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Thankful: November 23rd

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I'm grateful for a quiet Thanksgiving spent at home.


What are you thankful for today?

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Thankful: November 22

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Pecan Pie Ingredients

Today, I'm thankful that my youngest felt well enough to play part of the day.

My next youngest is still sick, so I'm also grateful that we were planning a quiet Thanksgiving at home with no guests this year.

I will hopefully have a chance to get back to some sewing and present making in a day or two when I expect she'll feel better. 


What are you thankful for today?

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Thankful: November 21st

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Thankful Series

Today I'm thankful that I had already planned to take the day off school. (The local public schools actually have the entire week off. We had school yesterday). I had planned on baking all morning for Thanksgiving and sewing this afternoon. I didn't manage to do that at all, but having planned on not having school made it easier when I needed to just sit and hold my one-year-old all day. I'm glad I could hold him when he didn't feel well.


What are you thankful for today?

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Harry Potter Pencil Bag The Prudent Homemaker

I've made lined pencil bags and other lined, zippered bags before. They're a pretty quick and simple gift to make. The important thing is to figure out what size you need it to be, depending on what purpose it will serve.

For this bag, I chose to cut the bag 9 x 4 inches and use a 1/2" seam allowance.

I used scraps to make this bag. As both the inside and the outside of the bag were made with thin fabric, I cut a lining from iron-on interfacing and ironed it to the wrong side of each fabric piece before sewing.

For the outside piece, I simply wrote the word "Quills" with a blue washable fabric marker before embroidering the entire thing by hand with an outline stitch in two strands of embroidery thread.

The outside is made from a line/cotton blend fabric. The inside is sewn with some leftover London map fabric I used for three other projects (a pillow, an apron, and a change purse). I made sure that Kings' Cross Station was visible when the bag was opened from the front.



2 pieces of fabric for outside (9 x 4 inches)

2 pieces of fabric for the lining (9 x 4 inches)

4 pieces of interfacing (8 x  inches)

zipper at least 9 inches long 

embroidery thread



Sewing Machine



Sewing pins


embroidery needle

Washable marking pen or pencil

embroidery hoop (optional)


Harry Potter Pencil Bag Lining The Prudent Homemaker


Time: 30 minutes for the bag itself (including cutting the fabric).  1 hour for the embroidery. 

Cost: $0.10, plus $1.44 for the pencils and eraser to go inside.

I used leftover scraps from other projects to make this, so the fabric didn't cost me anything. I used a few cents worth of embroidery thread. The zipper was one I inherited from my grandmother (she gave me a large number of zippers). The interfacing was purchased at a Black Friday sale. 

I spent $1 on the pencils I included and $0.33 on the polymer eraser. I bought the erasers with a coupon at back to school sales. The pencils were from the Target dollar spot (purchased in August).


For my Gift a Day series this year, I will be making gifts using only supplies I already have on hand. I'll include my cost when I purchased materials for the gift (i.e. when they weren't made from hand-me-down fabrics and/or supplies) but none of this money was spent recently. The pencils and eraser that are part of this gift are probably the only things that I purchased in 2017 for any of the gifts that I will be making. Everything else I already have on hand.

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Thankful: November 20th

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Thanksgiving Arrangement The Prudent Homemaker

Today didn't go as I had planned, yet I still managed to accomplish several needed things today, thanks to help from my family. My two youngest children were ill, but everyone helped to make them as happy and as comfortable as possible, and they took turns reading to and holding my youngest and helping extra in the kitchen so I could hold him when he only wanted mom. I'm grateful that everyone pitched in and helped.

What are you thankful for today?

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Pomegranate and Mandarin Orange Salad The Prudent Homemaker

This post contains affiliate links. 

We are making one garden bed smaller to allow more storage room on the side of the house. The dirt had fallen in the entire bed. I spread manure over the part of the bed that we are keeping, and then moved dirt out from the part of the bed that we are getting rid of to help fill that spot. I dug the green onions from that section of the garden and replanted them in the higher ground. They needed to be separated and spread out a bit anyway, so now they can grow larger in the space and I'll be able to harvest them sooner.

I planted seeds for lettuce and snow peas in the bed.

I sewed Christmas presents for my children using fabric I had on hand. I've just started sewing for Christmas and I will be sharing my Gift a Day posts starting tonight!

I hemmed a pair of thrift store pants for myself.

I used a travel bottle of shampoo that my mom gave me from a previous hotel stay of hers. She has given us a large number of hotel toiletries and I am aking an effort to use them.

I made yogurt in my crockpot.

Pomegranate and Apple Salad The Prudent Homemaker 

Pomegranate and apple salad with goat cheese and balsamic orange vinaigrette. Dressing recipe here.

I accepted the offer to come pick pomegranates from someone who had moved into a house with a pomegranate tree, whose young children don't care for the fruit. I brought home 3 large bags of ripe pomegranates.

I sowed seeds in the white garden for alpine strawberries.

My husband picked up two LED bulbs at the dollar store. These don't fit in all our fixtures, but they do work in the children's bathrooms. My husband put these two in one bathroom.

I figured out a way to make do with some things that I have, rather than buying more items that I really felt were needs. 

I downloaded an e-book from the library to read offline using the free Overdrive app. I also requested two more e-books so that I can read them when they are available.

My eldest used the free Quizlet app to study for her upcoming university test. They already had flashcards for her specific university course uploaded that she was able to use.

I cut and dried basil and chocolate mint from the garden.

I harvested Swiss chard and a pumpkin from the garden.

Pumpkin Pie in Tart Pan The Prudent Homemaker

I made pumpkin pie in my rectangular tart pans. I didn't know how much they would hold and was surprised to find out that one pumpkin pie recipe filled two 14" tart pans. I will be making pies in these for Thanksgiving this week.

Saturday we drove to Cedar City, Utah to for the temple open house. We took lunch, water bottles, and homemade snacks with us.


What did you do to save money this past week?





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