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March's Shopping Plans

Snow Peas and Radishes The Prudent Homemaker

March has several sales. It's frozen foods month in the U.S., which usually means a number of frozen foods go on sale. St. Patrick's Day on the 17th means sales on corned beef, cabbage, and potatoes.

Easter Rabbits The Prudent Homemaker

With Easter falling on April 1st this year, we will see Easter sales in late March. I plan on making Easter Rabbits again this year using chocolate candy melts and molds I have already (you can see the how-to here).  

Here's how I plan to spend my $200 budget this month for our family of 10:


Sam's Club:


Rice 25-pound bag

Tomato Sauce #10 cans

Diced Tomatoes #10 cans

POM Toilet Paper



Washing Soda

Equate hand-washing dish soap



Store brand frozen sweet peas. I'll look for a sale on these at $1 a pound (usually when you buy 10). I would love to buy 20 or even 30 bags, but I often have trouble finding even 10 bags in the store. 






Spreadable Margarine

Parmesan Cheese

Store brand spicy brown mustard


I'll look for sales on strawberries in late March. If I can find them for $1 a pound or less, I'll purchase them. I'll also look for sales on potatoes, cabbage, corned beef, whole chickens, and Easter candy (Starburst jelly beans and peanut M&M's for Easter eggs).

 Strawberry Jam The Prudent Homemaker

From the garden, I will harvest Swiss chard, Meyer lemons, spinach, lettuce, snow peas, green onions, leeks, radishes, and several herbs this month. My large Swiss chard plants bolt in April when it gets hot, so we'll be harvesting lots before they need to be pulled from the garden. I have new plants already up and growing for this year so we won't have too long of a lull in picking. 

We'll continue to eat lots of frozen fruit from the freezer in anticipation of this year's fruit from the garden. We'll also enjoy more squash, pumpkins, and pomegranates from the garden that I have been storing.

A friend has offered me eggs from her hens, who are currently laying much more than she can eat, so I'll bring her some lemons in exchange for eggs.

What items are you looking to purchase this month?

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  • Jenny March 01, 2018

    $200.00 to feed a family of 10 for an entire month. That's just super impressive. I live fairly frugally, but nothing like that. It makes me realise I should be spending more time in the garden and looking for bulk non perishables. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Gardenpat March 01, 2018

    It’s interesting how different our climates are! After 25 years here in the Midwest, I have never had my Swiss chard bolt and some milder winters (not this year!), it has even overwintered where I didn’t need to replant!!
    We will continue to eat down our freezers right now in anticipation of foods we will be adding to them this month!

    We will be getting: 50 pounds of BLSL chicken breast (that we already paid for 6 weeks ago @ 99 cents/pound)

    I am hoping for potatoes because they are the last ingredient that I need to dehydrate to make up some soup and stew mixes to add to my pantry shelves.

    Frozen peas or mixed vegetables will be on my list as well as tater tots (all other potato products, I DIY from fresh potatoes.)

    I am running lower on yeast, coconut and vinegar so I will keep my eyes open.

    Other than those things, our storage is well supplied and even if I don’t find these items at the price point I am willing to pay, I don’t have to go to the store! That’s a good feeling!

  • In April it will be 90º or hotter. My chard can grow 6 feet tall in a week and then it goes to seed. It will be chard that was planted last year. Chard that is tiny and planted this year doesn't usually bolt on me, but sometimes it does.

  • Maxine March 01, 2018

    Brandy, I can't even imagine chard growing 6 feet tall, let alone in a week! LOL I live in zone 5/6 and have been spending a lot of time looking at seed and plant catalogs, since we are building a house and starting from scratch this summer. I am reminded once again what a harsh climate you live in. Very, very few plants will grow in your zone. It makes gardening in Vegas look like an exercise in futility...which doubly impresses me for what you accomplish. BTW, I have "nursery envy." None of the nurseries here, including the seasonal, have prices and selection that you get at your Star Nursery.

    I have been spending $35-$45 week at Winco for our family of 3. The register tape kind of depends on whether I find meat in my price range. I am learning to use the Fred Meyer (Kroger) app.

  • There are many things that won't grow here, but there are also lots of things that WILL grow in a zone 9a! We also have very alkaline soil and water (8.2 ph). The harsh sun and heat in summer makes summer growing a challenge, but fall through early spring is a great time to grow things. I can grow things that won't grow for you, too, so I grow more of those, such as pomegranates, lemons, and apricots :)

  • Madeline March 02, 2018

    I live in Phoenix, an area similar to Nevada, and I can tell you:LOTS of great veggies and fruits grow here, and we have TWO LONG GROWING SEASONS! NOT a lesson in futility! We grew veggies Back East in N.J. And one short growing season was so sad... we enjoyed it but it was over before you even started!! You’d be surprised at how many fruits and veggies and herbs we can grow here YEAR ROUND in the desert!!!!

  • cathy March 01, 2018

    I buy 5 lb. bags of organic frozen vegetables at Costco for $5-7 a bag. They are wonderful. I have a large dehydrator and I do cherry tomatoes, squash, peppers, apples, strawberries and as many others that I can. I use them throughout the year.

  • Lisa March 03, 2018

    I purchased chicken breasts from Zaycon for $0.99/lb. I got 40 lbs. I am anxious to see how it is--this is our first purchase.

  • Ms. Sandie March 04, 2018

    You will NOT regret the chicken. I am picking up my 3rd purchase from Zaycon in April

  • Diana March 01, 2018

    Welcome back...missed you. Hope your pregnancy is going well. How do you store winter squash and large quantities of potatoes in such a warm climate?

  • Linda Higgy March 01, 2018

    Diana, I'm not Brandy but if you go to her home page and check under Pantry you can see, and read, how this works.

  • Marilyn in MD March 01, 2018

    My goals for this month are two-fold:

    First, buy items that fit in with a low-carb diet, which mostly means fresh vegetables, berries, meat, poultry, and dairy products. I shop mostly at Aldi's and some at Wegman's, neither of which does many sales but both of which have better everyday prices on everyday products than many of the sales at the other store chains. I COULD buy the Wegman's truffles for $999.99 per pound but I'll stick to the everyday products. :)

    My second goal is to stock up on organic meat and poultry since those are the two most expensive items I buy and I want to have them on hand if I end going to 30 hours/75% of my salary at the end of May, which is looking more and more likely. I won't have trouble paying the bills and even saving some money but while I have my full salary, it's a great time to prepare even more for leaner days.

    If I do the 30 hours thing, having a three day weekend every week will be great and I'm going to use some of that time in my gardens to grow more food at home. To that end, I planted seeds I already had in seed starter I already had in containers with lids that I saved from buying spinach for my salads. The seeds are from 2009, 2013, and 2015 so who knows what might germinate but since I had everything, it didn't cost me anything. If I don't get any results in the next two weeks, I might buy more seeds but will likely just wait and buy plants.

    I hope you get your computer fixed soon, Brandy. I missed the Frugal Accomplishments this week!

  • I have ordered a new one. Until then, I have found a work around. The one I want is not in stock, but the price is worth waiting for!

  • Cindy in the South March 01, 2018

    March is a really tight financial month for me, so I am not sure. I have also been helping out my son, who has been ill, with groceries, since he cannot work nor go to school at the moment. He is on kind of a restrictive diet (read expensive) for his illness, so most purchases are for him. Thank goodness for food storage! He is also enjoying my food storage. I am eating down my frozen fig and mulberry supply, so I definitely do not need to make any fruit purchases, and to be real, I seldom buy fruit because I seem to have a year's supply of the above fruit. So far, a crop has never failed every year, and I am grateful. I am out of flour. However, I have lots of cornmeal and rice, so I have been using that instead. I tend to see what I have, and what can I use to substitute. Dandelions are blooming, so I have plenty of dandelion greens I can put on a cookie sheet, with a little oil and salt and make crispy in the oven. I then use them in egg salad, scrambled eggs, rice and chicken dishes, etc. It adds flavor and vitamins. I usually use hot sauce in lieu of jalapeno peppers, since I am trying not to buy anything I do not have to buy. If I see some 49 cent chicken, potatoes or chocolate on sale, I will buy that. Cabbage is usually very cheap here and I will probably buy some of that. I always buy eggs every month. I hope to keep the grocery budget under $30 for me, if that high, and use my usual budget for my son. I have a lot of canned vegetables, chicken, rice, beans, etc. I will probably do a lot of stir fried dishes, and bean dishes.

  • Marilyn in MD March 01, 2018

    Cindy, I hope your son gets better soon. It's so hard to have a sick child, no matter what their age, but a blessing for him that you are able to help him.

  • Cindy in the South March 01, 2018

    Thank you. He is doing much better and for that I am grateful!

  • Lynn from NC Outer Banks March 01, 2018

    Cindy so glad he is doing better. I was sorry to read that he was ill again and had to leave school. Hope he will continue to improve and can return to his typical life soon! You are being very creative in sticking with your budget, all the while helping him. Sending good wishes for you both across the miles.

  • Cindy in the South March 02, 2018

    Thanks Lynn. When I was a child, I visited Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Beautiful place!

  • Lynn from NC Outer Banks March 03, 2018

    I think it's lovely too! :)

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