A sneak peek at the white garden

It’s time for another garden tour! Would you like to come see my garden in Las Vegas in person?

It will be warm, so wear sunscreen and a hat, bring some water, and of course bring something to take notes with if you’d like. You may bring your camera if you want.

I have room for 35 adults on the tour. You will need to email me to reserve a spot for you and any adults that you will be bringing (no children are allowed during the tour; it’s not fun for them. I send my own children inside during the tour). The cost is $10 per person (payable at the door). I will take a waiting list past 35 people. I will email you directions to my house the week of the tour.

The tour is a class that is around 2+ hours in length. As we tour the garden, you will learn about dirt, drip irrigation, watering times, growing food year-round, pruning fruit trees, getting rid of bugs, mixing food and flowers to create an edible landscape, fruit tree selections for the desert, espaliered fruit trees, how to make use of the walls for growing space, and more.

Email me at brandy (at) the prudent homemaker (dot) com if you would like to come. If you’re coming from St. George, Phoenix, Los Angeles, or further, let me know in the email so that I can give you more specific instructions on how to get to my house.

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  1. Brandy,You are such a wonderful lady! I have a thought for you to consider have your older boys do a project of a video of you doing a tour then get everyone who lives so far to take the tour as a class virtual. Many of us would love to learn from you and your garden tour , we simply can not travel so far. (Just a thought)

  2. I too wish this was available (but totally understand there is no video camera). Might your children have any friends from church that have access to one or to a cell phone w video capability)? Teenagers are often payable in snacks. 😉 Just throwing ideas out there, as I love seeing everything you do.

  3. Actually, that is not a bad idea. I would pay $10 to watch the video and you can set up a paypal account for this. If you don’t have a video camera I’ll bet someone you know does? If you don’t want to do the video you could do a detailed pictorial with commentary which you could charge a fee for as a tutorial. It would be a lot of work up front but could be a way to generate a more passive income continuously. I would pay the same fee for a picture tutorial.

  4. I think this is wonderful idea! Maybe you could borrow a camera for a day or two? I would think there might be a way where you could set up a paypal or something so we could pay to see your virtual tour. Everyone could benefit. You would get a little compensation for your hard work and we can learn so much. I am especially interested in the edible landscaping. We have a hobby farm, but I know we could do so much more. And thank you for the time you put into this website. It really is a blessing to so many people.

  5. Maybe a short e-book with pictures? You can list it for purchase on your site and on amazon. Some people do very well with this financially even if they price it at $2 or $3 per download…I would like to have a detailed garden tour that includes information on irrigation, espalier… all the things you cover in your real life garden tour. I think many other people would too and you never know how many copies you could sell. It could prove to be popular.

  6. I think this is one time you really do need to borrow a camera and film a garden video. A trip to Las Vegas would be prohibitive for me right now, but the price of a DVD or Download would not only be doable but money well spent. If I knew anyone in Las Vegas I would even do the borrowing for you.

  7. Here’s an official definition: “Definition of ‘Zero-Lot-Line House ‘A piece of residential real estate in which the structure comes up to or very near to the edge of the property line. Zero-lot-line house are built very close to the property line in order to create more usable space. Rowhouses, garden homes, patio homes and townhomes are all types of properties that may be zero-lot-line homes. They may be attached (as in a townhome) or detached, single story or multistory. “We have a lot of houses that are like those here; one person’s front yard runs into another’s because they are only a couple of feet across; driveways are too short to park on or non-existant; there is no parking on the street and the streets aren’t wide enough for parking. Some places you might look out your back window into your neighbor’s back window (no wall or fence in between and only a few steps apart).A large number of houses here have a .14 to .16 acre lot, which is a lot bigger than a zero-lot line, but it’s still a very small lot. That was the size of my last lot.

  8. OK, I see, somewhat. I am thinking that is like houses along lakeshores sometimes that I have visited. They can be so close together that to get from the front to the back you are walking through the neighbors side yard. How large is your lot now? I think I remember seeing it in a post but I don’t remember the dimension.

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