a store (around $15!) I realized that the price of the candle could quickly make my frugal lantern purchase into a not-so-frugal deal. 

My mom invited me to go garage sale shopping with her on Saturday, and I found 2 used pillar candles for free at a garage sale! I found another one that was brand-new for 10 cents! Though all of them are a bit skinnier than I would have ideally chosen, they will work just fine, and the price was right!

I found 3 more framed pictures at the garage sales (one for $2 and a matching pair for $5). I bought jeans for my girls ($2 a pair), 2 blouses for the girls ($0.25 each), a blue and white pot for $4, 4 matching blue and white vases for $8, a book stand for $7,  two bikes for my daughters (one for $10 and another for $5, which included a helmet), a brand-new fountain pen for $3, a glass box with an etched metal lid for $1, and a small blanket for $0.50.

I found a way to use a piece of furniture to provide more storage for us. This was a hand-me-down and we have been using it for years, but since the girls' new dressers arrived, we didn't have a place for it (so I thought) and I was going to sell it. It's now in my closet and I am able to be more organized because of the additional storage space it provides over the shelves I had there before.

I redeemed Swagbucks for an Amazon gift card.

I planted seeds for lettuce, arugula, and snow peas.

I sewed presents for my children for Christmas using fabric I had on hand.

I collected the shower-warm up water in a bucket and used it to water potted plants.


What did you do to save money last week?


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Thankful: November 14th

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Apple Branches The Prudent Homemaker

I am grateful to have spent time organizing this year. While I still have some places in the house left to finish organizing, most areas in the house have been reorganized this year, and having the house in order makes life so much nicer!

What are you thankful for today?

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Thankful: November 13th

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Thankful Series

I'm thankful that I was able to be at church today. A year ago, I was in too much pain to go anywhere after having broken my tailbone at the end of October. A year later I still have some pain, but I can now get in a car and go places, and sit in a chair rather than having to lay down.


What are you thankful for today?

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