Last Week’s Goals:
Garden Goals:
1. Paint plinth and urn for the front garden again (maybe add a wash layer) Decided to not add the wash layer.
2. Install plinth and urn
3. Plant urn with plants
 4. Help my husband install trellises.
5. Continue to plant more zinnias of different colors in the garden
6. Pick grapes as they ripen and make grape juice
7. Do some weeding and pruning, and fill at least 1 trash can I filled two cans.
8. Plant more cucumber seeds. I also planted more parsley seeds in the front yard all along the front of the upper planter. I planted more Swiss chard seeds in the front garden as well.
9. Tie fallen grape vine back up

Sewing Goals:

1. Finish dress for Wren
2. Make dress for Winter
3. Make skirt for Winter

Canning Goals:

1. Can grape juice I canned 4 quarts.

Website and Blog Goals:

1. Write and photograph 3 blog posts I worked on 2 posts.
Family Goals:
1. Correct all schoolwork
2. Run 2 errands, including one trip to the library.
3. Take some new pictures of the children.
4. Make bookmark for my father
This Week’s Goals:
Garden Goals:
1. Do some weeding and pruning, and fill at least 1 trash can
2. Plant more squash seeds
3. Plant urn with plants
4. Weave Lady Bank’s roses up the trellises and prune bits that need to be pruned

Sewing Goals:

1. Finish dress for Winter
2. Finish dress for Wren

Organizational Goals:

1. Spend 15 minutes each day (except Sunday) organizing the sewing room. I intend to set the timer for this and do it after the children are in bed in order to work for 15 uninterrupted minutes.
Canning Goals:

Website and Blog Goals:

1. Write and photograph 3 blog posts
Family Goals:
1. Correct all schoolwork
2. Edit pictures of the children

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  1. Here are my goals for this week:Goals for Week Ending Saturday, August 10, 2013Retirement Meeting with Fidelity 8/6/13 @ 4:30pmHome Make appointment for grandfather clock repair Finish painting plant standQuilting Block #8Garden Keep up with watering Reading Centennial by James Mitchener (audio cd) Spiritual Ecology by Thich Nhat Hahn Tales from the Underground by David Wolfe Salt, Sugar, Fat by Michael Moss The Priory by Dorothy Whipple–on order from amazon.comCooking 4 dinnersPersonal Make appointment for annual physical

  2. I love your idea of setting a timer! I tend to get caught up and work too long on a project and then I get to bed much too late. I need to break up projects into shorter spurts and set the timer.

  3. 1) Last week my goals were to read 1 chapter a day w/ my granddaughter. I did that, & will do it again this week.2) Mulched some of the strawberry bed, but not all of it. Will continue to work on that.3) Practiced the hymns & adapted as necessary for my wrist. The hymns went ok, but the visit with the dr was not was I expected. He believes the wrist issue is arthritis, so it may continue rather than resolve.4) I packed one box of middle daughter’s things, & have another box to pack.5) I did not get a quote for lifting the driveway, so that will move to this week.6) I picked raspberries, tomatoes & beans & either used or processed everything. I will continue to do that this week as well.7) Remove the brown leaves & stems from the poppies.8) Clean the fridge & the small freezer on top.

  4. My big goal for the week is to finish our emergency backpacks. We live in a bushfire prone area and had to evacuate earlier in the year when a bushfire came to within half a kilometre of us. That taught me that I really don’t need anything but my family! But, if we would have lost our home, replacing all the important documents would be time-consuming and difficult, particularly since I’m one nationality, my husband’s another, our kids are both, and we were married in a completely different country. I’ve made copies of everything now, so at least we can give them the appropriate reference numbers. I’ve also included recent family photographs in case of emergency; a long list of emergency contacts; information on how to turn off utilities; and copies of our insurance and banking details. (I actually called the bank and insurance companies to ask what we’d need, in case we lost everything.) Next up: Photocopy the house for insurance purposes and put those photos – along with digital copies of our scrapbooks and old family photos – on memory sticks; and put together emergency supplies in backpacks. I’m not going to make complete 72 hour kits – I figure, society’s not going to fall apart overnight, so all we really need is the basics and we can buy anything else. I plan to make 3 kits altogether, one for each car and another for the house, so no matter what we should be covered. And, uh, I doubt I’ll be able to finish this this week. But, at least I’m making a start!

  5. The only goal I have this week is to make it til next week. AHAHA. My husband is working OT and has finals for the next week and a half. Today it is just me and the children for 14 hours. We are going to do stuff like vacuum and mop since the baby loves to clean and that will keep him happy for hours.

  6. momma-lana, I googled the link. I will not buy things that do not list the ingredients. Some of these oils & lotions contain items I do not want to use, or to which I am allergic.I am not yet convinced that the problem with the wrist is arthritis. The pain seems to travel down the tendon,rather than being centered in the joint.

  7. momma-lana, thank you for providing those, but I cannot use marshmallow root due to blood sugar issues, cannot use wormowood, gravel root, or mullein leaf due to ragweed allergies.I am a retired RN. Neither the wrist nor elbow are dislocated; but I have a history of a ganglion cyst on that wrist, which was removed 16 years ago. My guess is that another cyst is developing, but not on the surface, & placing pressure on a tendon, since it feels the same as it did 16 years ago.

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