Last Week’s Frugal Accomplishments

Last Week’s Frugal Accomplishments

 Winter in Costume

Winter really deserves the credit for the big accomplishments of last week. She made herself a sari for Halloween, using material that my mother-in-law had given to me (my mother-in-law bought a couple of bolts of this fabric on clearance many years ago).  She also made a matching bag using a tutorial she found on Pinterest.

Her earrings were borrowed from grandma. I found her bracelet at a garage sale in October for .25.

Ezrom Toga

Using the same technique, she made Ezrom a toga using an old sheet.

I downloaded a free font from Google fonts to use on my website.

I bought 5 packages of hot dogs and mailed in a rebate to get the full price of all 5 reimbursed to me, making the packages just the cost of a stamp.

My husband cut some of my lavender bush that was growing over the grass while trimming. I brought it in and put it in a vase to enjoy.

I cut roses to enjoy from the garden.

I harvested green onions, Swiss chard, basil, and thyme from the garden.

I watched a couple of shows for free on Hulu.

I redeemed enough points through Swagbucks to order a $50 Amazon gift card.


What did you do to save money last week?

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  1. Pam B

    Your new site is beautiful! I love the new layout, and look forward to continuing to read your blog!

    My frugal accomplishments this week: I line-dried the majority of my laundry. We both took our lunches & snacks to work, so avoided eating out. Most dinners cooked at home. Bought our Thanksgiving turkey at .59/lb. I am hoping to make some space to buy at least 1 more turkey & ham to store for later in the year, while they are so cheap around the holidays. We got 2 free large flower pots when a neighbor down the street was throwing them away. They are tall terra cotta pots in perfect condition! They look great on our front porch.

  2. Marcia

    That is amazing! What a great sari. I work with a lot of Indians, and have been to an Indian wedding. As a fabric lover and quilter, I was in HEAVEN, and then all of the women changed out of their saris into other Indian dresses for the reception.

  3. faith

    love the new site and mobile compatible! .. she did so good with the costumes!! SO and I cut his hair and our son’s.
    ..redeemed $5 amazon card via swagbucks
    ..have only filled up gas once in the last two weeks and I still have a bit less than 1/2 tank!
    ..vacuumed our fan filters to stretch their use
    ..paid off a credit card early!! wasn’t scheduled to be paid off until mid December !
    ..received $8.72 back via ebates
    ..rented movies and books from library
    ..reused dry sheets 2-3 times before throwing out
    ..downloaded $5 off $25 purchase to my Kroger card, will see if it works this week
    ..received 2 free luna bars from free coupons that printed out with past Kroger receipts
    ..used target cartwheel app when purchasing kids clothes
    .. downloaded receipts to checkout51
    ..stretched every meat into at least one more meal.
    ..only went out for coffee one time this weekend( which is huge, we usually go out for lunch or dinner two times!)

  4. Marcia

    Almost forgot –

    I made huge pot of black bean soup (all told, about $4). Got a great deal on peppers at the farmer’s market and also added some of my tomatoes. Our plant is still producing.

    Made a frittata with chard and potatoes for a potluck and have been eating the leftovers ever since.

    Had a potluck at work for Halloween – got to enjoy some of the leftovers for lunch the next day.

    Today I’m picking up Zaycon chicken nearby. I’ve never tried it before, but at $1.78 for boneless chicken, I couldn’t resist. Of course I had to buy 40 pounds (and have to come home and process it!)

  5. Ashley

    Your website looks great with it’s new makeover!

    Winter and Ezrom’s costumes came out great! I’m curious to know what your other children were? My son went as the red power ranger, but was mistaken for a pirate quite a bit.

    This past week in frugal accomplishments at my house we relayed weed paper on the front yard and placed the remainder of the plants. I was able to buy them at Home Depot using a coupon from their garden club online. I also bought materials from Ace hardware to rescreen our porch door using a coupon for my birthday that was sent to me for being a rewards club member. One of my girlfriends a few streets over had a splinning tool and taught me how to rescreen. The total cost for the project was 11 dollars for the supplies. I had called companies who said they would charge 100 dollars to come out whether or not they did the fix!!! So there were some good savings and accomplishments this weekend. I keep making my to do lists and crossing them off as I go.

  6. Jenny

    The new site is lovely, Brandy!

    Cooked from scratch for most meals, packed lunches, baked bread. I had an overnight meeting that provided dinner, breakfast, and lunch (and some tasty leftover cupcakes to bring home). Our houseguest stayed longer than planned; she had expected to be with with other friends last week, but one of them was very ill. She was a pleasure to have around and helped with kids and groceries, so we didn’t mind at all.

    We splurged on frozen pizza for Halloween night – still cheaper than ordering out. Friends who came to trick or treat with our kids brought a veggie tray to share. The kids got a lot of halloween candy. No need to worry about sweet treats for a while!

    Switched three monthly prescriptions to 90 day supplies by mail, which will save us quite a bit in co-pay. Cashed out $5.18 on SavingStar.

    Made it through the month on budget, $500 for a family of 4 in a major Northeastern city, including food/beverages, cleaning, HABA, and cats. I think actually have more in the freezer than I started with. November pantry-building needs include flour, sugar, and other baking supplies for the holidays and the winter. Not sure if I will make the $400 minumum (before coupons) needed at my primary grocery store to get a free Thanksgiving bird this year – I’m almost hoping that I don’t spend that much!

  7. Dana

    I really like the look of the new site!!

  8. I got a[b] huge[/b] pile of wood chip mulch for free, which my husband and I spread around the yard. We had enough to share with two different neighbors.

    One of those neighbors gave my husband a brand new Pendleton Wool shirt, (didn’t fit him) which we’ll be able to gift to my brother-in-law for his birthday.

    I finished processing the hundred pounds of local apples I bought for 69¢/lb. I ran out of jars halfway through, but was able to buy enough to finish for 29¢ apiece from Goodwill. I also made some smaller jars of applesauce as, so that I can give them as spontaneous gifts without depleting our whole supply. (So far, I’ve given jars to both our next door neighbors and a favorite high school teacher.)

    My husband and I brought our own lunches to work every day. I’ve been able to replace the $11/lb lunch meat that he prefers with $3.99/lb nice pork loin from The Grocery Outlet. I have to get out the meat slicer, but that’s no big deal.

    One of my mother’s tenants left a glass milk jar behind at her guest cottage. I was able to return it to the store for $2, which I then used to pay the tip when my father took me out for lunch. (And better yet, the store was walking distance from our house, so this errand was no big deal.)

    I baked up our jack-o-lanterns and froze twenty cups of frozen puree. I’ll get a few more free pumpkins to make more this week. I was able to bake up two big loaves of pumpkin bread last night using the puree.

    Fred Meyer had their eggs for $1.25/dozen last week, so I bought the limit (4) to stock up a bit.

    I am waiting for tomorrow’s $10-off-$50 Safeway coupon to buy some grocery staples.

    I didn’t buy a Lear Jet. 😉

  9. Olivia

    How creative are the costumes!! I like your new site. SO Pretty and informative!!! Will try some of the recipes for beans every day soon.

  10. Megan

    $60 in eBay sales this week.

    Went to our local apple farm this weekend. Unfortunately they were pretty sparse and basically out of seconds. (The family before us used approx 80lbs to make cider). We were able to scrounge up approx 20lbs of seconds which we used to make cider on site as well. My husband and son love this special treat ($10 for a gallon), we only get their cider once a year. Because we know the owners, we were able to pick 40lbs for $1 per lb (they were telling other people no more picking this season as this was one of their last weekends…. Had there been seconds they would have been $.75 per lb. Their pre-picked firsts were $1.50 per lb, so I was very grateful they allowed us to do this). They have each of the kids a little candy and a free apple (my daughter got a sparkly little purse with here, she’s thrilled with it).

    Ate all meals at home with the exclusion of one lunch ($14 for the four of us). I’m thrilled as we usually eat out a few different times over the week.

    I’m down to only occasionally having soda if we eat out, no longer purchasing/drinking them at home! This is saving quite a bit of money each week.

    My husband and I went through I closets and came up with two large garbage bags of clothes (quite a few coats/sweatshirts) that we donated to the local mission. While doing this I found a nice pair of jeans in the back of my closet; I almost donated them because I thought they didn’t fit but decided to try them on. I’ve lost some weight and was able to fit into them! These will be great work pants as I was down to one pair and didn’t want to but any more until I lost more weight. 😉

    Thanks again for running this, love the new site! – Megan

  11. Judy

    Lear Jet LOL I love savings like that. They really add up on my savings spreadsheet. 🙂

  12. mary ann

    Thanks for all the time you put into this creative effort. It is a bright spot in my week.

    Although it doesn’t seem frugal I purchased a $100 sleep rate ap that came with a heart rate sensor. It is a fully monitored program that will hopefully stop me from waking up in the early hours. My husband had been to a “sleep center” for apnea that cost us $ 7,000 ten hearts ago and they gave him no help, told him to lose 40 pounds and then come back. Does that mean I saved $1,000’s 😀
    Right now I am in the consolidation phase which severely limits my time in bed in order to make the remaining time solid sleep so this has given me at least three more hours in my day. So I am using my extra time to get back to sewing and crafting – things I have largely given up with the birth of my son. My goal is to use all the fabric and sundries that have been having around for years. I started with the left side of my desk’ drawers cleaning up the stationary supplies. I have made dozens of handcrafted occasion cards (I usually salvage interesting bits of cards given to me and repurpose on new cards). Now I can quickly reach these instead of having to buy something on the way to the event. Next up, fabric gift bags and adorable snowmen made out of tube socks. (My son wants to help me make them.)
    Proud Mother Award for the week: I taught my son to sew on his own badges for boy scouts. He LOVES it.

  13. Debbie in Florida

    Winter did a FANTASTIC job on the costumes! Thank you for all the work you do on the blog and website, I’m sure it was a huge job transferring everything over to the new site.

    My frugal accomplishments:
    I did mystery shopping at a casual restaurant on the way home from doing errands. I was able to cover lunch for both SO and I with my reimbursement and shoppers fee.

    Went to Harbor Freight and got a free set of screwdrivers.

    Publix had $2 off meat coupons in the paper and I had 2 of them. I picked out the smallest brisket, asked them to trim the fat (which turned out to be a half pound of fat!), cut it in half and wrap the halves separately so I could use both coupons. It still was an expensive cut of meat, but it is the only meat that SO eats all year. I put the brisket in the freezer for Chanukah.

    Only other groceries we bought was bread and butter pickles and a loaf of bread from Sav-A-Lot.

    I made a Shutterfly photobook with a coupon I got in an email for a free photobook. I still had to pay shipping and paid the $5 extra to get a “storybook or storytelling” version. I made a book of our trip to Key West from 2 years ago.

    I met the Swagbucks goal for the whole month! I also cashed in for three $5 Amazon gift cards. I had to wait until after the first of the month because I had maxed out the 5 Amazon gift cards in October.

    I filled out another Pinecone survey and requested a check from past surveys to add to my holiday fund. I signed up for Paypal deposits for the future.

    Free in the mail – Better Homes and Gardens (I’m loving getting the holiday issues!).

    I did another mystery shop and had dinner out by myself (SO was working). It was only a mile from the house and in the same shopping center as a grocery store with a Coinstar machine. I turned in the change I had been saving all year. I got an Amazon gift card so there was no fee. I had $123.60 which I will use for holiday shopping.

    I worked 11 hours overtime.

    We bought the Living Social deal to get the Sams Club membership which was $45 but you get the 1-year membership, a $20 Sams gift card and several free food items (French bread, spinach artichoke dip, rotisserie chicken, cookies). I think that’s it, SO signed up and took care of it. He’s going this week to get the membership. I’m hoping I can freeze all the food so I can pull out at the holidays. Does anyone have recommendations on the best way of freezing a rotisserie chicken (whole or cut up?) and how to reheat so I don’t dry it out?

    A couple of things I need to add into my routine and make a habit – turning off the stove and oven and letting things finish cooking with the heat off, cooking pasta with the heat off as another reader does, reusing tea bags – those are my frugal goals for the upcoming week.

    Have a great week everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying Fall!

  14. Mandy B.

    Love the new website! I can’t wait to have a look around 🙂
    Last week I:
    -stuck to my grocery list and did not purchase any “extras”
    -I had about 2 inches of shampoo and conditioner left in their bottles. I watered it down to about 3/4 full and they both work just as good as full strength and I will get about 2 more weeks of use out of them.
    -I hung all clothing to dry, I did not use the dryer. I had gotten lazy with this recently.
    -Made sure to adjust the water level on the washer when needed to use less water
    -We ate out once, on Halloween, and purchased a $5 pizza from a local pizza restaurant and brought it home to eat. Otherwise we ate all meals at home and cooked from scratch. I took all food to work with me from home. I used my “free meal” certificate I received in Sept. for my birthday last week in our cafeteria at work.
    -I purchased 20 pounds of potatoes for .20 per pound and 20 lbs apples for .20 per pound.
    -we are keeping the heat as low as possible. Our daughter has a space heater in her room (newer model, will shut off when knocked over) and I put an extra blanket on our bed (old down comforter which was a gift to me years ago).
    -I sent in a rebate for a free pound of hamburger and to Staples making a reem of printer paper only .01.
    -I had our land line shut off. We never used it. My cell phone only costs $6.66 per month because I do not talk or text to very many people ( only 4). I have a phone in my office that people can call me on as well if needed).
    -I am keeping an eye on portion control as well for food, cleaners, toothpaste, etc. I had gotten lazy here as well. At meals we can always have more if we want, there is no need to fill a glass full if only 1/4 is actually consumed.
    -Despite having a dusting of snow a few days ago I was able to harvest Sage, parsley, and dill.
    -I made bread, zucchini muffins, chicken broth with chicken bones/carcass and veggie ends/peels/skins, scouring powder, all purpose spray cleaner, hair detangler using a conditioner sample. I canned the broth to last longer and to be able to put it in the cupboard.
    -continue to wash and reuse ziploc bags and glass jars
    -I sent a bag of my daughter’s clothing to kindermint and hope to get at least a small credit. I discovered this on swagbucks. if it works out I will write more about it.
    -my travel coffee cup broke months ago and i have been using a mason jar with a special lid. However it would get VERY hot with coffee in it. My mother left a disposable styrofoam coffee cup and plastic lid at my house. Instead of throwing it away I have been washing and reusing it.
    -I have been consuming less coffee at home and more at work since it is provided free at work.
    Have a great week everyone!

  15. mary ann

    Oops! I mistakenly hit the send button without proofing my comments. Embarrassed but what the heck – it works on my helps me overcome my defect of perfectionism.

  16. Susan McClellan

    Your new website looks absolutely beautiful! Appreciate all the time and effort your put into it!

  17. Wow- her costume is stunning! She looks beautiful in it. Great job!!

    I use a lot of lotion. In part, I believe, because I wash my hands constantly. Anyway, there’s always lotion left at the bottom that’s too hard to get at the end. I think cutting the bottles open is a big pain though. So I just keep bottles on a shelf, out of the way, until I have several. Or in this case, many. I then just microwave them for 20 -40 seconds until they are liquid. I pour each via funnel into a big bottle. I had so many that I filled a 24 oz giant bottle up!

    I made fish chowder with lobster stock I made from lobster shells this summer and froze, canned clams and a few pieces of fish from the freezer that really needed to be used up. Basically I made my clam chowder recipe with less clams and some fish. It was out of this world. I will definitely do that again very soon! I love it when a random toss everything in the pot recipe becomes a new favorite.

    I made a ham salad from a few ham steaks from the freezer to eat for a few meals. It was a nice change of pace for lunches.

    I really limited my shopping. This coming week will be my first turkey buy so I am saving both funds and freezer space!

    I ate from the pantry and freezer for most meals.

    I exercised and drank water.

    I made another infinity scarf. I’m in love with them. Everyone is getting one for Christmas and I vow to only use my excess fabric to do so.

    KK @ Preppy Pink Crocodile

  18. Laura Anne

    Love the new site Brandy! You know how to make everything look so pretty.

    I haven’t been able to post before so I am listing my fall frugal accomplishments:
    -Gleaned 90-100 lbs of organic tomatoes and processed it into sauce using peppers, and onions that were also gleaned and our own garlic that we grew (135 heads of garlic this year)
    -Gleaned enough apples from a neighbors for 75 quarts of applesauce (we will give some as gifts for Christmas)
    -Gleaned more apples from another neighbor (5 bushels) to be frozen for pies and crisps and dehydrated the rest for snacks and lunches as well as eating several crisps along the way and leaving the best apples for eating in the fridge
    -My dad gleaned 4 1/2 bushels of pears for me yesterday for my birthday, we will be mostly dehydrating them – they make an excellent snack and a gift as well they are so yummy
    -Went to a consignment store that was having a “bag sale” this morning and got 4 pairs of jeans for my older son to grow into, one pair of maternity pants for me, several pairs of baby pants for #3 due in March and one pair of pants for #2 as well as a couple of Hanna Anderson shirts for girls just in case (we don’t know what we are having yet) for $2.50
    -Went back to a store for a price correction that I had noticed after I got home.
    -Went to a weekend 20% off sale in our local downtown and got two items that I have not been able to find on line for less so planned to spend the money now for the year.
    -Harvested pumpkins from our two plants that produced about 11 pumpkins averaging about 8 cups per pie pumpkin – delicious
    -We built an unheated greenhouse this year (not very frugal but we live in Maine and wanted to extend our harvest) we planted it and everything is coming up and looking great so we are hopeful that we will not have to buy any greens this winter and will be able to enjoy early onions, carrots, beets and cabbage as the winter progresses – I am also experimenting with some late fall green beans they have buds on them and I am anxious for the first bean to appear as we just picked the last of them from the outside gardens.

    I love to hear what everyone has done to be frugal and I get many great ideas form all the posts. I have shared this site with my best friend and others and they love it too! Thank you Brandy!

  19. Jenifer

    I like the new site! I get uppity with the idea of change, but so far I found some old posts from you with the new layout (very happy) – woot! woot!
    Ebay has been good to me with sales this week. Most of that profit went/will go into savings.
    My husband found 2 prints of old patents on a website, Etsy had the same prints for 1/10 of the price. These will be his main Christmas gift.
    I took an open front cardigan and for an outfit, turned it into a wrap (take the ends and tuck/pin on opposing sides) this made a long cardigan a short cardigan – I like multipurpose pieces.
    I crocked a pound of black beans – made multiple meals with them – husband didn’t seem to mind a meatless week.
    Took stale Italian bread and made applesauce bread pudding (Budget Bytes) – this was a dinner and 2 lunches.
    A magazine had a mantel with cast iron like stands that spelled NOEL. In the parking lot next to my office there was some throw away lumber that I had my dad cut into 4 pieces so I could do a similar NOEL. Free lumber and I have the paint.
    Harvested what remained in the garden – arugula, chard, herbs since we were supposed to get snow showers this weekend and I wasn’t ready with my winter covers (pieces of old sheets adhered to old tomato cages).
    Received a $5 Kmart gift card – will use that for eggs and butter.
    Hope everyone has a great week!

  20. Shani

    Lovely job with the new site, Brandy. Your hard work is so appreciated.

    Last week I cut my DH and sons’ hair. I’ve been doing this since my DH and I got married 21 years ago (when he was in the Army and figured if I butchered it he’d just shave it off :), and it really hit me how much money this has saved us through the years. I would encourage others to start; it’s not difficult, it just takes some practice. I need to cut my hair, but am waiting until I’m in the mood to do it so it turns out well.

    Also last week I skipped the grocery store(s), made all of our breads, harvested the last of the my first-ever fall crops of lettuce and spinach, planted garlic, and harvested rain water to water several indoor plants. Our biggest accomplishment came when it was time to sit down and go over our budget and pay the end-of-month bills. We are determined to pay our van off within the next four months (which will be two years early on the note), so we’ve been “finding” money to put towards it. This last month, with a lot of scraping, we pulled together an additional, principal-only payment of $657. In the last five weeks, we’ve paid down on this note over $1300. We are determined to get out of debt (again) and stay out, so this week I am going to be going through our budget once again with a fine-tooth comb and seeing where we can cut and save some more. I am done with my DH being a slave to the lender; we want to work for US, not them. Thank you for sharing your accomplishments with us and encouraging us to cut more corners. I don’t know that I would be able to be so diligent if I didn’t have all of you lovely women in the back of my head cheering us on. I don’t anyone else who is willing to walk a strict and frugal line in real life, so this little community of like-minded frugalistas is so helpful.

    May everyone have a productive, frugal, and blessed week!

  21. Kristine Douglas


    I posted my frugal week under the wrong section! Ha! Getting used to the new format but love it! Here it is again!

    This week’s frugal accomplishments-

    We only spent $40 for groceries out of our $75/week budget. This budget is for 3 people and includes household items in addition to groceries.. This included stocking up on butter and a few other sale items for the future. We continued to use what we have and make as much as we can from scratch.

    I called our internet service provider and asked for a reduction. Our 1-year special just ran out and was going to increase our monthly bill by $10. I explained the my husband was out of work and we would have to go somewhere cheaper. The lady was so nice and she extended our current price for another year!

    I had parent-teacher conferences last week and our PTA provided lunch and dinner on Wednesday and Thursday. There were so many leftovers each that I was able to bring home food for my husband, both days, as well as leftovers for Friday.

    We ate out one day, at McDonalds, but only spend $3. That was our little splurge.

    We only turned the heat on for one night because the night temperatures were going to drop to freezing. I turned it off the next day.

    My husband needed socks and we had a $10 credit to Dick’s Sporting Goods. They were having a promotion- BOGO 50% off. He got two packages of socks for $5.

    We organized our newly finished basement. My husband found $30 of items to return. We also organized all of our books on bookshelves. We weeded out books and took them to a local bookstore to sell. We made $47.

    I continued to group errands and any trips out so that I utilize gas as best as possible.

    While my husband is out of work, it continues to not be stressful. We live off my income and use my husband’s for savings and extras. With this job loss, we still have tried to see how much we can reduce our spending. After calculating our finances, I will still be able to save $750 by the end of the month with him having no income. It is amazing how you can always find ways to stretch your dollar or find other frugal ways.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful and frugal week!

    I love the new website! It is very beautiful!

  22. Jen

    The new site design is great, but the font is hard to read (and I’m using a 22″ monitor).

  23. Tanya

    Put a sock around your mason jar and it will not only keep you from burning your hand but will keep your coffee warm longer too 🙂

  24. Elizabeth Vega

    I love this series… Little actions add up quickly!

    As for myself… Does going on a job interview count as a frugal thing? Because I did that yesterday!

    I went shopping for a whole new interview suit, and came back with only a blouse and a handbag, both on sale. And I felt awesome at the interview!

    We also took advantage of a local store’s offer of “buy a ham, get a free turkey,” so our family of two is set for protein for quite a long time!

    I packed my husband an irresistible lunch yesterday, to keep him out of the burrito place 😉

    Husband is selling his car, and he chose to wax it himself so it looks nice for prospective buyers, instead of paying a car wash $60 or more.

    I voted at the local library in our new city, and while I was there, I finally got a library card!

    Finally, I voted for the folks that I believe will spend my tax dollars most wisely, so they don’t have to keep raising them!

  25. Becky Pratt

    It has been ages since I posted anything here. The last few months are my “busy time” at my shop. I sold 20 owl costumes (I make them after they are ordered from my Etsy store) and sold a few other items. I made close to $2000.00 for July, Aug., Sept. and October. That may not sound like a lot, but it helped so much in my household.
    It bought my two grandchildren’s winter clothing which we bought at a half-price sale at our hospice store. This was a huge amount of clothing for a little over $100.00 The only thing left to buy was winter coats. Zayne still fit in his and Gabbs got a new coat for $18.00 at Walmart.
    My daughter helps at the “chuck wagon” at her church and after a fund raiser the church gave her all of the uncooked steaks (a large amount of meat), and the cooked hotdogs and hamburgers. We froze them all.
    The kids take a hotdog out in the morning and put it in their lunch box. It is thawed by the time their lunch time rolls around and they warm it in the microwave.
    A friend was in charge of a banquet. She was given the leftover food from a great Mexican restaurant. She kept some and brought the rest to me. We ate about 14 meals out of those leftovers.
    I find it amazing how once people know you will take food and other items it seems to come to you again and again.
    If I can’t use an item that is given to me I will re-purpose it or sell it. Either way it helps our household.
    My daughter works at a convenience store right now and the milkman gives her the left over milk they have to pull. She brings it home and we freeze it. When we run out of milk…we pop one of those little bottles out and use it until we make it to the store. It has saved us more money then you think.
    A friend brings banana nut bread about once a week…I trade the “smashed canned tomatoes” we use and I save scraps for his chickens.
    I used coupons for food. Always!
    In the last 4 months I have only shopped for food twice.
    I cancelled my STARZ account for the next 6 months since I only watch 1 show there and it is on hiatus for 6 months.
    There must be more and I can’t think of what it is. Of course I will remember 10 minutes after I am done. *laughing*
    I, also, like the new site.
    Your children look wonderful. Tell your sweet girl that she did a wonderful job sewing. I’m a seamstress and have been trying to teach the grandbabies to sew. All they want to do now is run the machine as fast as it will go. *smile* They are 7 and ten.
    Thanks for all you do, Brandy.

  26. Diana in Indiana

    Site is great!
    – Made applesauce in the crock pot from spotty/mushy apples.
    – Ate home or packed lunches all week except 2 small meals when traveling.
    – Had a date night at a local hockey game. We smuggled in baby carrots and water bottles for a snack. 😀
    – Received a $100 Pastor Appreciation gift from our church. I am saving some for a girly date with my future daughter-in-law and some for Christmas.
    – Helped my In-Laws move and they gave us 2 bar stools they no longer needed. They aren’t what we would choose but they will do for now.
    – Cut my husbands hair. I’m growing mine long so it just needs trimmed occasionally.
    – We are dieting so we are eating less quantity but higher quality. Not wasting money on junk food or pop.
    – Bought Halloween candy but only had 10 Trick-or-Treaters. Froze the left overs for Christmas stockings and baking.
    – Received free pumpkins at church. Our teens sold them in October as a fundraiser and several were left unsold. They will be used for decorations for the rest of the fall on my front porch.
    – Our house is a fixer-upper. We really want to put up the kitchen backsplash which would complete that project. But our front door needs replaced before winter (you can see light all the way around and feel the wind). So we will do that instead and wait on the backsplash.
    – Received a BOGO meal postcard from a fancy Brazilian Steak house because November is the Hubs birthday. We will use that and a gift card we’ve been saving for a birthday/date night later this month.

  27. Miriam

    We received some free food for the food pantry.
    Went to see a free theather performance at a community college
    Eat dinner(date night) at local Soup Kitchen
    Trying to come with some ideas for diy gifts for next month.
    Brough some clearance clothes, will used then for chritsmas gifts.
    Brough some clothes for the kids at the salvation army, they had the 50% special

  28. miriam

    wonderful!, we are also making some MAJOR budget cuts as our is reduced due to cut in work hours and my husband disability

  29. Marivene

    What a great costume Winter made!

    Continued to harvest a small amount of red raspberries & put these into the dehydrator. Also continued to dry red raspberry leaf.

    Harvested Roma & yellow pear tomatoes, & bottled 9 pints of tomato sauce. We had a frost, so I picked as many of the green tomatoes as I could reach & placed them in bowls inside to ripen from the ethylene gas given off by the riper ones. Picked the remaining butternut squash before the freeze. Our plants produced 20 butternut squash this year.

    Ate all meals at home. Most were freezer meals, but a few were just from the pantry. Soup was a frequent theme & I continued to recover from the knee replacement.

  30. Jodi

    I love your new site! Clean and bright and beautiful! Keep up the great work, I love to be inspired by you!

  31. Anna

    Dear Miss Brandy and readers,

    Your new website is lovely. Very friendly user. Very “entertaining” with all the new additions.

    My frugal accomplishments are primarily making Christmas gifts and planning Thanksgiving and Christmas events.

    Best wishes during this season of thanksgiving.


  32. Anna

    Good job! Proud Mother you deserved the award.

  33. Paula

    At the book store, I bought two books I’d wanted for a good while, but waited for them to be on the sale table. One was a boxed book/CD’s set of interviews with Jacqueline Kennedy. It was brought out at $60 and I got it for $20. The other was a $30 coffee table picture book for $6. I got my brother a $38 book that is perfect for part of his BD gift for $5. I’m a lifelong fan of remainder tables in bookstores. I want the $60 PBS companion book to the Roosevelt series, but will wait until it comes down to at least $60, even if it takes two years. I’m a lifelong fan of remainder tables. I know some of you are cringing at the idea that this “saves” any money, but a good home library of quality books is very important to me and always has been. When I was young and couldn’t buy new, even on sale, I haunted used book stores.

    Boneless, center cut chops were $2.99 a pound and I bought some to use and some for the freezer. Also got some sirloin marked down to half price for the freezer. Small package, but it will be enough for a stir fry for two.

    Combined sales and coupons to stock up on diet soda, bathroom tissue, canned chicken and beef broth for fifty cents, and cream of mushroom soup for sixty five cents.

    One thing that has saved me many dollars over the years is making out my check except for the amount before getting to the register so that I can be ready to carefully watch the screen as items are rung up. It is incredible how many times the programming is inaccurate and I catch serious mistakes that add up to several dollars. Today, had I not been watching, the fifty cent beef broth would have been a dollar.

  34. Rachel Cortese

    My accomplishments where only spending $40
    On grocery to last us two weeks 🙂 so far using our pantry and freezer to make room for turkey’s.
    I got 25lb bag of rice from my mom who bought it for me. She also bought me a huge food grade container for it as well. She also bought me pinto beans when she went to the store for .49lb, so I had we buy me 5lbs and I paid her money for it. When I get paid again if they have the sale again I’ll be buying more of it.
    I am reorganizing my home and finding some goodies I forgot I had and now I am using them instead of buying new.
    Bought carrots for .99 for a 5lb bag, 10lbs of potatoes for .99lb, some lettuce for .88 each, some apples for 3lbs for .99, naval oranges for .39lb,celery for .79 each, and some other veggies but the total was less than $20 and I got a lot of fruit and veggies.
    I got my free membership to SAMs club and am comparing items and prices to costco and so far Costco is winning me over for the majority of prices and items. But SAMs does have a few things I need that costco doesn’t carry so I will be purchasing those soon from SAMs to stock up until the next free membership.
    I believe this is it for now 🙂 keep up the great work brandy!! The site looks amazing

  35. Libby

    Brilliant about microwaving the hand lotion. It also drives me crazy that so much lotion is left in the bottom of the bottle. I’ve tried upending it into a funnel inserted into another bottle and it doesn’t come out. Can’t wait to try your microwave trick 🙂

  36. Rhonda A.

    Your daughter’s costume is stunning! She did an amazing job on both her’s and her bother’s costume. Winter must be very proud of her accomplishments.

    Here are my frugal accomplishments this week:
    -Used a $20 gift card, that my husband received when her bought shoes for my daughter and himself in Sept, to purchase 2 pairs of T-Max Heat socks. The socks were $10 each pair but are super warm and perfect for when the temperature drops to -40 in the winter. I paid just over $2 out of pocket. One pair is for my daughter and one is for me.
    -Was given a pair of gently used snow boots for free that fit my daughter perfectly. She was needing a new pair for winter. This saved us a min. of $40.
    -Received a free box of food items that someone didn’t need. Some were short dated, including a carrot cake mix which I made for my family. It made enough to have desert for three meals.
    -Still helping my sister-in-law clean and organize her parent’s home while they recoup in hospital from a car accident (her mother is a bit of a hoarder). Was better prepared for making meals this week and didn’t have to buy take-out. We made beef stew, home-made bread, tacos, cream of potato soup and shepherd’s pie all from scratch.
    -Halloween night was going to be a rush for us. So instead of buying take-out pizza, we compromised and I bought a ready made pizza at the grocery store instead. It was a deal which included a large square deli pizza, garlic bread and a 2 litre bottle of pop of $10. A great savings and we didn’t have to fight the line-up of other rushed parents trying to buy pizza for a quick meal.

    Thanks for all the inspiration everyone! Have a wonderful, frugal week!

  37. Libby

    I’m also having a difficult time reading the font. I’m wondering if there isn’t enough contrast in the font color and the background. It is also very small for my 50+ eyes.

    Brandy you work so hard to bring together this community and share your knowledge. Thank you.

  38. Marcia in Western New York

    Your new site is wonderful. I enjoy reading it a great deal; despite being older and retired, I still find ideas that are new to me.
    This week I dried quite a lot of parsley and a little sage—I don’t use sage that often and I’m sure I dried enough for the year. The parsley is probably enough for two years plus some to give away–I replanted a whole package this year because I wanted to move it to a different spot. Also picked three tomatoes and 2 more green peppers before the frost warnings. Not much of a frost but we did lose the morning glories on the front porch. My husband is always delighted to get the vines down in the fall when they start to look a little less than fresh! And even though I’ve been cooking for over 50 years, I have done better on meal planning. I have tried to think up several meals for the week ahead of time, and then just choose which one I’ll use tonight, instead of starting from scratch every day. It keeps my mind on using up what is on hand, and I like quite a lot of variety. Writing it down isn’t essential but sometimes I do just jot down a list of possibilities, starting with “what Haven’t I made lately?” That put veal parm on the menu this week, and then I tried a new recipe for today. Still have enough sauce for another meal already made as well.

  39. Dawn

    Lovely new site!

  40. Mandy B.

    Awesome idea, thanks! I’ll try it 🙂

  41. Jenn in Indiana

    Love the new site1 It is very beautiful!

  42. deb smith

    You should be able to change the size of your computer’s font under a tools tab. And you should be able to change your computer’s contrast by right clicking on your desk top and go to properties,click thru the tabs until you find where contrast four your computer screen is and play with it till u r HAPPY with it. Hope this helps!

  43. Tina

    We have purchased many items from zaycon and have always been very happy. Getting our chicken order in a couple weeks

  44. /

    Winter did a wonderful job on the costumes.. Both kids look adorable.

    My frugal attempts this week.
    Our first year dish contract ran out this month.. We received notice that the price for the next year, would be $32 more per month. I called and complained/fussed… and finally ,got them to agree to only go up $5..This will save us $27 a month.
    I used my $3 off $15 coupon at Dollar General. I also used coupons. I got bread, dial soap, buy2 pks of Oreo Cookies and get one free.[I froze 2 of these..will make dipped oreos for Christmas], milk[I froze it,]
    I hung all clothes on the line to dry.
    Only used the dish washer a couple times.
    Made homemade bread, blue berry muffins, and cookies.
    Cooked all meals at home.
    Working on handmade Christmas gifts.
    Made the twin granddaughters a monogrammed pocket tee shirts for their birthday.
    Hope everyone has a good week..Best wishes.

  45. Janell

    I downloaded the $5 off $25 for Kroger and it worked. I felt like I got a free package of chicken breast 🙂

  46. Janell

    How do you get potatoes and apples so cheap?

  47. bec

    What type of gifts do you have to make. There are so many ideas on pintrest. Also for young children you can buy toys second hand and wash them up for gifts. One year my DH set up a giant hotwheels track around the tree, it was awesome. One year I made fancy caramel apples for the adults and rolled them in chocolate chips. I used a chopstick for the stick and wrapped them in saran wrap with lots of pretty curled ribbon on the stick.

  48. Tina

    * roasted pumpkin seeds
    * trying to cook multiple items in the oven when I turn it on
    * made homemade bread earlier this week! used the last of it for garlic toast with spaghetti for dinner
    * packing lunches and reusable water bottles
    * keeping the heat down and bundling up
    * my 11 year olds soccer game was cancelled because the fields are so muddy they are worried about player safety…he was disappointed but saved a bit of driving
    * was able to take a couple boxes of items to the thrift store
    * making good use of our library. My son just ran across some books he would like to read so we have put in a hold request

  49. Becky

    This was the week that my husband got all of those chickens butchered. The 80 (we thought) chickens ended up being 83, even though 3 had died…..hmmm. Anyway, he brought his Mom’s old freezer over here and it is now completely stuffed with nothing but chicken. We had them leave 18 unbagged so we could cut them up into pieces. I also got out an enormous pot to make broth in. And then another. And then another……:) I seriously underestimated how much 18 chicken carcasses would make. In the end, I canned 14 quarts and 31 pints of chicken broth and quite a few bags of cooked bits I picked from the bones. We are keeping quite a few and the rest of those chickens will be given to relatives for Christmas. They know they are coming, they are delighted, and will take them home at Thanskgiving to free up the freezer because….I have 1/2 beef we buy every year hanging in a meat locker right now. It’s not ready yet, but will be very soon. Some people will get their chicken this week, I think.

    I’ve made roasted chicken, broth from that chicken, chicken-rice soup and squash apple soup (with broth in it).

    I went to the dentist. I didn’t have cavities (whew on lots of levels), and so only had to pay for the appt. (My husband and I don’t have insurance for dental). I took 2 children today and they are cavity-free as well.

    We went to a Halloween party at a friend’s house. The kids made costumes out of things we had on hand, and I had one Anne of Green Gables and one old-fashioned tea party-goer. Long dresses, aprons, a basket with napkin, big hats, etc. We took them around the local shops for a little while, then went to the party. Wading through the sea of “Elsas”, the girls got quiet a few of compliments on their homemake costumes–mostly because they were creative, I think. I did see one of my piano students dressed as the tin man and WOW! He was painted silver all over. He looked amazing, but his mom made that from old clothes, etc. and her creativity showed.

  50. Amalie

    This week:

    I convinced my husband to turn off the furnace and only use a space heater in the one room in the house that needed to be warm at night and kept our house at 60 degrees.
    Cut our consumption of milk by 2/3 this last month.
    Started using homemade laundry detergent.
    Assigned four cups to each member of the household and one plate, fork and spoon to cut down on dishwasher use. We only ran it once in 7 days.
    Made my daughter bat costume from an old umbrella which saved time and money
    Sold four items in our house to de clutter and pay for a fun b-day, inexpensive party for my son
    Found enough coupons to use with my gift cards from my birthday to elongate their use
    Dispersed the use of kitchen necessities…bread, milk, eggs, butter etc. in serious meal planning to put off my once a month grocery shopping for at least one if not two more weeks.

  51. Roberta

    I agree Paula that it does pay to watch carefully at the grocery store when your items are rung in. It seems almost every week I catch an item or 2 that has rung up wrong. Last week 10lb bags of onions were advertised as $1.62 but rung up as $3.99! I ended up getting the 10lb bag of onions free because here in Ontario, Canada there is a law called “Scanning Code of Practice” which states that the store must give you your item for free (up to max value of $10) if the price scans higher than the advertised price.

    Also watch how coupons are rung in. A few weeks ago the casher at Walmart hit the wrong button when entering a 75 cent off coupon and instead I got charged for a $4.95 pair of shoes somehow! I had to go to customer service to get this fixed!

    It also pays to check your receipt over before leaving the store. Some items cannot be returned or exchanged if you have left the store (I found this out the hard way). I used to check my receipts in the car after I loaded all my groceries in the truck but found out that if the mistake is my own (ie. grabbed the wrong brand of sour cream that’s not on sale etc…) I could not exchange it if I have left the store because it is perishable (even if I haven’t left the parking lot). So now I always check before I leave the store!

  52. Mari

    I love the redesigned website – it’s so pretty and easy to use and the photography is gorgeous. I especially like the “What to Make This Month” sidebar. Those costumes are awesome. It is amazing to me to watch what kids can do as they come into their own. My only child is 19 and impresses me more each day. I think you probably feel the same way about your children.

    Last week was super busy at work so I used some of the items I had made and frozen during the last couple months to avoid takeout. These included pork barbeque, chili, and peppers and tomatoes to go with steak teriyaki.

    My electric bill came to just under $55 ($54.97) to be exact, which is about $6.50 less than last year for the same month, even though we had a rate increase. No heating or AC was needed during the month, which makes a big difference. If my electric and gas meters did not cost $20.50 before I use one therm or kilowatt, it could be even less. Heating oil has come way down in price and I wasn’t planning to buy any until February (I use it just for hot water, not for central heat because it uses so much for that) but I might fill up in December if the price keeps coming down. It was colder over the last few days and I finally broke down and turned on a space heater in the living room for one day. When the thermostat reads 58 degrees, it’s about time.

    My biggest deal was buying a Sam’s Club Premium Membership deal on Living Social. For $45, I received two cards (one for me and one for my daughter, which she was able to get at college in South Carolina just by giving them the membership number), a $20 Sam’s Club/Walmart gift card, and coupons for a free rotisserie chicken, free 24 ounce spinach/artichoke dip, free French bread, and a free tray of 18 cookies. We will use the first three coupons when my daughter comes home from college for Thanksgiving and the cookie tray coupon will go in her Christmas stocking. I’m sure college students will eat the cookies! With all the giveaways, the membership was close to free. I’m not sure if the deal is still out there, but check their website if you want it. I found out about it because my boss sent me info on a deal for a restaurant in my area that I don’t like and this deal was included in the e-mail.

    Our local Aldi’s has started the holiday season discounts (99 cents for 8 ounces of cream cheese and for crescent rolls). I stopped in for those and noticed that butter went from $3.49 to $2.89 a pound. I was very low on butter, so I bought a couple pounds and hope that the price goes lower still, at which time I will stock up and freeze it. The Sam’s Club price for 4 pounds was $12.99, so Aldi’s is cheaper at this time.

    Again, congratulations on the redesigned website. Thank you for sharing with us!

  53. Brenda

    To freeze a rotisserie chicken, I would de-bone it and then freeze it. It will take of less space and you will be able to press out all the air to reduce freezer burn. You can leave it in big pieces or cube it up before freezing. You could freeze the bones to use for soup/stock if you wanted. I did it once…bouillon cubes work fine for me. 🙂

  54. Kristine Douglas

    Good luck! What I have found that the more frugal we are, the better we feel about our marriage. We spend more time together and really discuss important financial decisions.

  55. Stephanie

    *I completed an online survey through my health insurance and received a $25 Amazon gift card. I will use it to buy Christmas gifts that were already in my shopping cart!
    *I purchased an airline ticket and went through ebates to get cash back. They were offering 2x cash back for 1 day only.
    *I harvested EIGHT green beans from my garden LOL. I put them in the freezer and maybe I will eventually collect enough for 1 meal! I also harvested some thyme for soup.
    *Took 1 Pinecone research survey.
    *Went to the produce market and found 5 bell peppers for 99 cents, and a swiss chart plant for $1.29.
    *My boss bought breakfast one morning.
    *At a discount store I found Barbara’s organic cereal for 79 cents/box.
    *I finished knitting a baby sweater for my sister due in December. I am frustrated because I can’t find the buttons that I purchased for it, though! It will not be very frugal if I have to go buy more, ugh!

    I just find out that my work hours may be cut in half for a while, so I really need to continue being as frugal as possible!

  56. Jenifer

    Curious how you store your squash? I would like to store mine whole, but I am nervous of it perishing before we are ready to use it.

  57. Jenifer

    Your purses and hankies are beautiful!

  58. Cathy

    I love the new look of the website! I’m kind of a typeface geek, so can you tell me what font you are using for main text? (I LOVE the ampersand!)

    This past week I:
    * helped my son with his Halloween costume–he was a cyborg cowboy. He found everything he needed around the house except a leather vest. I finally found a leather jacket at Savers (bought with a 20% coupon because I made a donation), brought it home, removed the sleeves and–vest!
    * found a few other articles of clothing, a like-new apron, mugs, and picture frames (sorely needed for all the frameless art I’ve collected) at Savers and DI.
    * found a hardcover book that’s on one of my kids’ wish list at a secondhand bookstore.
    * Cooked down the last of the season’s tomatoes into marinara sauce for freezer. Tomatoes came from my garden and friends’ gardens.
    * Picked apples and pears from a friend’s trees. Getting ready to make applesauce for our family and pear something (jam?) for gifts.
    * Used my steam juicer to make grape juice. I’m determined to harvest as many of the grapes as possible before the birds get to them or they are frozen.
    * Harvested thyme and oregano from the garden, and hung it to dry.
    * We’re landscaping a portion of our yard with trees and shrubs. I’d previously found 2 shrubs at Home Depot at a 3 for $10 sale. Saturday I found a beautiful Aronia chokeberry shrub marked down 75%. I think fall is the best time to buy garden plants since everyone’s trying to clear out the last of their inventory. All are drought tolerant.
    * Checked out a bunch of books from the library, mostly on edible landscaping. I’m working on my plans for next spring. (Also remembering to return books on time, so no fines!)

  59. Mari

    The food coupons are good through February 3 so unless Sam’s is too far away for you, there’s no need to get the food now. You can wait until the day you need it, presuming you know when that will be. Personally, one of things I love about rotisserie chicken is that I don’t need to do anything with it, except serve it (and store the leftovers and make broth, of course).

  60. Heather

    I love the new blog layout! I haven’t been able to post comments on your blog in a long time, so I am glad to be able to join in again.
    For Halloween I didn’t have extra money to buy kids new Halloween costumes, so we used some that we had put up from previous years and I painted the kids faces. We went to a free fall festival at a church nearby on Halloween night, the kids had a great time. We ate at church Wed night for free. My mom found my oldest son a couple pairs of new jeans at a thrift store and hemmed them for him. We were also able to find him a new set of winter pajamas. I bought a 10 lb bag of chicken leg quarters for .49 cents a lb, Oscar meyer hot dogs were on special for $1 lb and the limit was 6 so that is what I bought. I also found my husband 2 bags of starbucks coffee marked down to $3, which is normally not something that fits into our budget, but he does love it! That is all I can think of right now!

  61. Marivene

    I store it in an open top cardboard box on the dining room floor under the counter. In previous years, I have stoed it in a half bushel basket in the same location, with an old canning dish towel in the bottom of the basket, but it seemed like I was forever knocking into the basket, and the box dimensions just work better. I am using a couple of half bushel fruit boxes, with a newspaper section folded into the bottom. We keep our house between 62 degrees at night and 72-73 in the day, depending on the solar warmup in the afternoon from the bay windows in the library. Last year I still had a few butternut squash in May. They get darker & sweeter as they age.

  62. The Jewish Lady

    This week, I got many good deals with coupons and rebates. Some of my favorite deals were $0.77 Cheerios, $0.70 Jiffy Pop, $0.99 vitamins, and $0.50 Goldfish. Also, many freebies like Puracyn wound wash, bananas, and tomatoes. Full details and pic here:

    Keep up the good frugal work, ladies!

  63. Lisa

    The site is beautiful!

    I would love it if we had a link party for frugal accomplishments.

  64. LDP

    This is my first time to be able to comment. Thank you for all you do, Brandy and all who comment here. Our frugal accomplishments were the following:

    We sold my car. Although it had many miles left and was well maintained, a chronic illness means that I don’t drive enough to warrant the insurance and upkeep.

    We continued rinsing sandwich bags, saving shower warm-up water, and other such efforts.

    We’re vegan, and we prefer no added oil for health reasons. The Ezekial 4:9 bread I was eating cost $4.66 a loaf. I’ve begun baking a rustic whole wheat/oatmeal/flax loaf instead, saving me at least $4.00 a loaf.

    I baked bread, corn muffins, vegan chocolate chip cookies, and mini applesauce bundt cakes. We cooked spicy peanut hoisin noodles with marinated tofu, creamy broccoli-cauliflower soup, spicy Ethiopian lentils, and beer bean soup, among other foods. My husband is retired, and we cook together, necessary because of my mobility problems but fun, too. Leftovers are immediately frozen to be taken out for those times when we can’t cook. We’ve eaten out only once in the last two weeks.

    We began transitioning from using canned beans to dried beans.

    At Costco, we bought only items cheaper than our best previous price on the master best-price list I completed last month.

    I ordered Christmas presents for two granddaughters from Amazon and took out the instant credit card to collect a $70.00 gift card. That paid for those presents and more!

    I ordered dog food from Amazon. The food cost us $33 at the local pet store after our loyalty-program rewards but cost us only $22 on Amazon, shipped free. I wouldn’t have found out about that savings unless I had been examining every single item of spending. Thanks to everyone who mentioned their own efforts.

    My husband completed his transition from T-Mobile to Republic Wireless, saving $40.00 a month. I need more data than he does because of my part-time work. My brother gifted me with his Verizon-branded iPhone 5s when he got a new phone, and I used that phone to begin service with Page Plus, a Verizon MNVO. I’ll be saving $20.00 a month from my T-Mobile plan, and getting better coverage here in the boonies. These services are much more DIY than the big postpaid companies, and I have learned terms such as “porting,” “unlocking,” “APN,” and “OTA,” etc. as they relate to cell phones. I have unlocked my T-Mobile branded phone and will be selling it. Not bad for someone about to be on Medicare!

    My husband found out that his insurance company subsidizes a membership to AnyTime Fitness.

    We’ve been blessed with cooler weather here in Central Texas, so I expect our electricity bill to come down significantly. For the last few weeks, I’ve been gathering basil from the garden, chopping it and placing into mini muffin silicon pans with a little water. The basil gets added to soups or sauces during the winter, and is wonderfully fresh tasting.

    I opened a jar of our homemade fig jam rather than buying.

  65. Donna

    I’m glad I’m not the only one having issues with this font 😉

    Brandy, I look forward to these post every week. I appreciate all that you do.

  66. Marivene

    I just place the squash in a half bushel fruit box with a section of folded newspaper in the bottom. This year the squash fill 2 boxes. I store them on the dining room floor, under the overhang of the counter that we never use. In years past, I have also used a half bushel wooden basket, with an old dish towel in the bottom, but it seemed like I was forever knocking into the basket! Last year I had useable butternut squash thru May. They do get darker orange inside, & sweeter as they store longer.

  67. CarrieP

    Wondering the same thing. I can’t recall ever seeing such low prices. Would love more details.

  68. Debbie in Florida

    I love that you are giving your family chickens at Christmas!

  69. Debbie in Florida

    Thanks for the info on the Sams food coupons not expiring until February. I also wanted to serve the food when my son is home from college and my daughter gets back from Italy. I’ll just get it when I need it instead of having SO get the food when he gets the membership. Also for the info on the Aldi’s butter!

  70. Jenifer

    Thank you! I think we can handle that.
    I would be happy to have them through March. They are such a versatile and cheap vegetable.

  71. Linda Higgins

    When you go to tools you will need to click on Zoom, then enlarge it to the size you need. Remember, you can change it back for your regular settings when you need to.

  72. Mandy B

    This was the price at Aldi and Save a Lot in our area. I took advantage because I never see this price either. They came in bags but worked out to that price.

  73. Becky Pratt

    I made pear sauce. Also you can make pear pie. It is very much like apple pie.

  74. Paula

    Good advice also! Back in the 80’s when scanners were new here, the store where I shopped had a policy of paying you $25 for any mistake you caught. In one week, I got $25 one day and $50 another! It wasn’t long after that that they discontinued the policy “because people had had a chance to see that scanners work.”

  75. Ruchi

    Hi Brandy,
    I recently started reading your blog. It is such an inspiration for all of us to live life better. I love the new look too.
    I am in awe of Winter’s saree. She is looking so pretty.You have a talented daughter. Being an Indian, I know that wearing a saree is tough and Winter has done a wonderful job of wearing it.
    I have a suggestion, if you don’t mind, the saree has the pleats folded over and tucked such that they point to the left foot. This is how my mom taught me to wear a saree. Also, the left shoulder pleats when pinned, stay put. Back in India at my in-laws home, I would wear the saree and carry kids and do the dishes, so the pinned pleats are so convenient. I am feeling nostalgic looking at the saree and the luxurious material. Feel free to delete this comment if you don’t like it.

  76. Ruchi, she did pleat it, but I noticed it is not obvious in the picture. She followed instructions that she found online on how to wear it and practiced many times, but of course, she does not have years of practice of wearing it correctly 🙂 She didn’t pin the shoulder pleats, though; that would have been helpful. Do you pin it to the blouse?

  77. Beth

    We have been eating from our freezer and cupboards- I made homemade dinner rolls, chicken black bean chili and chicken rice soup. I made chicken broth and used part of it and froze the rest. I ordered Bountiful Basket and purchased blackberries as an add on so that I can make blackberry jam. My daughter and I took dinner to my Mom on Saturday night and I made snickerdoodle cookies and we watched a Hallmark movie- it was a fun girl’s night without going out. I purchased 10 pounds of the 98 cent candy from Winco for our trick or treaters. We haven’t been using our heat or air conditioning (I love this time of year). I ordered supplies to make homemade vanilla extract as Christmas presents- I think it will be fun to include in my kitchen themed presents. We have been watching free movies on Netflix- we have a streaming only account. I think that is about it for last week- hope everyone is having a great week!

  78. Barbara

    I agree Anna, the purses & other items you have made are BEAUTIFUL!

  79. cathy

    I’m impressed that you were able to cash in your swagbucks for such a great reward! Have you ever done a post that includes a how-to about earning swagbucks points? Because I seriously don’t get how it works. I’ve got an account, but I cannot seem to figure out how to earn the points. I mostly do searches online to get information about products or compare prices or look for coupons. I don’t often make online purchases. I don’t know if that’s the problem or not. I’ve tried searching the swagbucks site for more information, but can’t seem to find what I need.

    If you haven’t posted specifically about this, maybe another reader will enlighten me! Thanks.

  80. Ruchi

    Thank you Brandy for taking the time to reply. It does look pleated, but the material needs to be creased to stay put .If the lenght of the saree is not 9 yards, then it help to make smaller pleats to add bulk. The pleats on the waist are tucked such that they are collected with the right hand (holding between the forefinger which is outstretched and the thumb)and turned towards the left leg and the creases are visible on the left side only. For material like silk and cotton, my mom would hold the pleats together between the thumb and four fingers and go from top to bottom(sort of like ironing), so that they crease and stay put.While doing the above, its helpful to hold the top pleat with the right toe. The pleats are pinned to the blouse on the inside. Some people like to put a fancy pin on top too. It is a little tricky and so hats off to Winter for taking the time to do it. The jewellery is beautiful too.I hope she has an opportunity to attend an Indian festive occasion and she will fit right in.This video is closest to the way I do it. Here is a video.
    I didn’t mean to write a tutorial.I love Ezrom’s outfit too. You are so resourceful.

  81. She watched a different video; that one didn’t show the pleating at the shoulder. Also, the material we used is heavy–not thin like most saris. It’s thick like upholstery fabric, so that would be why it wouldn’t hold pleats at the shoulder as well. She didn’t finger press the pleats, either. I think she’ll like this video showing the shoulder pleating. Thanks for sharing!

  82. momsav

    I wanted to mention that i save my old dryer sheets. I put two on the end of my swifter to sweep the wood floors. It’s saved me A LOT of money not buying their sheets. An old rag works, too, but these are just being tossed so i might as well use them once more before they’re trashed.
    Love this site! I learn something new every week!

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