November 10th: I’m thankful that my children wanted to set up the Christmas tree early! This is earlier than we had planned; we were going to do it in a couple of weeks. While my husband and I were working outside in the garden, they took down the tree and set it up, fluffed it and decorated it all on their own. They wanted to have it up. Normally they don’t want to help get it out of the rafters and fluff it, so this was nice! They also did some dusting and set up the nativity.

November 11th: I am thankful today for the service of so many in fighting for freedom.

What are you thankful for today?

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  1. I’m thankful for a (newly retired) husband who is taking up some of the housekeeping duties, especially on days when i work.
    Having a Father who was in Korea during the (non) war, i am also thankful for the sacrifices of our men and women who have served during conflict. It’s a lifelong commitment.

  2. I’m thankful for all the veterans in my family. The ones I knew or know personally include my husband, father, four uncles, a great-uncle, a brother-in-law, a cousin and a nephew. That particular list spans WWI to Bosnia. I’m so grateful for their service. I’m thankful all of them made it home safely, although several of them were definitely in dangerous situations and active battle.

    I’m also thankful that Hurricane Eta seems to be staying a milder hurricane/storm, although it will be tomorrow to know for sure what it does.

  3. I too am thankful for veterans. With gratitude and respect, I honor the memories of my grandfather, father, aunts, uncles and father-in-law who served and I thank my brother and all living veterans, servicemen and servicewomen including my cousin’s son Brendan who recently enlisted. Thank you.

  4. I completely understand wanting to fill the house with holiday cheer early! Though I don’t have any decorations up yet, I’ve been thinking about what I want to do this year and assembling a few things.

    Today I am thankful for the funds to take advantage of sales to buy my husband some items of clothing he needs for winter.

  5. I am thankful for our 3 story high Sugar Maple that we planted over 30 years ago, AKA the 6 ft. stick. Mom questioned the type of maple, and we explained that some day it will be tall enough to provide shade to the deck and house. It did so much more than that with its beautiful range of colors. Presently Orange fills 2 windows side by side and makes you smile every time you pass them. Birds and squirrels have had homes in it. Its shade has been cool for all of us to sit and/or play under. We love the straight holes made by woodpeckers, the sounds of birds settling down in the evening, the antics of squirrels chasing each other, the first chuckle when our son at 2 stepped on a leaf in fall, and the laughter one year when he jumped into a pile of leaves and our cat followed every time, disappearing under the leaves. Last year we were in awe by a squirrel stuffing his mouth with leaves, running up and into its nest, and stomping so hard the branch shook. He repeated this for an hour, and I am sure his nest was much warmer for the winter.

    1. I am thankful for my dad who served in WW2, two brother-in-laws who served during Vietnam and my two sons who are active duty. I have seen what sacrifices they have made and their wives who have been alone for deployments , holding down the fort with their kids.

  6. Thankful for those who have served, and are currently serving. And thankful for the families who support them, move with them, hold the fort when they are gone, and hold hope that they are safe.
    My heart is missing my son today, serving on the other side of the country.

  7. It is Remembrance Day in Canada. I am thankful that my father survived WWII and both my grandfathers survived WWI.
    I am remembering my Great Uncle who was killed in action at Argonne Lemeuse. He left behind a toddler and a young wife. And I remember with gratitude the sacrifices and services of everyone.

  8. I am thankful for all the many members of my family that have been in the military over the generations. My son, husband, father and father-in-law were in the Army, Air Force, Marine Corps and Navy.

  9. Thankful we were able to get winter tires on the car and the ones on the car will get through another summer. Very thankful to have the supply and not to compromise our stand on avoiding a particular company.

    Also thankful for all those who have and continue to fight to keep our country safe. They are my heros!

  10. I’m thankful for a home, food, water, a bed to sleep in. I’m grateful for opportunities to do things I want to do.

  11. I’m thankful today for the sacrifice that so many have made for this great country we are blessed to call home.
    I am also thankful that this year is closing in on us and with Thanksgiving approaching I can justify Christmas music playing, candles burning, and all blissful coziness. Less than 60 days till we can officially miss 2020 goodbye and and make a brand new start in 2021.

  12. November 10th: I am thankful for my sisters. They bless my life with love and support.
    November 11th: I am thankful for my father, father-in-law, and uncle who served in the armed forces. They put their love of country before themselves and taught me to love and cherish the freedoms I have been blessed with.

  13. I am thankful for being a Navy wife and Army mom. As a very introverted person these roles have forced me to develop skills I most likely never would have learned. My experiences have helped me grow into a very independent, self reliant person. I feel every minute I have with those I love is a gift. The responsibilities I had to take on when my husband was deployed over his 20 years of service made me realize I can do just about anything if I have to or put my mind to it: everything from money management to moving heavy furniture. I learned how to keep the family together even when we were apart. As an Army mom my faith has been strengthened. I learned prayer can truly make a difference in having peace over losing my mind with worry. The roles of service wife versus service mom are very different. You never stop worrying about the safety of your children, but with faith and prayer you know God will make all things possible.

    1. Thank you for sharing your story, Marley!
      Those like me, whose last family military connections are to WWII, need reminders of how service comes from more than soldiers.

  14. The weather is so warm here…. t-shirt and shorts instead of coats and snow. I am thankful playground days with friends has been extended this year.

  15. I am thankful for veterans everywhere, especially my two uncles and a cousin (just out of high school) who served in the Army Air Corps in WW2, an uncle in the Merchant Marine, and my aunt–my mother’s twin sister–who was one of the first women to enlist in the Women’s Army Corps when it was established in 1942. She was a nurse’s aide in Los Angeles and worked in military hospitals in England during WW2. My cousin was a pilot and reactivated into the USAF during Korea. When asked what it was like to fly a B-17 Flying Fortress, he told his son-in-law, “About the same as driving a bus.”

    I was born 9 months after VE day. When I was growing up, every conversation began with “before the war,” “during the war,” and “after the war.” It was THE defining event of my parents’ generation, if not modern history. I am thankful to those that served…and saved the world. I should mention that my father, two more uncles and my mother-in-law all worked in the shipyards. Two more uncles worked in aircraft factories. My father-in-law and his brother worked for a private contractor that rebuilt Pearl Harbor. My mother-in-law (all 5 feet of her) was a welder at the Kaiser Shipyard in Vancouver, WA, and proud of it!

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