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July's Shopping Plans

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Early Elberta Peaches 2 The Prudent Homemaker 

I skipped my trip to Sam's Club last month, since there was a  .49 a pound pasta sale at Smith's. That is a price that only comes around a couple of times a year, so I went there to buy that, milk (which was on sale for lower than Sam's price), men's deodorant, and more ice cream.

This means I have all of last month's items to buy, as well as a few more items to buy, (including some that are on sale) at Sam's Club right now. I'll go to Sam's Club right at the beginning of the month. I'm also going to buy a larger quantity of some of these items.

I'm placing an online order from San Francisco Herb Company as part of this month's shopping.

I feel that right now it is essential to stock our pantries. If your pantry is low on anything, I highly recommend that you take the time this summer to fill in any gaps. Do not delay this. If you have the space for a fall garden, please plant one. Purchase open-pollinated seeds in large quantities. (Outside Pride has a July sale for 15% off any orders through July 5th; use code JULY. Territorial Seed Company has released their fall catalog and you can find a fall planting chart here).

I will be focusing the bulk of my purchases on pantry items over the next several months.

The garden provides lots of fresh items this month. I am picking peaches, grapes, and red noodle beans. I will harvest and dry sage, oregano, spearmint, hot peppers, passionflower leaves, blackberry leaves and basil. I also have green onions, leeks, Swiss chard, a few strawberries, and more herbs that I will harvest from the garden.  

My cucumber and zucchini plants are alive, but small. I don't expect to get anything from them yet, but I am grateful to have some plants that have finally not been eaten by bugs!

A note for those who are in the northern hemisphere in a cooler climate than I am: July is a great month to start seeds for a fall harvest. This is a helpful chart for fall planting.


Sam's Club:

Rice ($8.64 for 25 pounds)

Worcestershire sauce (this is on sale)

Knorr Chicken Bullion powder (this is now .40 less at Sam's Club than Walmart)

Black pepper


Powdered sugar

Brown sugar

All-purpose flour


Chocolate Chips (By the time Sam's Club opens in the morning, it is 105º, and the car is much hotter inside. I'll take ice in an insulated bag to the store so that I can bring these home unmelted.)




K.C. Masterpiece BBQ sauce

Pancake Syrup After reading how many of you make your own I will be trying that instead.

White Vinegar

Oxi-Clean Powder

POM Toilet paper

Cheddar Cheese (5 pound block for $11.66)

Mozarella cheese (5 pounds shredded for $10.66)

Pepperoni (the only exception to my $2 price per pound limit--it's $10.52 for 3 pounds--but we only use a tiny amount at a time when we make pizza)

Gatorade powder (I have never bought this, but after reading the comments here and researching prices, this looks like a great way to store an electrolyte solution for when people are sick, and it looks to be lower cost than other options).



Pink beans


Potatoes (if I can find them for .20 a pound or less)

Carrots (I am drying some each month in my dehydrator)





Knorr Tomato Bullion powder

Vegetable Oil


San Franciso Herb Company:


Cheddar cheese powder

Lemon juice powder

Cream of Tartar

Cocoa powder (Dutch process is $5.72 a pound if you buy 5 or more pounds, otherwise it is $6.35 a pound)


Parsley powder

Hibiscus flowers


Orange peel granules 



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June's Shopping Plans

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Summer Fruits

June is an abundant month in the garden. I will pick Royal apricots, Red Flame grapes, blackberries, Green Gage plums, Mission figs, Dorsett Gold Apples, white alpine strawberries, and Early Girl tomatoes.  I will cut green onions, Swiss chard, oregano, chives, tarragon, and the first of the Genovese basil.

Apricots in Wire Basket The Prudent Homemaker

I'll can apricot vanilla jam with my apricots, and freeze most of the blackberries, which will later go in smoothies and fruit salads. I'll can plum sauce from many of the plums. I'll dry most of the figs, to be used later in fig sauce.  I'll also make at least one batch of rosemary fig gelato. If we have more apples than we can eat fresh, I'll can applesauce as well. I expect to make yogurt and granola, popsicles, and smoothies.

Rosemary Fig Gelato 2 The Prudent Homemaker

Despite that fact that I won't need to buy a lot of fresh items in June, I have decided to increase our grocery budget by $100 for the next four months, to allow me to do some stocking up on pantry and toiletry items (making a $400 a month budget for my family of 9).  I also want to increase our dairy purchases during the summer months this year, including cheese, milk, and ice cream (which should be on sale quite a bit). I am grateful for the increase in income at this time that is making this possible. 

Sometime in the next month or two, I expect to see summer sales on women's razors, sunscreen, and lotions. I'm low on all of these items. I'll be looking for coupons and sales for these. I also expect to find sales on first aid supplies, and I will look for deals on those.

During the summer, I make certain to have insulated shopping bags in my vehicle (my grandmother always had a cooler with ice in her trunk to put all of the cold things in her car, allowing her to visit several stores in one trip during the summer--a pratice that I found inspiring as a child).  Even with these, I tend to keep my summer shopping trips to early morning, or even better, after the sun has gone down. 

My summer menu can be found here. I use my menus to plan meals based on what is currently ripe in the garden, what I have in the freezers and pantry, and of course, what I am in the mood to make! 


Sam's Club:

Flour tortillas


Cheddar cheese (5 pound block)

Mozzerella cheese (5 pound block)

Mozzerella cheese (5 pound shredded)


POM Toliet paper

Brown sugar

Powdered sugar





BBQ sauce


Chocolate chips



Vegetable oil

Dish soap

Equate dandruff shampoo



Zest soap (There is .50 coupon on

Disposable razors (A reader just shared this deal for free razors at Walmart)

Coppertone sunscreen (There is a $1 off coupon  and a $3 off 2 coupon on

Aveeno baby lotion

Johnson's baby wash

Feminine hygiene supplies on sale with coupons ( has a $2 off coupon for Playtex right now)




Pinto beans


Carrots (10 pound bag)

Whipping cream



Ice cream (I buy the Kroger party pail when it goes on sale)


Yogurt Peaches and Granola The Prudent Homemaker

Flourish 1


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Blackberries in white bowl The Prudent Homemaker

May is an adundant month in my garden.

The Desert Gold peaches will be ready any day now, as will the Katy apricots (last year the apricots ripened in April, but this year they will be ripe in May).

Blackberries will be ripe this month. 

Artichokes in the Garden The Prudent Homemaker

I'll have a few artichokes to harvest the first couple weeks of the month.

My lettuce is still doing well, but with temperatures of 97ºF now it is starting to bolt. We'll have lettuce for at least the first two weeks of the month, harvesting some every day for salad. This week we've had soup and salad for lunch every day. When the lettuce is done, I'll let it finish bolting and collect seeds to plant again in fall. I'll also be collecting seeds from the bolted Swiss chard when they are ready, and I'll continue to collect seeds from the green onions. I let them reseed themselves, but I have also started collecting seeds and growing them in more places in the garden.

I'm picking white alpine strawberries and a few regular red ones every other day.

I have loads of Swiss chard in the garden, as well as thyme, tarragon, green onions, chives, parsley, and oregano. There is still chamomile to be cut and dried for herbal tea. My front yard smells like chamomile; it is wonderful.

The Iceberg roses will have another flush towards the end of the month. Right now the larkspur is opening in abundance and the poppies are blooming. 

Poppy The Prudent Homemaker

 The nasturiums and lavender are blooming, too.

Nasturiums and Lavender in the Garden The Prudent Homemaker


This month I'm doing less pantry stocking than in previous months, and I'm open to whatever great deals I find. Towards the end of the month, there will be lots of great sales for Memorial Day in the U.S., which means sales on items for a barbeque, including ground beef, hot dogs, ketchup, mayonnaise, relish, barbecue sauce, etc.  (I usually buy ketchup and mayonnaise in bulk at Sam's Club.)


Heres what I plan on buying:


Sam's Club:

 Popcorn (it comes in a 50 pound bag)

Feta cheese

Mozarella cheese



Barbeque sauce



Costco (I don't have a Costco card, but my mom does): 

Baby wipes (we still need these, as Ivory wears a diaper at night)

Tomato sauce

Balsamic vinegar



This week they have corn on the cob 6 for $1.



Spreadable margarine

Heavy cream 




Vegetable Oil


Because of Mother's Day, May is a great month to buy makeup (lots of sales). Ebates has double cash back right now for Mother's Day, and the more expensive brands of makeup usually have free gifts with purchase this month. If you go through Ebates you can get cash back on your purchase. If you've got an upcoming wedding to attend, you may be able to get cash back and a sale on a wedding gift this way as well this month.

It's also a great month to buy flowers for your garden. Look for local flower sales in time for Mother's Day (in the U.S., Mother's Day is the second Sunday of May). Roses will most likely be on sale, along with many other choices.

May is also a great month for yard sales. I'm still looking for some items on my list. Lately I've been finding out about yard sales from the local Facebook garage sale pages. I usually find a few more on my way to those sales as well. 




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April's Grocery Shopping Plans

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Easter Rabbits

This April brings Easter sales the first week of the month.  Eggs and ham will be on sale this week, as well as Easter candy, potatoes, strawberries, and butter.

This year for Easter I am planning to make chocolate rabbits again.

I am continuing to work on filling in the holes in my storage. I am also adding to my pantry by cutting and drying herbs from the garden.

Snow Peas 2 The Prudent Homemaker

The garden is full of wonderful things in April. This month I'll harvest lettuce, green onions, parsley, tarragon, thyme, sage, dill, chives, beets,  Swiss chard, radishes, snow peas, strawberries, and Katy apricots.  The apricot tree is still very young (this is the one I planted a year and a half ago in the front yard) so the harvest is still small.

Mulberries The Prudent Homemaker

Last year our neighbor let us pick the mulberries from her tree (she doesn't like mulberries, and our picking them saves her a lot of cleanup), and I am certain she'll have us pick them again this year (her tree was planted by birds, and she just let it grow in her garden). Since I have less freezer space this year (because our second fridge/freezer went out) I will freeze some, and dry some in my dehydrator. The frozen ones will be used in smoothies and muffins, and the dried ones in muffins.

March Flowers 2 The Prudent Homemaker

My garden yields lots of roses in April--enough to cut and bring several in to enjoy. The poppies and larkspur will also bloom this month. Larkspur usually blooms for me in May, but the weather has been very warm this year (91º yesterday) and the larkspur are already starting to bloom. 



LDS Cannery:

White beans

Black beans



Knorr Tomato Bullion

Knorr Chicken Bullion



Easter candy. I managed to get two 9 ounce bags of white chocolate M&M's last month for .33 out of pocket, by combining sales, coupons, Target Cartwheel, and $1 from a Target gift card. There is a Target sale and coupon stack for Starburst jelly beans that I will get this week.

Pastel sprinkles (on after-Easter clearance). I can't count on finding any of these on clearance, but right now they are in the dollar section. Update: I didn't find any clearance sprinkles in pink, so I skipped buying these.

Neutrogena Alcohol-Free Toner. I'm hoping for coupons and a sale; however, they are rare on this. Update: I found a $2 off coupon!

Oil of Olay Sensitive Skin Moisturizer with sunscreen. I have a couple of $1 off coupons for this, and two  $3 off 2 coupon as well. It's time for Winter to wear some too, so I expect to need more. In past years, I have seen rebates in April when you buy several bottles, and this year is no exception. The Proctor and Gamble rebate must have a total of $50 after coupons and sale prices, to get a $15 gift card back. I've done this in the past, getting enough for the year, and if I can do this again,  I will. Here is the rebate form.

Eggs. Target has these on sale here for .99 a dozen, plus a 5% off cartwheel, making them $0.94 a dozen.



The caselot sale is this month. I'll be buying the following items at this sale (which goes over 2 weeks, but includes different things, sold by the case, each week):

Mandarin oranges, on sale for $0.50 a can (11 ounce cans) in a case of 24 cans ($12). I'll buy 2 cases.

Peanut butter, store brand (Kroger) on sale for $1.25 for a 16 ounce jar in a 12 jar case for $14.99. I'll buy one case.

Strawberries. On sale this week for $0.97 a pound.

Russet Potatoes. On sale this week for $0.99 for a 10 pound bag. If they look good, I'll buy 10 bags.

Colgate toothpaste. A 4.6 ounce tube is on sale for $0.89. I'll get several tubes. I also have a $0.50 off coupon.

Barilla pasta. This is on sale for $0.50 a box! Boxes are 12 to 16 ounces, so I'll make sure to buy the 16 ounce ones. You have to buy 10 to get this price.



They have a shank half-ham for .99 a pound, limit 1. This is the lowest price around. Update: They were out when I went, so I didn't get a ham.


Sam's Club:


Feta cheese

Mozarella cheese

Corn tortillas

Olive Oil


Toilet paper.  I buy the POM brand. 



Other items that I'll buy where I can find the best sales: 

Heavy cream. I'd like to make strawberry shortcake this month; I'll whip this with a splash of vanilla extract and a bit of powdered sugar to put on top. I didn't see this on sale in the ads that start toda,y but I will look over them again to be certain.

Challenge cream cheese. There are two different $1.00 off coupons available to print right now on Last December I was able to combine these coupons and a sale to get 4 packages of cream cheese for .29 a package. I'm hoping to do the same this month. I thought I would see a sale on these for Easter, but I have not. If I find a way to get cream cheese for less than $1 a pound using these coupons or on another sale then I will get some.

Mustard. I like both Gulden's Spicy Brown and French's Spicy Brown mustard. I have two coupons for French's, so I'll look for a sale on these to combine with the coupons.

I will also keep an eye out for any other fantastic sales during April.


April is also the month that I attend a community garage sale. I've made a list of needed items. I will be looking for clothing and household goods at the sales. My list includes both sizes for each child (including larger sizes, to be prepared for growth spurts and next year) and the number of items needed in each size. I've been selling items via Facebook garage sale sites to have money to spend on this day, and I am listing several more items for sale in the next week, to add to the money I have to buy these needed items. 


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March Grocery Shopping Plans

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Chinese Snow Peas The Prudent Homemaker

As we start the month, the garden is yielding lettuce, Swiss chard, green onions, dill, cilantro, parsley, oregano, tarragon, lavender, nasturiums, thyme, celery (mainly leaves; these are from commercial celery where I planted the bottom in the ground), radishes, broccoli, sage, beet greens and beets. Some of my fall-planted snow peas are just starting to ripen, and the asparagus is just starting to come up.

This month lettuce will be able to be harvested more often, as plants grow larger; by the end of the month. The spinach will hopefully be big enough to harvest regularly, and the asparagus will be cut several times a week as spears are ready. (Aspargus goes on sale this month, for those looking to buy some.)

Dafodils in the garden The Prudent Homemaker

Another garden harvest is daffodils. Over a decade ago, I would buy daffodils in season when they went on sale in spring. These were a part of my grocery budget then, but now I get to enjoy my own every year, both in the garden and indoors.

March is frozen foods month in the United States. There are usually good sales this month on frozen items. I'll be looking for a sale on sweet peas (also called petite peas) and broccoli. I like Albertson's store brand and I will be looking for a sale on these.

St. Patrick's Day means sales on corned beef, potatoes, and cabbage. I usually buy several packages of corned beef and freeze them. I will have to see what price they are before I decide whether or not to purchase any.

If the price on potatoes is low enough (hopefully 20 cents a pound), I'll buy several 10 pound bags of russet potatoes.

Cabbage is a great keeper. In the refrigerator crisper drawer, it can last a month or more. If you like cabbage, this is a great time to stock up, as prices are incredibly low. This time of year, it is less expensive than lettuce, so you may want some to make Chinese chicken salads, coleslaw, stuffed and cooked cabbage. Another one is homemade sauerkraut. I will get some cabbage for this purpose. I made some last year using this recipe.

One of our grocery stores (Vons) has pork shoulder roast on sale for $1.49 a pound through the second. I will buy several roasts to put in the freezer.


Other items on my list:


Powdered milk


Hand-washing dish soap. I use this both for dish washing and hand-washing. 


Oats (I didn't get these last month)

sour cream (I didn't get any last month, so I'll keep looking for a sale at $1 a pound)


There is a possibility of whole chickens being on sale, so I'll keep an eye out for those.

If I find a fantastic deal on onions, I'll buy some, as the 50 pound bag I bought in fall is starting to get low (we haven't had any go bad yet!) I'd like to have some more to dehydrate, which we will use during the summer. I've increased the number of green onions in the garden, so that has helped me to have enough onions as well, and I am attempting to grow some red onions as well.

I'll also be watching for any toiletries that I buy to go on sale. I forgot to use my $5 Target gift card when I was at Target last month, so I still have that to use.

I'm also hoping for some ice cream on sale this month.

You may have noticed that there is no fruit on this list. I still have lots of home-canned and frozen fruit from last year in the pantry and freezer that we will be eating this month. 



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February's Grocery Shopping Plans

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Lettuce and Parsley The Prudent Homemaker

Lettuce: Four Seasons, aka Merveille de Quatre Seasons, with Italian Parsley


This month I plan to continue to restock items in the pantry that are low.

After discussing our food needs, we have decided to buy more beans. As meat prices have continued to climb, we are eating beans more often, and I will go through a 25 pound bag of beans much more quickly.

I looked at the new order form at the LDS Cannery, and it looks like they haven't discontinued the bulk black and white beans in bulk like I had heard they would! This is wonderful news, since a 25 pound bag is $15. I want to get more of both of these.

I won't be buying any Valentine's candy. I will make candy for the children using supplies I have in my pantry. I have a silicone heart-shaped mold that I bought at the Dollar Tree a few years ago. I'll make some chocolates in it. I also will make heart-shaped cookies. I'll put their treats in these free printable bags that I've had pinned on my Valentine's Day Pinterest Board for a while. (I used a couple of ideas from my board last year; you can see photos here). For Valentine's Day, my husband and I will either have a special meal from something in the freezer, and/or I'll make us a special dessert for just the two of us after thc children are in bed. We'll have an at-home date that evening.


On my list this month:




Gold n Soft spreadable margarine 

10 pound bag of carrots


LDS Cannery:

Black beans

White beans


Sam's Club:


Brown sugar

White vinegar

Mozarella cheese

Granulated garlic 



Albertson's or Smiths:

Asparagus (This is on sale for $1.28 a pound right now. I have a few spears just starting to poke out of the ground, but I still don't grow enough for our family, who loves asparagus. Even though this is the lowest in-season price, it's much higher than years past, where I could get it for .99 a pound. This means changing my price point on this item.  My mom picked up two pounds for me yesterday while she was at the store getting some for herself.)

Sour cream (I'll look for a sale price of $1 a pound if I can find it, or $1.25 if that is the lowest sales price. If there isn't a sale that low I won't get any; I generally find it on sale at this price every few months).




Washing soda

Blue Scotch Brite Pads

Great Value dishsoap

Powdered milk ( I don't remember if this is lower at Winco or Walmart, so I'll check. Walmart is $15.98 for the 64 ounce box, which makes 5 gallons. Powdered milk is about the same price as I pay for fresh milk right now, and sometimes a bit higher. However, I like having powdered milk in my storage for times when I need milk in baking and I'm not able to get to the store; I can just just a little bit in a recipe at a time. You can read more about powdered milk here.)



Oil of Olay bar soap (I'll look for a sale on these; I printed two $1 off coupons for these)

Up and Up trash bags (There is a Target coupon for these, plus a 5% off Target cartwheel offer. Hopefully there will be a sale sometime this month as well. This is the store brand. I buy the kitchen trash bags  in the largest box, and they sometimes go on sale for $1 off a box. )

I have a $5 gift card from Target that I got last month as part of a promotion to use as well.


Though that will take up most of my month's budget, I'll also keep an eye out for great deals and sales for both food and toiletries that are within what is left.

 urn crop

I will be making a trip to the nursery this month.  The nursery is my favorite place to shop--it's quiet, peaceful, and full of flowers! I'm limiting my trips there this spring (and it is very much spring here, with temperatures in the 60ºs and 70ºs!)  to reduce the tempation to buy things that I know aren't in my budget this year. My garden budget is not part of my grocery budget. I'll be buying some tomato plants and possibly a chocolate mint plant. I still haven't decided between the large or small tomato plants, and the comments I received last month gave me lots to ponder.

I'll also purchase some manure for both the garden and the lawn. I have a $10 off $50 coupon to use at the nursery. I'll keep it close to that amount. Most of it will go for manure on the grass (our nursery has a 2 cubic foot bag of manure for $1.99, which is much lower than elsewhere).  So far this year I have spent $79.90 on seeds. I bought extra large packets this year on seeds that have a 3 year shelf-life, to (hopefully) eliminate the need to buy more seeds next year (I also plan to collect seeds frm my open-pollinated plants this year). I am also still planting seeds that I purchased last year and the year before, as well as seeds that I gathered from my own garden last year

Swiss Chard in the Garden The Prudent Homemaker

Swiss chard

I'm harvesting in the garden every day. The variety that I can pick will increase as the month continues and my plants get bigger.

This post contains affiliate links. You can read my disclosure policy here.

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