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Thankful: November 12th

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Thankful Series

I'm thankful for the opportunity to go garage sale shopping with my mom this morning. It's an unexpected trip; we usually only go on two Saturday mornings a year. She found a community sale for us to attend, and while I think it's much smaller than where we usually go (probably one tract, versus an entire planned development of multiple housing tracts) I'm hopeful we'll find more things on our lists.  My mom has been going every Saturday morning the last few weeks, working on her goal of finding Christmas gifts at garage sales (and she's found several great gifts the last few weeks, as well as a few items on my list, too!)

This is part of what I found last time:

Garage Sale Finds The Prudent Homemaker


What are you thankful for today?

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Thankful: November 11th

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Cemetery Flags The Prudent Homemaker


On this Veteran's Day, I am thankful for the peace that we enjoy due to those who have served to make it that way.

Many in the world are running from war and looking for a place of safety and peace. May we who are in peaceful nations be grateful that we can remain in our homes, enjoying food, a bed, clean water, safety, and an education for our children.

What are you thankful for today?

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Thankful: November 10th

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Girls at the Piano The Prudent Homemaker

I am thankful for the weaknesses of my children.

In them, I see the weaknesses I had as a child: the child who loses things, the child who struggles to memorize the multiplication table, the child who understands the algebra concepts and memorizes the formulas but makes simple errors when executing the problem, the child who struggles to keep a clean room, the child who is too loud when she should be quiet. I see their struggles and I realize how much I've grown, where I've improved, and where I could still improve.

I also see the different weaknesses that I struggle with as an adult and I see that these too will one day be something that I can overcome. I see the skills I want to learn but struggle to do so, and I know that if I just keep trying, I can learn them and master them, just like with the multiplication table.

What are you thankful for today?

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Some of you might remember the pink eyelet blouse I made earlier this year for Elsa. 

Pink blouse The Prudent Homemaker

Wren wants a similar blouse, but in white. I inherited a lot of eyelet from my grandmother.  I used Elsa's shirt pattern to draft a larger one for Wren. I made Elsa's shirt pattern from a shirt she already had.

Because the pink eyelet had a finished edge, I didn't useelastic on the edges on the sleeves. The white eyelet does not, so I ran elastic through the seams for the sleeves.

Eyelet Peasant Blouse The Prudent Homemaker


If you're looking to make a peasant blouse in any size for a child, check out this tutorial!



Less than a yard of fabric

1/4" wide elastic for sleeves and neck



Sewing Machine


Sewing pins


Safety pin to run elastic through casings


About 2 1/2 hours



The fabric came from my grandmother's stash. All I had to purchase was elastic, which I bought on sale from Wawak, and thread (also bought in bulk from Wawak).


Did you make any gifts today?

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Thankful: November 9th

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Thankful Series

I'm thankful for a freezer, which makes it possible to stock up on food when it's on a good sale, and provides a way to keep food from the garden. 


What are you thankful for today?

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November's Grocery Shopping Plans

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Lemon Juicing The Prudent Homemaker

November is the best month for grocery sales. Harvests are in and people are preparing for Thanksgiving feasts at the end of the month.

Sales rotate around items for the Thanksgiving meal, fall harvests, and meats.

I've already been to Winco this month, though I may return there again later in the month.

Potato sales in November have seemed to cease being an amazing $0.10 a pound deal; or, if they have it, there is a limit of one  10-pound bag. I've been seeing a pretty consistent year round price of $2.48 for a 10-pound bag at Winco, so I'm just buying potatoes as I go; I picked up 50 pounds yesterday and that will last us a couple of weeks.

I also took a trip to Costco with my mom yesterday and picked up a few things, including a 50-pound bag of rice. While I like the produce deals and some of the bulk deals at Winco, rice is not a good price there; it's over $24 for a 25-pound bag at Winco, but just over $7 at Costco and Sam's Club for the same sized bag. 

I am also not planning on stocking up on a ton of turkeys this year like I usually do. Chicken has been lower per pound the last few years (turkey used to go on sale for half the price of chicken). I'll get a few turkeys, depending on price.


I'll look for good sales on the following:



canned green beans (note: my Winco has these for $0.33 a can)

broccoli ($.99 a pound at Winco)


acorn squash ($.79 a pound at Winco)

potatoes ($0.248 cents a pound in a 10-pound bag for russets)

onions ($0.38 a pound for yellow onions at Winco)


bell peppers

frozen sweet peas

clementines (on sale at Winco and Smith's for $1 a pound)




pork roasts (currently on sale at Smith's  for $1.19 a pound for boneless pork loin).




milk ($2.49 at Winco)

cream cheese (should go on sale for $1 a package sometime this month)

butter (I'll look for a price under $2, if it is to be found; if not I will try again in December) . It's on sale through today for $1.99 a pound in multiples of 10 at Smith's.

feta cheese

cheddar cheese


Shelf-stable items:


white chocolate chips

bittersweet chocolate chips


pasta (currently on sale for $0.49 a pound in multiples of 10 at Smith's through today.)


My garden is producing Armenian cucumbers, Swiss chard, and several herbs, including chives, basil, sage, rosemary, thyme and oregano. My Meyer lemons will begin to be ripe at the end of the month.

The temperature dropped below 90º 2 weeks ago, and I'll be planting most of my fall garden seeds this week. It's later than I usually plant, and our official frost date is technically only a week away, but in my part of town, I don't usually see a frost until December, and with the warmer weather, it could be a lot later this year.  My earlier plantings in September were mostly unsuccessful, as it was still too hot for seeds to germinate (I only had 3 lettuce plants come up from that planting).


Are you looking for any great deals this month?


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