Early in March, there is a short time when the white garden has a few pink blooms.

Three of the four main trees in the garden design bloom with pale pink blooms (the two flowering plums and the Katy apricot) and the fourth, the Early Elberta peach, blooms with deep pink blooms.

The first of the daffodils are blooming, and these have yellow centers. These are Narcissus Geranium from Van Engelen. In our hot climate, early-blooming daffodils marked to zones 8 and 9 will grow without having to be lifted and pre-chilled each year. Most daffodils like it colder (zone 7) and need more chilling hours to bloom, but the smaller cupped ones do well here. It should be noted that this garden is on the north side of the house, so it is in shade all winter and is fairly cold compared to the rest of the garden.

Leucojum aestivum are in bloom now as well. These are not an early snowdrop, but actually a summer-blooming version for colder areas (May/June for colder regions) that blooms here now. In general, most bulbs are ready two months earlier here than the catalogs say for colder regions.

I grow cyclamen in pots during the winter. I love that these will bloom in the shade. This garden receives quite a lot of shade, which can be a real challenge.

My star jasmine are green year-round.

Million Bells


In a few weeks, the trees will be leafing out and the next bulbs will begin to bloom!

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  1. Such pretty flowers! I wish I had your green thumb when it comes to growing them!!
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    Stay well, Brandy and all and keep inspiring me with new ideas!

    Gardenpat in Ohio

  2. How beautiful! I am very envious as it was absolutely FREEZING here this morning! The snow is mostly gone and we are getting more days with at least a few hours above freezing but it will be another few weeks before we see much in the way of flowers. In the meantime I will enjoy your wonderful photography!

  3. This post is most appreciated. How beautiful your garden is; so many elements to delight the observer. Thank you.

  4. How lovely to see this! Snowdrops are some of my favorites.
    I have been watching for our crocuses to bloom after our very cold February. Generally, I could count on them to be up by the end of spring break week at the college, yet this year, they are late. I finally spotted one single bloom and am hoping for more after more warmth and rain this week.

  5. I love the design in your white garden. I think it’s hard to stick to a restricted colour scheme but if you can it usually makes the garden really stylish. Your photos, particularly of the blossom, are uplifting.

  6. Oh, Brandy, your flowers do my heart so much good!
    We’re still frozen and back to snow-covered as well this week. I was so ready for spring! Thank you so much for sharing.

    One question: How do your million bells last? I have never had luck with mine – they always burn to a crisp in July, when it’s about 80 degrees and sunny. I’m pretty sure I’m doing something wrong.


    1. They are short-lived here. I think 80 degrees is their max. I’ll enjoy them for a couple of months and then they’ll be done.

  7. This is all so beautiful. I remember when you put in this garden — look how it has flourished! One day you will be posting pictures of the back yard like this.

  8. You have done a wonderful job creating a fantastic garden. Thank you for sharing and inspiring me. It has rained here all day long and seeing your flowers has made my day.

  9. Oh my, so beautiful! And so well designed! I’m pursuing my dream of doing a flower farm this year (and for the foreseeable next several years), but I must say, seeing this makes me excited for the day when I design a garden just to relax in!

  10. Brandy,

    Thank you for sharing!!!! You have a beautiful garden.

    This spot that we are in has been, by far, the most challenging I have ever hardened in. Altitude above 7,000′. A true zone 3b, dry and cold with far too little sunlight. I do better each year.

    I’m trying Dalia bulbs this year for some real color!

  11. I really like your star jasmine on the wall. I love the design you created there. The fact that it stays green year round means it looks great in that area year round which is a huge accomplishment. I seem to be doing more container gardening than I have in the past and though some say it is easier, I think it is taking more time than I realized it would. I don’t intend to add any more containers at this point in time. I love your gardening post and look forward to seeing your finished garden re-do.
    Thanks for sharing with us!!

  12. So very beautiful! I am hoping to find some Snowdrops to add to my back yard. I read recently that they are deer resistant—I hope so, because deer live in my back yard, literally!!! Right now I have daffodils I planted in our small woods. Their smiling faces cheer me as I look through my kitchen window!

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