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Today, I am grateful for Richard Sparks. He was a huge help in moving the blog over to the website, helping me to make the change to a website that would work on mobile devices, and working out all of the little details that I could not have done on my own on the website. I highly recommend him!

Thanks to Richard, my Rss feed is now working on the site! I’ve also got a blog archive up, for those who asked for it.

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  1. Tonight I am thankful for finding tons of canning jars this summer at 2 estate sales. Thirteen boxes of various sixes for $16 total. Even after canning this summer and using them as kitchen storage I have plenty to do some Christmas canning as gifts.

  2. If you look up on the right side of the page, there are two ways to subscribe: by email and by Rss.

    We’re still working with our host server for the email subscription to be activated, but you can sign up to subscribe now by email, and as soon as our host server sets it up on their end (I’m hoping tomorrow!) you should start getting emails with posts.

  3. Nice find on the canning jars Christa! I keep trying to find cheap jars, but I have only found a handful so far.

    I am thankful for the opportunity to watch my daughter at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. She took so much pleasure in looking at all the exhibits, especially the display with the platypus. I am thankful that the museum gift shop actually had a large platypus stuffy for only $15 (very cheap in comparison to museum gift shops in Canada) which she purchased with the money that she brought (Christmas money from last year).

    I am also thankful for the gentleman from Australia that we met at the Air and Space Museum. He was surprised to see someone with a platypus stuffy and my daughter was pleased that he knew it was a platypus. He told her that he has actually seen a real platypus in the wild but that is a very rare sight. My daughter now wants to go to Australia but we don’t think she’s ready for the 30 hour flight…maybe some day.

  4. Today I am grateful that this horrible cold I have had all week is finally starting to get better. I have been resting all week in the hopes of getting better faster.

  5. Today I am thankful that we received a reimbursement check from the county from a broken water line in our pasture that they accidentally caused with their mowers as they were cutting the grass along the street. It cost us over 600.00 dollars to fix the damage which is quite a hit to the budget. We wrote them and told them we thought that was what caused the break even though no one realized it had happened at the time. They agreed and sent a check for the full amount. Yay!

  6. Today I am thankful for a friend who teaches 3rd grade, who could tell me that the local Dollar Tree had multiplication flash cards. My youngest grandchildren are struggling with that, & I wanted to get some before they come to visit for a few days next week.

  7. Today I am thankful that my son is home from college for the weekend, and he brought two friends with him, so our house it full of laughter and fun.

  8. I am grateful for two staff members I have who work well independently and are able to both problem solve and think out side of the box for solutions.

  9. I am thankful my husband found some good stuff to flip on eBay. I am thankful we’ve been able to Christmas shop early this year. I

  10. I am thankful for good friends. A young couple came to my house and spent 5 hours working on cutting down a big tree. I hate losing the tree (and the shade) but I’ve been really concerned about invasive roots getting into my sewer line. I was quoted as much as $1200 for this job. The tree is not down yet but all the limbs on the house side are off and finishing the job will be a piece of cake without worries about damaging the roof or breaking windows.

  11. Today I’m thankful that both of my parents are still alive and are living in the same city as I am. It’s so nice to be able to call them up on the phone and chat, or to go visit and hang out with them. I really enjoy their company, their insights, and their love. We have so much fun together as a family, and I always feel so loved. I really, really appreciate that.

  12. Today I am thankful for the beautiful days of 50 degree weather we have had so far this month which allows me to get some work done outside that I haven’t had the time to get to. This is a big plus in Northwest Pa. It dropped into the 20’s last night but is steadily rising in temperature today! I am thankful my husband and I got to babysit our first grandbaby Saturday. It was so much fun. Have a blessed day Brandy!

  13. Today I am thankful for all the things my mom taught me about saving money. It would have been her 75thbirthday ! She was so creative she loved to paint,draw,sew crochet,cook,repurpose things, can fresh produce, raise chickens,go to yard sales and thrift stores and work with children. It is a blessing to find like minded women. Thank you for hosting Brandy.

  14. Not sure why my post from the 2014 thankful series is on this years…tad odd. Anyways, this year on Nov 14, 2016, I am thankful to finally find some time to sew a gift. It’s not a Christmas gift, but for a wedding shower I will be attending this coming weekend. The decorative throw pillows I made from the $2 curtain panel look gorgeous! So thankful they turned out as lovely as they did. Just hope she likes them!

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