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Hand Embroidery

Hand embroidery is a simple and inexpensive way to add beauty to clothing and other objects. I strive to stock up on embroidery thread and embroidery needles when they go on sale.

Embroidery Kit
Make an embroidery kit for a friend or a child


Sewing Housewife Needle Case

Needle Case

Embroidery Stitches and Tutorials

Click on the stitches you want to learn on the left side of the page


Also includes other stitches and techniques


Embroidered Covered Buttons


Free Embroidery Patterns

Queen Anne's Lace Pillowcase

Amazing Snowflake Blanket

State Birds Embroidery Pattern

Redwork Patterns

Sarah Jane children


 Embroidered Clock

 Vintage Transfer Patterns

"Do Small Things with Great Love"


Embroidered W

First Order ships for $2.95

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How to Mend

If your clothes are wearing out, remember to cut off the buttons before you toss the worn items, and reuse them on your new projects!

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Rose insertion 180 brown



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