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My Goals for the Month of September

Octavius September The Prudent Homemaker 


Garden Goals:

Weather.com is predicting hotter than usual weather for the southwest U.S. for September and October (and predicting an early fall for the Northeast and South). The heat makes it hard to want to work in the garden (just a couple of days ago it was 113ºF/45ºC), but work still needs to be done.  It's still too hot in September to plant most things for my fall garden (soil temperatures are 80-85ºF and air temperatures are over 100º, cooling down into the upper 90's by the end of the month) but I need to have the garden ready to plant in October.


1. Weed the garden

2. Fertilize fruit trees

3. Pull out dead vines

4. Deadhead zinnias

5. Start cutting down the dead peach tree. (My large Early Elberta tree died this year and I want to get it out so that I can replace it this fall).

6. Trim hedges

7. Fertilize roses

8. Pull out plants that died (several bushes and a tree) that are within the one-year warranty and return them to the nursery for credit. I will also take the pots back for credit, as they give a few cents credit for each of the larger black pots. 

9. Pull out large bushes that fried in June. June had 117º temperatures (something we don't usually see until July) and a lot of my plants completely burned. 



Sewing Goals:

1. Mend 10 items of clothing

2. Hem three pairs of pants for my husband

3. Continue to work on whitework embroidery project

4. Sew a gift (or two) for my daughter for her birthday



1. Donate items to the thrift store

2. Tidy the garden shed

3. Organize school supplies

4. Organize toiletry cabinet 


What are your goals for September?


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  • Lana September 04, 2017

    Trim our huge rose bush
    Add $$ to the emergency fund
    Take items to the thrift store
    Trim our greenery bush
    Weed the flower gardens
    Eat from our pantry
    Sell items on eBay
    No spend month
    Clean out the mud room closet

  • AnnaInOhio September 04, 2017

    I had forgotten about that.. not only am I working on stocking my pantry but we have been putting money back for emergencies. My job is a seasonal company and I worry when work slows down they may let me go so I've been saving money out of each check in case I can't find work right away and now my husband is facing a surgery Sept. 18th to have a tumour removed from his back scared of what our part of the bills will be. So saving money back is really important.

  • Tina September 06, 2017

    I think you are very smart to put aside food and money. It will help...and I'm thinking of your family.

  • Savannah September 20, 2017

    Hi Anna - I'm in Ohio, too! It's so hot here this week!

  • Darcy September 04, 2017

    I live in the Midwest so getting the garden and yard ready for winter will be started. Since we have taken down our very large Locust tree this past spring there won't be nearly the leaves to rake (what a blessing!).

    My husband's birthday is in October so I will be working on a large blizzard fleece blanket for him. I've had the fabric for about a year so no out-of-pocket expense. I believe I paid a total of $12 for it at Joann's combined with sales and coupons.

    The weather has been getting chilly at night so I know I will be dead-heading my zinnias soon although right now they are looking beautiful.

    I will completely harvest all of my basil and drying or freezing it for this winter.

    I will bring in my spearmint plant. Hopefully it will survive the winter. I'm open to suggestions and pointers :)

  • Darcy September 04, 2017

    Oh, and I wanted to add-What a beautiful baby boy! So precious.

  • Isabella September 04, 2017

    What a lovely photo! Are Winter and Octavius your only blue eyed children?

  • Margaret @ApproachingFood September 04, 2017

    I love the picture of your youngest, Brandy! I just want to hug him and cuddle him! (I'm sure he'd hate it, but he's just so cute!)

    My September goals:
    - harvest everything that I can (herbs, tomatoes, mint, radishes and/or radish greens. I doubt I'll have any peas, as I saw a caterpillar happily munching away on the delicate tops of ALL my plants. It had eaten them all by the time I found it. Very industrious of it.)
    - check to see if my sweet potatoes are grown. If so, harvest them and let them dry on the balcony for a few days, and pluck all the sweet potato leaves to stir-fry.)
    - plant some more Swiss chard (and lettuce, because one day I WILL grow lettuce)

    - look for a sponsored post
    - submit an article idea to a publication. They indicated interest in a previous idea, but it didn't come to fruition, so I'll try again.
    - catch up on my social media posts for my blog on twitter and pinterest
    - look into a pinterest strategy
    - find $ from various places in the budget, and earned via cat-sitting, to renew my post office box (legally, I need to have an address when I send out emails via mailchimp, but I don't want to send out my home address obviously).

    - can peaches, pears, apple sauce, apple butter, pear butter, pickled beets, and potentially tomato herb sauce, if I can find a case of inexpensive tomatoes
    - related to canning, I would like to chop and freeze a bag of onions, and freeze a bag full of carrots. Both items usually go on huge sales around now. This means I will have to eat down my freezer a little, so that's in the plans as well.

    - continue to trade items to declutter my home.
    - paint master bath
    - recaulk master bath tub
    - potentially do some quilting, but that depends on whether I can get out to a fabric store to buy some backing fabric. There's nothing local, so either I need to be in the area, make a special trip, or order online (which I am trying to avoid because it can get expensive). But there is a quilt top that I have lying around that my husband would like finished and packed away, so I'll try to get that done.

    And of course, my day job and regular blogging stuff. A fun and full month!

  • Deb in SD September 04, 2017

    I got extra wide fabric for quilt backing from amazon for a pretty reasonable price. You might check there.

  • Margaret @ApproachingFood September 04, 2017

    Awesome, thanks, Deb!

  • Rhonda A. September 05, 2017

    Many quilters use bed sheets as a backing. What if you looked at thrift stores in the area for something that would work. It would definitely be cheaper! By the way, check flyers for cases of Roma tomatoes. There are a couple stores this week. No Frills was cheapest, but Foodland had them as well. Sales will end soon, though.

  • Margaret @ApproachingFood September 05, 2017

    Rhonda, thanks for the tips! I totally saw the No Frills awesome deal for a HUGE case of tomatoes for $6.88 (even my mom couldn't believe the deal), but my local No Frills was out of them when I went on Sunday. They were supposed to get more in today, but I couldn't make it over there before work, and after work I already had plans. My dreams of canning homemade tomato sauce inexpensively are slowly evaporating. Sigh. Ah well. I'm counting my blessings that I can afford to buy canned sauce, and that I don't absolutely need to save the 10 cents a jar or whatever that I would save by canning it myself. When I think of it that way, I feel very, very lucky. Thanks again, Rhonda!

  • Cindy Brick September 05, 2017

    Sheets are a little harder to hand-quilt through, unless you find some all-cotton. The polyester content can get in the way. It's not so bad if you're machine quilting, though.
    You can also get wide 100% cotton muslin and printed backing fabrics for very reasonable prices now, especially if you take advantage of the 50%-off-one coupons JoAnn's and other places often feature.

  • Jeannie September 05, 2017

    STOP!!! WAIT!!!! Margaret! Don't harvest your sweet potato yet. They usually wait to bulk up late in the season. Yours might need a little longer. Keep an eye on the weather and if it gets cold one night, bring the plant in then put it back out when the weather warms back up. I don't know how it is in up yonder way (southern speak for Canada), but we will usually have a cold snap, then warm weather will return for a few weeks longer. Also, don't bother letting the potato cure unless you want to store it all winter. I recommend cooking and eating it immediately. It will have a different taste than the store bought kind, it will be FRESH! You can also save one of the vines in a glass of water and it will root. It might last all winter.

    Also, your mint may last all winter inside also. I know I have kept cuttings alive forever in just water inside the house.

    Jeannie @ GetMeToTheCountry.Blogspot.com

  • Margaret @ApproachingFood September 05, 2017

    Thanks so much for the info, Jeannie! I'll let them grow as long as possible. Good to know that they bulk up late in the season. And I won't cure them then, since I won't have so many that I can't eat them while they're relatively freshly picked. And I think I will take a cutting and try to root it to grow a nice houseplant over the winter. A bit more green in the house will be nice. Thanks again, Jeannie!

  • Jeannie September 06, 2017

    Well, I am worried about you and your little garden. I want it to be a success.
    Jeannie @ GetMeToTheCountry.blogspot.com

  • Carol September 09, 2017

    Hi Jeannie, when we tried our sweet potatoes before they had time to cure, they were absolutely gross. We let them cure on top of the fridge in a closed dark box for 4 weeks and they were wonderful. I believe they were Beauregard. We grew them here in the lovely Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

  • Annaliese Turner September 04, 2017

    Clean out stuff and try to sell on EBay.
    Stock up on holiday staples- I am going to make/bake holiday gifts this year from the kitchen.
    Save up for next year's garden.
    Can/freeze on what I can get my hands on.
    Continue to earn points thru all my rebate/Swagbucks sites.
    Hopefully will become my son's CAP worker by the end of the year.
    Swim in pool as much as possible before the cool weather sets in-LOL!

  • Jane September 09, 2017

    I hope you don't mind me asking, what is a CAP worker?

  • Mo September 09, 2017

    I wondered that too - here is what I found on Google: "The CAP/DA Program is a program that allows elderly an disabled adults ages 18 and up to receive support services in their own home, as an alternative to nursing home placement. By providing in home care, case management, and other supports, CAP/DA can help these individuals stay at home." HTH!

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